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Found 23 results

  1. I have today received a claim from Northampton issued by Cabot in respect of a Marbles credit card which fell into arrears some months ago. Without boring everyone with my life story and the reason I am in financial turmoil but I got into the payday lending trap last year, struggling to find work and wasnt able to pay my credit cards and so earlier this year stopped paying. I did write a letter but never had a reply just started getting DC letters which I ignored and now they have issued a claim. I am shocked to be honest at how quick Marbles assigned the debt to Cabot. Advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I asked Marbles to close my account, because the interest rate was going to be increased. They agreed to "close" which means let me repay at the old APR rate, not allow new transactions. The rules say I'm allowed to do this, and I can repay, at the old rate within a "reasonable time" Then I called up, few months later, saying lost employment, need to freeze interest completely, went thru income/expenditure and had it frozen. They agreed to reduce the monthly payments for 6 to 12 months. I kept up with the reduced payments, as agreed, and now they've sent a default notice. It's not even been 3 months yet. I think this default notice, is a system generated one. They've done this before. They issued a £12 penalty fine, even though I paid the correct amount, due for that month, and I then cancelled direct debit. They cancelled the £12 fine previously, and apologised as it was wrongly issued on their end. Was planning on calling on Monday, saying I had an agreement to pay reduced payments, put in place only a couple of months ago etc, why you defaulting me. Just curious to know, what I should do. We had an agreement, they agreed to, very recently, and I stuck to it. Pretty sure it's the automated system taking over. If I complain, could rock the boat, and Not sure if them issuing a default, whilst I'm in a payment plan, counts as treating customers fairly? I can't afford to pay the amount in the default notice. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi there I have an account with Marbles / Newday. the credit limit is £600. I'm self employed and had a period of ill health, in hospital over that time things ran away from me a bit. I got out last week and started to tackle the huge pile of letters, charges etc. over the period Oct to January I missed on average 3 payments with several providers. Over the last week I have made payments to all of them to cover all charges and get me a good chunk under the credit limit on those that it had pushed me over. With marbles the latest statement 14th Feb showed: Credit Limit £600 Overlimit due immediately: £141 Last statement balance: £729 Default Charges: £12 A notice of Sums in arrears, Missed payments jan and feb & a notice of default sums for feb £12 and a FCA debt advise letter. I logged into my account to make a payment where it showed the same information, as my account was still live, I paid £450 via bank transfer on the 20th of Feb which cleared the same day. Carefully budgeted as I had a lot of charges / debt that has built up over the last 3 months and emptied my bank paying those. That £150 would be lost to those charges, £100 I would leave on the card towards paying it off and that would leave me £200 to spend on this months bills. Account said £300 odd available to spend online. I tried to pay a bill the next day and my card was refused. I rang them up they transferred me to collections who said they could see i was in credit and they'd lift the bar, card could be used next day (today) Tried to pay the same bill again, card refused. Called them and they said they had defaulted my account on the 1st of this month. I asked why I had received no default notice (of account closure) and my account seemed to still be live and that I'd had a statement just a few days before (with default charges). They said notice of account going into default was in with my statements. Stupidly I binned all previous statements after reading them as I have such a huge pile of mail from last 3 months, felt it would be ok to work from latest statement. But there was absolutely no default notice in them. From the conversation on the phone I gather that some kind of mistake was made and that I shouldn't have been receiving statements with new default sums in and they would knock that charge off, but that as far as they were concerned my account was closed and had been passed to Fredrickson international and was nothing to do with them anymore. Despite that I can still log in, see an available to spend amount - get statements etc. I'm not very hopeful of positive outcome, I'm not that upset at losing the card. but do I have a leg to stand on in having the default removed? Also where I've had no income for 3 months being self employed, what I paid them was very carefully budgeted and not having access to the extra amount I was expecting leaves me the creek this month. I've already done enough work that I will be able to pay off the debt and forget about marbles / newday next month, but I don't receive payment for that in the interim and I paid that amount to marbles in the good faith that my credit limit was the same and my account still active as per the statement they sent me on the 14th of this month. Is there any legal basis for access to those funds? I'm assuming not on both, I'm guessing the fact i owe them money wipes it out even if there has been a mistake and it is there word against mine in the case of default letters having been sent. But it cant hurt to ask
  4. Finally ditched my Vanquis card. Been with them for three years with a 3 k credit limit. Even though never missed a payment they would not reduce the APR. Wait for it, 59.9% APR. Anyway got a Marbles card this morning, 33% APR. Only £300 credit limit to begin with but not worried. That will increase quite quick like Vanquis no doubt Anyway, what are peoples views on Marbles as a credit card provider?
