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  1. Thanks for the prompt reply ! Im not sure they have actually visited to enforce as yet - though I cannot be sure. In any case I have now paid the outstanding bill directly to the council (as I believe I am perfectly within my rights to do). When confirming with the council I have asked them to confirm I will have no further visits from the baliff. They said I should get in touch with them. As I previously mentioned (both on here and to the local council) having had to deal with this company before its not something I am keen to ever do again. (I would not have let matters get this far down the line - but that was out of my hands.). I suggested to them that as they (the baliffs) are representing the council it should be the council that deals with letting them know the debt as been paid ? I shouldnt have to deal with them right. obviously if I am liable for any other fees then so be it - presumably they (bailiffs) will contact me about it - but they have no further grounds to visit with intent to seize items - since the debt has been cleared ?
  2. just wondering if anyone can tell me what the position is RE liability when there are 2 names on the council tax bill. I only just discovered council tax has been unpaid for the whole year. The bills have been shall we say intercepted before I ever saw them. Likewise any letters from baliffs (the company is one i've had dealings with before - and I don't like them - the seem very underhand.. I digress). So, having finally been made aware of this i'm looking to pay the bill by end of next week. (I contacted the councill last friday about it and got them to send me a bill). However, there have already been visits from the aforementioned baliffs. Just wonder what position is if they come back and try to seize goods and such. And also what the position is regarding fees they might chage for doing so (or any fees they deem to be payable because they have been already). Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hi folks, Just wondering if anyone can tell me where I stand. I bought a projector from Amazon recently. When it arrived it turns out its no use as its ultra short throw. No use to replace the one I had so I returned it as "not useful for intended purpose" Refund process was easy to initiate - ive returned stuff before and had no problem. However in this case they wanted to collect the item using Hermes. Hermes collected the item next day. (Which was Thursday). So far so good. Come the following Tuesday ive heard nothing back to say its been received. I can see from the tracking info that it shows as being collected but that's it. So I went to chat. The long and short was they apologised but said they generally need to have the item back as its a high value item. However, they said they would trigger a refund all the same and it would be processed within 48 hrs. 2 days later still nothing, so back onto chat. Basically they gave me the exact same patter. I pointed out they said the same thing 2 days earlier and promised then it would be resolved. And that I had the chat transcript of the conversation. After over an hour haggling with them I ended up no further forward. We need the item back and thats that. I took the barcode from the return label and checked the Hermes site. They say as of Sunday it was on its way back. But its friday now - and its still not back. I asked how long im meant to wait - and what happens in the event a week from now its still not back - what if the courier loses it for example. Apparently that never happens. (Which I guess explains why theres a "lost parcel" section on the hermes site. Surely I'm not meant to wait indefinitely ? I've used amazon a lot in the last few years, but one thing is certain - im not buying anything expensive on there again after this fiasco. Thanks in advance.
  4. This still hasn't been resolved. Last but one mail from BG told me that my complaints had been resolved. I replied and explained they had not since they still had not acknowledged they have broken the direct debit rules. (IE not given me notice of a change in payment) since the bill amount was different to the amount taken and there were actually 3 payments taken not 1. (As well as the fact that the last mail from them prior to taking these 3 payments was they would contact me with a final bill). I've also asked them to explain why there was such a discrepancy. I provided meter readings when asked so they have have increased the monthly payment amount so there would not be such a deficit. They said this is because they only adjust the figures once per year. I suggested this too was unacceptable. I've never actually disputed the amount - just the way in which it was taken. So I suggested based on the mistakes they have made, and stress and inconvenience they have caused taking such a large payment they should offer some kind of recompense. They have offered me 20% from the outstanding amount. (Which personally I think is a joke considering how long this has all taken).
