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  1. I'm with Scottish Power pre-payment meter with key. Put £15 on card as usual. The gas meter read "error call help". So rang up and had the gas machine replaced with a new one. The person on the phone said they'll give me +£10 credit. Got new card in the mail later. Placed £5 to test. No extra +£10 credit, just the £5 I put on, and I still have the receipt of the original £15 and the old card. What are my options if they say they can't do anything about the £15? Not too bothered about the promised credit.
  2. Hi, I work in sales and my contract was amended some months ago to give me 1% commission on all combined sales above a target figure. The target was designed to be easily achievable as my base salary was lower than I'd liked and I was effectively doing two jobs - both sales and IT. The commission became due so I requested it twice via email (no response) I then raised it again via telephone. I got sat down in a meeting with my manager and the finance guy, they tried to tell me it was not payable for several months longer and also that the company didn't have the money.. Aft
  3. Hi all, Santander have made an offer based only on the PPI amount and associated interest and no interest because... 'On a rolling line of credit account 8% out of pocket interest is only applied if the loan would have had a credit balance had the PPI not been included. ... This is in line with the requirements of the FOS and FCA' I believe this to be complete nonsense: I take a restitution approach with unjust enrichment. Had I had the PPI amount then I could have invested it and gained at least 8% interest. Has anyone challenged this and been succesful? Do you agree wit
  4. Hello everyone, My father is paying a very large amount of CSA debt, payments which cover my brother and I up until the age of 18. However, I know that for me - this is incorrect. My mother was neglectful/ treated me very badly in my childhood, which resulted in me leaving home to live in a hostel before my 17th birthday. After I left home, she refused to declare details of her income so that I could claim EMA (education maintenance allowance) whilst I was at college- whilst continuing to claim family allowance for me as if I was still at home, resulting in me having no income whats
  5. Hello, I owe service charge backpayment to my management agent for my leasehold property. They took it to county court, then fast tracked to high court without informing me. I only knew when I received a demand for £2100 from the Sheriff's office. I offered to pay in instalments but they said their client wanted full payment, which I could not do. I sent them a copy of my Debt and Mental Health Evidence Form, they said their client rejected it. A Baliff visited my property when I was not in. I submitted an income and expenditure form (both mine and my wife's)
  6. Hi all, I have a long winded situation. I have council tax debt that has gone up to £5,000. This has been going on from more than 8 years from a different house I lived at before moving in to my own house. The council has passed all dealing and account to solicitors who I have had a few email communication with confirming I will be making a £100 monthly payment towards the debt as well as paying £1200 of council tax on my current property yearly. The house is worth £285k today. Three different Charging Orders have been applied to the house for council tax debt as I hav
  7. Hello, Back in January 2015 i started a new job and with it came a company car, i got all the details and immediately called HMRC to inform them of this. Fast forward a few months and in August 2015 i left the company,returned the company car and again immediately called HMRC to inform them of this. Started a new job with a new company in September 2015 which didn't come with a company car. I get a letter from HMRC in September 2015 to say that i have underpaid tax so i call them up and they say its to do with the company car i used to have in the old job, they said they will adjust my ta
  8. Hi there. I want some advice on what to do next and will start from the very beginning so that I have all the details in the right order. Over a month ago my Dad and myself worked with companies that can help you claim back PPI, we went with different companies and never heard anything back. I only have a credit card but my Dad and my Mum (who has passsed on) had a lot of loans and a mortgage about 17 years ago. This was cleared off in 2009 and the loan was with Blemain Finance. my Dad had a lot more than me. Unfortunately about 3 weeks ago my Dad had an accid
  9. I was gong through bad time financially few years ago and I built up some debts using payday loans such as Cash Genie. Or Motormile finance. I received a letter from Moriarty Law saying they're sending me county court papers for £105 I still owe Cash Genie from 2011. I also received county court claim form and I attached a copy. My main problem that I work for financial institution so if I get CCJ I'll be forced to quit my job. Can they really take you to county for only £105??? Now they increased it to £188 with court fees and theirs. This is looks serious a
  10. My contract with Virgin Media was terminated on the 4th May due to the fact that they broke contract by way of serious issues with my broadband which they admitted they had trouble fixing and gave me permission to leave without charge or penalty. I've received my final bill to say I am owed a refund of around £15. I was told initially it was to be refunded within 14 days of cancelled contract. Its now over 14 days and I've not receive the monies due. Any advice please.
  11. Hello all. A while back I defaulted on a Vodafone account, and now owe them a four figure sum. I haven't been able to clear the debt due to low income and focusing on priority debts. I can't remember if I received a default notice or not (the default is on my credit reports) but the amount that is in the letter of assignment is double than what is owed. The amount owed is on the default on the credit reports and the previous letters received from Vodafone, I'm 100% sure that the amount I was originally told I owed is correct. What I don't understand is that amount on the le
  12. Having received funds to pay my charging order, Marlin owe me the outstanding amount but are refusing to pay claiming they do not have enough details about me to do so. I have provided everything I can and feel as though they are trying to get as much info as possible not just what is required. Should I now issue a claim as I have spent weeks sending them more and more info?
