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  1. Hey. I got contract for 12 months after 14 or 15 months of use i tryed to cancel by contacting by phone. No answer. after couple of times with no luck i cancelled my dd. And everything started... ofc i putted a .I. on them but still intrested to know do they have any legal right? Thx.
  2. Hi All, We are seeking to claim back overcharged amounts on our account which go back to 2006 to date. We have made a counterclaim against them and they (Kensington) have come back with the excuse that the amount owed to us is statute barred.we have calculated it runs i tom thousands and I find this hard to believe as I thought that in relation to a mortgage we could claim back excess fees and charges up to 12 years or more , I'm not certain. Can someone throw any light on this matter as if they are correct it could mean many of its victims will never see a penny paid back. Even though the FCA' final warning document states that Kensington would pay back its customers.
  3. nowlo everyone, I was hoping you'd be able to give me some advice on my current situation. I really want to keep on top of things. Natwest Loan £2,505.78 Natwest Credit Card £1,686.25 Natwest Overdraft £500.00 for my credit card, or shall I say Triton debt management. At the time I was awaiting confirmation of JSA, housing benefit etc and had no income. They accepted a monthly £1 token payment. End of last month they constantly kept calling me, I answered to shut them up. They told me the first agreement wasn't valid as I had no income and therefore it shouldn't of been made. Said the person that called me was 'new' (like that's MY problem) . I was forced into doing an income/expenditure there and then. Somehow they figured I could afford £7.99 a month . I couldn't, but felt really forced. I agreed. Since then I did a proper inc/exp for myself, and down to bear minimums for outgoings I'm still -£8.99 minus a month. I wrote a letter, which I sent recorded with an enclosed copy of my inc/exp saying I cannot afford the repayment agreed, and as of 5th Sept I will be making a £1 token payment, via postal order for the next 3 months (on 5th of every month), when I will review my financial situation (and could freeze interest). what I'd like to know is, was this right thing to do? What are the chances of them freezing my interest? They would have received my letter a long time before that payment was applied for. I'm worried they can keep applying for this amount. How can I stop them? What rights do I now have? Can they take me to court? I'm using my PPI for the Natwest loan. So that's covered. Any help appreciated.
  4. Hi I recently cancelled my direct debit that was set up for my Gym etc membership. I had not used the gym in many moths ~6+ and I believe I was 1 month away from the 12 month contract being up. I received a letter asking for the 25£ i owe as the final installment of my membership contract AND a 25£ admin fee to be payed, so 50£ in total. I am willing to pay the 25£ and either end my gym contract or keep it going but I am not willing to pay the 25£ admin fee. I sent an email to harlands saying this: Hi I have not used my gym membership for many months due to a lack of time because of university and work and you can check that I have not used my membership by looking at my account. I cancelled it and I thought that my contract, which I can't view anywhere, ended in July because in 2016 I cam back from Germany in July and started my membership again . If possible I would like to either pay the 25£ that was due for the last month or restart my membership as in my current financial status an extra 25£ charge is something that I cannot afford currently. I hope you understand this. I have not yet had a response. If they do not respond should i assume that they don't need to be paid. And what should I do if i want to sign up to that gym again?
  5. As I posted. I am not sure if this site is the best place for this sort of thing, but I am hoping to find out more about this so as to try to negate what I strongly suspect will be a contentious time when my mother dies. I live abroad and visited my mother in the UK when she turned 99 last month, as I have done for the last 9 or 10 years. She was pretty healthy last year but has begun to show her great age this year. Although still fairly compos mentis, she has become quite deaf and started to become more forgetful and confused. She can still get about somewhat but is now also very slow and needs help. Due to her confusion, she has invoked a pre-2007 Power of Attorney she made in 1992 so that my younger brother will be taking over her financial affairs, and I have some concerns about that, but I am 6,000 miles away and he is 10 miles from her, so it is reasonable that he takes over - with some scrutiny. However, it is his impulsive and thoughtless nature (and other issues) that he has displayed for years that concerns me and his conduct after she dies. He finds her an irritation and has voiced many times that once she dies, he will just 'go in with a skip and chuck the lot and be done with it'. As we are joint executors, we have a duty to do things properly and realise what we can for her estate (which won't be a lot) but he has refused point blank to make any contingency plans for when she does die, despite me suggesting it a number of times. Nor will he discuss anything and just shuts down, even switching off the phone mid-conversation. He just says 'I'm not doing anything and I'll deal with it all when the time comes'. He forgets there are two of us involved. This is all to do with deliberate stubbornness and not emotion about her impending death (which will be within 18 months, I suspect). As he has said many times, he would like her out of the way as he sees her an encumbrance. I'd like to be able to be prepared for any future problems, so if there is a way of discussing them on here, or a more appropriate site, perhaps other members could point me in the right direction. Thanks for reading.
