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  1. Having just spent the best part of an hour on the phone with the complete********** that are GE Money I now feel about ready to explode! Basically they applied for eviction and got their date, 26th of this month, they said if we give them the £6100 in arrears the eviction would be cancelled, we sent them a cheque which cleared last Friday. They also sent us a letter telling us that when we advised them that the funds were cleared they would cancel the order, I've told them the funds are cleared but they won't cancel the order, they also won't check to see if the funds are cleared until Friday. This is getting too close to the eviction date for comfort. Is there anything else I can do? I've kept to my part of the agreement, obviously GE Money don't feel obligated to do like wise. I shouldn't have to lose my home when I've cleared the arrears as asked.
  2. GE were seeking a warrant for eviction, we managed to borrow £6K to pay them the arrears so this should be cancelled. I haven't decided about a claim yet, but I really should get going on it. It's a pity you can't claim for the stress of dealing with these awful people!
  3. I've been reading your thread with much interest, looking forward to reading about your success.
  4. I'd be very interested to hear if anyone has had any success in re claiming unlawful arrears etc charges from GE Money while their mortgage/loan was still current, I'm wondering how difficult GE made the process, and if they tried to make things difficult afterwards (hope I'm making sense here). As you may guess I'm thinking of going down this road, but do worry about how GE will react afterwards if I'm successful, they seem to be a law unto themselves. Look forward to your replies.
  5. Could I argue in court that because I'm claiming back unlawful charges (don't have a final figure yet, but it will be approaching £6000) their (GE) claim of £6000 arrears is not correct and if they hadn't applied these unlawful charges my arrears would have been payed off long ago? Hope that makes sense.
  6. I haven't written to them yet, it's just been phone calls, we do pay a bit extra most months and will be doing this week. We tried to sort out a repayment of arrears but they said it was a £6000 lump sum or nothing. As the arrears are partly made up of unlawful charges I don't know what to do.
  7. I haven't taken steps to make any claims yet, but will do so. The"Modified contract fee" is a monthly charge, the interest on a monthly basis seems very high? Would the extra interest be lawful?
  8. I've already started a thread in the repossessions forum section, but thought this section might be more appropriate for this question. GE are asking for a court date to ask for repossession claiming £6000+ arrears, I have to admit we have missed about 3 payments over the years, but this would add up to £960 (£320 per month). The £6000 "arrears" from what I've gleaned on this website is mostly made up of unlawful charges. looking at our last statement each month looks something like this : Monthly installment £320 which is fine, we owe that. But on top they add: Admin fee £40, Modified contract amount £24.24, Interest £126.83, additional interest £21.28, PPI (miss sold) £24.24. At that rate we'll never pay off the loan. So my question is, how many of those charges are "unlawful" and what do I do about it. Look forward to any help, thanks.
  9. Thank you, I will sort out the SAR tomorrow. There is 16 yrs 7 months left , we can meet the contractual £320 per month plus a little extra for legitimate arrears. However by this time next year I'll be in a position to pay them off in full, but will have to take advice on what to do about all the "extras" GE add on, I don't feel inclined to pay them the £61000 they're asking at the momoent.
  10. Hi, and thanks for the speedy replies so far. Forgive my ignorance but what is the SAR? and how do I go about that. We do have the dreaded PPi and from what I've read here it has been mis-sold so that's some else for us to look at ( £24 ish per month since 2005).
  11. I've been sent a letter by GE telling me they intend to apply for a court date to ask for repossession, this is on the grounds that we're £6000 + in arrears, I've tried phoning them to come to an agreement, and despite having a 1 month old baby in the house they've said that we have to pay a £6000 lump sum or it's court, we don't have £6000 spare or anywhere near that amount. We've had the loan/mortgage since 2005 ( the house was paid for at that point) and it was for 63,000, when I asked how much it would be to repay in full they said £61000 plus an early repayment fee. Since we had the loan we have missed maybe 3 or 4 payments in total, the arrears seem to come from all the fee's, interest etc etc they add on, most months we pay a bit extra, it should be £320 and we pay approx £360 and it still doesn't come down. Any advice or help etc would be great, I really don't know what's next, I get more sense talking to my dog than I do trying to talk to GE. Thanks.
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