  5. If you can that would be excellent ! File attached. Thanks letter.pdf
  6. Further to this (a mere 2 months later) BG have finally attempted to explain what happened. Its around 3 pages worth of waffle as far as I can see. What it doesnt do is explain why it was OK to try and take almost £600 over the course of 3 days without proper notice. (Although it does attempt to explain WHY it was 3 separate payments). Neither does it explain why the account could need such a significant final balance (That is to say why given they were getting meter readings they didnt increase the monthly DD amount). At least I dont think it explains this. Its so long winded its untrue. Seems to me that if its taken 2 months for them to figure this all out then I didnt stand a hope of a. being able to figure out what went on myself b. know that 3 payments would be taken from my account over the course of 3 consecutive days. Not really sure exactly how to reply now though - as I mentioned it was such a long and drawn out reply its hard work - more than it should be !
  7. Ill check the local council site. (Im sure I already looked before but it was somewhat vague) Thanks
  8. Thanks for the reply ! i made the complaints via the british gas website. I dont have 2 years worth of blls and I believe its a paperless account. The DD amount was whatever they said it was going to be though. £589 is a significant discrepancy though. But regardless of that not actually telling me they would try and take it couple with the harassment from their debt collection dept are really only compounding my frustration. I dont know why its all been such a mess either - it all seemed quite straightforward to me - but it turns out not to have been !
  9. Im trying to find out who is responsible for maintain speed bumps - and what the position is regarding the maintenance of them. I know there are various rules about size etc - and this has I believe changed a number of times. But there are a number of bumps around where I live that are quite simply a joke. Some are made of block paving and tarmac, others are preformed things sunk into holes in the road and others are essentially formed lumps of tarmac. Many of these in a shocking state of disrepair and my car struggles with them even at like 10-15 MPH. Some have been very badly repaired others are just falling to bits slowly. I cant seem to find any rules and regs regarding the upkeep of them - whether they are mean to conform to current regs when repair and at yearly intervals or whatever. Anyone help ? Thanks !!
  10. Hi folks, looking for any advice/info. Apologies in advance - this is all a bit long winded !! We switched suppliers from BG last year. Supplied meter readings when we did etc. We were paying BG by monthly direct debit. We switched November last year and the supplies were swooped around the 18th and 20 th Dec last year. (we were getting gas and electricity from them). Earlier this year I got a mail from BG saying we owed them £430. Next day another email saying we owe £260. Later that day another saying £589. I contacted them via email/message and asked what was going on and asked if they could explain how we could owe so much when we are paying with a monthly direct debit. When I submitted the query I also supplied more meter readings as the website asked. First reply gave me dates they stopped supplying gas/electricity and asked me to confirm meter readings. Same email said that they would re-issue a final bill. Replied to this and explained I gave readings when I made the enquiry as requested. Next email apologised for the delay, said a final bill had been issued but that the meter readings didn't match up correctly They also said something about sending the readings to the new supplier. To be honest it wasnt clear at all what they were saying. I replied and asked for clarification. (Never got a reply to this) The same day I get a mail from my bank saying I was going to go overdrawn. When I checked it turns out BG were trying to take money using the direct debit setup. They had already taken 2 payments (around £60 and around £150) and now they were trying to take a further £330. These were all taken in separate payments. I contacted the bank and stopped the final £330 one and contacted replied to the BG email again. Couple of days went by and still no replies - so I started another complaint explaining the whole chain of events and suggested they were in breach of the DD guarantee because they had not notified me of the change in payment amount. I further complained that I thought it was out of order for them to let the account get so far out of whack re payments and that they should have advised me sooner and adjusted the monthly payments accordingly. They say they did advise me of the DD amount so because they sent me a bill via email. They also sent me a breakdown of units used and payments made. They also said that this left a further outstanding £36 or so but they would waive this and the account was now at 0.00 This of course didn't take into account the fact that I had stopped the £330 payment. (Which was showing in the payment breakdown) I replied to this and said that their suggestion that I was told about the change in DD amount was not valid since I had no less than 3 bills from them before the monies were taken. I then received another 2 after that. How was I ever going to know which was the "real" bill !? I've now had a couple of mails telling me they are looking into it and some follow ups saying the person dealing with the case is out of office currently and other such wibble. Also they have tried to ring me a couple of times but I really don't want to discuss this over the phone with them. At the same time I also have another dept from BG harassing me (via email AND telephone) because I have cancelled the DD and they say that I owe around £330. Both of these seem to ring when im not in and refuse to speak to my partner ! I'm not trying to get out of paying what I owe but at the same time them taking that cash w/o warning has screwed me up a bit. (Though fortunately the bank didn't charge for this). And i'm less than content with phone calls from 2 different depts. and general poor handling of this whole situation. Anyone offer any advice or anything for all of this ? Thanks in advance
  11. Well I did that. I wrote and said 'this is a 20 year old debt, too old' etc and they appear to have totally ignore the letter. I was going to send another, enclose a copy of the first and send recorded.