  6. Hi , nasty taste left in mouth by Samsung. Whilst cooking, i used my S8 as a timer, as per normal. multiple timers set, and running. turned round to check time, and the screen was flashing like mad. A crack was developing before my eyes. A phone call to Samsung sent me to their Romford "customer care" centre where i was told i had dropped it The phone is not yet 2 months old. I was told that screen damage invalidated the warrantee, and also refused a second opinion, as 3 "engineers" had already looked at it. cost of repair is approx £350, after 1.5 months use am i right in thinking that it had a fault inherrent since manufacture, and that should be the route i take? The phone was bought via carphone warehouse, on an EE contract. EE contract appears to state the the phone is owned for the first 6 months by the company i purchased it from, so should it be carphone warehouse i approach with this issue? leaves a really nasty taste in my mouth, i suspect it is CPW that i need to go for, but they have been phenomenal to me over the past 12 years- would be much better if i was able to go directly to Samsung At time of purchase with CPW i also bought a "gear4" protective casing for the phone, and it has lived in it ever since. It was not a cheap case either Please help Kind regards iain
  7. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, I have spent many hours going back through statements and other related paperwork. I have kept every scrap of paperwork so have proof of everything I refer to below. I would appreciate your help in what to do next. I have tried to summarise events as best I can. The things that stand out to me are the Mortgage Protection & Income Protection did I really need both and that Norwich Union would pay the bank commission for arranging the policy. There just seems too many Critical Illness/Life policies at this time the total we owed around this period was about £45,000. Looking at it now it just seems over the top. I am no expert and will stand corrected obviously. I would really appreciate it if someone would take the time to have a look through and advise what I should do next if anything. If there are any questions then I will do my best to answer them as soon as I can.Thanks in advance. Regards Will INCOME PROTECTION, ENDOWMENT POLICIES, CRITICAL ILLNESS, LIFE POLICIES 1984- 07.10.08 CIS Cooperative Insurance Policy Number xxx6695 This was the Insurance policy against Endowment Mortgage account Number 40-xx-xx xxxx2998 (xxxx8196) Interest Only Mortgage Guaranteed Death Benefit/Target Amount on maturity £19,000 CIS Premium: £39.06 15.08.94 Midland Repayment Protector IPT will increase your MRP premium from 1.10.94. your monthly premium £10.47. 20.09.95 Midland Life Mortgage Endowment with Critical Illness Benefit Plan xx4339R To be issued by Midland Life Limited on the lives of Myself and Wife. 1995 - 2006 Cover £10,000 Term 11 years Monthly Premium £60.30 03.10.95 Midland Level Term assurance policy with Critical Illness for Me sum assured of £52,054. On a Single Life basis for a term of 18 years. Policy xx9914L-01 1995 - 2013 £34.06 per month. 03.10.95 Midland Income Protection for Me after 26 weeks Premium £11.52 per month. 03.10.95 Norwich Union Healthcare will pay Midland Bank commission for arranging policy. 01.12.95 Norwich Union Healthcare Safeguard Income Protection Policy Number Insured me xx8593Scheme 26 wk DP/IND Link Monthly Benefit £518 Premium £11.52 10.04.96 Midland Mortgage Repayment Protector (MMRP) Insured Person Me Policy Number. MBRP xx9966 Monthly premiums £8.70. 04.09.1997 Midland Life Policy (Joint Policy)Mortgage Protection Plan with Critical Illness and Permanent and Total Disability Benefit Policy Number xx9542B Insured Persons Myself and wife Amount of Life Cover £10,500 decreasing over the term of the policy. Commencement Date 02.09.1997 Expiry Date 02.09.2007 Premium £13.68 20.10.2000 Norwich Union Healthcare Safeguard Income Protection Ref xx8593 (HSBC-was Midland 31.10.95) Commencement Date 01.12.95 Monthly Benefit £575 Premium £ 21.53 April 2005 HSBC Letter Mortgage Repayment Protector Policy MBRPxxx849 To say that the policy is administered on behalf of the Insurers by FirstAssist Insurance Services Limited, future DD will be collected by FAIS Limited instead of Royal & SunAlliance, w/c 22.05.05 12.04.06 HSBC Mortgage Payment Repayment Protector Policy Number MBRPxxx849 Monthly Benefit Increased from £550 to £1,300 Monthly Premium £77.22 (27.04.06) 20.10.09 Aviva Income Protection(see 03.10.95) Midland Bank/Norwich Union Agent Name HSBC Bank Plc Policy Number xx8593 Premium Monthly £32.67 Payment Due Date 01.12.09 Monthly Benefit £733
