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  1. My partner's residential permit expired two weeks prior to getting a ticket 19R. They did send a reminder to her previous address-also within the borough. However not only had she already changed her driving licence, registered her new address for Council Tax and applied for and and now possesses a blue Disabled badge. She is obviously at fault at missing the payment date. However they know she has lived at the new address since the last week of August because of Council tax and later her application for a disabled badge. One would have thought that the Council should have wor
  2. My mum has had a mortgage for 45 years. It represents 17% of it's value. They don't want to continue it, once it reached the end of it's term, even after agreeing to continue it in May of this year. We only get to know a repossession court date is due on 30th of this month, 10 days ago. Barclays know she was staying with me over summer and it was only a neighbour checking post, that alerted us. (Barclays has made it very difficult for me to assist my mum on the issue) They wanted a message from the doctor, which they got, now they changed their mind and want a more formal letter via t
  3. THREAD NOTE: the OP talks of a CCJ this is infact a DEFAULT MARKER ignore the reference to it being a CCJ. dx - siteteam ........................................................... Hi All, the is my forst post on CAG. I have a question, which im hoping the community will be able to advice me on if it is legal, and if not the steps to take to resolve this. 7 and a half years ago, i split with my X wife, which was quite a bitter split. In her wisdom, when we split and put the marital home up for sale, a few weeks later my x wife took the house off the market,
  4. Some of my LL's post has always come to the house, passed on to her periodically. My housemate accidentally opened a letter for the LL and it said that the interest only mortgage on the house has expired and there is a large lump sum to pay! I contacted LL, she said this has come out of the blue and that she had not received any of the forwarded letters. Also said she changed to a BTL mortgage 10 years ago. Didn't give a straight answer when I asked if it was BTL why were the letters etc coming to the rented address. She said she would try to extend the term, but I know she has been havin
  5. Hello, I like to get as much help/guidance as I can as to where I stand legally on this issue. My default date on a delinquent account was October 2010. In November 2016 I checked my credit file to confirm it had been removed post 6 year anniversary (It had). However when I checked my credit file again in June 2017, I discovered that the same default had been re-registered. The default date had suspiciously changed to September 2011! I wrote a complaint letter to the creditor, and they basically stated that this was the correct default date, and that they could not find any evi
  6. A friend sold his car in late November for £500 after advertising it on a local for sale site. The friend had explained to the buyer that the MOT had almost run out and that the car needed quite a bit of work. Last week he received a MCOL claim for the full £500 and the buyer stated that my friend sold him a car with a 'false MOT' and that my friend 'withheld the true state of the vehicle's condition'. The MOT was provided by the keeper previous to my friend and after having looked on the Gov website, it appears to be fine. Surely this can not be a 'false MOT'? My personal
  7. Hi All My defaults are dropping off my file . Can a second default be initiated against any of them , either by the original lendor or DCA new or old. ? Or is it one default term per debt ? Thanks Andy
  8. Hi All Summary: - I've had an agreement set up for 12 months with no issues from a debt. - Visited on 3rd August 2016 while on holiday by a HCEO, no 7 day warning in writing. Asked confidential questions to my neighbour - Visited again last Friday 12th at 06:45 am, again no 7 day warning in writing - He showed no ID, I let him in to stop any embarrassment and to genuinely sort out some confusion as a payment plan has been in place for over 12 months with no issues. - Outstanding amount before entry was £358 (oringal writ amount £2305.56), he demanded £14
  9. In October 2015 I entered a contract with TalkTalk which expired in January 2016. As part of this contract I was sent a Freeview Box EVEN if I stated that I did not want it because I had no TV set. When the contract expired I was on a rolling contract until on 11/02/2016, when I decided to join Virgin Media. Before leaving TalkTalk I repeatedly contacted the staff by phone, chat and online to make sure my contract was indeed expired and to be advised on what to do with the Freeview Box. I was always told the contract was expired and I did not need to return the box.
  10. Hi, I'm not sure if I'm in the right place, or if anyone can help, but it never hurts to ask.... please I emailed a company with expired experience vouchers (by 17 days) explaining my situation, which is: My Mum bought me a sky diving experience and zorbing for 2 for my 'special' birthday (end of April 15). She bought them early April 2015, it's all a little vague as a family friend helped her as she isn't very confident with the internet. On April 12th, I fell very, very ill. I missed my birthday, and more things than I can count since. I've been in a
  11. My wife died just over a year ago. The house we live in was bought in her name only, and the mortgage is in her name only. I obtained Probate and I am the beneficiary of all assets and debts. Last week I phoned up the lender - assuming it would simply be a case of switching the deeds and mortgage to my name and continuing payments. I was concerned when the person said that in those situations they usually required the mortgage to be repaid - which i couldn't do without selling the house - and I would have no-where to live. Despite my late wife owning th
  12. Hi I have been trying to fight a PCN i received after parking in Wickes in June this year. I wrote a letter downloaded from another forum, and then appealed directly to Wickes who emailed G24 to say we were in the store and to cancel the fine. I thought that would be the end but received another letter with an increased fine for £100. I wrote again and included a print out of the email have just received another letter stating the appeal was too late. The letter gives me two options, pay the fine or debt recovery (or court proceedings) The
  13. Hi, In October 2012 I purchased an American style double door fridge freezer from John Lewis for £705.00 with a two year warranty. For some time now it has been leaking water and getting so bad that it is leaving a large puddle on my kitchen floor. I read somewhere that it is possible to ask the original supplier for a free of charge repair, despite the fact that the warranty has expired, on the grounds that it is reasonable to have expected it to last longer than it has given the price paid. Today I have telephoned John Lewis to explain my situation, they said
  14. I'm hoping that someone will be able to help me as I'm feeling absolutely desperate. Our interest-only mortgage with GE Money was due to expire in May 2014. However, in September 2013, my husband was involved in a road traffic accident and sustained brain injury. Since then he has been unable to return to full-time employment. I wrote to GE Money before the expiry date, explaining our situation and requesting that they extend the mortgage term for another year until our situation improved and we were able to approach another company to re-mortgage.