  12. I got a letter from the DWP a month or so back asking me for £201 they say I owe them. I replied asking them for what since ive not been unemployed for many years and they say is for some debt from 1995 or something - I might have the exact year wrong here but its from a loooong time ago. I write back and said under the limitation action 1980 Section 5 “an action founded on simple contract shall not be brought after the expiration of six years from the date on which the cause of action accrued.”. They have essentially ignored this and then sent another letter telling me they are writing to my employer and slapping a DEA on me. They cant do that can they ?
  13. Hi all, Ive posted before regarding baliffs and following advice on here managed to send the baliff packing with his insane demands (Yay!) However, im having another problem with council tax. Been paying my council tax, until around 2 months ago, when due to an oversight it was neglected 2 months in a row. First I heard of this was a letter from the council talking about confirmation of an arrangement that has been made. So I rang the council and said 'whats all this about an arrangment - I know nothing of this' I was told on the phone that this as a result of the 2 missed payments that an arrangement had been made to pay at a slightly increased rate to make up the difference. I also asked for an outstanding amount, and was given one. Now ive just had another letter once again confirming the arrangement, and also saying that theres an additional £100 to pay because of court costs. So I rang again. Apparently part of the £100 costs is a £50 charge for sending me a summons. I explained that I had not received said summons and asked how I could have tried to answer to it if I had not gotten it. The guy on the phone suggested I take this up with the Royal Mail. I then went on to ask when this arrangement had been made and by whom. I was told that the first letter was to provoke a response from me, and an arrangement had not in-fact been made at that point. I said this was hardly an arrangement if I had not been part of it. He then said the council made the arrangement . I said surely an arrangement is an agreement between 2 people, not 1 person deciding how its going to be. He then offered to make an arrangement with me then and there. I explained that wasn't the point at all, and I was wanting to know how they can justify making such an arrangement without my consent. The upshot was basically that I should complain to the revenues manager. Now I plan to do this, but im wondering - can they: A. charge me £50 and grant liability for a summons I never received (and £50 court costs for finding me guilty) B. make an arrangement without my involvement Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi foiks, I have a query about the collection of direct debits and wether or not what nat-west have started doing is allowed. It is my intention to write to them about it as I am not happy all, but hopefully someone on here can let me know if what they are doing is common, and allowable. Basically this month, and last, Nat have taken it upon themselves to remove money from my account for forthcoming DD payments. So today for example they have removed around £350 from my account for direct debits that are due to be collected on Monday. They did something similar last month I was going to look into it then but never got around to it. Thing is the leaves the account with almost zero cash, so when I went to try to use the cash I thought was in my account this afternoon it wasnt there. Fortunatley I had some cash on me else I wouldve been really stuffed. Thing is my pay will go into the bank monday - and therefore when it does there will be more than enough to cover these imminent DDs.. So im feeling a little miffed they have decided to remove funds from my account 2 days early. If the day they went out was a Sunday or something then I guess it would make a little sense, but no, they have removed funds on a non-bank-working day that are due on a bank working day. Are they allowed to do this ? Thanks in advance
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