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  1. Thank you Bazooka Boo. Credit Card-HSBC Bank, currently with Cabot/ Marlin Account Start Date: 01/2007 Opening balance:£2700 Default balance: £2700 Date of default: 06/2010 I think this probably was an online application... I will ignore them. Do you suggest to again request CCA or best keep quite and see if they will contact me ever again.
  2. Thank you brassnecked, I never stopped paying them but I have been paying only £1 every month (to Marlin via their website) for the last 3-4 years. In the last 3-4 years I only have received one phone call more than a year ago and they were checking if I can pay more I said NO and they were fine.
  3. Hi, I have been paying Marlin Financial Services £1 every month for years... I know they are under Cabot but I still was opening the Marlin website and paying through the Marlin website page every month by stating my ref number. Today when I tried to open the Marlin page it does not exist - it sends me straight to the Cabot page and nowhere Marlin has been mentioned and when trying to pay the £1 it does not want to accept it as they can't recognise my ref number.. .it does say: the details provided do not match an account. They have my address and mobile phone number but they have never called me or sent me any letters to tell me to pay to Cabot ...I have not been provided with a new ref number. Should I stop payments and wait for a letter eventually? Maybe they sold the debt to another company? The debt is for around £2500... A while ago I requested CCA but they refused to provide me with one saying my postal order was not named to them asking me for a new postal order named to Cabot and I never responded to this. They never sent me any further correspondence. I tried to see what company shows on the debt on Noddle but this debt is more than 6 years old now and has been deleted from Noddle... Any advice please? Am I right to ignore and not make any efforts to pay?
  4. Thanks DX, I will upload the whole info into one pdf document - will try to do that asap (by the end of the week). Ex boyfriend name mentioned at least couple of times on their comments sheet including his e-mail address but I guess he had another card number and the CCA is all about my card. .. all look very confusing. I will ignore the 'litigation' letter for now...
  5. hello again, Advice will be highly appreciated about the following. As suggested I sent SAR to MBNA- I received the SAR back. The bank transactions match what PRA sent me in their CCA. Please see #30. I have also received the card agreement no signature (2006). Including in the SAR about 20-30 pages of communication between the bank and myself and effort on their side to FIND me by talking to my former employer (where I was a nanny before getting ill and going to hospital with cancer diagnose): most of the notes are some sort of codes which I don't understand at all, some of the notes are mentioning dates when they have called me and I have explained that I am very ill in hospital etc...(which was true) and they asked me to sell something to pay my debts!!! It states that I am a primary card holder but it seems that my ex partner was also a card holder?! which I have forgotten. He also has done all the online application for most of my cards. In the Operator/communication log sheets they have changed my e-mail address to my ex boyfriend e-mail address for some reason!, I think it is quite clear I was not the only card holder on this account. I have been reading the documents they sent me and still can't understand 99% of it. I don't believe that I can upload all this information here? 20-30 pages? Is there anyone who has the time to look in detail and advise please if possible to upload the documentation here? I received the SAR in the end of April. PRA has been ringing once a day (automated service) asking to call back- I never responded. No letters in the post from PRA except the one I received couple of days ago. Please see the letter attached: They are telling me that my account has been transferred to the Litigation Department and to contact them in 14 days. I have not been paying them anything since January when I sent the CCA request. Ignore the letter? Thanks in advance. litigation-department-lettter-pra-13-06-2016.pdf
  6. laidy_ma

    MBNA SAR Address?

    Thank you angry cat. I called 'idiots' the MBNA people I spoke to. I called them twice and twice asked them for the address and explained to them why I need it and they kept me on hold and asked supervisors etc... I even mentioned the address with 9QQ post code and they still gave me the address with the PO Box. I even asked them 'Are you sure?'...and they said 'yes' lol Once I receive any response I will update you.
  7. laidy_ma

    MBNA SAR Address?

    I did already and I used CH4 9WW. I sent it recorded...The idiots from MBNA over the phone told me to use the address with the PO Box. It has been received and signed by them already so hopefully it will get to the correct department. it seems all departments are situated in the same building anyway. I gave them 10 days to write to me if there is a problem...I will let you know from what address/post code they have responded to me.
  8. I received it today- will need sometime to read the documents. They have put Mr instead of Miss in the letter and on the envelope for some reason. I am a female and my name can only be female name- anywhere else in the docs I am Miss but the idiot who wrote the letter and on the envelope have put Mr.
  9. Perfect, thanks I have it already on my desktop - I sent one to Barclays in January. I will double check though just to make sure there are not any changes from January. I am still not paying anything to Pra... I will keep you updated. Thank you again.
  10. Hi, I sent SAR on 07/01/16 to Baclays. On the 05/02/16 I received a reply from them returning my orginal letter and postal order telling me that they require a cheque or postal order Named to Barclays Plc. I sent what they requested and I have a proof of delivery that they have received it on 09/02/16. I also followed the suggestion be slick132 and told them that it was not really necessary for them to return the postal order in first place so the time counts from the time they received my original letter in January. I have not got any news from them and it has been now 40+ days after I have sent the second postal order and 70+ days since I requested the SAR in January. Can you advise what to do please? Call them with the reference number and ask them? Write to them and ask them where is my SAR? Or wait a few more days and complain but to whom?
  11. I called MBNA to confirm card numbers and it seems that in this balance sheet attached in #30 they have mentioned two completely different credit cards- no idea how this has happened but there is something wrong... the first two card numbers mentioned in the balance sheet belong to MBNA Platinum Plus Master Card and the last 4-5 lines of the balance sheet shows a third card number finishing on 39. This is MBNA Europe Master Card...Are not these completely different? First I spoke to a woman and she was telling me that I use to have 2 different credit cards with them , second I spoke with a man who told me that both accounts have been passed to a collection agency expert credite but then he said o ye this is the same account. .. so not clear at all ...so I am sending the SAR tomorrow.
  12. laidy_ma

    MBNA SAR Address?

    I contacted MBNA to ask them for the SAR address and they provided me with this one: MBNA Limited P.O. Box 1004 Chester Business Park Wrexham Road Chester CH4 9WW So not quite sure which is the perfect address to SAR them...
  13. laidy_ma

    MBNA SAR Address?

    Thank you both. I wonder which post code is the correct one CH4 9QQ or CH4 9WW... Any thoughts anyone about this: Also another question regarding MBNA SAR, Can I sign the SAR with a 'new' signature (different than my usual one) so I protect myself regarding them using my signature to insert the signature to my original credit card agreement (2006) as currently when I requested CCA regarding this card they (collection agency) did not provide me with a signed copy of a card agreement. I don't think I have ever signed anything with them so I guess this will not make any difference only a chance for them to make the mistake to use my 'new' signature to insert to the agreement and this way they will be in trouble. Skanker, I sent SAR to another bank (Barclays) on 7th of January- and I have not received SAR yet...I will need to post about this first chance...as I will need to write a complaint I guess...All banks seem to be short in staff - many people have been made redundant in the Bank Sector?
  14. laidy_ma

    MBNA SAR Address?

    Skanker, I am also going to send SAR to MBNA. Did you find out which address is the correct one please? Also another question regarding MBNA SAR, Can I sign the SAR with a 'new' signature (different than my usual one) so I protect myself regarding them using my signature to insert the signature to my original credit card agreement as currently when I requested CCA regarding this card they did not provide me with a signed copy of the card agreement.
  15. Thank you DX . I will definitely be sending SAR to MBNA next week. I will come back soon. No need to start paying PRA right? Thank you again.
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