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Found 21 results

  1. I have a loan with Safety Net Credit I have changed my on line banking details, cancelled my debit card and ordered a new one so they can now not take money form my account or view my balance. I have had an email from them today saying if I don't restore the access for them they will attempt to take the full balance due on my pay day. If I do restore the access they will only take the minimum payment I don't trust them to only take the minimum if I restore access and I am going to email back suggesting a repayment plan, paying by DD or through payments to their bank account so they don't have access to just help themselves to my money My question is Can they still get money out of my bank when I have a new bank card and the old one they have details of is cancelled? I'm scared they are going to be able to just take what they want despite the card being taken Does anyone know if they can? Thank you
  2. i took a loan out with safety net credit in january 2017 for £100. I used their service every month and paid back on time. They kept increasing my lending amount by roughly £100 every month till october. I am now at the point of lending £900 a month and paying back £1100 a month. It has spiralled out of control ..i get paid between 2-3k a month depending on overtime. I am not sure saftey net credit is a payday loan or classed as an overdraft facility. My stupid mistake i turned to them last year as no other payday loans would accept me..they ask for all your online banking details. Reading through a few forums i am wondering if i could put an IR lending complaint to them? I have roughly 5/6 defaults on my account from old payday loans which i am in the process of dealing with. I would of had alot searches in 2017 as literally safety net credit was my last resort. Every month the loan would come out of bank and i would have to borrow straight away, after i paid all my rent and bills i was living of the loan money. I have alot of online gambling transactions and these loans were often used for that. Should safety net credit not been aware of the above by doing credit checks and they also have my banking details to check bank statements? Now on 29th jan this month i have a payment of £1150 to pay them and i simply cannot afford this and keep living this way. Do i cancel my cards and CFA with my bank and online banking. Contact them and explain my situation offer a monthly payment plan and try get a IR complaint running? Or do i keep paying them i dont want to pay massive fees if i default so might be best to keep paying them and keep reducing my lending amount Any advice is much appreciated Thanks
  3. Hello, I purchased a case for my tablet on 13th January. When it arrived I opened the parcel to find the packaging damaged, on inspection the stand for the case was missing. I raised a query with their customer services and they agreed to send a replacement, they did not ask to see any photos of the damaged item. I found it odd at the time that they agreed to send out a replacement before they had received the faulty one back. The replacement arrived on the 20th Jan. The return of the faulty case was arranged by them to be collected by Parcel Force on the 23rd. I packaged the envelope and wrote the returns number on it and nothing else, no address, no return address, etc as the courier would have a label to attach. It was to be collected from the office at work, the parcel was left on the table where all the parcels are delivered/collected from. I was away at lunch and on my return the Parcel force courier arrived but there was no parcel to collect! It transpired that the postman had picked it up, even though there was no address or postage on it, as it was next to the bag with the franked letters in. I have spoken to my local sorting office, Parcel force & Royal mail customer services and raised a query with the Royal Mail National Returns Center. All to no avail, the parcel must be in the system somewhere. This week Stuff-UK have said they now want paying £47.41 for the replacement as well as the faulty case or they will pursue legal action. I've tried speaking on the phone with them but we don't agree on the situation. They say it's wholly my fault and they sent the replacement in good faith, it was in my possession so I'm responsible even though it was an unfortunate event. Although they are 'sympathetic' to my situation they still want paying. Where on earth do I stand on