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  1. Santander is to close 140 branches, putting 1,270 jobs at risk, the Spanish-owned bank said.The lender said the closures are in response to how customers are choosing to carry out their banking. Santander has consulted unions on the proposed changes and will seek to find alternative roles for the 1,270 staff members affected, wherever possible. The bank expects to be able to redeploy around a third of that number. Susan Allen, Santander’s head of retail and business banking, said: “The way our customers are choosing to bank with us has changed dramatically in recent years, with more and more customers using online and mobile channels. “As a result, we have had to take some very difficult decisions over our less-visited branches, and those where we have other branches in close proximity. More ...... https://uk.yahoo.com/finance/news/santander-branch-closures-spanish-owned-101010907.html
  2. Hello Needing some assistance re mortgage arrears and threat of repossession. The mortgage in question is with Halifax (interest only). I should mention that I am trying to help out my aunt who lives abroad. Having decided to move overseas, my aunt left her property under a letting agency. The bank were aware of the property being rented. Due to poor management of the letting agent, monies were not received in a timely manner and eventually mortgage arrears mounted. To cut a log story short, the property is now under a new estate agent and things are steadily getting better. The mortgage arrears are just over £500 and another payment due shortly. By the end of this month its likely the arrears will be close to £1000. I know this is not an overly large amount, but my aunt is not working and not in a position to find this money. Halifax have written and have indicated they will instruct solicitors to begin legal proceedings to repossess the property if any more payments are missed or if contact is not made. I am aware that Halifax have applied late fees etc and other charges but possibly not enough wipe out the current debt. My main concern is to stop the repossession and wanting to know what is the best course of action? I would be grateful for any suggestions. Many thanks MBK.
  3. Dementia risk now included as part of NHS Health Check READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/dementia-risk-now-included-as-part-of-nhs-health-check
  4. There are many people who find themselves in my position . Interest only mortgage coming to the end and there are either insufficient funds or no funds to repay the capital sum. In my case I took out a 10 year Interest Only Mortgage ( Idon't know why it is only 10 years) I have contacted Santander a few times over the last 2 years to see if they would extend the term but they just refer you to customer services to start a whole new loan . I no longer fit any criteria to get a loan . I have never missed a payment even though I am on a very high rate compared to other lenders or teaser rates . I am now retired with a younger wife and four-year old son . I got until February 2017 to find an answer to my problem. I have read the FCA guidelines 2013 but its just guidelines and Santander doesn't wish to play ball. Anybody got any ideas?
  5. My wife has about 40k in debts and is thinking about going bankrupt. The house is in my name only and we are worried about beneficial risk. The house was purchased before we got married and I paid the mortgage off 2 years after marriage with my own money. My wife has paid nothing to the upkeep of the house and improvements since marriage. My will leaves the property to my daughter Is there any risk to our house due to beneficial risk do you think?
  6. http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/dwp-shut-68-jobcentres-across-10747868 There is a full list of the branches to be divested in the link above.
  7. As many as 850,000 Vauxhall Corsas could have a wiring fault that can cause them to catch fire, a newspaper investigation claims. The fault is similar to the one that forced the motor giant to recall hundreds of thousands of Zafiras. Experts told The Sun newspaper that Corsa D and E models built since 2005 are potentially dangerous and can catch fire, with dozens of cases of owners reporting flames coming through the cars’ dashboards. Vauxhall has denied any knowledge of Corsa fires caused by the heating system. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2344371/million-vauxhall-corsa-cars-fire-risk-uk/
  8. Energy giant E.On is recalling 190,000 plugs issued to customers with smart meters over a safety issue that was first raised by a customer who suffered an electric shock in 2014. The company said the recall affected power adapters for home energy displays that were supplied to customers between September 2012 and October 2015. The displays show real-time gas and electricity usage data provided by the smart meters. E.On said it had discovered that "in rare cases" the outer casing of the power adapters could come loose, "exposing internal circuitry and therefore creating an electrical safety risk". It said it was therefore recalling the plugs "as a precaution" and that doing so went "beyond the requirements of the independent advice" it had received. Customers with the affected plugs are being advised to "switch off their power supply at the wall, unplug their in-home display and stop using the power adapter immediately". Which models are affected? The two types of E.On branded power adapters being recalled are Model TEKA006-0500500BS and Model SPS-02C5-0.5CU. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/07/06/eon-recalls-190000-plugs-over-safety-risk-two-years-after-custom/
