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  1. great thanks That's definitely something to work with. documents again, now fully redacted! Binder1.pdf
  2. does this negate the need for proof I ever signed up? there's a date at the top of the default letter
  3. Yes thats correct. Everything the Judge asked for in the last letter has already been provided to me. I'm still not sure what my angle is going to be when I get a court date. From the other threads I've read it seems that missing paperwork and old debts are how defendants win. Everything is in order from what I can tell.
  4. Just received the following. I presume this is standard protocol for the court.
  5. OK thanks got it. Lowell have provided me with; Application details (electronic sig), Pre-Contract Credit information Notice of Default Full account statement Details of it being sold to Lowell on 24/06/2015 debt is within 6 years As far as I can see, everything is in order. Not sure how I can win and have the debt made unenforceable by the court?
  6. Thanks, but I thought I was following the advice DX gave? I'm at the stage where Lowell and I couldn't come to a agreement through mediation, so the next stage is court. From what DX said, my understanding was that any missed payment, default fee etc. isn't enforceable. So the CI and Stat interest sheets are used to calculate the 'real' debt owed. Is this not correct?
  7. Thanks for your help so far DX. I just wondered if you could double check my understanding and a couple on dates on my CI and stat int sheets? Stat Interest - This is 8% on all the charges from the day they were taken until today? CI Sheet - This is how much interest Vanquis charged on the £12 fees from thee date of the fee until last interest charge? Account Opened - 12/02/2012 Last Interest Charge - 20/07/2014 Default Served - 27/06/2014 Overall I have 30 * £12 charges. Stat Interest = £184 Compound interest = £146 30 * £12 charges = £360 Total = £690 CISheet.xls StatIntSheet v101.xls
  8. phew, just got an email from scmreferrals@justice.gov.uk. I was worried that because the N180 was 5 days late, they would reject it. OK thanks. I presume it will still drop off my history October/Nov 2020, 6 years after the initial default date of October 2012. Its the only negative thing on my record.
  9. I've just had another look at the CI and Stat interest sheets. There was no PPI on this account. Total of debt bought by Lowell = 1750.29 minus Compound interest = £452.59 Statutory Interest = £486.57 = £811.13 enforceable What I find strange is that I have a letter from Lowell financial dated 2017, offering to close the account for £700.12 (60% of the total). This is less than what I calculate to be enforceable. StatIntSheet v101.xls CISheet v101.xls
  10. Thanks. So I just wait for a letter from the local CC? The N180 had a return address of Northampton, so I assumed there would be something else on MCOL. I presume they just forward the N180 to the local court?
  11. nothing has changed on MCOL yet. I presume if it is accepted, there will be a new entry?
  12. 2 hours to Northampton, so I dropped it off at the post office -Special delivery 1pm.
  13. I think ive just messed up.. been away for two weeks and just got back to a letter... (N180) The filing date says 1st November, although still cant see anything on MCOL. Just had an email from a credit site that my score has gone down. checked and Lowell has updated the default date.
  14. Thanks both. Yes I have read a number of Lowell claim threads in the downtime. I did wonder if they had been premature, thanks for confirming. This is all MCOL says; Claim History Your acknowledgment of service was received on 04/09/2019 at 08:05:36 Your defence was submitted on 16/09/2019 at 18:38:20 Your defence was received on 17/09/2019 at 08:06:04 The 'Acknowledgement of service' and 'Response Form' sections are showing as being completed by me, there doesn't seem to be an option to do anything else right now.
  15. Lowell have kindly sent me a copy of their completed Directions Questionnaire requesting mediation. This came through on the 24th, although I haven't received one from the court yet. Should I have? lowell N180.pdf
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