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Found 12 results

  1. Because of the tumble Dryer recall, my sisters tumble dryer had to be replaced. She paid 59 pounds to get an upgrade of dryer, the Hotpoint Aquarius arrived on 1/9/2016. On the 12/10 she phoned for an engineer to come out. He replaced three parts to the dryer, and left with the dryer not working, saying that she would receive a phone call from Hotpoint. I rang them for her today as she has not heard anything. The engineer is coming out on the 20th October to replace another two parts. This is a brand new dryer, used about 5 times (my sister lives on her own and puts washing on the line to save money). I told Hotpoint this was unacceptable and the dryer should be replaced, but they are refusing. Can we insist on a new dryer?
  2. Hi all, Bought a hotpoint tumble dryer from John Lewis back in December 2012. So far I have had no problems. In december 2015 I received a letter (attached ) stating that the model I have TCFG87C6P, is faulty, a fire hazard and needs modification to make it safe to use. Now I have used the machine many times and gone out leaving it on, only now to find out that it could potentially have burnt the house down. Luckily this has not happened. I am aware the product is out of warranty but am I within my rights to request a new tumble dryer from John Lewis, considering that the one they sold me in the first place was never fit for use of more to the point safe to use. Any help much appreciated. Kind Regards BB John lewis tumble dryer indesit_Redacted.pdf
  3. My Hotpoint machine broke down on the 27th May. I contacted Domestic and General and was actively encouraged in taking out a payment plan which I did. I did not get an initial visit from Hotpoint until the 6/6/16 when guarantees were made that parts would be ordered and machine fixed by the following Friday or Monday at the latest.These days arrived, no word from Hotpoint. After many phone calls to D&G and Hotpoint they have given me a date for the 28/6/16. Hotpoint made errors with the ordering of parts I have explained that I have disabled daughter who because of her disability needs frequent changes of clothes. Hotpoint said they do not prioritise the needs of the disabled ,thus making carers lives very difficult. I am not asking to go to the top of the queue ,but just be shown a little humanity. Their mistake and inefficiency that I am having to pay for.
  4. For those that haven't seen this. Some tumble dryers from the Hotpoint- Indesit- Creda range have had a safety alert issued. If you have one of the affected models, complete the form for a free modification. http://safety.hotpoint.eu/ Unfortunately, I am one of those affected
  5. I've got a 6 year old Hotpoint Aquarius FDW20 that's not working. Soon after switching on it stops working and the wash and drying lights flash. From what I can see online I think it may need a new heater in which case the cost of the repair would probably be half the cost of a new one. Anyone know if I've got this right, or if there may be something we can do more cheaply?
  6. For anyone who has not received a letter , please visit http://www.hotpointservice.co.uk/dishwasher-model-checker/
  7. For anyone who has one of these and not received a letter about it then please visit http://www.hotpointservice.co.uk/dishwasher-model-checker/
  8. We have a Hotpoint washer that had some bath mats in and when I just came to empty it smoke came pouring out of the drum and the mats were charred and smoking and there's ash all inside the drum. Scared the living daylights out of me. I rang Hotpoint who said the model had not been recalled and all they could do was allow me take out an extended warranty that I would have to pay for and then they would send an engineer. Rang trading standards who said that I needed to go back to Apollo Preston where I bought it as washing machines are covered for six years under the sale of goods act. Rang Apollo and confirmed I bought it in Aug 2011 so its not even three years old yet but they said that they only give one year warranty. I said this was a very serious fault and that I would write to them etc to which he said you can go down the legal route if you have the time and money but would cost me more than a new machine! I said I did have the time and would take it further so he's getting the manager to ring me back. If it was just a leak or something like that wouldn't bother but it nearly caught on fire.. .what would of happened if I hadn't of been stood next to it or if it had been at night.. could of caused a house fire and well don't want to think f what else could of happened. Does anyone have any advice. I have arranged to take the extended warranty with Hotpoint for one year but will cost £185 but they will provide new machine if needed but not sure if I'm doing the right thing as Applollo are responsible really. I need a washing machine though and not sure what to do.
  9. Good afternoon, I am hoping that I am posting this in the right part of the forum, sorry if it isn't. I am looking for advice on dealing with Hotpoint Service. Last week our washing machine broke down (Hotpoint WT965) which is covered by a DGS policy - rang them up and got a reference number and then had to spend two days phoning Hotpoint as their new phone system kept cutting us off. Eventually got an engineer round and despite being told the fault code, he changed the heater element, sealed it up, did not test the machine and then told my wife it was all fixed and could be used in three to four hours to make sure it didn't leak. 3-4 hours time, my wife tried to use the machine, no water heating was taking place, no spin cycle and it seem to get into a loop in the programme cycle it couldn't get out of. Tried to ring hotpoint to complain and had the issue with the phone cutting off again. When we eventually got through to Hotpoint they got hold of the engineer and he said that he had to order more parts - despite telling us it was fixed (he hadn't tested it so how would he know). So we had told Hotpoint the correct fault code, even told them what parts were needed and the engineer came and spent 22 minutes in the house changing a part that doesn't need changing (I have since tested the heater element he removed and it is fully functioning). I have sent an email to Hotpoint asking for us to be re-imbursed for all our phone calls (about £50), time for waiting and making phone calls and also for expenses and time over the weekend to try and get some of our laundry done. Sorry for the long explaination, but does anybody know what my rights are on this and am I allowed to send them an invoice requesting payment for expenses that are down to their failing phone system and an inept engineer? Thanks for reading Paul.
