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  1. That depends which route on which you want to go down, as a ltd business, most thing may be on finance. But certainly not all, But as a person the guy has a a mortgage, cars, expensive holidays etc..... i am happy to start a MCOL against the LTD company or personal. As said, everything regarding this job was on his personal account, not his LTD company one.
  2. It’s a service trade, ie we provide a specialist service. not sure why that matters though tbh and what affect it has from my original query.
  3. Hi all - little long winded so ill try to break it down. I run my own business and am classed as self employed. In June this year (10th) I went away with a fellow person in my industry for a 3 day trip, over 420 miles away. Bare in mind this person knew my financial situation at the time, so I was verbally led to believe id be paid on day 3. But nothing in writing. On day 3 this person said, and confirmed in writing later on that day he would pay me within 14 days. Well, that was 36 days ago and ive still not been paid and he is getting a tad nasty. Ive sent invoices every 14 days, overdue invoices etc...… but nothing. This person has a LTD company and basically told me that if I persue him he will just dissolve it. Im not to fussed about that, because, he has a business page / profile etc.... on social media, but the 3 day job offer and all correspondence since has been through his personal page. So ill just sue him personally if need be. Ive been looking online and it says a business transaction is legally late if it is more than 30 days overdue, unless its been agreed previous (eg 60 or 90 days) which it wasn't. So, I am assuming my next steps are to send a final LBA / Invoice giving 14 days, this will then take it to 50 days. Then start a money claim online, is that right. Its not just about the money anymore, its about teaching this guy a lesson, he is not poor, he has other 'staff' who he pays weekly, I believe thee other staff are classed as self employed too. This thread may get quite long but ill certainly need help when doing the MCO as ive never done it before. Can anyone offer any other advise, charges I can start to add, I know about the 8% interest starting from day 31, what about any other charges I can add for repeat invoices, overdue invoices etc...
  4. Thanks Andy in the past the courts wrote to me when IND took it over from Welcome. I’ve heard nothing from the courts in 9 months, and yes, they do have all my correct details. I’ve heard nothing about Intrum getting involved, apart from letters by intrum.
  5. It was just under 5k - amount apparently owing is £5200 odd. back to my original post though - a unsecured loan 13-14 years ago. It blighted my credit report for 12 years as it is, can I just ignore intrum now.
  6. I had a 2k unsecured loan from Welcome Finance- 13-14 years ago,I defaulted,just before the debt was due to become SB Welcome got a CCJ against me, this was over 6 years ago. This CCJ is no longer showing on my CR.I was paying £10 per month,by order of the CC,over the 6 years the CCJ was on my file I probably made 20 or so payments of £10. The Loan which was with Welcome,moved to IND now its moved again to Intrum (legal department) who are sending me the odd letter saying there is still a balance outstanding and no payment plan in place. Question - can I now ignore this - ive heard nothing from the courts in over 9 months, the CCJ dropped of my CR over 5 months ago. This is, now a 13-14 year old debt.
  7. No DX I didn't because I have a very busy life and to be 100000% honest with you I see VERY little point in SAR'ing anyone on a 12 year old debt which will soon, finally, be off my credit record at least, I just didn't know if that meant I had to carry on paying the £10 a month. But thanks for clarifying.
  8. I make a £10 payment every month at the post office via barcode DX - last payment was 19th December.
  9. Infor such as what sorry. I had a 2k unsecured personal Welcome loan 12 years ago - made 1 payment I think the defaulted (not proud but I was young) just before the 6 year mark of default Welcome got a CCJ against me for the amount of just under 5k Ive had 3-4 visits to county court over the last 6 years when I havnt paid and Welcome asked the court to look at my finances, which are crud so I offered £10 per month, which the court deemed acceptable. So, in the last6 years of having the CCJ I have made approx. 15 payments of £10 so around £150 in total of this 5k CCJ. The CCJ drops from my file in a few days as is 6 years old itself. What I didn't know was am I legally obliged to keep paying this £10 per month, I know the court said I had to, but I wasn't sure if that was only ever for the time the CCJ showed on my credit file. So what - its ruined my credit report for the last 12 years, and I still have to keep up the £10 a month payments, even now, for the next 47 years, to clear the CCJ total owing. Just wondered what my options were. Thanks
  10. i have a ccj which has blighted my credit file for the last 6 years, (and another 6 years before that as a default) it drops off in a week or so, i have a court ordered agreament in place to pay £10 per month - do i need to keep paying this even after the ccj has dissapeared from my credit file. In the 6 years ive had the ccj i made approx 15 payments of £10 so £150 in total, the ccj amount just just under 5k. If I stop paying can the creditor, was Welcome now IND still take further action to recover monies. Thank You.
  11. dx frankly ive had enough of you, ive seen countless posts where all you do is slate the OP who is asking for help, if you don't want to be here or have nothing constructive to say then just don't bother, you are upsetting a lot of people. The stated client is TW and I have been on the phone to them for hours and online chat for hours and TW say I have to deal with Moorcroft and the debt will not be recalled, I can't physically make TW do anything, I just want to pay the bloody thing, but even then, the Moorcroft website isn't working for some unbeknown reason. Thank you for your constructiveness flock p.s I have a payment plan with TW but this amount was transferred to Moorcroft before I set it up and TW say it can't and won't be recalled and I have to deal with Moorcroft.
  12. dx I can't, thames water do not own the debt anymore and refuse to recall it, its a minimal amount, I just want it settled, but the Moorcroft website isn't working, if I pay the amount to TW it will just show as a credit on my ongoing account and Moorcroft will continue to chase the bit they have as debt.
  13. What has happened to them, I have an outstanding debt with Thames Utility that had been transferred to Moorcroft and I just want to pay it off, the website MDRL.CO.UK does not seem to be working - weird.
  14. I have been offered a 2k loan with 118118 - total repayable £4653 - Obviously im not going to take it - more to the point it got me thinking, that's as high a APR as companies like Provident - I thought the max repayable now was 1 x what you borrowed, so in the case above 4k - It shouldn't be allowed.
  15. Why, I knew the terms when I signed up, and am making the repayments ok, Not worth me getting a default or negative marker when I don't need too. Especially with the ones I do have due to drop off in the next 6 months.
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