  9. Hi all, hope you can shed some light on this issue I am facing currently, 2 months ago I bought a second hand car from a local car dealer, I did a HPI check prior and it showed outstanding finance on the car I rang up both the car dealer and HPI to query it and I was told by both that it is a 'unit stocking' finance and it is commonly used by most car dealers to stock up cars on their forecourt and the finance would be paid off automatically within 2-3 days of purchase I went ahead and bought the car for above the average price due to it being in pristine condition with low miles etc.. I only realized recently that I still hadn't received the new V5 logbook in my name tried to ring the car dealer to see if they had forgotten to send of the old V5 to DVLA. After trying numerous times to get hold them I had no luck, they wouldn't answer their phones or no replies for emails etc, tried to go on their website and it was down too! I got very suspicious and did another HPI check on the car to my shock the vehicle Registration was showing 'at risk' on the security watch register! however it was not showing outstanding finance. I rang HPI and was told the security register was made by the financial company for whatever reason and gave me their contact number. I still haven't contacted them because I am seriously worried they could repossess the car. My question to you guys are should I mention about the HPI check I did prior to purchase or am I better off not mentioning it? my worry is they could say to me why did I buy the car if I knew there was outstanding finance on it? will the 'innocent consumer' rights be thrown out? if the 'unit stocking' finance on the car is still outstanding will the finance company chase after the purchaser or the car dealer? and what happens of the car dealer had gone bust? The car dealer at the time had many cars advertised on autotrader and even more on their website there was no reason for me to believe about their credibility or reputation. I have the receipt of purchase and the payment was made with a Visa debit card. If you guys could please advise me the best option I should proceed with I would be very grateful! Kind regards Ri.
  10. It could take Whirlpool more than three-and-a-half years to service and modify all of its fire-risk vented and condenser tumble dryers, new Which? research can reveal. With owners of fire-risk dryers already being told to get in line and wait up to 10 months for their machines to be serviced, it’s emerged that it could take Whirlpool several years to service the almost four million machines it says are still in UK homes. 5.3 million fire-risk dryers were sold to UK consumers between 2004 and 2015, made up of 127 models from Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, Swan and Proline. Parent company Whirlpool hasn't released the names of the 127 machines, and is instead asking customers to check online or call to find out if your dryer poses a fire risk. But even once you find out your machine is at risk, you could be in for a long wait for a repair. What you can do if you own a fire-risk dryer If your dryer has a green dot sticker on the back panel, inside the door or on the door rim, it will be a newly produced machine and not affected. If there’s no green dot sticker, it will need to be modified – call 0800 1510905 or go to safety.hotpoint.eu (for Hotpoint, Creda and Proline) safety.indesit.eu or safety-swan.eu to register for a modification. Read more: http://www.which.co.uk/news/2016/04/three-and-a-half-years-to-fix-fire-risk-tumble-dryers-438193/ - Which?
  11. A clse relative works in the UK for a UK arm of a multinational. I know that, for fear of litigation, many companies will not provide any reference other than confirming the person worked for them from XX/XX/XX to YY/YY/YY, in such-and-such a position. This company is really risk averse. does exactly that. What has happened now, is that in the annual performance reviews, the person being reviewed is expected to approach their peers - via an online tool - for a peer appraisal, which is then recorded and used as part of his review. Question 1) What is the personal risk to someone providing a peer review and including words that could be (mis) construed as critical orf the employee? Question 2) Given his employer's attitude to not giving any references that go further than confirming employment, how does this sit with his employer expecting employees to potentially place themselves in the firing line by providing what are, essentially, references? Thanks
  12. Police are investigating a "significant and sustained cyber-attack" on the TalkTalk website, the UK company says. The phone and broadband provider, which has over four million UK customers, said banking details and personal information could have been accessed. TalkTalk said potentially all customers could be affected but it was too early to know what data had been stolen. The Metropolitan Police said no-one had been arrested over Wednesday's attack but enquiries were ongoing. TalkTalk said in a statement that a criminal investigation had been launched on Thursday. It said there was a chance that some of the following customer data, not all of which was encrypted, had been accessed: Names and addresses Dates of birth Email addresses Telephone numbers TalkTalk account information Credit card and bank details http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34611857
  13. Growing numbers of motorists are having their cars clamped and towed away because of confusion over tax disc changes. New figures published a year after the tax disc was scrapped suggest that drivers are still struggling to adjust to the new electronic system. The disc was an obvious reminder. It has now gone and we think people might be forgetting The number of vehicles being clamped or impounded has leapt from about 5,500 a month under the old system to more than 8,000 a month. This hit a peak of 10,554 in July. The increase has been put down to confusion over new rules regarding transfer of ownership which came in at the same time that tax discs were scrapped after 93 years. More ... So their plan on how to get more money out of the motorist seems to be working
  14. Experian, one of the largest credit agency data brokers in the world, has been hacked. Some 15 million people who used the company’s services, among them customers of cellular company T-Mobile who had applied for Experian credit checks, may have had their private information exposed, the company confirmed on Thursday. Information from the hack includes names, addresses, and social security, driver’s license and passport numbers. The license and passport numbers were in an encrypted field, but Experian said that encryption may also have been compromised. More ... This appears to be US but could it also affect the UK and is the UK servers of Experian any more secure than the US. Clearly, the most important victims here are the T-Mobile users who have had their personal details exposed through no fault of their own, and are potentially running the risk of identity theft.