  8. I have been on work related ESA for about a year or so, my adviser has been pusihing me to volunteer at a charity shop and I have. But it isn't my anxiety that's effecting me. I have trapped wind(very painful and makes me sick) so had a blood test and was diagnosed with a failing thyriod, no medication given yet. When I first went onto ESA before the interview to determine where I go, I wrote down trapped wind. But was not allowed to put that down on my sick note. With my thyriod problem it has casued me to suffer from on/off depression, I have anxiety which makes me sick. I am due for another blood test for diabetes as my blood sugar was high last week. I didn't know that my thyriod was the reason why I am always tired and sometimes depressed. Can I add these to my ESA claim? My adviser thinks anxiety is curable and I should get over it. Not in that way, but she thinks I'm ready to work. I have never worked and I never pass an interview.
  9. I am having to retire soon due to a back injury at work. I am a hca community nurse. I am 55yrs and was hoping to work until 66 which would be my government retirement age. I have permanent damage to my spine, and no consultant will operate. I have lost my driving licence too as l have foot drop. I will hopefully receive a ill health retirement pension. However, l am going to have a serious loss of wages here as my pension will not meet what l used to earn. Can l claim compensation ? I dare not enlist a solicitor as that would cost thousands and sadly not in the union as they were no help at all once upon a time. Having not been in this situation before, l would appreciate help.My condition was brought on from years and years of kneeling on the floor and sitting under tables to get to patients legs etc! Many thanks.
  10. Hello hopefully in the correct section and there is a Scottish expert for this soap opera I will outline the scenario and my understanding of the law. First the not too complicated part (I believe) Mrs X died without leaving a Will Mrs X is survived by Mr X (20 years separated but not divorced) and 3 Children. Mrs X owns 100% property A (that was signed over legally to her from Mr X 20 years ago.) My understanding of Prior Rights: Mr X is the widower and thus on the face of it has prior rights. However he does not live in property A, so does not "qualify" as the survivor. Therefore he has no prior rights. Then property A would become part of "the remainder of the estate" and the 3 Children inherit the house (33.33% each), as the intestate estate devolves according to legal rules. Basically "The Children" are at the top of lists to inherit, and well before the surviving spouse. So if I am correct so far then please read on. Mr X lives in property B. Property B deeds are still in joint names for Mr X & Mrs X Mr X qualifies as "the survivor" as he lives in property B. Hence under prior rights Mr X claims the house (Value below £473000 etc). Again hopefully correct and not too complex. Heres the fly in the ointment. Mr X also rents out property C to a tenant. It appears that property C deeds are also still in joint names for Mr X & Mrs X. (Mrs X would not have realised and never got half rent etc. Not worried about this part). Following the same rules/pattern it would appear that property C would also not go to Mr X under prior rights, but that 50% of property C would end up being split to the 3 children !! Can anyone tell me if this all looks correct ? There is no in family fighting going on here but rather just trying to ensure all is correct in my head before engaging legal help.
