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  1. Hi, This is my first time on this forum, so please excuse me if i've posted in the wrong forum. I received a letter from Moriarty Law today(attached) claiming that they are acting on behalf of Utility Warehouse recovering a debt of £3093.15 dated from 22/10/2013. I have moved around a lot in the last few years but have been at my current address for over 2 years yet this is the first I have heard from them. I have absolutely no idea where the debt of £3,000 has come from, I was renting a house with my friend back in 2013 and Utility Warehouse were our energy suppliers (all bills were in my name as it was easier) I have checked my emails and my bank statements, I can find a payment to Utility warehouse in March 2014 for £150 but nothing else. I should also mention, the property that this relates to, we only lived there for six months until April 2014 and then both moved in with our parents. In regards to the letter, I have been working really hard on getting out of debt over the last few years and recently took out a debt consolidation loan with the aim of getting the last few things I owe, paid off, my credit score has only recently recovered after a few family members went rogue with my credit score when I turned 18. I cant afford to have a CCJ on my credit file. What should I do? I cant see how we could have racked up a £3000 debt in the six months of living in a 2 bedroom flat. I cant see anything from UW on my noddle report either. Do I write back to Moriaty law? Any help is massively appreciated.
  2. I came home to a letter from Moneyclaimonline today, the instigator being Moriarty Law on behalf of Utility Warehouse. They contacted me about a year ago for a debt they claimed I owed in 2014, during the phone call I asked them to provide me with proof of the debt which was never supplied plus this does not show up on my credit file with Experian to date (I checked today). How this happened, if relevant is I needed an EPC for my home, the surveyor pressured me into consolidating my utility bills which I wasn't keen on but they kept telling me I was under no obligation and could always say no at the end.... which I did. convinced me to take out the gas / elec / internet / phone but when my mobile came in the redemption fee put me out of pocket and UW wouldn't cover it so I had a huge mess but managed to sort it out. After this I lost faith in the UW and requested to cancel the service with them, they were awkward to I went straight to my old utilities who transfered the services back. I wasn't aware of any outstanding debt, I believed my old company had figured this out. So I'm concerned I have a small claim's court form to complete, potential damage to my credit file but no default on my account to date. Any advice please?
  3. Hi All I've read a lot of horror stories about Utility Warehouse but none that quite matches my scenario. My partner and I recently moved house and the previous tenants must have been with Utility Warehouse as we received tons of mail from them, telling us the house had previously been supplied by them and trying to coerce us into sign up. I only opened the first two and consigned the rest to recycling. Then today, I received a letter in a plain white envelope, which I opened. The letter is a demand for a 'missed payment' along with a membership number. It is addressed to a Mr . It also states we will be liable for a £6 late payment fee. Now, I've written to them stating neither they, nor anyone else, can enter us into a contract without our consent, and telling them where and just how far up they can shove their unsolicited spam, I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this? I'm guessing they were forwarded our details by the letting agent (as the current supplier) but has anyone else experienced this? It's one thing to bombard you with marketing mail in the hope of signing you up, but it's quite another to sign you up then claim you've missed a bill. This crosses over to fraud in my book. Thanks.
  4. I was stupid enough to sign up with utility warehouse who gave us low quotes for gas and leccy bills then upped them after 3 months....then when we got fed up and left sent us a final bill for £788 because we were on their bill protection scheme....no warning about this other than the small print. i want to setup a payment plan with them but as they've already dipped into my account to take £200 out without notifying me via a card payment. i do not want to pay via card or direct debit. They're saying that i can only setup a payment plan if i pay via card or direct debit. I want to pay via standing order as i do not trust this company. are they allowed to do this? If i'm making regular payments are they allowed to used a debt collection agency?
