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  1. thanks for your reply i think you talk a lot of sense.i spoke to northampton court today mkdp have not responded.i will now send n244 form asking for it to be struck out i will keep you posted.kind regards chindit.
  2. thankyou for you reply it has been 6 weeks now. i read somewhere they had 12 plus 2 days to send requested proof and 33 days to respond to my court defence. then another month after that i could apply for strike out .i just wanted to have everything ready to send to the court. also on their claim form it states this debt was a bank account facility regulated by the c.c.a i thought therefore a cca request would be valid. your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. regards chindit.
  3. hi and thanks for responding.it is well over the 6 years cant be exact around 7 but they havent responded to my defence and i would like to kill this if possible.regards.
  4. hi i need some advice if you would be so kind.i am about to fill in a n244 form from the county court re a claim by mkdp.which i have defended as statute barred. mkdp have not supplied cca n.o.a etc.or responded to my defence.i would like to apply to have the claim struck out. i would like to know the proper wording to ask the court to do this . hope you will help kind regards chindit.
  5. hi thanks for responding on the court claim they mention regulated under the consumer credit act. so i thought cca would apply.perhaps because it had a overdraught.
  6. hi and thanks for the reply yes i think hsbc will have done. i did send a sars hsbc replied wanting a signiture . which i did not want to give however with it being statute barred. didnt think that was important. thought i would concentrate on mkdp .they havent sent anything to support their claim or responded to my defence. they want up to 8 weeks to send documents i feel they should have these before putting me in court. if they cant respond to my defence i dont believe they have anything to support their claim . i really want to clear this up
  7. hello this is my first post so please forgive any mistakes. i have recently defended a court action with mkdp for a old hsbc current account with overdraught that has ended up at 4800 pounds . the posision now is that mkdp didnt send a cca request but sent a letter saying it could take 8 weeks. the 33 days for them to respond to my court defence has passed. i presume this will now be stayed. sorry forgot to say my defence was that this account is statute barred. 7 years of no contact or payment by myself since cause of action. should i now send a n244 t
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