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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone, Ive had nothing but top advice when Ive previously used the forum - so here we go. I defaulted on my nationwide loan in approx 2010 - due to redundancy. Balance roughly 8k. Nationwide took proceedings against me and got CCJ for about 9k - enforced via a C/O that remains on my property. No payments being made as its interest free. I have had 2 loans in my life with them - 2nd was for 15k that paid of the last bit of my fist loan for about 8-10k I cant remember exactly. I have just had confirmation that there was PPI in these loans and nationwide are due to respond to me by 10/04. Heres where it gets messy... Nationwide are currently in the process removing the CCJ and charge because they never should have taken proceedings - due to them not showing interest on statements. They have advised once removed they can ask me for the initial debt but they cant legally pursue me (time barred now perhaps?) So I'm wondering that should I be successful with a PPI claim what are they going to do with the money - remove it from the balance ? Also here is a perfect example of why PPI was a rip off - I didn't know I had it and they sued me - they didn't say here make a claim on your insurance! I'm wondering if I should see a solicitor and if people agree does anyone have a recommendation in greater Manchester. Thanks for reading and advice needed please.
  2. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/selfdriving-lorries-to-hit-uk-roads-from-next-year-despite-experts-safety-fears-a3619651.html Dont panic,
  3. Good afternoon, I have been tagged at the MOTO Birch West services from 05/05/15 12:02 to 05/05/15 14:54. The letter states that the 'free parking period' is 2 hours, of which i extended from this. This has never happened to me before and i was totally unaware this was even possible, especially when spending money within the establishment. I had arranged a business meeting at the services, bought 3 coffees in total (which i have receipts for) and stayed for the duration in a business meeting. Total fine: £60... extending to £100 if not paid within 28 days. For me, i had absolutely no idea there were charges applicable and if i had seen signage, this would not have been a problem to pay as it would have gone on my expenses for work. I find this absolutely disgraceful that this has now extended to my personal finance and would appreciate all support in hitting back at these bullies. Any other details required, please let me know. Regards
  4. I've got a 6 year old Hotpoint Aquarius FDW20 that's not working. Soon after switching on it stops working and the wash and drying lights flash. From what I can see online I think it may need a new heater in which case the cost of the repair would probably be half the cost of a new one. Anyone know if I've got this right, or if there may be something we can do more cheaply?
  5. I've been embroiled in a fairly lengthy dispute with my landlord. There were serious ongoing repair issues that had been going on for four years. More recently I fell into rent arrears. To cut a very long story short, the landlord doesn't want to fix the disrepair (even though the disrepair makes the flat not really suitable for anybody to live in). He just wants me out. His solicitor has sent me a draft agreement to sign which states that the landlord will write off my arrears and agree never to bring any court claim against me in future, as long as I also agree not to bring any disrepair claim against the landlord. On the surface of it the agreement looks OK but it would be great if anybody here who knows about these things could look it over for me. Thanks in advance
  6. Been asked by a friend to see if i can find out the answer, got arrested in Spain 8 yrs ago and fined, didnt pay the fine, now wants to go back to spain but dosnt want to be arrested, would like to pay the fine now if Pos, or what are the chances of them being arrested if they go back (new passport since then so number different) just wants to get it sorted one way or another.
  7. This letter arrived to my address today, and as it was the right surname, I didn't pay attention further and opened it. When I saw it was apparently from Council Tax, I thought "now what?" and then on reading further, the penny dropped that it wasn't addressed to us nor had anything to do with us at all. Fishing expedition? Oh yes, I think so... Anyway... I was just going to send the letter back with a terse "you got the wrong person, naff off", but out of curiosity, I examined said letter a bit closer, and then decided to scan it for your perusal. You see, there are a few things bothering me here; the fishing expedition I can handle, BUT it seems to me that these people are misrepresenting themselves and lying to the person: 1st of all, it says they are "authorised to recover council tax by the council". Says who? Where is their authority? Then it says a liability order was granted... but no LO number is quoted, not on this page nor any other and in fact in the next page there is a blank next to the "court hearing" (this isn't me deleting it, there was nothing there). Then there is the "you may be liable for a fine of up to £1000...". Again, says who? They're not bailiffs, they're not the council, is is an offence to refuse to give perfect strangers all your financial information on the basis of "we say so" and a badly photocopied official council logo? Finally, the last page against refers to the Liability Order and the duty to supply the information... but carefully doesn't specify to whom said info needs be supplied. In short, it all sounds very fishy. I would even have discarded at a [problem] full stop, but the company's own website (ok, no proof of anything as such, I know) seems to show them as semi-legitimate "service providers" to a few local authorities. I don't know, I smell a rat, RLP or PPC style... people pretendign to have more authority than they really do, skirting around the truth to try and bully people into paying without questioning... What do you guys think?