  5. Hello all. Ordered a mobile phone from CPW on the 27th Dec Phoned CPW directly asking to cancel the contract and return the device on the 9th Jan. Customer service rep stated that the 10th of January would have been the last day I could cancel the contract. I was given the choice of returning it in store or by taking it to a DPD collection point. I asked for the DPD collection point since it is nearer. Have been ill with an ear infection which had left me with horrible Vertigo which has kept me from going to work hence why I haven't taken it to the DPD collection point. Intended on doing that today I called CPW to confirm everything was OK was told that because I didn't return the phone on the 10th that they can no longer accept it. As far as I am aware, I have 14 days to return the phone after stating my intention to cancel which would give me until 22nd January to return the phone. Am I correct in thinking this? Also on the CPW website it states you should keep and destroy the sim card whilst the lady on the phone said I should return the sim card in the package, so a bit confused about this. The sim card is unused, if that matters also.
  6. Hi, Wondering if anyone can offer advise before we go into what will I am sure, become a battle for compensation. My business partner & I went to Indonesia in February to design and buy goods for our shop and online business. As it was our first trip doing this we took a couple of weeks to set up our contacts etc. We shipped the goods back in 6 crates. The goods arrived and were cleared through customer by a broker called Global Fallow. We organised pick up of the goods, it was very stringent and had to give the registration number and drivers details of the vehicle collecting as the goods were being held in a bonded warehouse owned by Hemisphere. When the driver arrived he was told they hadn't been released through customer. After a few phone calls this was sorted and he went again only to be told that they couldn't fond the pallets. This was 2 weeks ago. Apparently our goods were stored under a mezzanine floor and weren't fully visible to the CCTV. They have apparently contacted all haulage companies who came through. {over what time span I don't know, not sure if t was just the day or from when the goods arrived] and they have all said that they didn't have any extra pallets. They have done a warehouse sweep and can't find them either. This is not a small shipment, so I am finding it hard to understand how 6 pallets can disappear. Noe comes the fun bit. We called FSB who advised us to claim for loss of profit. We would have marked up x 5 and this would have covered the cost of our trip, the shipping etc. I know that they won't want to pay this so I am asking if anyone on here has any experience of this type of case. I am reading all sorts of things on google about consequential damages etc but it would be great if we could know how to word our letter to them so that we can speed things up. We timed it so that the goods would be on our shop floor for our very busy season, we are in Cornwall and this is our best selling time and now we have missed that and even if we get the money quickly the goods will not arrive in time to maximise the selling opportunities. Naturally we are very upset and cannot understand how this could have happened in what is meant to be a secure warehouse. Any help or advise will be much appreciated, Best Rebecca
  7. Waiting and waiting for my delivery and it's not yet arrived. This is sensorytoywarehouse.co.uk based in the Wirral run by a lady called Liz. It's a shame I had to be firm and make demands regarding my wait time and promised delivery for my daughters birthday etc. Still no news about my goods from sensorytoywarehouse.co.uk
  8. Hi, on the 17/07 apparently a meter reader attended my home address to read the meter, as no one was at home, they were unable to do so. As such, they pushed a leaflet type letter without any packaging through the mailbox informing me about this. On there, it says that the letter is on behalf of Utility Warehouse (a company I never heard of before this) and it says to contact a mobile number which is always either switched off or is busy. There is no time frame or anything as to when I can call, such as Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 or anything. There is no reference number or membership number on there, despite those words being written at the top. I have always been with British Gas so I have no idea why someone from a completely different company would want to get a meter reading. British Gas have their guy come over on a regular basis to do so as they provide the address with gas and electricity and have done so for over a decade. It states on the letter that if I do not get in contact with them (which I have been trying but the private mobile number is busy or switched off 24/7), that they will get a warrant to come and do so by force. There's a signature but no name or role within the company is stated on there, so I don't even know any names. At the bottom it says that Revenue Protection Services is a business of British Gas Trading Limited. However, as mentioned above, the letter is on behalf of Utility Warehouse. I have tried looking up Revenue Protection Services but have not found any legitimate information or contact details for them anywhere. I have contacted Utility Warehouse via email in relation to this but have not heard anything from them. I saw that another member on this forum got a similar letter a few years back, so I thought I would give it a go. At the moment, there is no mention of money or anything of the sorts - only that they will get a warrant if contact is not made. Has anyone else had any dealings of this nature? I don't know if this letter is even legitimate considering how fake it looks. Any information would be helpful. Kind Regards, G
