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  1. Now on to the next which is tricky .... I stupidly used a claims company who quite clearly don't know what they are doing as they have told me they have sent my Egg PPI request to HBOS and I will be in a backlog but will hear at some point! How do I deal with this as I am out of time and although the claim was submitted prior to the deadline they have sent it to the wrong lender ... I guess telling them to swing for their fee on the Halifax claim is a good starting point as I know given the outcome on the Halifax one which was near on 10k the Egg one is almost double
  2. Cheque arrived Saturday .... banked Monday .... cleared Tuesday morning .... Job done.
  3. But the fact the letter quite clearly states that a cheque will be sent in the next 28 days as of the 4th I assume means a cheque will be sent end of chat as all checks have been completed
  4. Please can you explain what that means please?
  5. Heres an interesting question ... Do the Halifax send out these letters before doing due diligence and making sure there is no money owed to them, this does not apply to me, as surely sending out a letter like that and then doing due dilligence and stopping a payment after that letter must be wrong as well?
  6. Just a question .... If I have a letter from the Halifax saying that they have upheld my PPi claim and I will receive a cheque for the amount they have awarded with 28 days can I assume I have jumped through all the hoops and the cheque will be sent ......
  7. Long story cut short. My wife signed up with nPower on the doorstep back in 2009 whilst I was away on business she was sold on the reduced costs that would not increase for two years... three months later DD doubled... complained got nowhere... didn't pay for nearly five years!!! but was still supplied gas and electricity continued to complain was given loads of ''goodwill gestures'' at £200 a go...and then we moved house and have a new supplier... .naturally we provided moving out meter readings and bills were sent by email. ...nearly £5,000 in total... I asked for a copy of the contract she signed to be told there was not one as it had been lost / destroyed or wiped... Solicitors got involved issued court paperwork and still I asked for contract... there was also another long standing discrepancy over a back billing which I was told circa June 2014 would be credited for approx £1000.. .this was never done so I have used that as a dispute.. .eventually agreed a consent order once nPower agreed to the £1000 and have been paying that but still pushing for contract which is not forthcoming...??? Maybe i'm on a flyer but surely no signed contract nothing for them to hang their hat on except implied contracts?
  8. Just a question. Can nPower hold a customer to account if they are unable to find or supply any signed contract taken at the beginning of the period. This is in relation to an account going back to 2009 where nPower now say they cannot provide me with any signed contract as they have lost / destroyed / wiped it? Wilkins Chapman involved as well
  9. andrew0101

    Stat Demand

    I'm sorry, it's got confusing I was referring to two different posters questions... the money owed by the bank is a different and separate issue and related to a joint charging order... ..the Restons matter was a restriction K which was not paid and has nothing to do with the original post.. ..I was referring to a post where it was suggested that our solicitors should not have paid the restriction K which they didn't, but now Restons have got very heavy... ..hope this makes things clear.
  10. andrew0101

    Stat Demand

    No. Restons have a CCJ and had a restriction K....the restriction has now gone but they have applied through the court for a warrant to seize goods...
  11. andrew0101

    Stat Demand

    It was in joint names... .we did have two restriction K's as well for amounts in single names, they did not get paid.. .although I now have Restons on my case who have issued a warrant for nearly 5k to be paid.... so my worries are not over on that one
  12. andrew0101

    Stat Demand

    Long story short.. .Bank obtained ccj and charging order back in 2010. Did deal with bank who wrote off amount. Sold house a few months back, bank said we still owed a few grand and because of charging order as in joint names we could not complete unless we paid.. .they bent us over a barrel. ...now it's all over and we have moved we want our money back!
  13. andrew0101

    Stat Demand

    For an individual it's £5k plus....but my understanding for a company it's £750 plus? Or am I wrong there?
  14. andrew0101

    Stat Demand

    Perfect, thank you very much....
  15. andrew0101

    Stat Demand

    Just a quick question....are mere mortals allowed to issue a stat demand against a bank if the bank owe them money.....when I say owe money I mean a genuine matter where they have not paid up and have passed it to an outside agency to argue the toss?
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