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  1. Hi Everyone Back again as Caboot are back. They appointed Marrlin who wrote to me asking for payment in full on a debt that I believe to be Statute Barred. Last contact from Arrgos Card Svces was in 2006 when they sent a notice of assigment. Payments continued to Moorcroft, unfortunately I cannot find the paperwork regarding this issue, it may be in attic. which I will need to access later today. I received letter from Reestons yesterday, the letter was dated 7 days prior to me recieving it. I have to contact them by next Tuesday, if I do not they submit a claim to the
  2. Weve had a telephone call from Blackhorse today to say we can cancel our PPI but our repayments on the loan wont go down due to a previous claim we made. Is this correct??? Hadituptohere
  3. This is for an old overdraft that may or may not be statute barred but no one will reply to me to tell me! Court papers issued, filed defence asking for all paperwork etc and proof not statute barred, Northampton then asked for some kind of form to be filled out where Restons asked for a three month stay and its now been transferred to local court and I attach what the Judge has asked for. Need some advice on what I do as this arrived yesterday and dated 26th so I guess 5 days service plus 7... .Interesting to see that Judge has a) Referr
  4. Hi, I have been paying off an old debt to original creditor at £10/month for the past 9yrs. I recently got a letter from Nolans Solicitors telling me that Marlin have appointed them to request payment of the full amount which is over £9k, a way load more than original debt. I have noticed the original debt is no longer on my credit file I have still kept paying the £10/month to the original debtor. Can anyone advise what I should do? It was taken out about 12yrs ago. Thanks
  5. Hi, I am looking for some advice please. I checked my credit file today and saw a CCJ has been registered against me in October 2017. My credit file was 100% clean in September 2017, no debt or defaults were showing at all. I am currently living in temporary accommodation due to a fire at my main residence I went to see if there was any mail that I missed. I found a letter from the county court business centre, sent in September saying that as I have not replied to a claim a judgement has been granted. The letter quotes CPR 23.8© and that the court will deal w
  6. I have just received a letter from Mortimer Clarke stating that they act on behalf of their client Marlin Europe II Limited asking for details of my financial circumstances for a debt that they say a county court claim was issued on April 2014. It also has a claim number at the top of the letter and if I don't respond they will lift the stay and request Judgement. I have never had any claim form for this debt and I have logged on to MCOL and there is nothing on there with that claim number. I also went on to my credit file and it says the debt they are talking about is w
  7. Having received funds to pay my charging order, Marlin owe me the outstanding amount but are refusing to pay claiming they do not have enough details about me to do so. I have provided everything I can and feel as though they are trying to get as much info as possible not just what is required. Should I now issue a claim as I have spent weeks sending them more and more info?
  8. I have just got a letter from marston they apparently hand delivered it. So they came to my house . but i have NEVER received any court papers from any court. The debt is from marlin financial and originally from HSBC many years ago. What should I do?
  9. Hi All Its been along time since I have been back and needed help from you wonderful guys but back I am Basically like alot of you guys I had a credit card with egg that over the months and years has been passed for DCA to DCA, having CCA'd them along time ago with no response I have done nothing with it. Which wasnt a problem until now. I have been offered a job, something I have wanted to do all my life, couldnt believe it when I got it was over the moon. But.... they do a full vetting and blindly thinking they would only do the normal employer credit check (which I am fine
  10. hi everyone just trying to sort my debt mess out at the moment to be honest I'm struggling to keep up with things and seem to think of nothing else every day just trying not to let it crush me. Ok hear goes, had a letter from LLoyds saying they passed my debt on to Marlin Financial Services ( Debt is a current account over draft for £5000 this was at the height of my debt problems and the over draft started at £2000 and I applied online for extra overdraft and was granted each time until it reached £5000). Then yesterday had a letter from M
  11. Hello everyone, Credit Card-HSBC Bank, currently with Cabot/ Marlin Account Start Date: 01/2007 Opening balance:£2700 Default balance: £2700 Date of default: 06/2010 I think this probably was an online application.. After defaulted in 2010 Metropolitan Collection Service Limited contacted me and demanded high monthly payments while I was in the hospital- everyday calls etc. .. In the end reduced payments were agreed. I was paying them reduced payments (£10 or £20 I don’t remember exactly) on monthly basis until 2013. They agreed in writing in 2013 a monthly £1
  12. My sister passed away in January and before she died she absolutely assured me she had no debt or credit cards. She said I'd find it easy to deal with her affairs as she owed no money anywhere. There was some money in the estate, but when everything (or so we thought) was paid and settled I wrongly assumed it would be alright to use the money in the estate to pay bills and expenses we'd incurred moving into a flat near her to help care for her. In other words, I was the beneficiary of the estate, being her only relative. She died intestate and there was no need of letters of adminis
  13. Hi, It's been a long time since I needed to come onto this site but it looks like I'm back again. I need help but really don't know if helps going to be possible now. Ok here is what's going on so far. background info For the last five weeks I have been at my mums house, I'm diagnosed with bipolar and things have been pretty bad. I've been back and forwards to the doctor to get help, their mental health clinic and 9 days ago things hit critical mass and the doctor called in the mental health crisis team who have been visiting me daily and will be fo
  14. It has often been said on here that a claimant cannot claim the above interest if the action is brought under the remit of the CCA. Well section 69 certainly does not say that. Now I know people will say yes but look here The County Courts (Interest on Judgment Debts) Order 1991 This appears however to relate to section 74 of the 1984 act not 69 am I missing something here???
