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  1. Thanks dx100uk, so just send it to Together as that's who administers my account and are actually still Blemain?
  2. is it SAR to Together or Blemain, I believe Blemain are Together now are they not?
  3. Its utterly terrifying, I have paid already over £28.5K for a £15k loan but my statement only shows about £6k paid off over 11 years!!. What are they doing to my account. The statement just shows contractual payment due 25 Jan 18 £219.35, on next line it says Interest charge (14.4%) 110.60, then next line direct debit payment 2nd Feb £221.98 etc etc for the whole statement with a running total going up and down in far right column which shows a reduction each month of £100-115 off the capital
  4. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum . Admin please move if it is?
  5. Hi, I have a secured loan that I got via Ocean Finance which turned out to be Blemain (now Together). Amount £15k Term 180 Months Taken out Jan 2007 End of term Feb 2022 I have always paid , no issues or missed. Only change by me was a monthly payment date due to change of employer and salary into account. I phoned the other month to change this again to a suitable date and was told I had to pay off arrears from previous change of date years ago??!! They adjusted my monthly payment to cover the shortfall about £2.53 per month difference? I didn't change the d
  6. UPDATE.... Received a letter from solicitors, after contacting their client the account figure has been adjusted to what it should be with my payments showing. Also a Tomlin Order accepting my payment proposal I have been paying for last 8 months to settle the figure. No court fees added. Is this a usual reaction?. Had no replies to my cca or say cpr etc. I want an end to this obviously as I was paying anyway. Opinions please, sensible only. Thanks people.
  7. UPDATE had no replies from creditor or solicitors until today, I have had a letter from the solicitors spouting legalities (could someone please advise on this). They still haven't adjusted the account to the correct balance, I am still paying Carboot directly. Also the solicitors seemed to have already added the court costs to my outstanding balance. I really am stuck as to how to proceed now. Here you go I think
  8. Thanks DX. Ok sent the CPR to solicitors. The CCA letter to Carboot. Letter to solicitors regarding wrong account total and missing payments off the total incl intent to fully defend against this. Hopefully will hear back soon.
  9. HI, I have written the CCA to creditor letter. I am however struggling to find the CPR letter template anywhere??? Also, I have been paying this debt regularly but the solicitors have not been adjusting the balance accordingly and are claiming more than I owe. How do I get that changed or access to proof other than bank info. Do I write a letter to Carboot requesting statement of account? Thanks for the help so far people.
  10. Thanks Andy. Can I ask again, should I continue my voluntary payments to the claimant that I have made for last 6 months. The solicitor weightman has been pestering me to pay them, to which I refused and continued to pay Cabot. They also claim they have no records of some of my payments to Cabot, this is why I suspect they have started a claim against me. I guess they have not been communicating with their client. Will the fact I have been paying a reasonable amount stand me in good stead on court day if it gets there?
  11. Thanks very much for guidance. I have completed it online. AOS on 23/04/15 at 1730hrs. So how long do I get to defend is it 28 days from now or claim?
  12. Ah thanks I googled it. what does challenge court jurisdiction mean and should I tick it??
  13. Mcol ???? Should I also cease my voluntary monthly payment to the claimant I have paid for last 6 months. Also how do I get the amount changed to reflect the payments I have made already as the claim is for £90 more than owed.
  14. Claimant....Cabot Financial Uk Date of issue.....21-04-2015 Claim for......Credit card debt Amount.....£3570.00 Particulars..... 1.the defendant entered into a credit agreement described by the original creditor as XXXXX credit card and having account number xxxxxxxxxxx (the account) 2.the claimant, a uk limited company with company number xxxxxx, is the assignee and legal owner of all rights previously enjoyed by the original creditor in respect of the account. 3.the defendant is indebted to the claimant in respect of the account in the sum of 3570.00
  15. UPDATE....... Challenged Weightmans (acting legal team) over missing payments I have paid against the sum owed. Got a letter saying they accept my proposed repayment plan, to which I replied I would pay claimant (Cabot) directly still, which I did. I had a letter from weightmans claiming I haven't paid anything this month as per my agreement with them (never had one), heard nothing , continued to pay Cabot now I have received a claimform form from County Court Bulk Centre , claimant Cabot all docs etc to Weightmans. Really rather cheesed o
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