  15. Hi many years ago I ran into debt ( £4500 ) on a Halifax credit card. They sold the debt to Arrow Global who tried to take me to court and obtain a CCJ. I wanted all the paperwork before acknowledging the debt but despite many SARs and CCA requests ( I did everything correctly ) I ended up putting in a defence as they wouldnt give me anything . After many weeks and lots od support on here the debt was thrown out of court. My credit file in now better than ever putting me in an ideal position now to move house and start my life over honestly. I never knew if I had ppi on this but I have a feeling I did . I never had any statements from HBOS or Arrow. Would I claim from Halifax the original seller of my credit card, or Arrow Global who took me to court and lost as they owned the debt. Also if I approach either would I end up acknowledging the debt and starting a 6 year negative debt on my credit file all over again ? Id rather not risk ruining my credit file , but if I could reclaim some ppi it would certainly help me move forward financially with house purchase ! many thanks for reading.
  16. Will try to be brief: Bought a car circa 7 weeks ago for £2000. Dealer gave me a receipt. Also gave ME the entire V5 to fill in and send off! Within days I thought that there were issues with the car. I had filled in the V5...but did not send off. I figured at this point (perhaps somewhat misguided?) that if the dealer refused to carry out repair work to make the car right....I might stand a better chance of getting a refund and giving the car back if I told him he could have the V5 back - tipex my details - and so hence not record another owner on it - who then would look like he was selling it on within weeks of buying! I took the car back to dealer and complained saying he needed to put things right. Have since had it back to dealer with various different issues - multiple times. Work has been done - but are still issues. Dealer has just now had car again for a few days - and has just informed me that he is going to give me a full refund. I'm wondering about the V5 thing now. If I go in and tell him i never sent the V5 off - ask for my money back as he has said - and ensure V5 is tipexed and my details gone - is this ok? Any possible risks? Via DVLA or any other way? I have had the car insured in my name and taxed since buying it. Any recommendations on what to do? Sorry if this is foolish...just suddenly got concerned.
  17. Friend and 8 staff are under threat of redundancy.The redundancies were supposed to be across all sites - but they have picked all from 1 one site.And all are over 40yrs old and staff who were TUPE over and most are long serving(higher wages).In the letter my friend was told that on 2nd assessment there was possibility that he might recieve his redundancy notice there and then -is this legal ? They were assessed on performance /absenteeism/disciplinary - just seems odd that younger (cheaper) staff are being retained.Asessment was on not what you have done but what you can do -even though 95% of job is same One staff member with poor absenteeism known to be emotional threatened management with solicitors- and escaped risk Also one worker not at risk has asked for VR - but has been rejected -even though this could save job of 2 part timers at risk My friend is not in union - but other members are- but if unions were any good it probably would not have got to this stage.Should my friend use no win fee solicitor (how do you they exactly work-as there seems to be upfront fees?) Or can he piggyback on a possible union victory? Not looking for any hard and fast advice - just a general consensus Thanks
  18. For anyone who has not received a letter , please visit http://www.hotpointservice.co.uk/dishwasher-model-checker/
  19. For anyone who has one of these and not received a letter about it then please visit http://www.hotpointservice.co.uk/dishwasher-model-checker/
  20. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-29241563 EBay has been compromised so that people who clicked on some of its links were automatically diverted to a site designed to steal their credentials. The spoof site had been set up to look like the online marketplace's welcome page. The US firm was alerted to the hack on Wednesday night but removed the listings only after a follow-up call from the BBC more than 12 hours later. One security expert said he was surprised by the length of time taken.
