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  1. today I received the following email from Cabot. YOUR REFERENCE NUMBER Your overdue debt requires urgent action Hi Yesilgozlerim, As you're not making payments to your Aqua Mastercard - Credit Card, your account has been selected for legal action by our solicitors. If you continue to ignore us and do not take action within 26 days, your account will be passed to our solicitors who will then look to obtain a County Court Judgement (CCJ). This can have a negative impact on your credit score so it's important you understand what the consequences of not taking action are. What do I do now ?
  2. But When they send me CCJ threatogram and add all kinds of charges so what I paid already would have been for nothing. For the cheek of their letter, I feel like reducing it to £1 and leaving at that forever.
  3. I pay by Standing Order Aqua closed the account and it opened with Cabot. So how else am I supposed to pay it back? Been on a repayment plan for 3 years and few months and they never reviewed it until now. so what’s your advice from now then dx?
  4. They have frozen all interest and this is why I agreed to make payments. I literally just want it gone and out the way. My account was defaulted in the end. It was Aqua card but I couldn’t find my previous posts ,as they’re quite old, to add this to.
  5. Hello all, I was on a repayment plan with Cabot , initially £30 a month then I raised it to £50. Today I received a letter saying they have reviewed my account would like to increase it to £64. They go on to say they make routine reviews and also when they do this, they make additional checks which includes credit bureau information. I am not happy to increase the payment but there is no option to decline. I am afraid that if I don’t accept, they will stop the current plan and begin to pile interest. Current balance is £3052.52. Anyone know what I can do in this situation? Thanks
  6. Hi, have you got an update about Hitachi, Im in the same posiiton were they wont default my account but they havent sold it on yet. 

  7. i found my old post but it didn't let me comment there for some reason
  8. August not december. Not contact since CCJ threat August 2019.
  9. Hello, I haven't posted for a while and can't find my old posts. I had debt with Hitachi Capital Finance that they never defaulted and never marked my credit files with a default. They sold it to Lowell who threatened me with a CCJ but I haven't heard a single thing from Lowell or Anyone else since December. It's now May! I think that Lowell passed it back to Hitachi as they knew they couldn't get a CCJ from an undefaulted account I'm now at the stage where I want to know what's happening but if i send SAR to both Lowell, and Hitachi, will it wake either of them up ? To clarify, i'm wanting to set up a dmp but i didn't hear from anyone after the CCJ threat . What should I do ?
  10. They only brought the debt at the end of June. I haven’t made any payments to Lowell. This letter i received yesterday from lowell was a ‘ Pre Legal Assessment ‘ stating that they may take legal action to recover the debt if i do not contact them to arrange a repayment plan! and no CCA request yet
  11. i’ve a £4333 debt so i will have to pay it off somehow
  12. what is saying is ...once i set up a payment plan with lowell then AP markers will be recorded whereas if it was defaulted prior by Hitachi then they won’t show when I set up a DMP with Lowell .. are you with me ?
  13. Yes DX, but my whole aim was to get Hitachi to default me , because once i set up payment arrangements after default , AP markers won’t be recorded. They just record the payments on the CRA and reduce the balance each month ( the same that Cabot have done with me for the last two years with another debt )
  14. There’s no AP markers since my last payment back in December 2018. what is a DSAR? Is it worth sending a SAR to Hitachi to find out what they have on me or is it likely that Lowell will have everything now ?
  15. Car is self help ? what do you mean ? I just am so confused about all of this. I thought that the debt must be in a defaulted status in order for Hitachi to sell it on. The account with Hitachi wasn’t and, with reference to CRA, hasnt been marked it with a default. It’s been 3 months ! Lowell bought it and have made payment requests which I haven’t responded to as no default. I don’t want AP markers stuck there why I was wanting the default. Any ideas what my next step is ? Thanks
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