  11. Hi everyone, long time since I posted, have been keeping my head down after finding a strategy for my debts and uncooperative/unreasonable/deceitful 'creditors'. my strategy, devised at a time of severe ill health was to work out who didn't have valid agreements and claims and to tell them the facts and to sod off, and those who did have a rightful claim were offered a token sum as F&F. The first group claimed I was wrong, or simply ignored me, and the latter either demanded full settlement or ignored me. Either way, anything arriving after their response to my statement of facts was ignored - my position was clear and I wasn't going to waste time arguing. If they were convinced of their position, they could take legal action. The strategy worked because they lost interest in me. Now, 6 years later, an ugly vision has reappeared, but it pre-empts my intention to ask for help in making sure everything truly has gone away. This problem concerns HBOS who were awful to deal with. Getting simple responses from them was impossible, and at one point I was forwarding their responses to my complaints to their Secretary asking him to clarify the rubbish that was supposed to be answers to my complaints. In 2009 I started investigating the status of the account, and following the collective wisdom of this site, my CCA was a recon, and the DSAR resulted in a 2 page document. One page for my address etc (pre-filled when sent to me), the 2nd page was clauses/conditions. The last clause was 1.8 and it referred to another clause, 8.2 which gave them the right to vary the conditions. I considered the agreement incomplete (where were clauses 1.9 - 8 and maybe more?) and wrote advising them. I received more info, and again wrote that I still didn't have what I considered a complete agreement, and there were other things missing from the DSAR - fees paid, manual interventions etc. In short, I never received any more of the agreement. In early Aug 2010, I wrote to the Secretary (3rd letter) saying they didn't have an agreement, and so could not recover anything, quoting WILSON and THE FIRST COUNTY TRUST LIMITED in the High Court, [2001] EWCA Civ 633. The Judges commented : "In effect, the creditor – by failing to ensure that he obtained a document signed by the debtor which contained all the prescribed terms – must …….be taken to have made a voluntary disposition, or gift, of the loan monies to the debtor. The creditor had chosen to part with the monies in circumstances in which it was never entitled to have them repaid." I considered HBOS fell in this category. HBOS had also issued a dodgy default notice (this was at the time of the 'unlawfully repudiated' defence). Whilst stating several times that I did not consider any debt existed, and that no agreement existed, I complained that they were processing my data and passing it to debt collectors, in breach of the Data Protection Act. I asked them to stop processing the data, prevent others from doing so, remove the default on my Credit file etc. They never replied. Things went quiet. In June 2014 I got a letter from Lowell saying I had been advised by another Lowell company that they had bought the debt. I hadn't had any such notice (no surprise) and as I didn't consider any debt/agreement existed, and as I had not received any evidence that Lowell had any contract with me, I ignored it. Things went quiet again. I have just received another letter from Lowell - an "Annual Statement" "for information only as required by the Consumer Credit Act 1974" covering the period June 2014 to June 2016. (Obviously Lowell have a problem with understanding what 'annual' means lol). The balance quoted is the balance quoted by HBOS so there hasn't been anything added/deducted to the balance. Now, in my own mind, they don't have an agreement. The account was opened in 2005, HBOS couldn't supply the agreement in 2010, and there is even less chance of it being produced now. There is no way I am paying anything to this account. My quandary is that I am concerned about how much info is still out there concerning my accounts. Lowell are obviously still holding my data even though it was just over 6 years ago that I stated firmly that as no agreement existed, no debt existed either (using words from the High Court judge - the money had been gifted to me). I think they are in breach of the DPA by holding my data without my agreement, and as the account was closed in Aug 2009 it is past the 6 years rule anyway. The statement says it is for information only - is that usual or an admission that the debt is unenforceable? I wrote to all creditors in July/Aug 2010 either telling them the debt was unenforceable or offering a one-off F&F. As a result, all my debts are at least 6 years old since last being acknowledged, and my concern is that the cycle of demands will start again as the dregs of debt collection start a last gasp effort to recover something. I am concerned about using Noddle or Clearscore because I am not on the electoral register and am worried that updating my credit file will simply start the cycle of demands again. I have been waiting until I am positive more than 6 years has elapsed so that everything is statute barred and I guess that time is now. Hopefully everything will have gone from my file but what do I do if it hasn't? and what do I do about the dregs that are obviously still processing 6 YO data as Lowell obviously are?