  5. Does anyone happen to have a contact email for Aqua and marbles? Im aware its the same company but i cant find one? A colleague of mine had to take some time off work due to various personal issues. He's now back in work, but is behing with other more important bills and wants to arrange a reduction in payments, a payment break or even better stopping interest for a couple months. He refuses to deal with them by phone, as for the last 2 weeks, marbles has been attempting to contact him 8-9 times per day, going by his call log. Anyone able to shed some light on the elusive email?
  6. This is possibly a bit of a pig's ear. .. however I'll cover the gist and then pop the rest of the info too: Got a letter from Restons in 2014 saying they were going to take me to court for money owed, they were very difficult to deal with and lost every email I sent them. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing to avoid court I agreed to a consent order, I now pay them a sum each month. I'm now wondering if they have the right to do so. Can I still fire off a CCA request and will I have to go to court to amend the order? I also note the SB time is approaching, is that in my favour? Name of the Claimant? Cabot Financial (Restons / Marbles) Date of issue – December 2014 What is the value of the claim? £2000 Is the claim for a current account (Overdraft) or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? Credit card When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? Before Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. Debt purchaser (unverified) Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? Possibly Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? Possibly (report shows default Dec 2010) Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? Possibly Why did you cease payments? Changed bank accounts and didn't move DD What was the date of your last payment? With Order: Monthly ongoing, on account: Dec 2010 Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? unknown Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt managementicon plan? no
  7. Morning All , hope someone can advise me as im totally bamboozeld. I recevied a letter today from 1ST credit who have been assigned by HFC bank to claim a full outstanding balance from me. How do i find out who are the original creditors?? , i think its was a sainsburys loan that i took out in 2002 that was passed on to HFC bank to chase. I checked my expeiran credit rating this morning and there was nothing on there from HFC ( or indeed no mention of the couple of creditors( aktiv and connaught) i have agreements with by paying back an agreed monthly plan.) My score was 994 out of 997 with no ccj's. all green ticks and no negatives going back 6 years. Showing no records before that. I have mentioned on another thread that i havent paid the sainsbury loan(£9000) since sept 2006, when i went through a divorce and ended up in rehab as i went off the rails. .I ve been given the advice that this debt is now statute barred.There is no mention of the sainsburys loan on my credit file ( i imagine because i havent paid it for 9 years) and the records only go back 6 years on my expiran file. the letter this morning has enclosed a standing order, asking for a £10 admin fee, and to set up payment terms. the thing that worries me is that the balance they are chasing is about a third of the sainsburys loan amount(£3000) . Do you think HFC have written off the debt, And 1st Direct are charging interest on that original amount for the last 3 years since it was statute barred( basically an arbitory figure)??. Im worried now that if this isnt the sainsbury loan that someone has run up a debt with HFC under my name!, although this would show on my credit file i would imagine. sorry if this ll sounds like a david lynch film, im just hopless and explaining myself and obviously with fiscal matters. please advise this poor old sod as my heads in a spin. many many thanks
  8. 28th April 2015.. Hi there, I’m pursuing a PPI claim with HFC/Marbles, and have a couple of questions before I submit complaint.......brief case story so far: Marbles Card active between 11.06.03 and 05.09.06 (then dormant until closed Aug 2009) I have received SAR data and have calculated monthly PPI’s plus 8% simple interest on each payment (using your very helpful spreadsheet)... £258 PPI + £214@8% I do have some original paperwork/statements, including welcome letter that has TOCs on the reverse, but no original credit agreement. Primary reasons for mis-selling are: Wasn’t advised of the suitability of the policy to my employment (namely that I was PAYE employed with full benefits, but also part-time self-employed) Additionally, I wasn’t informed that PPI could be bought separately from a third party, more competitively, or tailored to my circumstances as above. May not have ticked the box to request PPI, or it was already ticked by default? (see question below) Before I proceed.... Despite all I’ve read about PPI not covering self-employment, the TOCs on reverse of original Marbles welcome letter include notes on claims against loss of self-employment (see attached PDF); were they lying here, or just the exception to the rule? In the SAR delivery covering letter, HSBC have said they’re unable to find the initial Credit Agreement (see attached PDF). So, are they in breach of money laundering/data protection legislation? Also, I’ve no recollection of the online application so can’t confirm PPI was chosen by me during online application, or if it was pre-ticked? I certainly didn’t actively seek it out. Any advice would be so helpful, Cheers. Thanks DX, here are the PDFs anyway. Thanks DX, here are the PDFs anyway.