this? All the information I can find related to companies losing parcels being sent to customers not the other way around! Am I legally responsible? Here's the email I got... "I have just spoken to Annette. Whilst I am sympathetic to your predicament, we are still £47.41 out of pocket. You have received 2 of the cases from us and returned none of them. The onus is on you to look after the product faulty or not whilst in your possession. The fact that somebody in your office allowed the goods to be given to another courier is unfortunate, but not a reason for us to be out of pocket. As this has gone on far too long, regrettably we will be issuing legal action to recover the monies owed plus costs and interest, if you are unable to make payment." I have until 24th March. Any help would be greatly appreciated as its quite a conundrum! I wouldn't even know what legislation this comes under. Thanks Pilau
  4. Hello, By searching google I can see this has happened to a number of people however there hasnt been any conclusion so here is my problem and not sure where I stand. Out of the blue I received a shocking & demanding email from buymobiles asking me for £360 or return of goods within 7 days as, as they say I have been disconnected from T-Mobile. In April 2013 I followed a link from HDUK for a Nexus 4 at £15.50 a month with a free phone. I took up this offer and received said phone and paid T-Mobile every month however on the 18 month due to the small amount of minutes I had I decided to buy out my contract by ringing up T-Mobile and asking for a pac code which in turn gave me a final bill of approx £66. I then checked using checkmend if T-Mobile had a hold on the phone and it came up clear so sold it and used the money to pay off my bill. I then took out another contract with EE. Now I have received this email and am very annoyed about it, one that the phone was advertised as free, two that the phone was £279 new at the time and after 18 months is no where near worth £360 three that I dont know where I stand. Also they state I have recently been disconnected and have not fullfilled the minimum 2 years. But i have as I bought out the remaining months and T-Mobile said thats all I need to pay. I have just checked the terms on their site and the only one was EE and that states after six months the phone is mine to keep. I am not sure what the terms stated at the time of purchase or if I actually read them. I have finished off contracts before and have not had this happen. The email is in my next post. I understand these are not terms so not sure where they have come from and why they are paragraphed the way they are. Seems to me this company are bullies and have found a way of demanding extra money from customers when they upgrade etc early using another company or provider. Using "waybackmachine" I have found the original offer give or take a day and it clearly says phone FREE as does their terms however it seems the phone isnt free its on loan. Buymobiles have informed me there are two contracts one for the network and one for the phone. I emailed them back and I have just received this reply. I asked for a breakdown of their loss in me ending the contract early. I told them i bought the contract out. I asked for a hard copy of the terms of the sale which they sent but they could easily be changed in their favour if they think I dont have them. "In regard to this the payment for the goods or return of the goods has been requested as the network have advised us that the contract has been disconnected during the minimum term. When you placed the order you entered into two contracts, one for the airtime which is with the network provider and one contract for the goods which is with ourselves. A disconnection of any kind within the minimum term is a breach of this agreement, if you have ended the contract early this is still classed as a disconnection . We require the debt to be paid to ourselves or the goods returned, the amount due is the handset cost + VAT. I have attached the Terms and Conditions which is your agreement . " No where did it say I was entering into two contracts. If they are saying the phone was part of a loan agreement then law states they must send me an agreement to which I sign which includes the terms. This didnt happen. Annoyingly I was going to keep the phone and tariff as a spare but wanted my gold number to use on my new contract. I didnt even save much ending it approx £25. Kicking myself! dont know which way to turn now.