  12. I tried to find this out but cannot find. Is there an explanation of the different member types? i.e. Basic, Classic etc If there is a sticky, would someone pls post the link ta
  13. Hi everyone, I'm new here and after some advice. I was made redundant from my job last September through no fault of my own and been signing on ever since. However, before Christmas I had an appointment with my advisor at my local job centre and gave me details of a job to apply for but 2 weeks ago I received a letter saying that they are going to stop my job seekers allowance from the end of January to the middle of march. I have since appealed the decision in writing but when i went to the job centre today I had to fill in another form and explain again. I know it was my fault for not applying for the job, but I always complete the booklet and attend the job centre on a regular basis to sign on. Any advice? Thanks Louise
  14. I wanted to know what the new rules are with regards to withdrawing consent for the WP to share your info/contact people on your behalf/claim their fat payment for my hard work when I get a job .. as I am sure I read it had changed since last year, also coincidentally each time I attend a review meeting I get loads of spammy job/credit emails in the weeks after which seems a little timely!! Am getting increasingly fed up with the WP provider, by and large I have had a year of having to attend weekly job clubs with slow computers and the like but since I hit the year mark it seems to have ramped up big time, I have a good work history with good companies and a degree and the minute my latest advisor saw it his eyes lit up and I have been pestered left right and centre. I was upped to two job clubs a week and also appointments/training sessions/interview techniques etc on one or more additional days a week and it was getting silly and made me ill so I had two weeks off with stress symptoms. I then had more blinking appointments and changes to my job clubs and was told a few weeks back at 1pm on a Monday that I was to stay after job club that day for extra sessions looking into agencies and applying for more jobs for 2 hours each day that week (mysteriously my letter had 'got lost in the post' telling me this), I kicked up a bit of a stink as I am a single parent and said I had to pick my son up from school at 3 so those times were unsuitable, so with a bit of looking at bus timetables he relented to sessions from 1-2.30 each afternoon that week which was still pushing it as am reliant on public transport which is never the best, I attended the first and then had enough, got upset (I am on antidepressants and suffering severe anxiety at the moment relating to a thyroid condition I have just been diagnosed with) and I decided to get another doctors note for 2 weeks. During this two weeks I had a letter from them saying I had to come in during that time and I politely told him NO, the day my sick period ended there arrived a letter saying I had to attend a review appointment in 2 days time and I just knew he was going to mess me about, sure enough on the Friday afternoon at the appt he says I need to up my attendance to daily sessions of 4 hours, which means dropping my son at school, a 45 min bus journey there, then getting back in just enough time to pick him up, I protested that I had a PC at home and why did I need to do all this on their premises and he said I might 'get distracted' at home (as opposed to their noisy office of course!!), that I had appts to arrange and so on which were being neglected due to them calling me in all the time willy nilly saying they are mandatory and have to attend, and he said as I was a jobseeker I should jobseek during those hours, I have no prob doing this, my JSA agreement says 5 jobs a week and they say 10 which I do easily and have never not done, he is also pressurising me to do full time work/get a better off calculation for FT work, which my JSA flexibilities say I don't have to pursue due to being a lone parent, there is no mention of any beneficial training, and any suggestions for that or clothing for interviews have been shot down in flames, its just flaming jobsearching in their offices every day, presumably so I can't attend any interviews without them knowing and that I get fed up with the arrangement. Its not as if I am not trying to get a job, I have had about 6 interviews in the last few months but none successful, am really fed up with the situation with the WP and its making me feel worse, we are reviewing the situation tomorrow after my session and I know he is prob going to suggest the same again next week when I have 2 inset days at my sons school, I really just resent the fact that they think they can pressure me like this and assume I have no plans for the week or anything else to do, and then get a nice big payment for MY efforts at the end of it all so want to know what my rights are, unfortunately at the beginning I signed all their docs as I was being too blinking nice!! PS. Sorry this is a bit of a rant having looked at it, but felt good to vent!!