  9. Hi all, I have recently caught out Carphone Warehouse on a deal that they were advertising on their website, which proved to be misleading. I found a deal on their website entitled 'save up to £100 on SIM FREE phones' upon clicking this deal a phone I have been looking for was posted on here, although with no discount at all on it, but instead offering a free gift instead (worth £69). I raised the issue that there was no discount on the phone SIM FREE and was told that what you get instead of discount off the phone itself. I have then reached out to both their Twitter and Facebook pages reagrding the issue providing screenshots of issues I had as proof. I subsequently did not get a response to it. I then went on to call their customer service team as it was the most relevant phone number that I could find for the issue I had. Upon speaking to them, the guy I spoke to didn't give me any help, but just relayed exactly what the website said and stated there is nothing he can do. I said 'thanks for the help' when he sighed and hung up on me. I then emailed PR after searching through their website and finding two email address that were higher up and PR related. I recieved an email back the next day (6th December) asking if they could phone me and chat. I gave them a number and they rang me the next day (7th December). I explained the issue and the person I was speaking too didn't mention the issue of the advert being misleading at all, but made it clear to me that the phone was already heavily discounted from £719.99 to £599.99 yet there was no evidence of this. The phone is made by Google and upon checking on their website the phones retail price is £599.99, yet I was told there was already a £120 saving on the phone from retail. He then went on to finally mention the issue of the misleading advert and said that they are willing to offer me £25.00 grattitude in exchange for pointing this error out. They have since subsequently removed the phone from that deals page and also three other phones so they clearly then realised that there are numerous phones that were misleadingly advertised. These deals had been on the website for at least a week or so, meaning that more people must have seen it. I was unable to speak last time I spoke to the advisor, so asked him to call me back today (9th December) and he hasn't, I phoned him and he was busy so waiting for a call back. I have not actually purchased the phone as of yet, I am still looking to purchase it, I feel as if £25.00 grattitude is a way for them to hope for me to let this go. Am I right to feel as if I shouldn't accept this and pursue it further or just take the grattitude and leave it be as they have removed the advert? I feel that the cost of the free gift that they were advertising instead of the correct deal is a reasonable grattitude (£69).
  10. Hi all, I'm hoping someone with knowledge can help. UH are applying for a warrant to enter and fit a prepayment meter. The amount I owe is 349.65. This includes £200 security deposit. Ive got a bit behind but will be able to pay the actual 149.65 I owe next week. They are saying they wont accept that and will pursue the applucation on the basis that I still owe them 200.00. Can they do this? They were the supplier when i moved in and i told them I'd be happy to pay by dd but they wouldn't accept. Legally, is this 200 even a debt?? Thank you!
  11. Hello I am in dispute with The UW over the erratic and high bills I have been receiving. Since early September I have been emailing the CEO office and trying to sort out what is going on . In the past year my so called smart meter has never been read by anyone other than me and I am not sure how to check it. They send very long wordy emails saying how good they are but do not answer my concerns. Eventually they suggested fitting a test meter. A meter inspector was sent to read my meter and he said that my smart meter was very old and that particular type was unreliable. An appointment was made, confirmed by letter,email and text but no one turned up so I decided to call them. After a long conversation with no explanation another appointment was made for today and guess what - no show. In the mean time I decided to change supplier, after all enough is enough. Initially UW objected but the new supplier says they are taking over both gas and electricity later this month. So after this lengthy pre-amble; should I contact Uw and tell them about the no show or do nothing and see if it swops over to new supplier?
  12. Hi, I took 2 old mobile phones to a Carphone Warehouse store to trade in on 16th of May, and they still haven't paid my refund. I have complained to their customer service team (online) and they told me to visit the store because it's their issue. 3 visits to store after and still no payment. The managers at the store sent emails to their banking department, as they can't be contacted by phone, and promised to call me back. But I've had no calls from the manager. Contacted the customer service team again and they gave me the same advise as before. I would like to take this further cause it's been dragging on. Would the Retail Ombudsman be able to help with this case? Thank you.