  15. Hi Caggers, I hope you can help . . . thought I was over this lot . . . I had an egg card many moons ago along with other CC's sadly when my printing company hit the wall in roughly 2008 things of course took a turn for the worst. I managed to pay off capital, spoke to barclayshark who said, you're not in arrears so we can't do anything . . . yet . . . i also paid off MBNA and pg's with the bank. I spent almost £30k paying off those and of course there was no more cash left and no income for agreements. Clearly BC and Egg don't listen and thanks to hel
  16. My friend had a loan with HFC, Marble loans in 2004. A few years ago she sent a CCA request to them but never heard anymore from them. They have been selling the debt on to various DCA over the years now they have got heavy and Restons are involved. They have said they are going to apply a Charging Order to her property. She does not have the original paperwork of the original cca request. They sent a letter before Christmas saying she had until the 22nd December to reply to their request and then they will take her to court. Not sure if things have cha
  17. M&S debt (preference account) - CCA Feb 2009 which produced an unenforceable application form, no terms et c - M&S were advised with no acknowledgment of debt from last activity in Feb 2009. Defaulted by M&S Oct 2009, which fell off my credit record Oct 2015. Debt was sold on by M&S in 2012 to Marlin, whom via Restons issued a court claim dated 2 December 2015, for the full amount. Sum is a little over £5k and is the same amount that the account was defaulted for back in 2009. I received the papers on 4 December 2015, I immediately acknowledged via MC
  18. Hi caggers, I have received a letter from Mortimer Clarke which I originally thought was to do with an alleged Barclaycard debt but now realise relates to an alleged Egg debt. The letter contains income and expenditure forms and a Direct Debit mandate for me to complete and states that if no reasonable offer if made within 14 days then they will issue a claim in the County Court. I sent a s.77/78 request to Egg in 2010 and received nothing so assumed they had no agreement form to support the demands they were making of me for payment. Should I reply to this Mortimer
  19. After defaulting on an £18,000 unsecured Northern Rock loan they obtained a CCJ in Bradford Crown Court in July 2009. They then registered a charge on my share of our home with the Land Registry. In October 2009 I was declared bankrupt and included this loan in the bankruptcy. I have made no payments or made contact with Northern Rock or Marlin Europe since then. I was advised that the debt had transferred to Marlin Europe and they are now chasing me for payment. I have received a "notice of application for attachment of earnings order" that looks like it has
  20. Hi all, I'm being chased by Cabot / Marlin for an old credit card debt (originally an egg card). The amount is in excess of £3500 however I know for a fact that the debt is statue barred because I fell into arrears with all of my creditors in 2008/2009 after being made redundant and haven't made any payments since then. I had six credit cards back then with total debts of £30k+ and managed to get rid of five of them down the CCA route. One took me to court and eventually conceded on a technical point and two were eventually statute barred due to the time it took the DCAs to get their
  21. Can anyone help me with letter I got today? Last thing I remember about this Egg debt was when I sent Egg the CCA letters for my contract back in 2009, send both letters since they failed to respond and thought that was the end of it.
  22. Damn! Another one has been snapped up. Cabot Have just bought MCS - Mortimer Clarke. They have now bought all of Marlin Group. Worrying! HERE Marlin Group Own Marlin Financial Services Mortimer Clarke Solictors They were subject to the Channel 4 Documentry on Debt Collection Practices through Dispatches.
  23. Hi Guys Im looking for some advice. I received a court claim from Northampton county court from Restons on behalf of Marlin. I completed the acknowledgement of service and request evidence from Restons which never came. I completed a defence based on I cant defend without see any evidence. The case is now stayed as reston's have not contacted the court. Reston's have now sent me a statement of account and it would seem the original lender has transferred the debt from a credit card, loan and current account into a seperate account and sold the debt. Restons have
  24. Hi. I have a debt with Cabot that I have been paying since November last yr. I got a letter from Cabot and Marlin in the same envelope last year saying my debt has been handed to Marlin to administer on BEHALF of Cabot. Needless to say I just continued to pay Cabot direct not Marlin. Now Marlin have got Weightmans LLP involved also who are working on BEHALF of their client which is Marlin who in turn are working on BEHALF of Cabot. Weightmans are accepting my pay terms, however I have been paying Cabot. Sooooo my question is who the hell
  25. Hi Guys Over the weekend I received a letter from Marlin which I have attached to this post, as Cabot are the current Creditor will I send the SB letter to Cabot or Marlin? I have made absolutely no contact with Vanquis, Cabot or Marlin in the 5 years, the account went SB on the 31.07.2009 Marlin are very intimidating by their wording!
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