  15. A motor vehicle has always been a most attractive item for a bailiff/enforcement agent to seize and in particular; because of its value and the fact that in many cases, the vehicle is located on the debtors driveway thereby easing the removal process. In 2014 significant changes were made to bailiff enforcement under the Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 but unfortunately with motor vehicles, the regulations may result in reduced protection for many people and in particular, business debtors. A short while ago I wrote a new STICKY for the forum entitled Bailiff enforcement: A Simple Guide to the Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013. To ensure that the forum does not get clogged up with too many stickies I included with that STICKY a separate Guidance regarding bailiff enforcement and motor vehicle. Given the importance of this subject I thought that it may be useful to post a copy of the guidance (on motor vehicles) on the main forum as well (see copy in the next post). A link to the Guidance is here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?453292-Bailiff-enforcement-A-Simple-Guide-to-the-Taking-Control-of-Goods-Regulations&p=4800997&viewfull=1#post4800997
  16. Statements Data Protection Team (Statements) Chatham RCSC Kent ME4 4RT Credit Card Agreements Senior Customer Advisor Customer Management Retail Operations, Business Services 2nd Floor, Thanet Grange Southend On Sea SS0 0EJ Loan Agreements - have received response Lending 6 RPO 4th Floor 1 Hardman Boulevard Manchester M3 3AQ thanks to timid80
  17. Hi all I am needing some help. I am looking to claim back all possible charges for payday loans I took out in the past. In some instances I had numerous roll-overs, re-lending etc so I want to raise a dispute with all of the past lenders and try and claim back some or all of the charges. So would like some letter templates from those who have had success. By the way all of these have been settled and none are chasing me for anything. Cheers
  18. I will try and keep a long story short. Car about to die so for the first time ever checked my CRA,s vodafone default from 2010! Recalled a Lowell letter in 2013 about this so called them. They bought the debt, could not prove it was mine and closed it in 2013 . They sent me the vodafone statement on the account which so last payment 2007 and defaulted February 2008 . Lowell you will be pleased to here gave me compensation for chasing a statute barred debt! I contacted vodafone who replied with "pay by 24th July and we will remove the default as it will be over 6 years old. Lowell docs say the default was registered in February 2008 yet vodafone placed it in 2012 but their letter says statute barred 24th July this year. I have the docs from Lowell so will get a sar going at VF what should the next steps be. I feel I already have enough to take VF to court. Ex pertain asked for info from VF and then hid the default as they had no reply in 28 days. When I checked today it was back on for the third time and all VF did was copy and paste the letter sent to me saying pay by the 24. This has caused me loads of pain and so it continues. Spoke to the ICO and not great lep there either.
  19. I sold my house because I was made redundant in my mid-50's and was stuggling to get another job. I did eventually get another job and after three months I contacted my mortgage lender, First Direct, and asked them if in principle they would give me another mortgage if I downsized, with the idea being I would reduce my mortgage from £140k to around £80k. They said they would, so I went ahead with the sale. When I contacted FD again they said they would not lend as I hadn't been employed for at least six months in my new job. So I ended up renting. But was laid off again after another few months. So, I bought a flat - this was almost three years ago now. I did it up but couldn't live there as it turned out to be one bed and not two as i thought and freeholder insisted it was reinstated as one bed. I bought the flat at auction as I was unemployed and using the house capital to pay the rent which wasn't a good idea. So anyway, I have tried to sell it. There is a damp problem in the roof above my flat which is causing problems and ultimately I have lost three sales right at the last minute with the first loss due to no maintenance and the second two because of the damp. I have suffered periods of redundancy etc and so I had to have a bridging loan on the flat for trying to fix the damp and also to help with my living costs. The landlord keeps messing around and promises to fix the roof but never gets anything done. Now the loan has expired and the flat has been repossessed. This flat represents everything I have worked for in 40 years, but redundancy has caused me so many problems. When I bought the flat the landlord stated in writing (in the auction pack) that £11k had been spent on the roof but can only produce an invoice for £3k and the roofing agent's receptionist said there is no evidence of £11k being spent, but the roofer now refuses to discuss it. It sounds like accounting fraud etc to me but not sure how I can prove this. I didn't get a survey done as the auction pack came with a surveyor's report. (hindsight is a bummer!) What I need to know is: a) can I sue the landlord for the losses I will suffer when the flat is sold? It is worth around £110k on the open market but not with the damp, and I reckon the lenders will sell for a lot less. b) if I am able to prove fraud or some type of fraudulent/incorrect invoicing activity or false claims by the landlord, what am I able to do to gain compensation. This landlord has basically destroyed me - he knows his stuff whereas I don't really have a clue. He hates women and talks to me and my daughter as silly women - his words. I am losing the will to live, because not only do I have to pay an estate agent and exorbitant interest on the loan, I also have to pay maintenance charges and ground rent. He has not maintained the building and uses it to line his pockets. But I also have a £2.5k council tax bill because the council are now charging me 150% because the flat is empty. I have been well and truly stuffed by this landlord, the council, the lender, the agents, and basically the government for messing with my job in the first place. I now owe the lenders about £50k or just under and the other costs, we are looking at around £55k so I could be left owing money on the flat or getting next to nothing from the sale. I spoke to the lender, Petersbrook Securities, and they said they are obliged to sell with my interests in mind - I'm sure that's cobblers? Is anyone able to offer any advice, including the costs associated with taking any action? I am desperate. I haven't done anything about this since September when it was repossessed as I've been so depressed about it all, and couldn't deal with it, but I'm having an 'up' day and don't want this freeholder to get away with this. thank you
  20. LACEF News is an excellent online "news" website ( link below) which has been set up by the founder of LACEF (the Local Authority Civil Enforcement Forum). Anyone with an interest in local authorities, council tax, benefits (including Universal Credit etc), bailiffs etc will find a daily visit to LACEF News of interest. There are even news articles about important legal cases. New articles appear throughout the day. LACEF News is certainly a page worth bookmarking. PS: To read full news articles (as opposed to a short extract) you will need to complete the short ‘sign up’ form. https://flipboard.com/@barrieminney/...news-vvnps43sy
  21. Hi all, Been reading the forums trying to figure out my best options, so many articles to read! I have been silly and got myself into debt I started with a CapitalOne - Luma Credit Card (£500 Limit - 2013) a couple of years ago to start building my credit, all was going well, got the letter " You're doing well, we are pleased to say we will be increasing your credit limit to £750" I didnt think much of it as I was generally just using now and then and paying in full each month. At the same time I also applied for an RBS Platinum card but was turned down. I then a week later got a letter to say my card is on its way with a £1200 limit. I was planning to get rid of the Luma because of the interest difference but didn't get around to it. Work went a little quiet and I pretty much lived off of the CC's. So I got a loan with my bank (Natwest) to pay them off and do some other stuff. That loan was all cleared in full before the actual end date. Then the same thing, I started living off of the cards again so they got to their limits fairly quickly with christmas and all that! I also got a Very account for my partner to use and pay me when she got paid. She always paid! Sometimes the money didn't come off of the bill though and then I started to buy a few bits. "Buy now pay later" sounded good at the time for a new hoover and tv. I then purchased some items from Premierman/Jacamo and they automatically gave me £300 credit, which I refused to use for a long time, but then it was just there one day Account now behind and at £592 with a lot being late fees and intersest- Limit was raised to £500 I think it was. Then came my biggest mistake, getting a 118 Money Loan for £1000 in 2014 at some silly rate I cant remeber now. It was supposed to be a short-term thing & paid off within a couple of months! Dispite all the debts, I was keeping up with all my payments most months paying double the minimum. Couple times was a week or 2 late but nothing too bad. I was very silly and I was pretty much living on the limit of my wages though. Where it all started going wrong... I was having really bad problems at work with my "Supervisor" and "Manager" which was also her Husband.. I was on a 0 Hr contract so to cut a long story (and a very stressfull time) short.. they wasn't playing fair with my wages because of the problems we had. Which obviously led to not being able to keep up with my payments, and then once I had missed a few I couldn't afford to catch up. I then spoke to my father who lent me the money to get back on track and then I missed some again with work and other problems cropping up. So since then I haven't really made any payments due to not being able to afford to catch up, and also sort of got into the "If I ignore it, it will go away" frame of mind where I was so low in myself and everything else going on in my life. I have now left the compay I worked for because the whole company is a joke to be honest and it feels so good not going there each day! But with that came even less money.. Its been a few months since leaving and I am now starting to feel a bit better myself and wanting to get myself back on