  13. Hi my daughter has just got a phone from carphone warehouse on their ID network but to say it is about as useful as a bar of chocolate then you get the gist! It is on a monthly contract and believe you have a 14 day cooling off period? The first bill is already due even though she has not had it 2 weeks! Can we ask Carphone to change her to another provider as other wise she is stuck for 2 years with a phone that only seems to have emergency calls working. It is on 4g and is a 2016 Samsung A3
  14. I set up a 24 month contract with EE via Carphone Warehouse Shop on (Sunday) 25th July. Coverage was checked and it seemed to be ok. However, when I got home I had no coverage whatsoever and had none for the rest of the week. I phoned Carphone Warehouse who told me that I would have to go into the shop and cancel with them. I work during the week so could only go in on the following Sunday (3rd July). Carphone Warehouse had no problems with me cancelling, but when they tried to get my PAC code from EE which I had to authorise the EE operator told me that I would have to pay £283 cancellation fee. I explained that I had no coverage and that I had been with them less than 7 working days. They were not interested and repeated that I would have to pay £283 cancellation fee . Is this right?
  15. Hi Does anyone know whether the Carphone Warehouse has a rep on here or not please?
  16. I visited my local Carphone Warehouse store last year , as the Talk mobile capped contract that I had taken out 12 months before was coming to an end and I needed to replace. I asked for a capped contract again as I explained to them it was for my son and I didn't want any large bills! I said budget was £15 -£20 a month. They suggested a contract with EE at £15.99 a month - at no time did they say that they do not do capped contracts anymore. They worded it as 2,000 mins, so many texts and data capped. My son was with me and he remembers that I kept saying it had to be capped to avoid a large bill. I then checked my bank account on line one morning to find that EE were taking £1044 out, I went to the bank and stopped the payment immediately thinking they had made a mistake. However , when I rang EE they informed me that we had used 4,100 mins instead of the 2,000 included in our contract. I said there must be a mistake as I had asked for a capped contract, EE said that Carphone Warehouse were renowned for miss selling and to get in touch with them. I know many will say why did my son use that much, but he thought he was within usage as he knew from his previous contract that he would not be able to use it after he had used his allowance. I have contacted CW on numerous occasions in person at the store and by email to their complaints dept, they have both said that it is my word against theirs, the complaints dept have asked the store to get in touch with me to try and resolve this matter , but I have had no contact from them whatsoever. I have contacted EE on several occasions to pay my usual monthly fee and explain that I was trying to get CW to admit what had been done , EE advised me to increase my tariff to unlimited when I said I couldn't pay the bill, to avoid it happening again, I now pay £21 a month , but they do not alow us to make calls, only receive incoming calls. so I am now paying for unlimited calls but cant use them! Now EE are threatening to hand the debt over to a collections agency. I am at my wits end now and don't know what to do next, the only advice I have had of a friend who is a solicitor, but am not sure if it will help. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  17. Has anyone else had a nightmare with utility warehouse ? I have unfortunatly been with them for nearly 2 years , and i am paying roughly £165 a month for all my services , like home phone broadband , and i have 4 mobile contracts with them , i have never had any issues with them so far until last week , i always pay my bills a week before they are due to be taken from my bank a nd apparently i am a gold customer with them , ( i thought that was a benefit of being a good customer ) , apparently it amounts to nothing with them , i rang up last week , and i explained i wanted to upgrade a contract early , as all their phone contracts have 2 yr terms , i wanted to upgrade a contract that was due to run out first , which was in 11 months time, but i got told that the bill to upgrade early would cost me £88 , i asked if i could pay that over the phone with them , and they told me NO , you can have the upgrade , but the £88 would go onto the end of your july bill , so i said that was fine , they told me they would process the order and ring me back the next day , the next day came and got no call back , i then called back and the same thing happened again , and then again the day after , i rung up to complain and they told me i had failed a credit check with them for the upgrade , even though i had never missed a bill never paid late and never had a single issue on my account and i wanted to pay off my remaining upgrade there and then , yet 3 of their advisors told me otherwise and said you can upgrade , in the days prior to this call , , i told them i was leaving as i didn't appreciate being fobbed off and lied to , the attitude started , like they couldn't care less , and now for the past 3 days my internet has gone from being perfect to very very intermittent , it keeps cutting off and then going back on again , they may seem polite on the phone , but this companies loyalty to their customers is none existant , and they dont care lol , stay away from their are better providers out their !!
