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  1. Hi folks, It would be valuable if any of you guys may offer an insight on my and my siblings current situation after the passing of our father a few years My Dad, a successful businessman, divorced my mum years ago when I was in my early 20s. Their marriage had been pretty dysfunctional for a long time so it wasn't surprising. My Dad remarried a few years later to a subordinate from the establishment he worked for, also a divorcee. After originally having some animosity towards her for the divorce, perhaps misplaced, over the ensuing years we got to know her personality. To say she is materialistic, shallow, and a goldigger is an understatement. My Dad was the exact opposite. He was intellectual and thick skinned she a bit of a dullard and seemed to only be interested in appearances and acquisition of new items. My Dad was coerced by her to acquiesce to this over the years, antithetical to his upbringing. We could see the change in him and there was tension but mostly civility between us and her for him. She seemed controlling with him. Him having to be home at certain times etc. All of us children concurred on her personality. He brought the majority of wealth to the relationship. My Dad tragically died a few years ago in bad circumstances. He was unconscious for a while and passed away some days later. She was not at the hospital at the time. My Dad left a TIC Will on the house leaving her a life interest and £multiple k in money, half his large pension. The Will was generic and not personalised at all. The beneficiaries were her kids and us equally on the house. We believe it’s possible she coerced him into a will that didn't immediately allow any estate to the beneficiaries if he passed first. She didn't offer a penny of his capital even as a token gesture. She lives in a nice house in with no money worries. She also refused an executor access to the will file for unknown perhaps insidious reasons. One of my siblings does not need any advance on the inheritance. I'm currently disabled living on ESA and on my uppers and my other sibling wants to move out of his flat. We cannot do anything currently. I may pre decease her as I have health issues. I know it was my Dad's Will but do you think she should at least talk to us about the situation? Maybe he was coerced. We have thought of an equity release scheme but knowing her personality with money she may be obdurate and make things worse by changing her will. Her daughters seem to be in her mold. We all got on really closely with my dad and were devastated at his early passing. I had a deep depression. I am really struggling financially and this constant worrying about money and her is affecting my MH badly. Is there a loan one can take out against being a beneficiary in will? What can we do? Thank you kindly in advance.
  2. I was wondering if banks will remember my bad debt even though they sold it on many years ago and it is no longer on my credit file. I applied last year for a TSB account and after acceptance, once I supplied my ID my application was declined. I have never banked with TSB although I did have a defaulted loan and current account with HBOS. Both long ago sold on and now Statute barred
  3. Hi Guys i had a default on my credit report for £455 from shop direct which was opened in 2013 i would have been 17 at the time so there was no way i could even obtain credit. I have sent my passport details in to shop direct for proof and they have taken the default off my account my only problem is now my credit score is 208 which is very poor the only two things i have on my credit report are my phone contract and my credit card. I pay these every month and on time my credit card is paid off as i only had a £200 limit capital one offered to up my limit but i dont need it i turned down their offer. Why is my credit report still the same as when the default was on there also when i go on to closed accounts it shows shop direct would that still be having an affect on my credit report. I dont know what do as me and my boyfriend were planning on buying a house this year and by the looks of things that wont be happening now.