  5. Hi everyone, I feel I am being put into a position by housing benefit regulations of having to consider giving up my job, I would be grateful for any help or advice. My story starts with leaving a job I was in after 12 years as an employee to do the job I am doing now. I started this job in June 2104. Basically I am a door to door collection agent, (like a provident agent), different company. I am NOT self employed but PAYE, I am on a commission only basis and I pay all my own expenses from my Net Pay, e.g fuel, car repairs, mobile phone, wifi etc. these expenses are not recoverable from my employers but from HMRC in the form of a new UTR (Unique Tax Reference). I also pay an accountant annually from my Net pay to calculate my expenses and submit them to HMRC and Tax Credits. I have had no issues with HMRC or tax credits, my award has been altered accordingly, but Housing Benefit will NOT accept these expenses because they do NOT show up on either my P60 or Pay Slips. HMRC are sending me out a calculation to give to the council showing my annual wage after expenses, but I know this will be fruitless, as another agent has been denied after providing his. I have took this to appeal and tribuneral and to my local MP, but I am still banging my head against a brick wall. Housing benefit are quoting me Housing Benefit Regulation 35 2(b) as the reason why I am not entitled. Basically in my previous job on approx £11,000 per year I was recieving £64 per week housing benefit and some council tax benefit. This job after expenses I get £10,700 per year and receive nothing and have to pay back an overpayment of £1900. I am a single parent with 2 teens under 18 and work in excess of 30 hours per week. I love my job and do not want to have to search again, I would be grateful for any advice offered. Thank You
  6. Hi all, just want to confirm what i propose to do is correct. i had a £140 credit limit with SafetyNet Credit (owned by indigo michael) it was origonally showing on noodle as a credit card type service, i got it, paid it back, got it again, paid it back etc.... eventually i got in to some issues paying it back so A. i changed bank accounts and B. i wrote to my old bank asking for any CPA from them to be declined in case any money did go in to old account. This is a fairly new debt and the total balance is now £185 which i don't think is too bad to be fair, they have stopped the interest etc.. .. and i have said i will pay the £10 per month for 6 months then £30 per month for 3 months and £35 on the last month, so the balance will be clear in 10 months, they accepted this. My question is, this debt is now not showing on noodle anywhere, not as a late payment, not as a default, not as a closed account, it has just vanished, i said to safetynet credit that any payments i make are on the condition a default is not place on my credit file, marked as a late payment, fine, and fair, ill accept that, but not a default as we now have a aggreament in place to pay it off, they said we can;t garuntee this and a default may be placed but they were not sure, i just replied with, if a default is placed the payments will stop. Why has this vanished off noodle, why does it come under a credit card when it is more of a PDL type thing. Am i doing the right thing. Advice always welcomed
  7. I am trying to help someone else who has an issue with this company. This person took out a new 24 month contract through them and got a free handset. After some months they couldn't maintain the payments, for various reasons, and the contract was terminated by the phone network. This person was then told they still had to pay the cost of the full contract and since then has kept up with reduced monthly repayments made via a DCA. They didn't argue at all. Another few months pass by and these BuyMobilephones.(link removed) people turn up insisting that they still pay the full cost of the handset. They claimed to not get paid by the phone network if a contract was cancelled. All in all, this would amount to £1,100 for 4 months or so of network service and a handset valued at £350 or so. It all seems a bit harsh, but if BuyMobilephones(Link removed)are telling the truth, then they want to make good. They would start paying it off monthly and, even at £10-£15 per month, it would still get sorted eventually. Does anyone have any thoughts on any of this?
  8. Hi I took out a contract with buymobiles.net in 2012 for a Samsung galaxy note on o2, I ended that contract early in June 2013 to get a new contract from them of a Sony xperia Z with 3. Yesterday (21 months after the contract was paid to o2 and cancelled) I had a letter from Burlington debt collection about an outstanding amount of £447 for the Samsung galaxy note, I have never had any other correspondence from buybmobiles.net or a1comms regarding this. I assumed that since I had paid o2 the remaining months for early termination that was the matter settled. I have tried to speak to buymobiles.net but as far as they are concerned I need to deal with the debt collection agency, the debt colelction wont change the amount for the handset and as far as they are concerned they want £447 from me and that's the amount I have to clear Is it worth speaking to CAB about this or am I up the creek without a paddle? Any suggestions as i am loathe to paying this amount for a handset that is now worth about £100 at most brand new any advice would be grateful
  9. How thoughtful of Mary Branningan of Debtsolvers.net to include us on her mailing list and to send us this email. Mary Branningan - I'm sure that we'll bear Debtsolvers in mind if we ever have this kind of difficulty.
