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  1. They only brought the debt at the end of June. I haven’t made any payments to Lowell. This letter i received yesterday from lowell was a ‘ Pre Legal Assessment ‘ stating that they may take legal action to recover the debt if i do not contact them to arrange a repayment plan! and no CCA request yet
  2. i’ve a £4333 debt so i will have to pay it off somehow
  3. what is saying is ...once i set up a payment plan with lowell then AP markers will be recorded whereas if it was defaulted prior by Hitachi then they won’t show when I set up a DMP with Lowell .. are you with me ?
  4. Yes DX, but my whole aim was to get Hitachi to default me , because once i set up payment arrangements after default , AP markers won’t be recorded. They just record the payments on the CRA and reduce the balance each month ( the same that Cabot have done with me for the last two years with another debt )
  5. There’s no AP markers since my last payment back in December 2018.
  6. Car is self help ? what do you mean ? I just am so confused about all of this. I thought that the debt must be in a defaulted status in order for Hitachi to sell it on. The account with Hitachi wasn’t and, with reference to CRA, hasnt been marked it with a default. It’s been 3 months ! Lowell bought it and have made payment requests which I haven’t responded to as no default. I don’t want AP markers stuck there why I was wanting the default. Any ideas what my next step is ? Thanks
  7. Ok so it’s been 3 months since Hitachi sold my debt to Lowell! Still no Default registered against any CRA. Clearscore ( Equifax ) is saying that Hitahchi closed the account with a Zero balance. Received a letter from Lowell now saying they may take legal action and apply for a CCJ . I don’t know what to do now !!
  8. but why? Aqua did so why not Hitachi !
  9. Do the OC not have to default it in order to sell it on DCA then ?
  10. Not yet but that’s not my problem- it’s just that hitachi has sold it on to lowell without defaulting me and no DN or intention to default, and nothing registered on my credit files! I want that default applied.
  11. Ok so I have received another letter from Lowell “ Payment Due “ And all the ways to pay or make a payment plan! Still no default notice from Hitachi .. Where do I go from here ?
  12. But I haven’t received any DN or anything other than they sold the debt to Lowell. How can i receive the letters they have sold it BEFORE receiving a DN ? It is odd ! or is it normal ?
  13. Hello, Just to provide an update on the situation, it as been 7 months since i made my last payment. I received a letter on 17th June from Hitachi telling me the debt had been sold to Lowell Portfolio 1, and also a standard letter from Lowell saying the account was sold to them and i should make payment to them. BOTH letters were in the same envelope. I havent received any more letters or calls since. I have NOT recevied any default notices and no defauts have bene applied to my credit file. IF and WHEN i receive a default from Lowell, will the default apply from the date Lowell register it or will be from before? thanks
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