  4. Hi I am so stressed out. I've been at a University address since recently and came home to parents house to discover i have had a CCJ filed against me last month for an old catalogue debt and have been ordered to pay £50 per month with the first payment due in the next few days. I don't dispute the debt I just have no money and as I have now just completed my final year at Uni I am technically unemployed. I will be moving back in with parents very soon and am worried a bailiff will be paying me a visit and cause great embarrasment and distress to them. I've done some preliminary research but it looks very complex to me. Whether I apply for it to be set aside, or ask a court to change the amount, it all involves paying a fee which I don't have. I think in order to get help with fees you have to be on JSA/unemployment benefit? I don't want to do this. Just wondering what is likely to happen now? The amount of the debt is "only" around £300ish but I can't afford anything until I get a job. If the bailiff comes and I don't let him in, I know they can't force entry as long as doors are locked etc but what is the worst they can do? Can I just ignore him completely? Any advice greatly appreciated
  5. Hi, I was a victim of identity fraud in around June 2012. "Someone at the time took out loans in my name with quick quid and lending stream". It was a lot of hassle at the time ( I went through the police action fraud, recived a crime number and after a month or so I signed a couple of letters from both companies and the matter was cleaned up. I also opted at that time to put extra restrictions on anyone else trying to fraudulently take out any more loans in my name. "Let me just say that I have never ever applied or taken out any loan in my life other that a mortgage for our home that is now fully paid off". back in June 2017 I started receiving letters from MMF motormile finance now Lantern, stating that I owed them £250 for another loan from what turns out to be taken at around the same time as the other loans in 2012! I phoned them straight away and explained what had happened. But all this did was for them to send demanding letters on a weekly basis! I forwarded the police action fraud crime number from 2012 thinking that that would be the end of the matter. But all they do is keep sending me more demanding letters. Are these people above the law or what! They keep asking for very personal details e.g bank statements from 2012, my national insurance number, payslips, photo id from a passport or driving licence. I'm sure it would be reckless to send such sensitive information to a bad debt collecting company! (Do they cover their costs by selling on this very useful and very accurate information to third parties?) It would be very lucrative if they did as they would have all the information to take out a loan in my name!! What's going to happen in another few years, Am I going to get demanding letters form another bad debt company?? As much I want to clear my name I am very sceptical about about how they would use that information. I lay awake at night worrying myself to death, I am frightened about what they might do. I have been to Citizens advice bureau who just say go to police action fraud! its bonkers. If a company doesn't accept a police action fraud number and the evidence from the time of the identity fraud then they are surly acting above the law!
  6. Hi Again.... I have a problem that I ought to have dealt with, but have not because I had more pressing issues: 4 sets of serious or urgent litigation that had deadlines, or financial priority: I had and still have a collapsed lung, I sadly have a deceased mother in law, a baby, who ended up in special care, while my wife almost bled to death during an emergency c section, I've bought a new house that the surveyor messed up big time on, I have had 2 new jobs, 2 surgeries and a tumor in my colon. I know they are not excuses for delay, but it has truly been a crap few years and this issue is the last unresolved pain in my side. All the issues above happened around the time of the N power debacle, or since. Some time around 2013/14 I moved into a house and the N Power Direct debit stopped. I had used NPower at a previous address. My dad had been paying as he is a kind man and he offered to when my wife and I were broke 10 years ago and he never stopped paying (despite me asking him not to). Npower screwed the bills up and I didn't pay the incorrect bills. At all times, I felt there was an ongoing complaint/ issue. Eventually the correct bill came and I paid it. The end? No. I applied for a loan or mortgage (cannot remember which off top of head) and was rejected. I had a default registered with Experian by Npower for the period where we were in dispute. The defaults are numerous and are all over the place. I wrote to Npower, Experian and complained to the FOS and got nowhere. What can I do, the defaults are only with Experian and they are utterly inaccurate. I am stuck. I need help with this.
  7. Hello, I ordered built in wardrobes and some shelves for the existing wardrobes. After 6 weeks two gentlemen appeared and installed some of the items in awful quality, the shelves are not in line, pencil markings everywhere, dents to the existing wardrobes, etc. Along with that they ruined my cream carpets (I moved into a brand new house a 2 months ago! carpets are still in majority covered by the protective plastic layer, but everything around is now grey. In addition they put one of the wardrobes on top of the plastic !), stained the walls and ceiling. At the very end they started the installation of the doors to the wardrobes and these were of even worse quality and were damaged, so they took them off and disappeared. I contacted the company and send the photos. In response i was rudely told that nothing will be done to rectify my brand new house and if I want my doors I need to pay the last instalment. Is there anything I can do?
  8. Probably not the right place for this.. however... Health professionals for years have said that Butter is bad for us - Dairy farmers cut back on their herds and/or went out of business whilst consumers turned their attention to low fat spreads or margarine. Now... Meanwhile, thanks to the scaremongering - small dairy farmers have gone out of business and the Consumer is now forced to pay higher prices for not only the raw product - but anything that contains it !
  9. Has anyone with bad credit managed to finance a vehicle 'sensibly'? Cars don't last forever sadly and ours is soon going to need a lot of work (including a new gearbox) to get it through an MOT and keep it on the road. Without a vehicle, self-employed hubby can't work, so we're really worried about what to do because we don't have savings to pay for this. Not quite the typical post on here, but hoping someone might have been in this situation.
