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Found 7 results

  1. I wonder if someone could advise please. I called on 5.1.16. for a DLA application for my child. I completed the application by downloading the form. My child who requires day and night care. He was awarded personal middle rate care and low rate mobility. The first payment was the date they received the application - not the date when I phoned i.e. 5.1.16. and I did enclose the page they sent which stated I called on 5.1.16. and it had to be back by mid February. I have called DLA and said that they have not taken into account the night time care my child needs. He is up twice a night for around 15-20 mins and sometimes has to sleep in my bed. DLA said that they 'thought' he only got up 4 times a week during the night for the toilet. I said it was clearly stated that every night he has nightmares and I have to get out of my bed to attend to him. They said they hadn't read that - it is clearly stated. I also said that even though I downloaded the application, the award started from the date they received it. They said the it was because I used the download form - even though I attached the paper page version of the date I applied. So it went to a mandatory. They wrote back and said that there was not enough medical evidence about the night time care enclosed with the application (I sent my GP's letter) - they have not contacted my GP. Now I've had my mandatory, if I'm not happy I have to go to appeal. This is unfair as if they had doubt about night time care, then they could have written to my GP. Is there anything else I can do about this instead of going to appeal as clearly they have not read the application properly and now I've 'spent' my mandatory. Also can someone advise me about when the DLA should have started. Many thanks. BTW I wanted the paper version for the Notes as I haven't got the money to keep paying to top up my ink on my printer.
  2. Can anyone PLEASE offer me any advice on how he can apply descriptors to conditions? We have absolutely no idea how to apply these things? Can someone point us in the right direction? We really need some idea of how to link his condition specifically to the questions they ask you? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello A few day's ago i had my first home assessment with the change over from my old DLA, i have anxiety problems and not able to go out socially with my agoraphobia and i also suffer from painful joints with my arthritis. My home assessment was at 10 am the Assessor turned up 10 mins early a woman, she seemed ok at first but as the assessment went on she became quite abrupt and over voiced her opinion over mine which was very annoying? I had a friend with me noting down some of the assessors questions and the way she was trying to see if i was getting stressed with the questions being asked. The next question was about getting around has i have agoraphobia it's obvious that i have difficulties going out or even using public transport, my mental health will not allow me to use public transport reliably. This is because there are specific features about public transport that will trigger my mental health symptoms causing severe distress anxiety, panic attacks, somatic symptoms . As a result I specifically avoid using public transport. But again she over voiced her opinion that in my form i had said i can only travel in a car for emergencies only? usually in my friends car. I was under the impression that anybody who couldn't use public transport reliably as above should not be considered as being able to make an unfamiliar journey, this would mean they satisfied descriptor 11d and not just 11 b? But what would this also mean if i could get to the doctors ok which was a familiar route and not far from my home, but again i would need the help from my friend to take me i found these descriptors very confusing? Can anyone explain more about these descriptors, thank you
  4. Guest

    ESA Appeal Hearing-Advice

    My wife is in her second year of claiming ESA. For the first year she was placed in the Support Group. In October last year she had her second medical assessment and, despite the fact that her scores from the medical descriptors have increased and they have agreed that her medical condition is getting worse, they have now moved her to the WRAG. We have appealed this decision and now have a hearing date in April. We have a letter from her consultant outlining her condition and stating that at this time she is not capable of full time employment due to the severe discomfort her condition causes. Also, as her husband I believe I can give evidence at the hearing stating what I have to do for her etc - is this correct? If so, what is the best way to present this evidence and what should I include? Would a written statement be the best way to go? Also, what other evidence should we consider? Many thanks for reading this any help you are to give. Best wishes BJ
  5. Would the following descriptor apply if the person went for a face to face assessment: "Engagement in social contact is always precluded due to difficulty relating to others or significant distress experienced by the individual"
  6. " (ii) turn the pages of a book with either hand " Help please ? Does the word "either" in the above statement mean; You have to turn the pages with both left and right hands or, Turn the pages with right or left hand ? Thanks, I more than likely can't see whats in front of me so thought I'd ask .....
  7. This is rather urgent. I can find the physical descriptors and points system but not the mental health ones. Please help!
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