  10. The amount of money lost to phone [problem]mers has tripled in a year, prompting a major awareness campaign. An estimated £23.9m has been tricked out of unsuspecting victims in the last year, up from £7m the previous year, according to Financial Fraud Action. The main trick involves a con artist deceiving victims into believing they are calling from the police, a bank or a computer company. They suggest that the individual has been the victim of fraud and ask for personal financial information - such as card details or a Pin code - to access their account. Some ask victims to transfer money, to withdraw cash from a branch, or to hand over a bank card to a courier. Advice to consumers includes: Being wary of cold calling, especially if the caller suggests you call back Banks and the police never ask for personal banking details, or request that individuals withdraw or transfer money If suspicious of a call, hang up, wait five minutes or preferably use a different phone line to report the fraud http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-30279582 Consumers hit by increase in 'vishing' phone [problem]s http://www.which.co.uk/news/2014/12/consumers-hit-by-increase-in-vishing-phone-[problem]s--386950/
  11. Hi everyone. I have just found out that my son has signed to play in a soccersixes league which started at the beginning of the season. Like many young people he didn't read the small print etc. Over time the interest to play has wained and he struggles to get a team together, when he does they don't want to pay! Over time arrears have built up and he has now received a demand notice to pay up or they will issue a ccj and add on all late due, monies due to the end of the season and court costs. Owes £117.55 Remaining fixtures £351 Court costs if claimed £80 Total £548.55 My concerns and need for advise are as follows; 1- He was and still is 17 when he signed the contract (online signature). The form says he has to be 18! (idiot). No one else signed. 2- As he is a minor can they register a ccj against him and legally hold him to the contract. 3- Is the agreement covered by the CCA, if so are they not required to carry out due dilligence (ID/Passort etc). If someone signs to agree to pay something like this surely they need to verify the person signing is who they say they are. 4 - Surely they cant just issue a default letter without previous correspondence (there has been none) 5- Under civil protocol rules should they cease proceedings until resolved etc. Any help advise please as this is very urgent Thank you-worried parent
  12. Hi Guys, I wonder if anyone can provide me with some advice regarding an issue I have with an online vendor. The company sells bespoke canvasses where you specify what is printed on the canvass. The one I ordered for example was for my mothers 80th birthday and had her date of birth, names of grandkids etc. We had struggled to find a suitable gift for my mother and this seemed ideal especially as we were running out of time and the website stated the following regarding delivery: "We have 2 shipping options you can select from at Checkout. The first is Standard delivery, which is free of charge. This delivery ensures your item arrives within 5-7 working days from the confirmation of your design preview. Our second option is Priority Delivery, for those who require their designs a little quicker. This service costs £6 incl. VAT and ensures your item will arrive within 2-3 working days from confirmation of design preview. This service is also a signed for service for that little extra security." Unfortunately took 7 days to deliver and we missed my mothers birthday by 1 day. We challenged the delivery driver when he delivered the item and he admitted he had the item the day before my mother's birthday but didn't deliver as had no time. The seller has been particularly unhelpful and until today only responded to 1 email from my partner which advised the item has been despatched. I emailed the company this morning advising that the item arrived too late for my mothers birthday and I had to rush out and find an alternative gift. As such I was rejecting the item and requested a refund in full. The response back from the company was rather terse and pointed me in the direction of their terms and conditions stating "I suggest fully reading these and then referring to any clauses we have failed on in any further communication from yourself." I have checked the terms and conditions regarding delivery and it states: "10.4. Any dates quoted for delivering the Goods are approximate only. If no date is specified then it will take place within 30 days or a reasonable time of the date of the Confirmation Notice, unless there are exceptional circumstances. 10.5. We shall not be liable for any delay in delivering the Goods, however caused." Does this mean I cannot reject the item? Thanks,