  10. Hi everyone My current EDF tariff is due to expire in March and so I've been checking out various providers and tariffs to see what's out there and what's good. A company called Iresa Energy have consistently been showing up at or near the top of every search on every website I've checked. However... I've never heard of them before, and info and customer reviews/ratings seem a little thin on the ground. So I was hoping to glean some advice/info from this wonderful place... Knowing that if you've had a lot of people talking about them on here... that's not always a good thing. My other question is that I cannot find any info about their participation in the Warm Home Discount scheme. Which brings me to my 3rd question... I applied for the WHD with EDF at the end of Sept 2016 and have received a reply that my application has been received... but not if I've been granted it yet. I've had it for the previous 2yrs and it's come in very handy with winter heating bills. The savings from Iresa over the next 12 months aren't enough to make up what the WHD gives me. None of the comparison sites seem to take the HD as a factor... and companies participation via those sites is scare or non existent. I've got a couple of months before my tariff ends... so not urgent, plenty of time to gather info together before the switch. Thanks
  11. Hi hope someone can help? My mum has dementia. Last year she telephoned BT to get her internet and home phone bills reduced as she was being charged for services she wasn't using and she was out of contract. They signed her up to a 18 month contract which has increased her bill plus the stop nuisance call service she pays extra for hasn't stopped the calls they have in fact increased sometimes calling in the early hours of the morning. I have telephoned BT who have apologized and agreed to lower her tariff but we are not happy with the service especially as she has been paying so much more then she needed to for all this time. The first time I telephoned they agreed to 1/2 her tariff or she could get out of her contract without charge. I said we wanted to think about it but when I next spoke to them having decided to leave they said she would not be able to leave the contract without charge after all. Is there anything we can do? Thank you
  12. Hi all, Hope I can get some advise regarding a problem we've had with roofers. We are extending our house with two extensions and my husband has done most of the work himself but decided it was better to get a professional in for the roof membrane, battening and tiling. He found a guy on MyBuilder who said he's done similar work and had photos to show, so after discussing costs, we decided to ask him to do the membrane and battens to suit the tiles we had bought, and to tie in the new roof with the existing one. He did this, we paid him and then he decided he was too busy to do the rest of the job and suggested we find someone else to complete it. We did this and they found that the first guy had cocked up the battens and membrane and the roof is not waterproof, and is raining in. We were quoted £400.00 to make good and they did this but we have never been given a propert receipt for the initial job (only a quick note and bank transfer details) nor the making good. We need to go after the first guy to recoup the £400.00 but we don't know whether we go official in his personal name or his business name, as I said, we only have a quick note and his bank details? What would happen if we had to go to court and we'd put it in his personal name and he was adamant it should have been in the company name? Would we have to start again? Sorry for all the questions, it's been a very long time since I've had to do this. Thank you
  13. Hi everyone , I will try to keep this thread to the point and as short as well. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on Contract with Vodafone , I think the contract is about 5 months old and the mobile phone developed a fault that would not allow the phone to charge. Being under warranty: I contacted Samsung who arranged a collection on Thursday 5th of January 2017 using UPS Courier. On the 9th ANOVO (Samsung repair Centre) Horrendous reviews : https://www.yell.com/biz/anovo-uk-ltd-norwich-7746761/ http://www.192.com/atoz/business/norwich-nr6/mobile-phone-repairs/a-novo-uk-ltd/9968b8cc-c30a-4982-9fc3-5da74d6773eb/ugc/ It had taken them 2 Weeks just to even look at the phone and I was informed my phone was liquid damaged at the charging port. A full engineers report on request was not issued to myself however I did end up getting a written summary stating the following : "The first observation of our engineer was that the device is in worn condition. No cracks on the LCD or back glass were visible. No physical or liquid damage to the device was detected. The LDI is not activated on your IP68 rated device. The USB connector is contaminated with dirt and dust and green liquid residue is also visible. Liquid contamination may be transferred from charging cable. The cable is not waterproof." The repair centre's summary report then go on to say : "The Engineer has reported the device is repairable" Bare in mind the S7 Edge Phone is IP68 Rated - Water resistant can uphold 30 minutes of 1.5 metre in water. Apparently I had water on my charging cable causing S7 Edge to fry the charging port without any "moisture detected" warning which is a feature in the phone that should stop any charge to the phone to prevent the charging port getting fried. I requested the return of