  18. On Monday may 9th 2016 I tried to upgrade with Carphone warehouse to a sony Z5 compact they said it would arrive on Tuesday 10th it never did. I received the texts below on 10th of my 7.54 and 7.56 from o2 upgrading my tariff. I NEVER GOT THIS PHONE OR A 4G SIM . On weds 11th I got this email from DPD saying they couldn’t deliver the hand set (see below)…. In the meantime o2 knocked off my emails etc. on my blackberry which lasted 3 days…o2 insisted I had the handset but promised a £10 credit for the hassle. This never arrived meanwhile I have made hours of calls to o2 and Carphone without success including an 1 hour 22 min online chat today. I am pushed between the two companies Carphone warehouse see my order was cancelled or deleted and the handset originally allocated to me didn’t leave their warehouse. They thought it unusual that O2 would implement a new tariff without a handset being issued. Eventually last week a Kelly Denton from Carphone warehouse spoke to O2 and enquired as to the IMMEI of the sony hand set I am supposed to have. The number is 354282071256883 this product was sold to a totally different person who activated it etc. and it has been allocated to my account. My phone is a blackberry bold IMMe********6006 So now we have a situation where I am paying for a 4 g service that I don’t have a phone for. O2 are accusing me of not returning a handset that I never had…why can’t you just check with DPD that it was never delivered???? I would like to eventually upgrade with o2 but the system says I cant for 2 years. Meanwhile I am paying for a service that I cant use but someone else is. I feel like crying with frustration as no one can help. The stock answer from O2 is Carphone warehouse needs to put the handset as returned. CPW say the whole order was cancelled and deleted the handset was never delivered…. They cant understand why 02 would put me on a tariff change when no upgrade had been issued. This is a MASSIVE software issue and I am in the middle of it all. Just confirm to 02 that I never received the handset and compensate me for the aggravation and confirm it is all done. O2 sent the following on May10th 2016 “O2 UK: Great news, your 4G service is ready. Just a few final steps before you get started: make sure your 4G sim is in your 4G phone. Switch your phone off then back on again. When you're in a 4G area, you'll see the 4G symbol on your phone screen. Enjoy your 4G experience on O2. O2: Good news, we've completed your tariff change to O2 Unlimited 24M 3GB.” Carphone ref 15501690590280 Dpp ref 356834550 I am pushed between the two companies with call centres in S Africa, India and sometimes in the UK. I now have a larger invoice from O2 without the £10 compensation they promised three people at CPW promised me an update but they NEVER call me back. The disconnection team at CPW want the new sim number. I have asked where am I supposed to find that as I the phone I ordered never came with the new 4g sim. Please help I have phoned 26.5 hours on the phone logged complaints with both companies spoken to the ombudsman. I just get the answer wait 3-5 days so sorry its a glitch.. I just want my old tariff back at O2 and acknowledgement that the new upgraded phone never arrived to me as DPP agree and just because CPW moved warehouses that weekend I must suffer. Because an upgrade has been registered I cannot leave or upgrade anywhere else. I welcome any help in advance.