  13. Just been looking though old stuff on my computer and I came across a document I made a few years back 2011, I stupidly signed up via this website to apply for a "guaranteed" loan. However, I was then instead, giving a bunch of loan companies for which I know of anyway and also for who will not give me a loan. I cancelled my account with this guys after 5 minutes. Later that night, I phoned my bank up to check my balance and I was then shocked to learn that £67.70 had come off my account from that company! Never once was I informed from there was a charge for joining you this company Later, I read the small print on the site in the terms and it said: "Cancellation 4.1 A one off joining fee of no more than £74.85 is payable in most cases after you have had an average of 14 days membership and access to the site. If you have not cancelled/terminated your membership with us, you will be automatically charged by a direct charge to the debit/credit card authorised by the member with an ongoing membership fee of £8.89 which is payable monthly until such time as you decide to cancel your membership. 4.2 Under the Financial Services (Distance Marketing) Regulations 2004 you have a right to cancel your application within 14 days of receiving these terms and conditions and receive a refund. If You wish to cancel your application, You must write to us confirming your request to cancel your application, either in writing to: Customer Services, Ezeloans.net, 88 Wood Street, London, EC2V 7RS. 4.3 With regard to payments set up by Credit or Debit Card, if Your payment declines we will attempt to take the payment from the card until we are notified that You wish us to cancel such attempts. Written confirmation may be required" I emailed them and they sent me the following: As you have contacted us with regards to Cancellation of your account we feel it is prudent to remind you of the following things. Since we received your application we have worked hard to find you lenders who can provide the loan you requested. We have uploaded these loan products and lenders to your personal profile for you to review and complete. To view these you will need to log back into your personal profile at http://www.ezeloans.net/profile.aspx and complete the details they ask for and then you will be able to receive your credit agreement and loan. If the lenders are not suitable you need to let us know the reasons why so that we can source alternatives for you. We have provided the services as set out in the terms and conditions. When you completed your application you confirmed you had read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions. The membership fee was clearly stated on the page into which you input your credit/debit card details and also clearly stated in the terms and conditions: 4.1 A one off joining fee of no more than £74.85 is payable in most cases after you have had an average of 14 days membership and access to the site. If you have not cancelled/terminated your membership with us, you will be automatically charged by a direct charge to the debit/credit card authorised by the member with an ongoing membership fee of £8.89 which is payable monthly until such time as you decide to cancel your membership. I will cancel your monthly subscription with immediate effect and your on-going membership fee of £8.89 will not be collected. I will leave your personal profile active until the end of your current membership period and then turn it to an inactive status. Kind Regards (Ezeloans.net) I replied to them and I threatened them with watchdog and ombudsman and they sent me the following email: Thank you for your email with regards to obtaining a refund of your initial membership fee. We are sorry that you wish to cancel your membership with us, in order to completely cancel your account and obtain a refund of your initial fee you need to follow the steps laid out below: To confirm your cancellation and to obtain a refund of the membership fee you will need to write to Customer Services, Ezeloans.net, 88 Wood Street, London, EC2V 7RS as per the terms and conditions you agreed to when you signed up: 4.2 Under the Financial Services (Distance Marketing) Regulations 2004 you have a right to cancel your application within 14 days of receiving these terms and conditions and receive a refund. If You wish to cancel your application, You must write to us confirming your request to cancel your application, either in writing to: Customer Services, Ezeloans.net, 88 Wood Street, London, EC2V 7RS. Please include the following information: REF - EL/04 -Name -Postal Address -Membership Fee -Email address used to register On receipt of your signed refund request your refund will be processed, dispatched and returned to your account within 14 working days. Kind Regards (Ezeloans.net) So, I sent them a recorded letter and I heard nothing! By this point, I contacted a company (I cant remember who, maybe the fsa) I got a call back from another company (I also dont remember who but they were based in Aberdeen) who said they would get my money back for me, and that they had to deal with it cos, the amount I was after was not a big amount but they would still need to take a small percentage, about £5 or so and I said ok. BUT, I never did hear anything back from those 2 companies or even the dreaded ezeloan. Yes, my money is long gone and I cant do anything about it now but, I was just wondering, if these people ever did finally get into deep trouble??