  9. In June 2002 I applied for and duly received a marbles c/c, then issued by HFC Bank Limited. Attached is a redacted copy of the agreement which I received following an SAR to HBOS, the now owners of marbles. As far as I'm aware the agreement was a single sheet, as here, although it's possible there might have been a separately enclosed sheet or there might have been some information on the reverse of this sheet. However, I'm pretty certain that I signed only on the face, in the box just above the HFC rep's signature, bottom right, and neither initialed nor signed anything on the reverse, nor appear to have been asked to do so anyway. I do know that at some later point in response to a CCA to BoS I received another copy of this together with a typed note of initial credit limit and interest rate each of which was actually wrong anyway. I don't owe marbles anything so I'm not looking to avoid any debt but I am taking issue with HFC about something they've done - or rather not done - and I wonder if I'm right in thinking that this 'agreement' fails the relevant parts of the CCA and so makes any contract dependent on it unenforceable. TIA for any advice, V
  10. Hi everyone can anyone advise me of my next steps with this problem please, here goes, In 2007 I had a marbles credit card (£250) with a hp purchase from currys think it was one of their pushy things when you took out a hp purchase? in 2008 I had a dispute with Marbles (original creditor) over some late payment charges and stopped my payments (last payment made 2nd Jan 2009) This was then passed to several dca's and a few weeks ago I had a letter fro Marlin Financal saying they were acting for Cabot Financial (current creditor) and were going to issue court proceedings if the debt was not paid in full, I sent for statements of accounts and credit agreement and 1 week ago had them returned, the credit agreement has no signature it is just blank?? And since the last payment balance then was £233 so all the rest is made up with charges. Default was made 2nd Jan 2009. Today had a letter from Marlin say that no payment plan has been offer so now they will take steps to issue court action? Any help will be great Thanks mw
  11. Hi All I also have a ccbc claim form sent to me dated 22/7/2014. The money claimed is almost the same amount, restons are the solicitors and cabot the claimant. I sent cca request to cabot by recorded delivery on the 5/8/2014 and got a reply from the dated 11/8/2014 thanking me for my request but would have to sent it to marbles and want 40 days to do so. My cpr request to prestons was declined because i did not sign it. I have to file my defence to this claim and need advice on the defence. Could i use the same as posted with a few tweeks The default on my credit file is 30/7/2009. Do i still send second cca letter to cabot Thanks
  12. Well no success for me, I had the card since 2002 and like alot of people had it added, never knew what it was and thought it was just one of those things that was part of having the card, yes i was young and naive! Well I challenged Marbles last year and got back their "its your fault you should have known better" line in quite a condecending manner. The best part was saying that I requested PPI on my application form but as it was so long ago the form has been destroyed?! As far as they were concerned this was the end of it but included leaflet for ombudsman and said that I could write to them. So I did. And they replied that as it was taken out before 2005 and is a credit card that's it, theres nothing they can do. SooooooIs that it? Is there anything I can do now?