my phone which had taken 1 and a half weeks to receive. So now its been 3 1/2 , The condition I had received my phone is was horrifying, the back glass panel of the phone was hanging off, their was glue hanging out of the phone and their was a missing chunk of glass from the corner of my phone. ...... I have attached images. Their was also a letter saying my phone was not repaired due to it being out of warranty and that the phone would not be possible to be repaired as it is uneconomical repairable. I immediately called Samsung regarding this who raised a damaged in transit case with ANOVO and I was advised because ANOVO had used the wrong courier to return my phone out it was nothing to do with Samsung even though they arranged the repair? So now I am stuck dealing with Anovo about this which I think is wrong? After several times of sending my images to Anovo, they finally raised the issue with DPD and sent through a claim form. From here I have contacted DPD who have said ANOVO have claimed for £630 worth of damages and that it has been credited to ANOVO's Account? I have then contacted Anovo who have no information but that the investigation team is dealing despite DPD saying they have credited their account ? Anovo still say this will take 28 Days. I am being passed from pilla to post from DPD to ANOVO to SAMSUNG and back again nobody has a clue what has happened in my case and I speak to someone different all the time. It started off as a product lesion case with Samsung who do not have a contact number. I am on hold for Hours on a daily basis trying to sort this out as I am going away soon and I want my S7 Edge back for the holiday. It has been a nightmare from the start and I would not recommend Samsung or ANOVO to anyone, I have even gave a 2nd engineer to look at my phone who insists it not the charging port that is the fault when in fact it is the battery for the phone, he had tested the phone on a wireless charger dock and the phone still does not charge. so the engineer's report is IMO wrong too So all in all a conclusion : I still have no mobile phone and it looks like this is going to be for pretty much 2 Months +. Does anybody know if their is anything I can do to try and resolve this any quicker its is really getting frustrating for me dealing with all these clowns. Regards Craig
  14. I bought a Mercedes S class S400 hybrid from Mercedes benz of Edinburgh in March 2014 to the tune of £84k. I work as a London Chauffeur providing chauffeur services to some very prestigious clientele. From the beginning I have endured nothing but Serious problems. The car had a serious engine cut out problem whereby when the car was transitioning from Hybrid mode to engine it would unexpectedly just cut out and there was no throttle. Of the many times that this happened there were two in particular that were actually life threatening and both times i had clients on board. One time I made a judgement and entered a busy roundabout and the car cut out which nearly caused a serious collision. This happened again whilst crossing a very busy road in London, luckily the on coming car pulled an emergency brake. I have also had problems with the drivers seat as to date it has not stopped squeaking. I work as a London chauffeur and this has been very distressing as well as highly embarrassing. I first reported this issue to Mercedes of Slough who couldn't find a fault, then I went to Mercedes of Brentford who also couldn't understand why the car was cutting out and couldn't find a fault. Mercedes of Brentford tried to cure the squeak in the seat but unfortunately didn't. Next I went to Mercedes of Heathrow who also did a diagnostic and told me that Mercedes HQ knew about this issue and it was gearbox related. They told me that certain tweaks had to be done to the gearbox and that the work would take half a day to complete (my cars gearbox prior to this was fine and smooth) they kept it in for a week. During the week that they had my car they told me that they couldn't reprogram the gearbox to go into reverse. They also tried to fix the squeak in the drivers seat but to no joy either. When I finally got my car back I quickly realised that the transitions of the gears were not as smooth as they were prior. I took the car back to Heathrow numerous times since then as the gearbox just didn't feel right. Eventually I was told by Heathrow that there was nothing else that could be done by them. They did pay one of my monthly payments but that doesn't solve the bigger problem at hand. I made countless calls to Mercedes customer services with regards all the problems and their answer each time was to take it to a dealership. The big problem here is that the Uk dealerships are just not educated enough to deal with the problems of theses particular cars. Recently Whilst on a job In December 2016 I endured yet another problem whereby the command system of the car failed which means No radio/tv or bluetooth is available in the car. Mercedes Slough have had the car from 16/1/17 till present and I have not even been provided with a temporary replacement to work in. I have literally had enough of this car. I know that they have changed the car for the same problems for a few chauffeurs as we are all connected, but not me. Im not actually asking for the car to be changed but rather for Customer Services to acknowledge the problems that I have constantly faced. I truly feel that Im lucky to be alive. I have had to fit cameras in the car incase I am faced with any other dangerous situations.