  19. Hey guys, I'm looking for a little bit of help with a recent mobile phone contract my sister had taken out in-store at Carphone Warehouse. My sister made enquiries over the phone to O2 regarding any deal's that would be available for the Christmas period. It was advised that she attended a store I think she got a little bit confused as she attended Carphone Warehouse instead of the O2 store, who sold her a 24 Month Contract on O2... anyway. The purchased was made prior to Christmas, after the Christmas period it was found that the phone is not suitable for her partner and at the very first chance she attended Carphone Warehouse for a full refund. This was on day 6 after the initial in-store sale. My sister was informed it is not possible to return the product as it was put through as an upgrade . Her contract prior to this *so called* upgrade was a 24 Month Contract again with O2. This contract had finished and turned into a 30 Day Rolling Contract, she was currently on month 2. We contacted O2, who advised us they are more than happy to cancel the contract, however we must first go Carphone Warehouse and return the phone. We tried this and Carphone Warehouse is having none of it. The staff in Carphone Warehouse are very un-professional as they started to get abrupt , extremely sarcastic and arrogant. One Guy at Carphone Warehouse refused to give me his name when requested, he did however have a name tag on I could not read, he then went into the back of the store , removed ihis name tag and returned back out. When asked to speak to his manager surprisingly this was the manager. I lodged a complaint needless to say about both issues, the service received as we had a small child with us at the time and thought it was very inappropriate the level of his tone and attitude received. Which is now currently being investigated. We also lodged a complaint about how we have not been able to return the phone contract back. Our main concern is, why the contract was put through as an upgrade because Carphone Warehouse has a zero policy in returns once an upgrade with O2 has been purchased. We wrote to Carphone Warehouse about the following issues: The Mis-Selling of the contract How we should have been made more aware of the upgrade and how it was not returnable. Finally the Service Received. My sister was not fully informed that the contract would be put through as an upgrade and how she is not able to return the phone back once the contract was signed. We had a look at the contract itself she signed. The only time the word upgrade is used is under description , "O2 Direct Telecom Gsm Upgrade" The arguments we put forward , had she known the contract was un-returnable the contract would not have been signed up for She feel's it was not made clear to her that the contract was an upgrade. (I understand it say's this in the description), However she did not realise the policy of Carphone Warehouse with O2 upgrades and how she is not able to return this. She also feel's that the contract she have been a put through as a New contract because her old* contract had technically finished and she was on a 30 Day rolling Contract. Does anybody know where we stand with returning this phone? we received a letter back from the customer service department of Carphone Warehouse which states, it was sold as a upgrade and they do not accept returns. Thanks for any help in advanced. Craig
  20. I moved to the UK after 15 years in Asia, before I moved to my new home in the outer Hebrides I went to Carphone Warehouse to get a phone and contract, I wanted a good contract so I could continue to run my companies in Asia, that would require a good signal. I gave the guy in the shop the postcode of my new address, told him that I would be moving in there in three weeks time or so - once I had got my affairs in order. He told me that the best contract was the unlimited Vodaphone 4G deal, all the bandwidth I needed and yes, signal is good at my address. when I got to my new house some weeks later guess what? Thats right, no data signal whatsoever. I fact the phone signal is patchy at best. I contacted vodafone who tried to help me, suggesting signal boosters and telling me that they were sure to improve the signal in the coming months/years but I told them that I wanted to change to another tarrif. They took a week or two to get back to me and simply said that since Carpghone warehouse had sold me the contract I would have to talk to them. CW simply told me that since 2 weeks had passed since I signed the contract I could not change it, end of conversation. Now why am I paying for a service that I cannot access? Why am I not allowed to change it? Surely I cannot be the first person that this happened to. If it was Vodafone I could go to the ombudsman but it isnt its Carphone Warehouse.
  21. Misleading, and Untrustworthy After having dismal internet connection, my teenage sons couldn't tolerate the awful connection for their ps4. I decided to change my broadband to Virgin so my boys could have really fast broadband for gaming. I have all of services with UW and until that point was a genuinely happy customer. When I informed UW that I wanted to change my broadband, (but keep all my other services, gas,electricity and 3 mobiles) I had the rude retenti...ons call. Essentially I was blackmailed into keeping UW broadband or face a major price rise in my gas & electricity prices and the loss of insurance cover for the mobile phones. As a single parent I couldn't take the financial hit of being forced into fuel poverty. I was patronisingly 'upgraded' to a 22mb per second modem & was assured that would be more than adequate. Not surprisingly we weren't given the installation date we needed and the connection is still useless. After 5 years of being a customer, I thought I was angry until I saw this months bill where I was hit with a £83 data charge. I've had to use my mobile data to see emails since I've been constantly applying for jobs. I emailed UW to challenge this & was informed that it was justifiable since I had been texted to warn me that I was near my data limit but had continued to use my data. So I'm stuck with a bill for over £300. I pointed out that this company relies on people's opinion to save on advertising. I was given the customer number to call. The moral of the story is they are not as cheap as they profess to be. However they are cheap and trashy with their customer service and don't see anything wrong in blackmailing people into staying with them to avoid fuel poverty. Avoid them like the plague, unless you like atrocious customer service and hidden costs.