  13. Hi, I am struggling to get Marbles Credit Card to change the default date they report to CRA's to a more accurate date. June 2002 - Get a new Marbles credit card. May 2009 - I lost my job. After 7 years of paying my credit card on time i am now struggling. The world financial crisis does not seem to be a temporary one so I write to Marbles explaining my financial hardship. June 2009 - I write to Marbles again. I have not used my card since i lost my job. I cut and return my card. I am advised by Marbles to seek advice from the CCCS. July 2009 - I report my financial situation to Marbles via the CCCS. I am unable to make my contractual obligations. Sept 2009 - Following the advice of the CCCS i make token payments of £1 to Marbles. However Marbles continue to add £200 interest and charges per month to my account. Aug 2010 - Marbles agree to stop adding interest and charges to the account after many plea's from myself. Sept 2011 - I am still making token payments. Marbles decide to sell my debt to a DCA. Sept 2011 - Marbles report a default with CRA. My other credit cards did this in 2009. Nov 2011 - My financial situation improves and my monthly payments improve to the DCA. Sept 2012 - I discover that the Marbles default is registered 2 years after i had stop making payments. I write to Marbles asking for the default date to be corrected to within 6 mths of when i stopped making payments in 2009. Aug 2013 - After being ignored for almost 6 moths a dialogue begins and eventually ends in August with their final response of rejection. Aug 2013 - I contact the Financial Ombudsman. Today: I receive a letter from the Ombudsman rejecting my complaint on the basis that a default is registered whenever Marbles decides the financial relationship has broken down. They decided this in Sept 2011. I have been working full time now for 2 years and have almost paid off my old credit cards. However i am unable to apply for any credit or get a mortgage because of the defaults. The defaults are all going to disappear in a year and a half. However the Marbles one will stay on my file for a further 3.5 years because they registered it 2 years after i stopped making my payments. I am being punished for paying my debts. Had i ignored them i would be financially better off and the default would have been registered in 2009. Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. Hello, all...hope everyone is doing fine. First post so, don't know where to start, but anyway....about 12 years ago, i went in to HFC offices to pay off a loan we (my wife and i ) had. On the suggestion of one of the staff, we decided to go for a credit card. At the time, i had not long started a new job at a aircraft maintenance company and was on a very good salary and company pension scheme. I was also entitled to full pay if at anytime i became ill and had to have time off. The lady who dealt with my application (i'm sure her name was Gaynor) asked me if i wanted payment insurance, i informed her that i had never had payment insurance on any other loan which i had taken and that i did not want it with this card. She smiled at me and said "No problem, it's just that, although you are on a great salary at the moment, you never know what is around the next corner, one day you can be in work, the next day you could be signing on the dole". But anyway, that was that and we applied for and recieved a credit card. I used the credit card twice, once to pay for a hire car while we were in spain, and once more for a birthday present for my daughter. All told, i think it was about eight hundred pounds that we had taken by credit. For about two years after our application, i was bombarded with phone calls from the lady who dealt with our application (Gaynor) asking if i'd like to have more loans as i was on great wages and i could have a lot more than their average customer. Each time i declined her offer and said that i might think about it at a later date (Just to get her off the phone). The only other corrospondence i had with this company (apart from the monthly statement, telling me i have so much to pay this month) is when i got a letter informing me that 'Marbles' were now dealing with my account....until a couple of days ago. I opened a letter which was from Marbles, and i could not believe my eyes. It states as follows.... Dear Mr Blah, blah Over the past few years the Competition Commission has been looking at the way in which Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) has been sold and administered by Financial Services. As a part of this, we have now introduced an Annual Review for the PPI on your credit card. We're pleased to enclose your Personalised Annual Review for your optional Credit Card Repayments Cover. It then goes on to inform me that, i can cancel my policy at any time and it will not affect my credit, cheaper or more appropriate cover may be available from other providers..ect, ect. Then, it informs me as to what type of cover is included-: Life, Accident and Sickness, Unemployment and other (Carer, Hospitalisation, blah-de-blah ) The only problem is, i didn't want PPI in the first place, i told the girl when she asked if i wanted it all those years ago. I never really took much notice of the bills, i just opened the letter and saw who it was from and then stacked it with the other bills that get payed each month. I had no reason to doubt that anything other than the credit loan was on the bill. As far as i was concerned, we make the payments and thats it until the next months bill comes through the letter box. It was only after reading that letter, that i scanned one of the bills. And there it was "Repayment Cover.....£12.61" I could have punched and kicked myself for not noticing that before. I had probably seen it, but i thought it was just something which everybody with a credit card would have to pay, admin charges or something, never dreamed it could be another wording for PPI. Anyway, what would be the recomended way forward? Do i write and ask then to cancel it? Tell them i never wanted it and that i didn't think we were paying PPI? How do i go about getting my money back without letting them know how stupid i've been? Thanks to anyone who can help me. sadwriter.
