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  1. OK sorry, and thanks. My only concern is that this is the only default on my records and it only has 1 yr 6 months left. If I wait for the N1, does this add another black mark, or would that only happen if it went to court and I was ordered to pay, i.e CCJ?
  2. yes, only fixed sum fees on CI sheet, then interest calculated from that. I thought what they sent me was a claim form? This...
  3. I replied to Lowell and offered to repay the same amount as they offered me last year (this is roughly the same as the charges on the SAR + interest etc). Their reply is.. This was the offer letter I previously received
  4. Ok will put the correct description on ci. Yep have all the statements. All the interest and charges added up come to £1000, this is standard interest too. Not just on the late fees.
  5. Hmm ok that sounds like what I've already done... Any flat charge or penalty is on the ci sheet. For the cisheet interest end date, I just used the date on the last entry of the statement. Bit thinking about it they were probably charging interest until it was sold to Lowell? How can I find out?
  6. Ok got it. 8% on top of what comes out of the CISHEET. But sorry, I'm still not sure if I'm filling in the CI Sheet correctly. I know I should be writing a line for each £12 Overlimit charge but what about the following. Billed Finance charges purchase interest Billed Finance charges cash interest Billed Finance charges default fee interest (these look like standard interest charges) If my last post is correct the total is £385 (all £12 charges at 39% interest) + stat interest of £140 (8%) = £525. This is half what they offered to remove from the debt last year?
  7. I need to reply to the PAP this week as it will be 30 days on Friday. This is the calculation from the Ci sheet with each fee added with correct dates. I've just released I should probably only be adding the £12 late fee charges on the Ci sheet and not all the interest charges etc. So here is with only charges. The total is pretty much the same as the debt they are chasing. Ok, I think that was still wrong because the claim to date was auto filled. I've changed it to the date of the last charge. Does this look correct?
  8. just under £1000 of the 1700 total is 'over limit charges' or 'Billed finance charges default interest', This is 60% of the debt, and the same as the amount they reduced to debt by last year if I paid. The CI sheet looks like it is PPI related. I did not have PPI so should I ignore this?
  9. I've just skimmed through adding up all the late charges and interest. this comes to about £950 of the £1700 total. Which is about 60% of the debt & the same as the offer Lowell made last year (removing 60% of the 1700 total). I've added a very rough calculation in the CI sheet. last interest added was July 2014, 1654 days ago. (I've just added the whole lot on one day for now.) Is this correct? What is the ci sheet actually telling me?
  10. Yep got the statements too. There is about £250 of charges that Vanquis added after the last payment by me, before the account defaulted. There is also quite a few late payment fees in the months running up to this when I was behind. Should I add these up too? The final figure from 2014 is exactly what Lowell are chasing, so it doesn't look like they have added anything.
  11. Thanks. I have previously SAR'd Vanquis. I'll dig it out and post here Here's the SAR response jpg2pdf.pdf
  12. I've received the following letter from Lowell solicitors regarding a default from 2012 for about £1700. I've previously tried to negotiate a settlement figure but got very little response. Although I have found a letter they sent last year offering a 60% reduction in the debt. Any suggestions on my next course of action?
  13. So if we're out 9-5 the landlord cannot let themselves in during those hours? So youre saying if the landlord lets them self in, its their fault if already aware of the dog.
  14. OK thanks. Yes I realise I can pay the rent and move early, but that just doesn't make much sense. I was thinking the 'quiet enjoyment' clause would cover us here but youre right the tenancy agreement does say that within the last two months the landlord can access the property with tenants or purchasers but must give reasonable notice. Which leads me onto another question; when we fist let the property we had a verbal agreement that the landlord would not enter the property without us being present because of our dog. If the landlord decides to let his self in for viewing and the dog attacks someone, is that our fault?
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