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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Can I firstly just say what a gold mine of information this site is. Its very comforting to read all the advice and be able to apply it to my own position and feel I am achieving something. I have a small mountain of alledged debt but have been managing it down with your help. I cope by giving priority to dealing with debt which is "sold on", hence my post. A while ago now I CCA requested 2 credit card (Barclaycard & Halifax) debts "sold" to Cabot Both have eventually come back with reconstituted and unsigned documents. I'm pretty sure these are both pre 2006. I get regular letters from Cabot ranging from "please get in touch" to "we are going to approach a local collection agency" I am not paying anything currently. I'm a bit unsure what to do next. Should I contact them and ask them to supply a signature or desist? Thanks for any help Victor
  2. Hi all, I'm being chased by Cabot / Marlin for an old credit card debt (originally an egg card). The amount is in excess of £3500 however I know for a fact that the debt is statue barred because I fell into arrears with all of my creditors in 2008/2009 after being made redundant and haven't made any payments since then. I had six credit cards back then with total debts of £30k+ and managed to get rid of five of them down the CCA route. One took me to court and eventually conceded on a technical point and two were eventually statute barred due to the time it took the DCAs to get their act together. All that remains is Cabot / Marlin. I sent them the standard statue barred template a few days ago and they responded two days later with a letter insisting that the account cannot be statute barred because the statement of account shows payments as recently as 2014. This is news to me because as I said I know that I haven't ever given them any money and haven't acknowledged any debts since 2008/2009. They included a "copy" of the statement account showing numerous payments from 2011 - 2014. This document has to be fake in an attempt to make it look like the debt is still active. The original account number doesn't match my original credit card and the opening balance is the same as the closing balance?! I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on how to proceed? My feeling is that I will need legal advice and take them to court to get this cleared off my record once and for all. Documents attached. Thanks in advance. davie_falkirk
  3. Hi All, I'm hoping someone here can assist me with MKDP/Compello/Raven etc. For some time (years) I have been receiving letters from the above to my mothers house about an outstanding debt to Welcome Finance, I was duely ignoring them as I was not aware of any debt. Some time ago I re-registered on the electoral role after getting married and moving to a new house with my now wife, it would seem this meant the "group" knew to send letters there instead. I finally decided enough was enough when the "group" started calling the house, and so wrote them the attached letter. They responded after a few days saying they would supply the requested information which arrived today In the envelope they sent is a signed Welcome Finance Personal Loan Agreement that I had taken out in 2003 and several "Welcome Financier : Loan History" sheets showing direct debit payments that I had paid with the final one on the 22/02/06 (which is when I started University not that this is relevant). Then there is an entry for a "Cash Payment" on the 22/12/2008 which I have no recollection of at all. I guess my questions here and advice I require are: By my asking for proof of the debt mean I have accepted knowledge of it? I believe this is to be Statute Barred this year even working off this dubious cash payment date? Could it be possible this Cache payment has been fictitious added to skew the dates? Thanks in advance, Glenn
  4. I bought a replacement fuel tank from a breakers via Parts Gateway. They clearly had the correct details of the car and supplied a tank, which I had fitted by my local garage. When we came to fuel the car up, we found the nozzle wouldn't fit in the filler neck, because it was obviously a petrol tank, which has a smaller nozzle than the diesel. Where do I stand will this? Clearly I could claim the cost of the tank back, but it's on the car and I'll be getting a bill for 3 hours labour very shortly, which will be about £120, and I'll have to pay for more labour to take it off and send it back. Can I claim the labour costs off the breakers? BTW, this has all come about because someone drilled the tank to steal the diesel, so it's not been a happy process from the outset
  5. Vanquis of course is part of Provident Financial services,the doorstep loan firm recently featured in TV docs for its aggressive dealings with vulnerable people. There is no shortage of Vanquis stories on The CAG or indeed on the internet itself about Vanquis,and also Argos suspicions about passing details about customers previously to Vanquis. Do NOT be tempted by offers of vouchers !
  6. Well, My tumble dryer decided not to dry clothes any more Monday passed. Realised it was blowing cold air. I had a repair guy out 4 months ago for same problem and he supplied and fitted new heat stats. So i called the shop and it was the actual guy who replaced the parts, told him what was happening to which he instantly replied it would be the heat stats needing replaced, I said great you only replaced then 4 months ago so i assume you will come out and replace them free of charge. He proceed to inform me of my rights which are none as they do not give any warranty with their parts and told me to call back the next day and speak to the boss and hung up So i sent a wee message to a lovely person to clarify that i am not being dumb and logged it with the new CAB service and got a ref no (our TS guys are very active here ) So little me calls up the boss next day who was very shirty with me and told me I have no right to free replacements etc etc etc. Was a little shocked at his attitude as used him for years. Anyhoose, popped a wee recorded delivery letter in the post on Friday 03/08 giving him 10 days to organise the heats stats to be replaced at no cost to me or refund me the £50 i paid. Wonder what response if any i will get
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