track and sort my life out! Litte break down: Natwest Overdraft - £350 118 Money - £1000 Loan - Paid £675.55 - Current Balance £1239.09 - CCJ 09/07/2015 RBS Platinum Card - £1200 Limit - Current Balance £1534.65 - DEFAULTED CapitalOne Luma - £750 Limit - Current Balance £893.62 - DEFAULTED Very - £850 Limit - Current Balance £1027.18 - I beleive also DEFAULTED Premier Man - Limit £5/600 - Current Balance £591.24 - Agreed to £30 P/M Vodafone - £484 - Collection Agency - Fredrickson? - 27th Aug Deadline or they Terminate. Money Way - Remaining Balance - £38 -Upto Date £12 P/M since started. I checked my file with Noodle and I can only see one Default and all of them were apparently issued over a month ago. Not quite sure how that works. Vodafone is due to some how my data going over by £130! Myself and most of my family have been with vodafone for a very long time. I never missed payments and never gone over my actual monthly plan of £45. So I was quite shocked to recieve a bill for £180+ I spoke with them on many occasions saying how can I have used this, all my bills before and after that have never gone over. I told them I cant afford to pay it. They said they cant help in anyway. I have now been restricted since May and only realised recently I am still being charged for each month even though I am restricted. So now at £484. And if not paid by 27th of Aug then they will be terminating my contract so I will be looking around £700 plus charges. I havent used the cards or accounts for months, so all the over limit stuff is Interest pushing me over, then being charged for going over and then late payment fees.. I also know over the years I have paid ALOT of bank charges! Shall I look into claiming back? I am trying to sell my car at the moment, but I dont know what my best option is with paying stuff once I do. I have seen people mentioning Full & Finals with Default Removal, or agreeing to payment plan and CCJ being canceled. CCA? I was going to look at doing a DMP for the time being until finace situation changes. I am hoping to get my own company up and running soon and hopefully start building up some decent books and was hoping in a few years to look at buying a house, but this now looks like it wont happen? Again, appoligies for the long story, I wanted to make sure I included as much as I can. Lol. Thank you for reading, Regards, Mike.
  22. Looking for suggestions for my step-son who has a handy man business which is doing well, but needs sprucing up to look more professional regarding estimates and invoices. He's really looking for something in which he can set up a template for standard forms etc and just fill in the details in a few minutes. He absolutely hates doing the paperwork! If it could also keep customer contact details that would be a bonus, as would some sort of diary/reminder system for chasing late payments etc, if such a thing even exists. He's prepared to spend some money to get something worthwhile since he hopes it will be a one off cost. He has a MacBook Pro running 10.6.
  23. Another One Bites the dust again! Hoist has bought Robinson Way in the past but now it has made advances towards Compello Group HERE Compello Owns; MKDP LLP MK Rapid Recoveries Keynes Collections
  24. A colleague at work had an accident at work and was signed off until 22nd June.However,the company are refusing to pay him until he brings his sick form in personally.Can the company do that ,because if you have been signed off unfit to work, how can the company expect you to come into work and bring your sick certificate and fill in sickness payment forms? I was under the impression that if you had an accident on company premises and were signed off work, then the company has to pay you full pay?
  25. Hello, i have a long winded question here about PPI. Approx 8 years ago i took out British Gas boiler cover "Homecare" and when our boiler was tested we were told that it was on it's way out and would cost us a fortune in fuel etc. We were advised to get a new one. Soon afterwards a British Gas guy came out and sold us a boiler installation which included flues etc and change of boiler location. We were offered credit for this because we had no money. He tried a few lenders but we were rejected because my husband was disabled with income from a pension and benefits. I was not working and had no income. Finally he tried another company in just my name even though i had no income he said that joint income was allowed even tho it was just in my name and that we could only get it if we took out PPI. This was the case even tho neither of us were in employment at the time. 1. Does this prove it was misold? 2. Is it too far back to claim? The problems arose soon afterwards as we could not afford to keep up with the payments and eventually I was taken to county court and a charge was put on our house ( we owned it ). About 4 years ago we sold our house and the charge was paid in full out of the equity on the house. 3. Is it possible to claim PPI and Interest back even tho we did not defend the claim, we got stressed and buried our heads in the sand. 4. Who do we seek for PPI as the British Gas Agent used a different company to finance it and it ended up getting sold on etc and ended up with Aktiv Kapital I have been helped elsewhere on the forums so thought i would ask about this
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