  14. Has anyone experienced this company ? On the 26th April I applied for a loan on-line with a different company I then recieved an incredibly misleading text message with a link which gave me a page saying i had been accepted and saying about a fee od £67 payments would be about £10 a week which I believed was actually for a loan,when in reality all I got was a list of companies, once I realised this I sent them several e,mails via their contact section BEFORE they took the money from my card on the 6th May, On the site it says in order to cancell click on my account and then on cancell account .....This was not available untill AFTER they took the payment from my card, I immediatley did this as soon as that option came up and filled in a cancelation form AND a Refund request form this was on the 3rd May, It then took them another 4 days to get back to me and tell me to write a letter to request a refund evan though I had allready filled in a refund request online I sent this via recorded deliverey which was recieved into their office on Wednesday, I got a text yesterday saying that the letter was recieved and that they were looking into it, They got back saying that they had authorised a refund of £38.12 saying they had retained £15 for something called "Credit Cleaner" which I have never heard of nor do I have any informnation about it or know what it is ? and also £1 a day for being a Member and having acess to the site. I have got back onto them saying i want the other £29 back or i shall go to the fsa and make a complant under section 155 of the consumer credit act 1974 I was just wondering do I also have a case in regards to me contacting them BEFORE they took the money asking them not to and for them to cancel my account ? Also are they beraking any rules by not offering a "Cooling Off Period" ? If anyone has had any dealings with them I would be gratefull for any advice Cheers
  15. Hope this is in the right place Has anyone dealt with this company? A family friend signed up with Loan-Options.net recently and had £64.75 debited from his bank account. (£34.75 registration fee and £30 (£1 per day for 30 days) membership fees. They appear to offer access to payday loans and other services but deny they are Credit Brokers or intermediaries. Immediately this was discovered we emailed the company and cancelled the "membership" and asked for a refund. The company refused a full refund and only offered a refund of the 30 day membership fee. I phoned the company and spoke to "Megan". I stated that as we were cancelling within their 14 day cooling off period we wanted a full refund less the maximum £5 they were allowed to take under Regulation 155 of the Consumer Credit Act. Megan denied that they offered a 14 day cooling off period and didn't comment when I pointed out that I had a copy of their T&C's in front of me which clearly states:- "Cancellation Rights Being as this contract is a service contract for a membership scheme We offer a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period during which time You may cancel the agreement: Services are provided immediately following signup meaning cancellation within 14 days will result in a reasonable service charge being applied. Refunds are calculated on a pro-rata basis depending on the number of days membership used - £34.76 Setup Fee plus £1.00 per day of membership". I asked to speak to someone higher up the tree and was put through to "Josh" an accounts manager. This account manager in response to my attempts to get a refund responded as follows, "We are not brokers and therefore not covered by the Consumer Credit act. Therefore we do not have to comply with Section 155 of the Act. Our refund policy is as stated in our T&C's." I pointed out that surely the point of a cooling off period is that the customer can change his mind within that period and receive a refund. He offered a further £5. I asked for his surname He replied that he doesn't divulge that information. I suggested that they may not be brokers but they were credit intermediaries and therefore must be covered by the CCA. (I think that they should have a least a Category C license) He replied "No" Their website home page gives a consumer credit license number so surely they must abide by the CCA and give a full refund less £5? Any advice on how to proceed to get a full refund appreciated Finally what do you make of this extract from their T&C's? "In the event that any of these terms (each of which is severable) is for any reason illegal, invalid or unenforceable, such provision is to be deemed modified sufficiently to render it enforceable, legal and valid and of similar effect as We intended. Apart from provisions expressly covering associate companies, nothing in these terms is enforceable by anyone who is not a party to them."
  16. Hi Took out a car loan with British credit trust in 2007,this was arranged by Net cars ltd(formerly net vehicles solutions ltd. The vehicle loan is now paid in full since 2011. At beginning of 2013 I instructed a ppi claim company to deal with(Don't do it) I called them several days ago and got a letter in post saying they are unable to continue my claim as the FSCS have stated that Net cars ltd were no regulated at the point of sale. Any ideas where I go from here,will I still be able to make any time of claim. Thanks in advance. WK
  17. H i has anyone had dealings with loans options.net they took £64.00 out of my account they have not given me anything I actually cancelled the membership as they call in within 24 hours. They have said they will refund £30 what on earth is the other £34.00 for. I have looked at the consumer credit act section 155 which says they can only hold £5.00 back so why do they think it is ok to just refund £30.00 . I have sent them an email stating that I want the whole amount back and quotes the credit act 1974. Has anyone else had this problem with this company .
