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Found 17 results

  1. Disclosure and Barring Service New identity checking guidelines READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-identity-checking-guidelines
  2. Hi all, I have no idea if the reconstituted agreement I have received from Link Financial is enforceable. It is a £6k debt with Barclaycard. Please can somebody advise me how to upload this for somebody to check if it is enforceable? Thanks,
  3. I was just viewing my credit files on noddle and clearscore, wow how they are different! clearscore has next to nothing on it where Noddle has everything up to date in terms of accounts i have out and loans etc and showing defaults. so if PDL companies only use clearscore in my case it will show i hardlies have any credit taken out which is why they might have given me the loan where as if they checked call credit they would see that i am in a mess currently! should these companies be checking across all of the major three credit reference agencies as they all show different information which would would help them get a true picture of ones finances? for example Oakam did an anti money laundering search on noddle then did the credit application search on clearscore, if they did the credit search on noddle they would of seen my defaults!
  4. You are encouraged to check your credit file and when you query anything that you don't recognise you always get the same bull from the CRA "We have been advised that this is correct", not interested. I was recently refused an overdraft from my bank, despite having a loan and credit card with them I was informed after the online application that something reported by call credit was the reason, I phone the bank and asked them the reason, they said to contact call credit which I did, who told me to contact my bank. Being fobbed off from all ends. My credit report has nothing on it to suggest why i was declined, everything paid on time, never over my limits, salary going into the bank every month etc. the bank won't tell me why and call credit won't tell me why. No adverse reasons from the other 2, only call credit. Also, I know credit scores are just a guide but experian and equifax are showing "Fair" while call credit shows "very poor" and have been stuck on the same score with them for 6 months, what's that all about? Is it not my legal right to know why I have been refused credit?
  5. Hi, I've been Chasing the Clydesdale bank for 4 years over mis-sold ppi from 1991 . I received an offer from them this week and was wondering if anyone could help me with the offer calculations, I am struggling to work out if the calculations are fair and correct. The loan amount was for £4800, taken out in August 1991 over 5 years & the monthly repayments were £149.47. The offer details are PPI premiums paid £1343.52 Plus 15% simple interest £47.78 Plus 8% simple interest £2468.65 Minus 20% incometax on simple interest £503.29 Total compensation due £3356.66 Not sure if the PPI premium was loaded upfront at the start of the loan or if the premiums were taken with each monthly instalment. If someone could please explain how they worked it out and if its correct,I just can't get my head around it. Much Appreciated Thanks
  6. Just a quick note to all BT Business Customers. BT in their wisdom decided to add an extra charge of £12.28 per month for 'Classified Paid Line Entry' without telling anyone since December 2014. I have spent most of the morning trying to sort out this with them and finally will be getting back nearly £100. Worth checking your bills to see if they have added this to your account.
  7. Hi CAG Back in 2007 I had an HSBC Premier account. I also had an HSBC Mastercard For each, i paid a monthly fee. As I had a premier account, I was entitled to a loan from HSBC. I took out this loan to which i just made repayments. I cannot remember about any PPI applied to this loan. How do I find out if I have PPI on my Mastercard and loan? How can I find out if I am entitled to refund of HSBC Bank Charges ? Please help. Thank you BurmaFriday
  8. Hi Bakatcha, The reason why I am contacting you is connected with my own dilemma with INGEUS!! I have been out of work for sometime & it's tough. The job centre has placed me on a mandatory work program with INGEUS & sadly it's lasted longer than expected. My advisor is using unorthodox ways to find work for me and somewhat intrusive. My advisor thinks it's a good idea if he watches me use the computer when I search/apply for jobs and he also wants me to possibly visit INGEUS on a daily basis. He also thinks it's a good idea if he applies for vacancies without me performing this task and I strongly disagree with that! He even suggested that I sit down with him & log onto my email account so he can check all the jobs I apply for each week, unacceptable in my opinion and I wondered what you make of this.