  15. Hi all i have just been for a job interview at morrisons on the check outs and have been told i have got the job but i need to wait for security checks to be carried out which is background and financial background doesnt worry me but i do have bad credit ccjs and mortgage arrears i was completely honest and told interviewer and wrote on the form about these im just really worried that they will stop me getting the job can anyone help please
  16. Hi all Background My 12 year old son has a condition called Sinusitis. This is where he has severe Head aches, in the morning, gradually decreasing through out the day. He has been off since late January. He has been for a M R I scan to check his brain, all came back clear. So now it has been referred too County, Missing Education and Child Employment department. We have a meeting scheduled,on May 9th. 1- Has anyone been through one of these meetings and can Offer advise. 2- I have been informed that at the start of the meeting, We will be cautioned, 3- Do I have to accept this caution, ( I assume this is a caution the Police use ) 4- Would it be prudent to Record the meeting, either covertly or in the open. I would appreciate any advise as I have a feeling we will be stitched up. all I want is a resolution, and help for my son. Leakie
  17. I have mentioned before on the forum of the dangers that debtors face when they visit popular 'social media' sites and apply to join 'closed groups' that claim to offer advice to anyone who has received a letter or a visit from a bailiff. These sites profess to help debtors. Don't be fooled. In the case of this particular thread, the social media site page in question has one aim only and that is to ensure that payment is never made to a bailiff. That is their overriding aim. Debtors joining these 'closed groups' wrongly believe that what they post remains a secret. It does not. Almost all bailiff companies, debt collection agencies, mobile phone providers and banks etc are members of these groups and can recognise the debtor immediately from the documentation frequently exhibited. Yesterday was one of the most serious examples of appalling bad advice from inexperienced members of the public that ultimately led to the debtors vehicle (worth £4,000) being taken by a High Court Enforcement Agent. The poor and inaccurate advice also led to the debt increasing by well over a £1,000.
  18. Please excuse my spelling Hi on the 5th of june 2016 i was involved in a accident, which is a possible fault claim however this is still under dispute as i do not believe i am at fault. i called up hastings the next day to register my claim, they deemed my damage repairable and suggested i use a company called albany, the worst mistake i made. They also agreed my car was repairable. I was told i would have my car collected and given a courtesy car within the 24 hour time limit albany had to adhere to, I registered with them at 4pm on 6th of june and was told their approved garage which was miles away (long lane motors) from me will pick up my car and provide a courtesy by 11am the next morning. 11am came and i haven't heard a word from anyone, called up albany and they said the garage (long lane motors) was unable to provide an alternative vehicle and they have now changed my garage to one even further away place (thompson motors). I didnt even receive a call to notify me of this and had to call after their agreed time to find out that my car wont be collected today after taking a day off work. i thought fair enough but was told now to wait an additional 24 hours, which was unacceptable as i already had taken a day off work. When questioning this, as i already had waited 24 hours, the advisor told me that my 24hours had in fact started at 9am today as my claim was submitted after 5pm the day before which was a lie. I confronted her on this and told her where i could make a complaint, i was advised there was no official complaint procedure and no supervisors on site. I was not having it and was on there website looking at their page where i could make the complaint, i made her aware of this, to which she put me on hold for 20mins, came back and told me quite bluntly "sorry your car is now deemed a total loss, and we wont be handling your vehicle any longer and will report back to your insurers with this" I was perplexed as to what had just happened, and quickly got off the phone and called hastings. They advised me that my car was in fact deemed a total loss and albany use a matrix system to evaluate if the costs are economically repairable. Fair enough but would they not do this at the beginning before taking my claim on? It all seemed a bit fishy to me. I spoke to this girl from hastings that directly deals with albany (lauren i think) and she was appalled and made a complaint on my behalf. I told her my car has not been looked at once not even a photo so how is it you deem my car as a total loss. she sent out an "independent" assessor (AIA) and was also told i can use my own garage to get an estimate, the AIA assessor came on the 8th and viewed my car to see if it was repairable and value it. I asked him what he thought and