  15. Dunno if this is right section , but here goes In May 2013 a charity provided my autistic son with a new boxed HP laptop. Recently the battery is going flat very quickly -about 2hrs.It def needs replacing I was surprised to find my warranty had expired in May .....2010 ! I contacted the charity and they told me they bulk purchase in advance -hence the early expiry my question is do i have any legitimate warranty claim ie when i received the goods ? Thx
  16. I was employed with a 6 month probationary period. 10 days after the expiration of this 6 month period, I was sent a letter to notify me that due to performance issues this period had been extended for a further 3 months. At the time I agreed to the extension and carried on with my job. One month later I was called to a meeting with my line manager and HR Manager and told that y probationary period had been unsuccessful and was asked to leave my position with immediate effect and they would pay me the one week notice period as outlined in my contract. As my probationary period had expi
  17. Can anyone help or advise on the following:- My two boys each received a £10 JD Sport Gift Card for Xmas last year. They recently tried to use them only to be told that they had expired. The Gift Cards are only valid for 12 months so must have been purchased early December 2013. Are they worthless or do I have any rights? Thanks in advance TS
  18. Hi Folks, (Sorry this is a bit long!) I have trawled through several of the Forum posts relating to Possession Orders on here and on other sites but our case seems to be different (The story of my life!) Our INTEREST ONLY Mortgage with GE Money expired in Jan 2012 with a balance outstanding of approx £62k which we were unable to pay. We have since made interest payments of over £15.5k at a rate of 8.44% which hasn't changed since 2009 although we are meant to be on a variable rate. There are no arrears and we have OVERPAID approx. £740-00 to date. We made a written offer to
  19. Hi All Just wanted to see what people think. We tried using a gift yard yesterday but was then told it had Expired. There is no date on the card showing an expiry, there is a date on there but I would believe that to be an issue date. see photo. Anyway I called up Argos who said the same it had expired but surely I'm under the assumption that if something had a date of Expiry then it should be clearly defined and visible like with food or drink. I have emailed them over this and also said should they then go along the lines of right to refuse and withdraw the gift card I
  20. Okay today I brought a return ticket from Feltham to Egham, I used a railcard on the machine, I did not have it with me and neither did I realize that it was out of date now I am home. The ticket man asked for my ticket then asked for my railcard, at the time I thought I had it so I looked for it and apologized and said I do have one but its not with me. He said he would need to take some details so we got of at Egham and he took my details while I tried to find my card, he noticed I had other tickets in my wallet and asked if he could see them, I said yes and past him them there must hav
  21. Hi all, More to discuss ! Another of my colleague/friend in need's issues relate to Marlin, seem a lovely bunch... re an old EGG Account which defaulted in Aug 2005. Not yet Stat barred however as they continued to make payments through the CCCS until early / mid 2009 (awaiting confirmation of exact date but still under six years for definite) Question is as this was defaulted by EGG in 2005 how can Marlin apply another default in Nov 2011? Surely they cannot do this as it just continually resets the 6 year period? It seems that Marlin didn't take the accoun
  22. Hello All, I need some urgent help and advice here please. Let me first describe the sequence of events happened to give the details: On Saturday 9th We (myself, my wife and two kids (less than 5 years)) were travelling from East Croydon to London Bridge. We boarded the 11:50 FCC Brighton to Bedford train. I had my monthly zone 1 to 5 pass. For my wife we purchased the day card (£5.90). In the train we were asked to show the ticket. We showed it. Asked for railcard. I had that and showed it. It was completed faded and date was invisible – so inspector took the lighter and
  23. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows about how CCJ's can be enforced. .. over 7 years ago I had a break up with my partner and it turned out he had incurred a debt of £6000 for a credit card in my name I didn't know about. Back then I chose to bury my head in the sand & ignore it as I had no way of paying this. I didn't acknowledge any debt or make contact with anyone, however was issued a CCJ which has recently dropped off my credit file after 6 years. This remained unsettled as although it was technically in my name, I didn't use this money s
  24. Just a quick question, After a 12-month minimum term gym contract expired last month, I received a letter today from Harlands saying that my November instalment has been returned unpaid 'refer to payer' as there were insufficient funds to pay the amount due. I'm now being charged the month's fee plus a £15 admin fee. I will be in touch with the gym to ensure my contract is terminated (I'm aware it was my fault for forgetting to get in touch and terminate it, as the T&Cs do mention that they will continue taking the direct debit amount every month after until I cancel
  25. Hi, has anyone had any successes in challenging expired vouchers (only by a couple of weeks) using unfair terms legislation. I guess one problem is that the voucher holder is not the purchaser, although I guess it can be assumed that the purchase would not have expected the voucher to become a gift to the company. To what extent does the holder have a contract (if at all) with the company. I guess there afew fairly weak arguments e.g. some companies will replace expired and some won't, this company doesn't state. The print is too small to easily read. Complete forfeit is too drastic a res
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