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  1. Just called them to discuss. They conceded that there had been a mistake and that the debt was statue barred and they would be closing their account. Result
  2. Thanks folks. I contacted StepChange today and confirmed what I already knew - they have no record of any dealings with me or anybody at my address. Unfortunately this debt is still showing on my CRF which is why I'm keen to get this dealt with. I'll let you know how I get on...
  3. Hi all, I'm being chased by Cabot / Marlin for an old credit card debt (originally an egg card). The amount is in excess of £3500 however I know for a fact that the debt is statue barred because I fell into arrears with all of my creditors in 2008/2009 after being made redundant and haven't made any payments since then. I had six credit cards back then with total debts of £30k+ and managed to get rid of five of them down the CCA route. One took me to court and eventually conceded on a technical point and two were eventually statute barred due to the time it took the DCAs to get their
  4. Are there any active moderators on this site? I've tried emailing the webmaster through the contact page and sending PM's to a couple of mods to no avail.
  5. If that's all they have, then they don't stand a chance IMO - but you need to defend it properly.
  6. Further update - I have received consultancy from a commercial solicitor in Edinburgh to help me tighten up some of the technical points of my defence, though I still ultimately wrote the defence adjustments and Rule 22 Note myself and will maintain my status as party litigant when dealing with the court. Continued Options Hearing was today, case was simply scheduled for a diet of debate given that both sides have Rule 22 Notes to be dealt with. This will happen mid-December. Back to my solicitor now for further advice on attacking the Pursuer's Rule 22 Note - which IMO looks rather
  7. Hi Andy, I'm pretty sure that it will be 3 "working" days, I just don't know whether I need to post it today to arrive Thursday 20th therefore allowing 3 COMPLETE working days i.e. 21st, 24th & 25th prior to the hearing on the 26th, or if I can post it tomorrow to arrive on the 21st, and still count the 21st as one of the 3 days. Cheers, David
  8. Hi all, Hopefully there will be some night owls still logged on who could answer this for me... I have a continued Options Hearing next Wednesday (26/10/11) in an Ordinary Cause action. The exact wording of Rule 22 of the Ordinary Cause Rules is as follows: I'm confused as to when is the latest that I can provide the other side with a copy of my rule 22 note. To my way of thinking, 3 (working) days before Wednesday 26th would be Friday 21st. Therefore as long as I lodge the rule 22 at the court on Thursday 20th and post a copy by Special Delivery to arrive at the other s
  9. Quick update - I was a day late with my defence adjustments because I thought they had to be lodged with the court rather than the other side. At my Options hearing I was successful in getting my adjustments included in the record (seems quite commonplace for documents to be submitted late having listened to some of the other cases) and the hearing has been continued for four weeks to allow the other side a proper chance to respond. I also have two more weeks to make further adjustments. I have decided to seek proper legal advice now having consulted with a friend off the record and also
  10. Apologies again for the lack of links to my pictures on photobucket in my first post, I did have them all in but had to take them out due to my post count. If an admin could help me sort them I would be much obliged. OK so I submitted my defence on time, and today received a copy First Inventory of Productions and and a First Note of Adjustments for Pursuers. I have about a month to respond and I assume I also need to lodge my own Inventory of Productions with the court prior to the deadline for submitting adjustments. I have a further week for lodging preliminary pleas and the Optio
  11. Bumping in the hope of some advice, I've submitted notice of my intention to defend and have until Thursday to submit my defence. Options hearing is at the end of September.
  12. Not sure why the formatting is so messed up! It looked ok before I submitted the post.
  13. Hi all, I've been a long time follower of this forum and dipped in previously in 2009 when I started actively dealing with the DCAs that I had chasing me. I'm now a bit further down the road and would like to start a new thread to discuss my options and get some input from others who have been in my position before. Background In late 2008 I started having financial difficulties. I had unwisely tried to juggle my credit card debt by repeatedly transferring the balances to new deals from competing providers to take advantage of 0% interest periods and low introductory monthly rep
  14. Update... Received a standard threat letter on 1st June which must have crossed in the post with my above letter, informing me that the account has now been passed to the Halifax Collections and Recoveries Legal section to commence a court action for payment. I responded on 4th June with a fob off letter and copies of the CCA requests and told them I had no wish to enter into further discussion until the dispute was resolved. I then received this letter on 8th July 2009: Seems to me they are contradicting themselves there; they don't need a copy of the true signed a
  15. I went with this hybrid letter, combining what I thought were the best points from the ones I had looked at above:
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