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  1. Hi there no ground 8 only discretionary 10 and 11. Plus I don't have around £1500 to clear it?
  2. Hi Thanks everyone I am in London. I have contacted Shelter they will contact me shortly. I am more than 8 weeks in rent arrears. The reason i am not able to use the bedroom is due to a leak and the ceiling falling through which the association was warned and did not do a good repair. so the carpet was soiled and was waiting for repairs to be completed. the same thing happened to the next room my daughter was in again and caused her great distress so not using that room until totally fixed. I was hoping to use counter claims via disrepair. Also i was thinking using Equality
  3. Hi I have also evidence of the pre action protocol meeting with the officer who was discriminative and said I could pay on the 28/03/2015. Therefore they had not even given me time to make a full payment as they have gone to court before this. I made a covert recording of the meeting can i present this in court?
  4. How can I contest the suspended order as I have a disrepair I'm the home as well,as well as I room I could not use since 2013. Please any support.
  5. Hi I am on grounds 10, 11 of my tenancy as i have dyspraxia and dyslexia. At times i have had irregular payments due to temporary jobs. I had a payment plan which is meant to be monthly but due to hardship i payed weekly including the arrears, but i asked if this was acceptable if not i would consider changing. they automatically applied for a suspended possession at court on the 21 April this year , are they in breach or wasting the court time or are they correct. I had told the reason I could not make full payments last month due to
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