he said it will be a total loss due to it being uneconomically repairable. i waited on his report, while i was waiting i thought id get a quote from a garage as to how much it would cost. I used thomson motors (the 2nd one albany gave to use) to get an estimate as i've never used a garage like this before. They asked me for photos and not to go in. It is now the 10th and i've called up my insurance about the AIA report and was told it had not arrived yet and they will call me on saturday to let me know and they said "it looks like it could be repairable". Ok i said to find out they are not even open on weekends! monday came and i'm now told it is repairable and the repair has been approved subject to striping of my car to check if there is no further damage. But i did not want to use this albany approved garage as i had a terrible experience with them. I only used them to get an estimate. I told my insurance that i was happy with a cash in lieu to settle this as they now have a pre accident valuation and also the repair cost. And i did not trust their process as i had been lied to on many occasions and told id be called back over 15 different times and got just one call and that was for me to send in my driving license! they passed this over to their in house engineers to give me a settlement i was told and would again be given a call back!. the next day arrived i gave them a call they had no idea what i was talking about and was told the in house engineers open at 9am. I then received a call at 11am but missed it due to work. I called back and they don't know who called me or why? I told them that i am waiting or an offer from the engineers to which i was told they do not do cash in lieu and that my car was a total loss and if i wanted to keep the car i would only be paid out 24% of the value of the car, i told him have you read my notes to which he replied "yes". Once again i was shocked, he was very rude and i asked to speak to another advisor. I was on hold for 45mins to a team that have nothing to do with my case. Hung up after getting fed up and have now just spoken to this girl and she had told me that they wont be now offering a cash in lieu and i should take my car to the albany approved garage to get it stripped to see if there is any more damage, even after i had mentioned i want nothing to do with albany! She has now referred me to a manager to again give me a call back. I have looked at the AIA report and believe it is correct and there is no further damage to my vehicle. How can i proceed with this as i have spent 8am-8pm all last week monday to friday on the phone to them. I did not go into work all week and it is now effecting this week. I have been lied to on many different levels, how do i proceed with this as i don't have faith in the their system any longer. Many thanks in advance
  19. British Labour Party member of parliament Jo Cox is in a "critical condition" after an attack, broadcaster Sky News reported on Thursday, citing sources from her political party. It is said the MP intervened in a row between two men when she was shot. "There was a guy who was being very brave and another guy with a white baseball cap who he was trying to control and the man in the baseball cap suddenly pulled a gun from his bag." After a brief scuffle, he said the man stepped back and the MP became involved. He said: "He was fighting with her and wrestling with her and then the gun went off twice and then she fell between two cars and I came and saw her on the floor." http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/jo-cox-shot-live-latest-news-updates-birstall-shooting-stabbing-labour-mp-west-yorkshire-a7085561.html Labour MP Jo Cox shot and stabbed by attacker 'shouting Britain First' – live updates http://ibt.uk/A6ZLv
  20. Big stink in the US house http://edition.cnn.com/2016/06/02/politics/paul-ryan-endorses-donald-trump/ Steven Hawking says its 'really bad man' http://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/stephen-hawking-angers-trump-supporters-with-baffling-array-of-long-words
  21. This is a strange one, hope someone can help. I took advantage of an offer to switch current accounts for circa £100 in May 2009. I filled in the forms, my salary and debits moved across. The problem was that Santander did not agree to match my existing overdraft (£500) and didnt communicate that the overdraft had not been granted but moved my finances over anyway. So I quickly moved back to my previous account and requested that Santander close the new current account. I recall speaking to a manager on the phone, who agreed to close the account with no charges and in exchange they would not pay me the £100 switching fee. They admitted that they should have communicated better and did not make me aware that any adverse credit history would be reported. However, I have downloaded an equifax report to discover that it is still showing as late payments from May 2009 until it was settled in November 2010. Note, this doesn't show in my noodle report. I am thinking that as I have not used the account since May 2009 it would be SB and should be clear from my credit reports, is this correct?