  8. Hi After a lot letters Egg have finally sent me my SAR information. It appears that I had been paying PPI since I opened the card account in 1999. However, it mysteriously stopped without my having cancelled it in March 2005, I am not sure how I would have asked them to stop paying something I didn't know I was paying. I closed the Egg account in 2007. It says that I applied via the internet for my card, I cannot remember ticking any box saying that I wanted PPI. I was reading something about this box being pre ticked on the Egg website in the early days, do you know if this happened in 1999??? If so did this mean I was mis-sold? I have calculated the amount to be £2277 paid in PPI on my credit card so you will understand that I am keen to pursue this claim. Can anyone help me with my case, I have got this far with the template letters on this site, but just need a bit of help. Many thanks
  9. Last week the services on my local line (C2C) were disrupted by a fatality (allegedly someone stealing overhead lines). All trains were stopped for approx 4 hours and a bus replacement service was laid on but most people (including me) opted to use the nearby Greater Anglia line intsead going to London Liverpool Street instead of C2C's London Fenchurch Street. Annoiucements were made at stations and on the C2C website that tickets would be valid. Now I kept an eye on the C2C website during the day and in the afternnon it siad if you had used the Greater Anglia line in the morning you could travel back on that line on your return journey (this is because many people may have left their cars, bikes at a different station). So I travelled back on the Greater Anglia line. Two ticket inspectors got on and asked for tickets, I showed them my weekly C2C Season Ticket, they said it was not valid, I told them it was and informed them of what C2C had said and that a quick phonecall would clarify this. They refused to call C2C, wouldnt listen to my reasoning and even called a Policeman (not sure where he suddenly came from, he was out of uniform and maybe just happened to be there). At his time I was trying to phone C2C and was uanble to get through, the inspectors issued me with a penalty notice for £30.20 (I didnt pay anything there nor did they ask me to), also bizzarely they then informed me that I had four outstanding penalty charge notices. By now I got through to C2C, told them the situation and they informed me I was correct, my ticket was valid, I tried handing the phone to the inspectors but they got off the train to give out penalty notices to others, eventually (!) they finished with the others (they appeared to take pleasure in making me wait !), and one of them took the call and spoke to C2C, his attitde was rather rude and appeared to be arguing with C2C, but the gist of what I overheard was that I was indeed correct, that GA hadnt been informed of the ticket situation and that a penalty charge couldnt be cancelled now. So arriving hime, I phoned GA who also informed me I was correct and that Ticket inspectors should of been informed and that I should send my Penalty Charge off to them and it would be cancelled. Its now been sent off, along with a strong complaint. Any of the experts views on this ?. In situations like this, what laws/byelaws are effective ?. I assume I would be travelling with 'authority having been given by C2C', however this is hard to check and hard to prove, the C2C website when checked had no mention of using GA, it had been changed to a general apology for the days disruption. Can somone refuse to accept a penalty charge (thus leaving the TOC (and me) with the option of pursuing it in court) ? I also checked with Ircas about the four outstanding penalty charge notices, they said there were none, but after further digging came back and said there were 3 from 2005 but thay had all been cancelled/succesfully appealed (I cant recall these but perhaps there were occasions when I forgot my annual season ticket, got a Penalty charge abnd then appealed, but I'm pretty crtain it didnt happen on 3 occasion in 2005). Im waiting the response to my complaint from GA (and C2C, as copied them in on my complaint). Andy
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