  9. The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) usually advises well, but they do make some really silly errors, this is just one of them, almost like opening your mouth without thinking. In there advice on buying a used cars, they say: I don't think any motorist would class a worn out clutch as a minor fault. Draft it up and get it proofread before publication CAB.
  10. Hi All, Hopefully I am in the right forum, apologies if not. Can anyone give me advice? I am about to buy a repossession, offer accepted, legal team on the case etc. I want to check the utilities BEFORE I complete. The Estate Agent has no information about the utilities, but they are taped off and the system drained. Can I get it all working to get a Gas/Electricity/Water person to check the systems are all OK BEFORE I move in? I am have a damp specialist visit to see how much the damp/condensation will cost to remedy (Top floor flat), but how do I get water gas electricity looked at? Will the relevant companies switch it on so I can test OR can they confirm the systems were all OK prior to repossession? If there are issues can I get the Vendor ( Bank ) to remedy before I move in? And remedy and damp before I move or not? Can I reduce the offer if anything needs fixing? Apologies if this is the wrong sub forum. Regards DG.
  11. My husband and I not long got back from the settlement checking service as we are due to apply for ILR in person, very soon. Shes sorted it out for us, BUT shes only put ONE each of our most recent payslips in, and im majorly concerned that it wont be enough. The lady claimed that shes does everybodys case in the same way and has never had any problems. but surely one each is nowhere near enough. Help!
  12. Hi all, Hopefully a quick question a dca has bought a credit card debt from 2009/2010 can they legally check my credit file? They have done this 3 times in 3 weeks thanks in advance
  13. Are revenue protection officers legally entitled to check tickets and passes once the passenger has left the bus? I have seen this a few times but it has occurred to me that the pavement is not TfL property. On the last occasion the man claimed he had given his Oyster card to a friend on the bus so she could get home later on. I've no idea what the outcome was as I got off the bus to avoid being delayed. Thanks in advance to those replying.
  14. Is there any way that you can check a court case result Online. My wife's niece got caught driving well over the limit and refused to supply a blood sample. She also had no insurance on the car. She is telling us that she got a £200 fine plus driving licence cancelled for 6 months. I thought 1 year was mandatory for being over the limit and another year for no insurance? She was caught because there had been previous complaints about her erratic driving as she is basically an alcoholic. She was stopped as a neighbour reported her plus the police witnessed her weaving down the road. Also I thought the fine would be a lot higher. Quite frankly we don't believe her, but we have no way of checking unless someone can advise.
  15. Hi please can i ask some advice. i have two convictions on my criminal record that happened over ten yrs ago which were for drunk and disordely. im not proud but it happened and i have not been in trouble since. The problem is i have just applied for a job caring for the elderly in the community. i have had to agree to have an enhanced crb check done. i know these convictions will show up but will it scupper my chances of taking a career in the care sector?. Any help will greatly appreciated. many thanks
  16. My hubby is at court this week. He had a CCJ awarded against him which he admitted fully to, however after submitting his income/outgoing, the claimants refused his repayment proposal and it was ruled that he had to pay in full which we certainly can't afford. We submitted the paperwork and there is a hearing this week (full payment was ruled without a hearing), I just want to check he has everything he needs to take with him to show what he can afford to pay. Wage slips Bank statement Tenancy agreement Anything else? How many copies of each will he need, it's only a 30min hearing and only for £700 which includes all costs. What happens if it's ruled that he has to pay in full as there is no way at all that we can do this? I don't know how the judge ruled it in the first place after glancing at the income/outgoing as it comes out with a minus figure anyway. Thanks in advance as always Shell
  17. Hi, I would like to check my credit file to confirm whether or not a debt is statute barred. However, I haven't heard from the company for a long time and have heard stories of people checking their files and suddenly hearing from companies etc, is there any truth in this? I noticed in stanleymorgan's thread that BigNee explained that checking your own file only leaves a 'soft footprint' so companies wouldn't be aware of it etc. so I'm hoping that is the case Thank you!
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