  13. Hi Looking for some advice please. I was a customer of First Utility they stopped being able to issue me with a bill after almost a year I referred the case to the Energy Ombudsman and the complaint was resolved to my satisfaction. During this time I switched my supply (October 2015), I agreed a final amount with F/Utility of £111.52 & this was paid. Today I received a letter from their credit management company stating that I owe them £112.50. I'm reluctant to respond to the letter to be honest but I don't want the situation to blow up. Surel
  14. I took out a payday loan with quickquid for around £200, couldn't pay back as I lost my job and fast forward to now, I owe ARC Europe £333.80, what is the best way to deal with this? Thanks.
  15. My first contribution to this site. I owe the Co-operative Bank money on a credit card and had problems with repayments. They were being quite unpleasant about it (I had asked for a 'breathing space') in one week claimed to have passed my debt onto a collection agency and then said they were taking me to court. I wrote to the CEO Niall Booker and he sorted things out and I received an apology and a cheque for £75. its worth going straight to the top. I also discovered that Phil Burrows who I received a lot of post from doesn't actually work there anym
  16. Hi Everyone Im hoping for some help on this please. I took out finance december 2015 on a vehicle, immediately fell into difficulties in January and had the car repossessed. I was in complete communication with the finance company, met the transporter to recover the car and kept talking with them throughout. They explained that there may be a shortfall from the resale of the vehicle which i appreciated I heard nothing for a month or so, but expecting there to be some shortfall emailed the company to find out what happened next . I then had a letter sent to
  17. Hi, I am after some help please. I had a debt that I have been paying off to `Newman Debt recovery` from back in 2007. I have been paying off £10 a month as agreed with them. Well the payment I paid in Dec 2016 was paid, but then paid back into my account, and the same happened to my Jan 2017 payment. I dug out the paperwork, and according to the last letter I have back from 12th Sept 2007, the remaining balance was £882.18. So by my calculations, the last accepted payment that was not returned I have paid till Nov 2016 makes the total paid of £1100 ( £
  18. Hi all, I reclaimed my PPI from a number of lenders a few years ago using the great advice and letters etc on here, eternally grateful for that! But.... I've had a few calls from claim companies over the last few months and they claim that a lot of lenders knowingly underpaid on PPI claims and that more is owed. I was wondering if there's any truth to that and, if so, would it be a case of following the same process as previously to claim the extra owed? Thanks, Nick
  19. Hi all. Very briefly, my friend worked for an employer last year who paid him by bank transfer and never gave him a pay slip. My friend resigned at Christmas and since then has sent letters to the employer asking for payment for 2 days worked, 2 days bank holiday pay and 2 days holiday pay. He has since asked me to help him make a claim against his ex-employer. Evidence-wise, we have this: Original advert in local paper Bank Statements showing 7 bank transfers made to my friend's bank account starting on 11.9.2015 and ending 18.12.2015 totalling £4718 Copies of letter and em
  20. Hi, My ex (the mother to my son) has run away to Scotland (about 4 months ago) and left him behind with me and my girlfriend. We had a signed agreement (witnessed by a solicitor) that after a couple of months of moving up there she would pay £100 a month towards feeding/clothing/school etc, she paid twice then went silent, completely silent, doesn't even ring to speak to him anymore. So i got the CMS involved, I paid the extra to have it done as a collect and pay, as historically she has been bad with money. I know she was working as of two weeks ago, and had been up to tha
  21. nb. subject should be freeholder not leaseholder Hi, in a nutshell we are trying to get information on ground rent owed to freeholder and monies we believe owed to my partner (leaseholder) from the freeholder and not sure what action to take next. Here's the timeline and more information: Dec 2013 Roof of my partner and her then husband (we'll call him Gru) leaks resulting in exterior and interior damage to property Freeholder refuses to make insurance claim as behind on ground rent despite not providing my partner and Gru with required invoices for ground rent Decision made to
  22. I definitely will. Thank you, I just wanted to know if there was anything that I'm missing or not doing correctly. For example, what would happen if the court finds that my friend has totalled up the total owed slightly incorrectly, maybe out by £50 or so? Do they then act upon this, etc?
  23. Hi I was wondering whether anyone would be able to give me some advice. A couple of years ago I allowed a friend to order a PS3 from my catalogue and they received this without any problems. However she then started struggling to pay and I gave her leeway. A few occasions since I tried to get the money owed but it was one excuse after another and me being quite soft I let her off and tried to give her time. Once she asked if I could pass her onto my catalogue and she could sort a payment plan out with them. However after speaking to my catalogue they said the account
  24. Hi, my balance was £6,700 on my MBNA credit card and paid £4,409 which made my new balance £2,224 owed. My direct debit then paid the minimum of £67 which should of then made my newer balance £2,157 but this did not happen, instead, my balance owed went from £2,224 to £2,291, adding £67 to the debt rather than deducting it. I'm currently in a interest free offer and I have not used my card. This has never happened before, it's strange.
  25. A while back we decided to pay a direct debit of 200£ to Spark energy our supplier. Since then we have regularly checked the meter and added the numbers into our account. We also had someone come around a couple of times to take the reading. Recently My boyfriend discovered that we had 800£ in our spark energy account. He contacted Spark energy to get a refund. they wanted another meter reading, which we gave them last night. Their reply was: "Thanks for that. The bill at the end of March wasn't charging for your gas so I corrected everything on your account so that it
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