  22. in the past I was total apple iphone only upto the 6 I would replace both my handset's every year with question until they released the 6 so thin it looked liked the camera was superglued on the back such a bad handset (hopefully the new one will be better) I always buy my phones second hand to save on money, in the past I have purchased an iphone that got network blocked, I took the handset back to apple who told me the phone was blacklisted in the UK but not to worry and promptly replaced the phone with another without any questions what so ever so a few days ago my wife's Samsung S7 edge came up with emergency calls only spoke to samsung live help (which were of no help at all) took the phone down to stoke (100 miles round trip) Samsung took the phone in and told me give us an hour to check it out, got a text telling me the phone is all sorted now, went to collect the phone to see the same fault, the advisor there then checked on a free website http://www.imeipro.info/ and told me phone was blacklisted, if I have any other problems feel free to go back and see her... Apple simply replaced and keep your phone working through out the warranty period, Samsung just didn't care
  23. Hello, seeking legal advice please. I own a Honda S2000, the original differential failed so I purchased a spare from a Honda breaker. The spare was described as being "70,000 miles, with no rattles and in working condition". The new differential costed me £150. I had a garage professionally fit the differential for a sum of £372.96 including VAT on the 04.04.2016. Upon installation it was discovered that the "new" differential was suffering from a rattling symptom which is indicative of pion bearing failure. I can have the garage provide their professional opinion if required. I have contacted the seller through ebay who said he is happy to refund the £150 but nothing more. I would like to recover the cost of the differential along with the fitting cost of this incorrectly advertised part. Do I have any legal rights here? In order for me to replace this duff differential I am required to purchase another and have it installed again for £372.96, is it unreasonable for me to seek installation and fitting? If I am to return the broken differential can I not recover the cost of removal and shipping? Regards Mike
  24. Hi Guys, Hope you can give us a little advise. We moved into our property December 2013, and went with SCS, they organised the fitter as seems to generally be the case and all was well. Or that's what we thought up until fit. The fitter did a very, very poor job, and we've been working with SCS to try and get this resolved for over 2 years. The original fitter came again out once shortly after the original visit, repaired a few issues and tried to fob us off saying let it lie and it'll sort itself out, as time went by more and more flaws became glaringly obvious and with the fact he'd been quite willing to bluff, lie, SCS and do a bad job we completely lost faith that'd he'd do the job properly, as he never seemed to want to fix everything fully, just fire fight small issues, we went back to SCS to try and get this progressed. SCS dragged its heels and would go quiet, sometimes for weeks and months when trying to get this all resolved to which I'd have to chase and actually contact head office a number of times, as we stand now, we've had 2 alternate fitters and something like 9 or so visits trying to get the flooring into the condition it should have been after the initial fit. The first replacement fitter managed to get the carpet into an acceptable state approximately a year and a quarter/half after original fit, dubbed the vinyl/silicon a write off. The second fitter managed to remove some of the silicon and make some improvements, also inevitably reached conclusion the original vinyl fit and silicon job was so poor he'd not be able to repair it with the materials in place without a refit. He has also left it in a state with the silicon partly removed around the property, as he knew he could not finish the job and it would need to essentially be refitted. Both of these alternate fitters have left after the attempts with the opinion the original fit/finish was so bad it couldn't be corrected and the original fitter had done a very very bad job overall. (it has seriously been over 2 years and 9 visits, so that should give you some idea...) After over two years of me fighting to get this resolved, my wife is completely fed up with the flooring which was originally selected to be matching and stylistically consistant across both vinyl and carpet, and wants to replace the entire lot. SCS were willing to consider trying to get the vinyl replaced, after the experience we've had, my wife wants to move away to tiles and have a completely fresh start on the property. Unfortunately SCS seems to have a smaller flooring range than they did when we first selected them, and they don't have anything right now she is fond of, or any tiling at all. As this is the situation, SCS have offered £500 as a settlement towards the vinyl only (against a costing on the vinyl of around £750 apparently), or to provide the fitters details so we could essentially take him to small claims court to try and recover the entire figure that has been paid(around £2000), with the understanding this may be a long process and maybe not even successful. They have also offered to give us the £500 (to which they'd treat it as case closed/settlement as far as they are concerned) and still provide the original fitters details so we could chase him for the outstanding figure, with the awareness the £500 may affect the outcome of any case. Where I'm trying to go really is, where do we stand in terms of getting this resolved in the laws eyes? Even the carpet was not to an acceptable standard over a year after fit, and we have gone through a lot of stress, time and effort (and around 10 fitter visits) trying to get the property to the state it should have been after the first visit... SCS are falling back on they have just supplied the materials and the contract after supply of materials is with the fitter, and that the £500 is out of goodwill due to the time this has taken. That said, this seems insulting as the £500 is not even the full vinyl cost, nor does it cover we are going to have to pay someone to finish removing the poor silicon work before even fitting new flooring as the last fitter has left this partially complete. Additionally, SCS are essentially the service provider and have supplied this fitter, he wasn't chosen by us this would seem to place more responsibility on them for the quality of his work (I seem to remember hearing some time ago an unfair contract cannot be enforced?). If John Lewis subcontracted to a 3rd party to do work, and they fluffed up, I'd expect John Lewis to make good, not to have to chase their 3rd party to court... I'm torn on where to go, part of me says just take the £500 and start work elsewhere, but with the state of the silicon and flooring, and also the potential affect on a small claims court against the original fitter of accepting this £500 , I'm not even sure I should; or that I should have to. Anyone experienced similar, or has advice?
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