  22. Im not very good with technology I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place but I am desparate for some advice Im having a horrible time with utility warehouse. its causing me sleepless night and aggravating my health conditions. I have also had to have anti depressants put up from the stress and had to go to bed today for four hours after speaking to them. I am disabled suffer from anxiety stress and depression and also have CFS made worse by stress. I had utility warehouse on bills paid on time every month. sent meter readings as much as I could. (I had to get someone to read my meter cos A) im dumb and didn't understand them and b) I couldn't get to the meter it was low to the floor. After nearly a year they decided to tell me id been underbilled and owed a debt £500 £250 gas £250 electric. They came and put pay and go meters in and said I could pay back through them. They kept either not taking the payment or taking random amounts. One time I only had £5 left to top up and it took it and left me with £1. I was so fed up I decided to switch (not knowing they can object if you have debt, like I say im not very clued up at all) I tried to transfer to ovo, they allowed my electric to transfer, but not my gas. it was very stressful cos everyday id get a letter saying they were going to let me then they weren't. then I got a letter from ovo saying they now had my gas as well and I have been using their card to pay my gas. without problems. I phoned ovo to make sure this was correct and asked on the phone and they confirmed 100% they were as I asked them to. One month later I get a nasty letter from UW asking why I want to transfer. I phone up and said I had already transferred been using new company card and expected to get a letter from them regading making payment. They said I am still with them they wont let me transfer and they will send me their card which I need to use. I called OVO the new supplier 1 hour on phone to be told ive been misinformed, they do not have my gas its still with UW and they were so flippant like oh well we were wrong. yet ive been using their card for over a month top up. Im so miserable and stressed I have so many problems at the mo and health problems making my life a misery plus some scans and tests for cancer coming up which im so worried about. I have m/e and fibromylga get brain fog and really struggle sorting and understanding things. I don't know what to do or were to turn to sort this. it will take years to pay the debt with UW so am I stuck with them? and now am really let down by the new company who I thought wre great, and they have taken over my electric even though that had a debt with out taking the debt themselves. im so confused. any advice would be so appreciated. Thanks One fed up lady
  23. I moved into a new apartment just a month ago. Within a week, I got my first letter from Utility Warehouse: September 10th - I received a letter from UW demanding my bank details for direct debit, otherwise asking for a deposit. September 17th - Demanded a deposit of £100 per utility (gas/electricity), with a threat to install pre-payment meters. September 28th - Another introduction as my supplier and demand for £100 per utility. October 12th - Demanded payment for £200, threatening a court warrant to enter premises by force and install pre-payment meters with a further charge of £720 for being a dual-fuel customer. Fortunately, I have changed over to another supplier (SSE), though that was blocked because the gas meter didn't have a serial number. I couldn't get the serial number of the meter until I had a bill. So after all those letters grief and aggro, I finally get a bill for £12 from UW.
  24. i've recently moved out of a flat i shared with a friend we passed on our final meter readings and we have now received our final bill. To my absolute shock the electricity bill read £628! Immediately i rung up saying there must be some mistake the woman on the phone said it is correct as it was part of the monthly payment plan. Never once when being signed up by someone who works for Utility Warehouse was i told about or explained what the payment plan was. Apparently to keep your monthly bills low they will only charge you a little amount of your electric bill (£7 in my case) but then when you decide to leave you get hit with this massive bill of all the electricity charges you actually owe. When asked why i wasn't told about this and why we weren't just charged for it at the time each month i was unable to get a proper answer. i was just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar or know what i should do next ?
  25. The mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse has announced that they’ve suffered a huge data breach which could lead to the accessing of up to 2.4m of their customers information. Following the breach, the company has investigated and found that the details accessed could have included names, addresses, dates of birth and bank details. This includes up to 90,000 customers who have also had their encrypted credit card information accessed. Customers who've potentially been affected, have received emails about the incident and are encouraged to: Alert your bank and check your statements Watch out for phishing calls and emails Check your credit rating to make sure no one has taken out loan and credit in your name Report fraudulent activity to Action Fraud http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/information.
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