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  1. Thx dx, not able to talk about with this with anyone so having your help from here is great:-)
  2. I havent got account number or anything should I put on CCA the reference number used by Nolans and refer to them in my CCA?
  3. Hi. so I should send CCA request to nolans even though they are saying they may take me to court and Marlin are their clients, also do I stop the £10 I have been paying?
  4. Just trying to check if morgage was with NR, ex dealt with all that. No house was sold so thats why I beginning to think I may be wrong Sorry my morgage was with Yorkshire
  5. Yes was resident in Scotland when it taken out, I dont remember if it was secured as it was in my name only not a joint loan. They saying it just over £9k.
  6. Sorry been having probs logging in - old age does not come alone! Original debt was loan from Northern Rock and yes I have moved twice since I took it out.
  7. Thank you for quick response, No have not requested CCA as I was able to pay the £10/month and have been doing so even when the debt was removed from my credit report. I dont have an address for Marlin only the solicitors acting on their request. In fact next standing order due off on 28th Dec.
  8. Hi, I have been paying off an old debt to original creditor at £10/month for the past 9yrs. I recently got a letter from Nolans Solicitors telling me that Marlin have appointed them to request payment of the full amount which is over £9k, a way load more than original debt. I have noticed the original debt is no longer on my credit file I have still kept paying the £10/month to the original debtor. Can anyone advise what I should do? It was taken out about 12yrs ago. Thanks
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