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  1. Thank you for your reply. Do you mean ring the RAC or the ICO?
  2. They have finally sent the DSAR to RAC but not had a reply after 30 days. I think they need to send a letter now to the ICO? Is there a template letter to send? Thank you for your help.
  3. I havent asked them but someone told me because its pre regulations it wouldnt get anywhere with it. If I ring the coop helpline would they tell me if it was worth applying?
  4. Hi dx100uk I had forgotten I had posted in 2012 to be honest. I had quite a few queries about ppi and got mixed up with this one and another old ppi which you kindly helped me with. I think it was just put in the bottom of big box and forgotten about I have been going through all my old paperwork and found the old Platform, Moneystore folder yesterday After reading the artlicle about not being able to claim just thought I would check before I throw it all out. Could you just tell me how I find out who the underwriters are?
  5. I had a mortgage with The Money Store in 1999 and this was taken over by Platform Home Loans in 2000. Looking at old paperwork I had MPP for a payment of £1825.80 for a 5 year period. I didnt know what it was and it was certainly mis-sold. I have the mortgage offer and the Pinnacle Insurance certificate and all the relevant account details. I have read recently that I wouldnt be able to claim as it is too late and if The Money Store was the broker and now no longer trading the fsa wouldnt be able to help either. Any help would be appreciated before I start a claim on line. Thank you.
  6. Thanks Andy. First time Ive used the new site, finding my way around, sorry about that.
  7. Can I ask which forum you have moved the thread to please Andyorch?
  8. Hi Could anyone advise me on default removal. If you have one on your credit record and it is more than 6 years old can you try and get it removed. The money is still owed on this account. Thank you for any help you can offer on this issue.
  9. I checked out the Age UK link but it didnt have any information regarding help from a relative. Thank you therefore for your reply antone, will pass on this information to her.
  10. Is there any advice anyone can offer on Pension credit. My sisters situation is she has been advised to apply for pension credit and a little help with her mortgage. The problem is she is a "mortgage prisoner" and cannot afford to sell her house, it needs a lot of repairs, and cannot get a cheaper deal. She has been working until recently, she is age 69, but if she did receive pension credit it would not cover all of her mortgage, even with the amount she would receive from the Government. Her son is helping her at the moment and will carry on doing so until she can eventually sell the house, then she plans to repay him the loan. My question is would they allow her to do this or would any money, lent to her by her son be counted as income. If you are not able to advise could you tell me where I could find this out for her. Thank you.
  11. Thank you Andyorch appreciate your help.
  12. No they havent sent anything as they managed to get a loan for another car as they couldnt drive the one the RAC damaged and they are self employed and need it for work. They went through Money Barn, need I say more, they drove away with a near death trap, I have set up another thread about that. They have been through hell and back since November and are still suffering. Because they are desperate for a car they need some help. do you advise to still send the SAR even though they want to take it to court? Sorry if it sounds a bit dim asking this but want to help them as best I can. Thank you.
  13. Thank you for all of your replies. I have passed on the information and as the RAC are not prepared to take any action or supply the tracking information my son has decided to take it to court. Should he still ask for the SAR or should he go straight on to court? They admitted in their email the tow truck as not doing over 30. As it is automatic it shouldnt have been front towed at all. Any help greatly appreciated.
  14. Thank you for your reply. Do you think they will hold anything as the card was in 2002?. Also I think I have read anything that far back is unregulated, so would I still be able to claim?
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