  21. Citizens Advice warns that without a change in the law, more and more innocent second-hand car buyers could have their vehicle taken from them because of an outstanding logbook loan from the previous owner. New research with 874 used car buyers, released by the national charity today, finds: 63% of used car buyers did not check if the car they were buying had an outstanding loan attached; 2 in 5 drivers have never heard of a log book loan; 44% did not know they could have their car taken away by a log book lender, even if they are not the original borrower. Logbook loans, officially called bills of sale, are often taken out against a car. If a borrower fails to repay the loan, the car can be seized by the lender. But if the car is sold on while the loan is still outstanding and payments are not being made the logbook lender is legally entitled to take away the vehicle from the new owner. Evidence from Citizens Advice, released earlier this year, found one in five people who reported a problem to Citizens Advice about logbook loans had had their car repossessed despite not being the original borrower. Analysis from the charity also found the number of logbook loans taken out this year could reach 60,000; a rise of 61% on 2011. An increase in loans means an increase in risk for used car buyers. One man came to Citizens Advice after he had spent £1,100 on a second-hand car but a few weeks later he received a letter from a logbook loans company saying he owed £637. Despite contacting the loan firm to explain the car had be sold to him and providing the loan firm with the seller’s address, someone still turned up to take the car away. Worried he would lose his car and not have a way to get to work, he borrowed money in order to pay off the other person’s loan. Drivers can carry out checks to see if there is a loan attached to a car before they buy it. But not all loans will show up and often there is a cost for searches to look for loans. Citizens Advice wants the law to be changed so that logbook lenders cannot repossess someone’s car if they are not the original borrower. People who take out logbook loans also need better protections to make lenders treat them fairly. http://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/index/pressoffice/press_index/press_210140623.htm
  22. I received an email from Hastings today (7.5.14) at 12:44pm informing me of the cancellation of my policy on 5.5.14. Attached was a letter giving me a breakdown of chargers which relate to ME cancelling my policy early?? "as discussed". As I had absolutely no idea what this Email/documentation related to or whether in fact it was genuine i quickly contacted Hastings customer service department. I spoke to a lady who could not give me much detail due to the little notes on my account and offered to call me back, which she did. she informed me that the underwriter cancelled my policy due to "Moral Risk" something she nor i knew anything about. She informed me that there was an incident were loud music was being played from my vehicle along with suspect criminal activity (apparently people smoking weed, i dnt smoke myself so i'm pretty ****ed at this! altho there's no notes to say if this was done inside or outside the car) and Hastings were called by a Community Support worker. The Community Support worker did not speak to the owner of the vehicle so decided to contact the insurer?????..... i was not contacted by neither Hastings, the Community Support Worker nor the Police regarding the above matter. on the day in question i allowed my car to be filmed for a short youtube video for some local musicians. The car was driven to the NCP car park in City Centre by myself, it was parked up by me and i allowed some local musicians (whom i know) to film using the car for over an hour or so whilst i visited some shops. i got a call from them advising me that a local community support officer patrolling the area moved them along as there were loud music being played. Fine. I then came back to to the car park, paid for my stay and drove home. I do not understand how the above can cause my insurance policy to be cancelled. I was not contact by Hastings regarding this "incident" at all. I have not received any correspondence regarding any criminal matter from neither the said Community Support Officer nor the Police. No one was arrested nor charged with any offence during this "incident" I am the only person insured to drive my vehicle. No one was seen driving my vehicle. No one was seen with my car keys. The ignition was not on (i had my keys) I do not think it is fair the way they treated me and my claim. i do not think it is fair that i have been informed 2 days after my policy had been cancelled that it has been cancelled. I have been driving around for 2 days illegally at no fault of my own. The cancellation of my policy is also going to have an effect on my credit scoring which again is not fair.My monthly instalments have always been paid on time every month. I have had no issues with Hastings up until now. I did until now compliment Hastings on how efficient they had always been with me re my renewals ect, their call centre staff have always been so friendly and helpful towards me. i feel completely let down and disgusted with how they have treated me. I need to know how this can be rectified and my policy reinstated? I simply cannot afford to take out another policy with another company and pay hundreds of pounds deposit upfront. has anyone else ever come across this "moral risk" termination? can anyone enlighten me on what it actually means as the advisor's and managers ive spoken to did not have a clue. i'm new to this so sorry for the rant:|
  23. https://youtube.googleapis.com/v/lLAFhTjsQHw%26sns=em This video was sent to me by a friend. I have googled the issue and it would appear that it has been reported by the media last year. Apparently in our fast moving society.. swipe and go appears to be the way Banks are moving forward. However, an American journalist has discovered this could cause many problems. He went to an airport with a consultant who was able to simply point something at their pocket/handbag and download all their credit/debit card details and then clone them onto his hotel key card. He was then able to purchase items by swiping his Hotel key card !!
  24. Hi There, I am in need of help regarding my tenancy deposit. We lived in a flat for about 15 months and moved out recently but the landlord is claiming more than what the deposit amount actually is. Basically he claims all the furniture. Please advise. Thanks AR
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