  10. Ive had a hotpoint cooker for years and in Nov 12 it broke down. I couldnt afford a new cooker so close to Xmas so called Hotpoint to book an engineer to come and fix it. I was on the phone for ages, it appeared to be an offshore call centre, very noisy and the man I spoke to - his English wasn't great. He spent most of the call trying to sell me limescale preventer for my washing machine! He even put me on hold without any notice for over 2 mins and said he was speaking to his manager to give me a very special deal on it! At which point I got a bit short with him and told him that I just wanted my cooker to be fixed and nothing else. Anyway, he said it would be £135 and this would come out in 3 x dd payments starting Jan. Great I thought as I wouldnt be hit with a large bill just before Xmas. So I gave him my account number and sort code to set up the DD. Anyway the engineer came, it took a couple of visits to order parts and fix it but it got done and I had a working cooker in time for Xmas. The Jan came and went. Start of Feb, I was checking through my online banking when I noticed they hadn't taken any payment yet. Literally the next day I get a letter from D&G about my warranty on my cooker being auto renewed in March. I was confused as I didnt realise I had taken out a warranty, thought I was paying for a repair. So I called D&G on the number given. I was waiting ages (over 16 mins) but was so relieved when the lady on the phone spoke English. However, she was really rude! i explained that I didnt understand the warranty as I didnt know I had one and she didnt explain it very well and got quite arsey with me. Then when I told her no payments had been taken she said that i had given them the wrong bank information (which I know I didnt) and very sarcastically " that worked out well for me for Xmas". She told me just to leave it if no letter had been sent to chase for payment. I told her I didnt want to do that and I would rather pay for it straight away. So she took my debit card details - strangely though this time she said the payment was £125.88. She confirmed at the end of the call that payment had been taken and my following years plan had been cancelled. Great, thats is what i wanted. That was on 12 Feb. Yesterday, I got a letter from Indesit saying I have not paid, it has been referred to their Admin company (ARC) and if I don't pay within 7 days, I will incur a £30 admin charge!! I checked my bank account and the money has not been taken! Im livid! I plan to call the admin company tomorrow to arrange payment (again!) but what can I do about Hotpoint letting it get to this? Not to mention my time and cost wasted on the premium rate lines. Thanks
  11. In July of last year, I purchased a Hotpoint dishwasher. Everything seemed fine with it until just before Christmas, a section at the bottom of the cutlery tray began to fray away, gradually getting worse until it got to the point where cutlery can no longer be placed in it without falling through into the bottom of the washer. As the dishwasher has a sticker on it saying "Free 5 year parts guarantee", I called Hotpoint to ask for a replacement. They tell me though that they cannot replace that as it is not a mechanical part and if I want a new one I need to pay. I phoned the government's consumer line and as far as they are concerned, this part should certainly be replaced for free in line with the sale of goods act and I should go to Currys themselves to arrange a free replacement. Currys (who I have a 1 year guarantee with callout with) were also unwilling to be of help, saying that as 6 months have passed since purchase, I am entitled to a repair at best, not a free replacement for the faulty part. They say the cutlery tray is classed as a consumable and the sale of goods act in no way entitles me to a free replacement. They also generally had the attitude that it was not their decision to make anyway and they can only go by what Hotpoint have to say. To my mind, the cutlery tray cannot be classed as a consumable as without it, the dishwasher cannot properly function. In its current state I cannot wash my cutlery in the way that is intended. And even if it was deemed to be a part with a limited shelf life, it seems completely unreasonable for it wear away like it has in such a short time frame. Any help as to what I should do would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi Could anyone please advise me, we purchased a new hotpoint washing machine in december 2011 from comet, 9 weeks later on the 15th March it stopped working, so we phoned comet and they said they would send a engineer 7 days later, engineer turned up 7 days later took the top of the machine off and cleverly deduced that the pcb had failed and the part would be in within 10 days and they would phone when its in, 11 days later I phoned comet again to find out where the hell engineer was and they said it will be fixed on the 12th april, so we are with without a machine for a total of 4 weeks so this means taking a load of washing into town each day for a family of 4 (7 mile round trip) + £ 3.00 to wash clothes but most importantly my partner has a brain tumour and needs a lot of care, im not worried about the cost, its time that I cant afford. I was very angered by comets attiutude so I took the washing machine to Taunton (50 mile round trip) and asked them for my money back, they flattly refused, so I went to currys and bought a new machine, would I be within my rights to somehow claim my money back? I no longer need the machine, i found this to be very inconvenient, the machine is not fit for purpose and at 9 weeks old it obviously has an inherrant fault, looking forward to your responses, Many thanks Peter Fletcher.
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