  18. Hi, i have received an email this morning telling me plusnet are increasing my broadband by £1.50 per month, obviously this is alot and is mid term of my contract with them, my questions are can they do this as i dont have any paper work to see terms and what legal rights do i have to cancel without paying a cancellation fee. Any advice on the matter will be great. Many Thanks Tim
  19. This is a bit of a long story so please bare with me cos I really do need some advice. My son has been on my case about a new Blackberry Z10 for ages! I finally managed to save up enough money and found a sim free phone which is what he wanted with a company called SIMPLY ELECTRONICS.NET I placed the order and paid the full amount of £449.95 on my debit card. I got an email the following day asking me for a copy of a current utility bill to verify my address. I thought this a bit strange so telephoned the customer service number and got through to a call centre - I was told that the phone would not be sent out without seeing this verification. I told them I was unhappy to send anything else as I had paid in full and the card used was registered to my address which was also my delivery address. The person on the phone was less than helpful and just kept insisting on seeing verification or no order would be sent so I told them I wanted to cancel the order and have the payment returned to me as it was already showing that it had left my account. I was told that they couldn't accept a cancellation over the phone, that it had to be done via email. So I emailed them. I received an email back saying sorry you want to cancel, if you would like to reconsider we will offer you a free screen cover, I said no thanks, just cancel the order and send me my money back. 2 days later I had not received my money back so I phoned them again. I was told they hadn't received an email from me cancelling therefore the order was on hold. I told them I'd received an email back saying sorry you want to cancel but they said they had no notification of this email. I asked to speak to the person who the email had come from and was told they do not accept telephone calls, only correspondence by email. I asked for a manager or supervisor and was told they were in meetings and would be all day. I asked for the operators name and was told she was not allowed to give it to me. I asked again for a full refund and was told it would take 2-3 business days for this to be done. I waited 3 days and received nothing, I rang again. I was told this time it would take 6-7 business days and would I cancel the order by email. Again I done this, to every email address I have of theirs stating I wanted an immediate refund seeing as they took the money immediately. I got a response back saying once the cancellation hadd been processed it could take up to 2 weeks for my refund. You can probably detect that I'm rather angry by now. I rang Trading Standards and was told that my bank could reclaim the money. Apparently that can only be done after 15 days since the money was taken, then they have to send out forms for me to fill in and return, along with any evidence and then they have to investigate! All of this could take up to a month or 2 the bank tells me. I called the company again today and asked why I hadn't yet received my refund and was told for 'some reason he couldn't say' it had been held up and he would now put an urgent request on this and could I give them another 3 days!?! My question is this (finally) HOW ON EARTH ARE THESE ONLINE COMPANIES ALLOWED TO DO THIS and SURELY there is SOMETHING us, as consumers, can do to get our money back without having to wait forever?! £449.95 this company has of mine and to be quite frank, I want my bloody money back and I want it NOW! They wasted no time in taking it!! :mad2::mad2::mad2:
  20. Debt-line.net Not to be confused with the FREE service national debt line. You got to admit its clever isn’t it? That’s like calling yourselves citizen’s advice bureau dotnet and charging people. Anyway, apart from offering a paid debt service these leeches also provided the usual threat merchant who work for some large utilitycompanies. My sister in law had a few problems with her gas/electric andhad being dealing directly with the utility company to arrange token meters. Out of the blue who should ride over the hill threatening toobtain a warrant to break the down with the police on hand and cut her off butdebt-line. She is obviously very upset and although no date has beengiven for changing the meters the good fellows at debt-line seem to indicatethat in the next 14 days her meters will be ripped out and left with nothing.
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