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  1. I wonder if you could offer any advice please. My daughter in law purchased a car for £16,000 and owes £27,000. She has had the car for 54 weeks so out of warranty. A garage has looked at it and said the EC unit which controls all the electrics on the car needs replacing which will cost around £2000, and that she would need to get it sorted out with the manufacturer? Does she have any consumer rights that she can contact Moneybarn about? Thank you.
  2. Thank you for your reply. When he rang them and explained he has lost money with his cleaning business they accepted a payment but the lady did say if the situation got worse to ring again but he wondered if there is any help out there to pay at a later date or anything like that. He is still awaiting any help the chancellor might give to the self employed later this week.
  3. My son owes council tax and it has been passed on to the baliffs. He rang them a few weeks ago and agreed a payment plan, since then he has lost 90% of his business, he is self employed He is worried the baliffs will turn up. He hasnt got much of an income now, only for food and gas, electric etc. Can they enforce the order?
  4. Thank you BankFodder, sorry about the text layout.
  5. Hello I wonder if you could help me. My daughter in law has received a letter from Mortimer Clarke saying they owe £2100 from a debt on a loan she had in 2005, they have said they obtained a ccj then but she cannot remember if that is the case. They have said she has a week to contact them and if she doesnt they will send round an agent and charge her for that too. There isnt a ccj recorded on her file but it was 15 years ago. Should she send a SAR to find out if there was a ccj, or would that be admitting the debt if its Statue barred? I wonder if because of the time lapse if the ccj would no longer be live? Also if the original account might be Statue Barred? It does seem very odd that they are not taking further action if they have a ccj and are just threatening with an agent. She is worried if she doesnt contact them within the 7 days they will try and get a charge on her house. I have told her not to speak to them until we get advise. Thank you for any help you can give us.
  6. Thank you for your help. Should they have mentioned in the letter they have been to court to change the name or is it sufficent that they and Hoist have written to me? It worries me because in the past Idem have tried to get me to pay more than the agreed amount the court issued. Maybe it was an error but its a worry.
  7. Sorry what does 'get the name adjusted on it' mean? The original debt was sold to Idem and they acquired the ccj now they have sent me a letter saying they have sold the debt on to Hoist Finance? I just wondered if they could do that and if they can, can they therefore ask for a higher payment from me, or do they have to take it back to court?
  8. Can anyone tell me please if a company you have a ccj with can sell/assign your account to another finance company?
  9. I came a cross and old ppi of £250 with Forward Trust Personal Finance in 1996. I didnt ask for ppi and didnt realise it had been added until it was too late to do anything, and it was never discussed with me, as it was a one off payment of ppi. I contacted First Direct Bank who took ownership of the above in 1996. They have replied to my complaint today and said that while they provided the finance for the loan and their name appears on the paperwork, they didnt sell them or the associated finance so they were unable to investigate my claim that the ppi was misold. They said my loan was arranged by DFS as part of a product purchase and therefore the process of selling both the finance and any ppi was managed by DFS who then passed the paperwork on to them to arrange any finance. If I had any concerns I should contact DFS direct. Does anyone know if that is what I should do?
  10. Thank you for your reply. Do you mean ring the RAC or the ICO?
  11. They have finally sent the DSAR to RAC but not had a reply after 30 days. I think they need to send a letter now to the ICO? Is there a template letter to send? Thank you for your help.
  12. I havent asked them but someone told me because its pre regulations it wouldnt get anywhere with it. If I ring the coop helpline would they tell me if it was worth applying?
  13. Hi dx100uk I had forgotten I had posted in 2012 to be honest. I had quite a few queries about ppi and got mixed up with this one and another old ppi which you kindly helped me with. I think it was just put in the bottom of big box and forgotten about I have been going through all my old paperwork and found the old Platform, Moneystore folder yesterday After reading the artlicle about not being able to claim just thought I would check before I throw it all out. Could you just tell me how I find out who the underwriters are?
  14. I had a mortgage with The Money Store in 1999 and this was taken over by Platform Home Loans in 2000. Looking at old paperwork I had MPP for a payment of £1825.80 for a 5 year period. I didnt know what it was and it was certainly mis-sold. I have the mortgage offer and the Pinnacle Insurance certificate and all the relevant account details. I have read recently that I wouldnt be able to claim as it is too late and if The Money Store was the broker and now no longer trading the fsa wouldnt be able to help either. Any help would be appreciated before I start a claim on line. Thank you.
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