  15. My partner has a marbles credit card, origionally taken out in 2004 and was a beneficial finance credit card. He took out PPi which started in 2004 and has paid monthly ever since according to the outstanding balance until I got him to cancel it a couple of months ago. He still has the card but not the PPI. We would like to put a claim in for being mis-sold. He has never claimed on this as when he was unemplyed due to redundancy he just paid the minimum amount. I have a lot of the statements but not all dating back to 2005 and there are also quite a few charges for various things, is it possible to claim these back also?? Thanks for any advice
  16. Hi Had an old mables card. .Been all round the houses , ,Capquest had it last . .Sent a Recon CCA with an account number that wasnt at the time I took out the card, so def not the correct CCA . .The last letter from CQ was telling me they are still in talks with Marbles about the CCA that was 2012 ..Now received out the blue letter from CQ saying they have passed it to Drydens fairfax. .When Drydens finally write is there any point in CCAing them .. Or just tell them its still in dispute with CQ and quoting what CQ have said in letter ,,Or do I just ignore..? Thanks
  17. Hi I was out today and a friend was looking after the house. He had a knock on the door from 2 people in a BMW who asked for me. He was suspicious and said he had no idea who I was. they went away then 2 mins later posted a hand written envelope through the door. I opened on my return to find a Statatory demand from BW Legal on behalf of Lowell threatening bankruptcy. The debt is for just over 4k with SAV credit and states a default date of early 2008. I have not contacted Lowell or BW Legal at any point and am unsure who SAV credit are. I was paying a CC payment to MBNA that year but the number does not correspond with my account number. I do recall having a Marbles card, but I have gone through all my bank statement as far as 2006 and no payment has been made to them in this time. I did ignore the letters which wasn't clever as I assumed the lowells letter was regarding a CC debt with another provided that CCj'd me for even though they never had direct contact with me. What can I do?
  18. Hi all, not been here for ages, had a good success a while back now heres this story - Had CC from marbles, Mrs blew the card and we got into debt (she not here anymore - no not under the patio just not with me) I was paying a small amount to cap quest each month for the last 4 years, then a couple of weeks ago I said [naughty word]s to this, do I really owe them so I cancelled DD. Im better in my head now so I can deal with it. So I have letter on 22/6 from HL solicitors saying I owe 8.5K with an account number but to contact Capquest and I have letter from Cap quest dated 23/6 saying I owe 10.5K with same account number. What do you think I should do?
  19. Hello DX, know your gonna have a chuckle over this. Marbles Credit card - believe on-line application 2001-2002 - card closed 2007-2008 still have some statements What chance if any of getting ppi back.
  20. Hi All, I have a question about my defaulted account which is now with Cabot Financial. I do have a thread running (Quite a lengthy one) Here I was sent a DN on the 10 Aug 09 which stated my arrears had to be paid by 31 Aug 09, on the 10 Nov 09 they sent another letter stating that they had recently defaulted me. This was all through Marbles and the debt has now been passed to Cabot (still no valid paperwork). On checking my credit file the deafult, which is now in the name of Cabot, is showing as 30 Nov 09. My question is obviously what date should it have been issued and is there anything I can do about the fact they told me I had been defaulted and actually hadn't been? I may be clutching here but its worth a try. Thanks Hugh
  21. MARBLES Credit card DSAR Hi forum, I've sent a DSAR to Marbles. Enclosed with it was a copy statement (all I have) from Nov/Dec 2005. They have sent my request back stating: "We were unable to find information for the account you requested - Marbles cards from 2005 are dealt with at HSBC" I sent my request to the customer resolutions team at: Card Services Pitreavie Business Park DUNFERMLINE KY99 4BS So I'm a bit stumped now .. ??
  22. hi all, whilst claiming ppi back for my partner from hfc, we have found she has been paying a large amount per month in ppi on her marbles card. As she is quite vague on the details of this account we cca'd and sar'd them. still waiting for the sar., but the cca came back with a print out of just terms and conditions and a signed statement of account. they state in the letter that the original signed agreement has been requested from the relevant dept. and will follow shortly. they are now past the time limit so should i wait or is there anything i should do regarding this. need all the info on this account as i can get, which is why i sent these requests, as i think it could amount to a substantial reclaim. regards, ps. the account has been running for at least 6 years and is no longer being used. just monthly payments to clear the amount owed.
  23. So who owns Marbles now? I have a letter from Halifax (address Fife) stating my account is now satisfied but it was actually sold on 2 weeks later, I think by BoS who owned Marbles at one point or still do. Do I write to Halifax, HFC or BoS?
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