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  1. Government welcomes landmark law which will improve the safety of tenants READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-welcomes-landmark-law-which-will-improve-the-safety-of-tenants Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2018/34/contents/enacted/data.htm
  2. Hi, a request for information and perhaps help. I have just found this forum and this particular thread as I searched for help relating to a very similar issue I am having with Marquis https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?486134-Marquis-Motorhomes-Dealer-Refuses-to-Accept-Vehicle-Rejection&p=5157435#post5157435 How do I go about getting some advise please. My problem relates to issues with my FIAT engine and the fact that my new Motorhome has spent weeks in the garage waiting to be repaired. At present it is at week 8 of it's most recent visit
  3. Hi there , Just a quick question i need help with guys , i have been a customer of perfect homes for 5 years and had a few items off them and most of them are paid off , i have currently 3 items left with them and 2 are nearly paid off , my question is with the final item , if i decide i do not want it anymore , and i refuse to pay for it , and i have told them i do not want it and to come and pick it up , can they actually do anything ? The reason i ask is the 3rd item is a 2ND HAND TV they sold me over a 4 yr period they charged me £3843, it was
  4. CMA consults on draft consumer law advice for care homes READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/cma-consults-on-draft-consumer-law-advice-for-care-homes
  5. One in three nursing homes in England 'fail safety' READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-40499567
  6. Safety of Scotlands High Rise Homes to be Examined - The Scottish Parliament READ MORE HERE: http://www.parliament.scot/newsandmediacentre/105470.aspx
  7. Just looking for a home that was built in two days.A house not part of a skyscraper.And 90% more energy friendly and green.Affordable and if so slap them clean on the Brownfield sites now. There is urgent need,that is clear. I will find it.And add it later.90K and can be rented out or sold within weeks. Also will find out about Brownfield sites. Building more homes on brownfield land Consultation proposals https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/398745/Brownfield_Consultation_Paper.pdf And how many empty homes there are,not in use. And
  8. Apologies if this is in the wrong section but it was the only one close to the problem I have. My 94 year old Mother in Law is going in to a care home this week, she suffers badly with Dementia. As well as taking all her pension, I have been told by Social Services that I need to make "Top Up" payment of anywhere between £30 and £70 a week. We haven't asked for any upgrade to Mum's accommodation, she will have one of the basic bedrooms within the care home. Can anyone offer any advice or help please?
  9. Hi There I have 3 iphones that I purchased from Perfect Homes and they are all over 12 months into an agreement that is for 24 months. I have recently lost a lot of income per week due to the benefits change as I am on ESA Support and PIP. Question is if I am unable to pay can they repossess the phones or block them, and how would I go on about getting them on a smaller weekly/Monthly payment? I,m not saying I don't want to pay but we can only pay what we can afford. The amount due per week is £52.00 Thanks in advance
  10. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/giant-house-spiders-are-invading-british-homes-following-wet-and-warm-summer-10467050.html
  11. Hello my first time posting here so i hope i have posted in the right place ect. Basically i have been with perfect homes since 2012 and never had any problems, probably because we had never missed any payments. Until earlier this year when i was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder,which has been a very hard and stressful time for me and my family. So i have 2 problems with perfect homes that i would like some advice about 1) i have named my partner on my account and put a password on my account that only me and my partner know, i have done this due to my mental health at times i a
  12. Hello there... Need a bit of guidance regarding my father. He had some things Perfect Homes in Wolverhampton. Account lovely and smooth. They along with other people allowed him to carry on hence him getting into debt. Now my father is slow. He went to school for children with certain needs. My father is easily coaxed, frightened and easily manipulated into things. I have to keep bailing him out. That is if I find out what he has been up too. He is a lovely man regardless... My father had that many debts I didn't know about - so one firm told him to go
  13. I now see Perfect Homes is doing similar to Brighthouse with this new PerfectCare they have brought out. I wonder if the FCA will be looking into this company also.
  14. Do PH change the agreement number when they re write out a 2nd agreement. I'm asking this as my original agreement had all the insurance etc on and when I had this all taken off and they gave me a different agreement copy. now when I pay weekly and receive my receipt I can't tell what agreement is for what as the numbers on receipt are different to that of my original agreement which means I can't work out whats what and when an item finishes by own reckoning.
  15. My elderly mother moved into a care home around 7 months ago. Before she moved into the care home she was receiving high rate mobility DLA, because the care home was local authority funded her DLA entitlement was stopped. I received a letter from the DWP today and one of the paragraphs stated that there is a possibility of having her DLA re-instated, I have attached a scan of this paragraph. Has there been a recent change for this DLA entitlement for persons in residential homes?
  16. Hi Rented home evictions hit record levels in 2014 according to this Guardian article - amongst other issue its worth noting the sections regarding 'social landlords' http://www.theguardian.com/money/2015/feb/12/evictions-rented-homes-record-levels-2014 My opinions as per usual W
  17. Hi I started an agreement with perfect homes 17 Sep 2013 for a Samsung mobile. now my agreement states total amount payable £657.60 over 80weeks. today I receive an annual statement from them through the post which says opening balance £1,012.80 and remaining balance £290.90 Now I know when I first started I had to take all insurance etc. I did get my own insurance which I showed them. what I can't understand is how does my agreement show £657.90 and they are saying that huge amount on a statement. advice really needed please.
  18. Hi folks, today I had a visit from Temple Finance who I now know are Perfect Homes. I will try and keeps this short but informative; I lost my job a few months ago and we were in arrears with Perfect Homes, they harrassed me for weeks even after I spoke to them saying I can make a payment of X amount on X day they flat out refused the payment and continued to add charges. The prices they were demanding were outragously inflated from what we knew we owed I challenged them on this and got them to send paper copies out, we found out we had be
  19. Royal Mail and Trading Standards have joined forces today to crack down on [problem] mail in the postal system across the UK. Under the initiative, Trading Standards will decide whether mail is a [problem] and alert Royal Mail, before writing to the company requesting they stop posting the items. Alongside this, Royal Mail will warn the company about its actions before cancelling its contract if it continues to post s c a m mail. Here's how you can now help stop s c a m mail – just cross out your details on the envelope, re-address it with FREEPOST – S C A M MAIL and
  20. http://nearlylegal.co.uk/blog/2014/09/affordable-homes-bill-bedroom-tax/ Explanation of a bill that may change the regs regarding bedroom tax if it is approved.
  21. Please Help..! I opened a account with perfect homes just before christmas 2013 for a new settee as i wasnt able to afford a new settee straight out right. I was meant to pay £32 + pence a week but only got paid fortnightly (benefit payment.) i paid £70 + pence every fortnight which included the late fee. Which they moaned at because the payment was a week late (but always paid the full 2 weeks payment!) At the time of getting the sofa we was in a position to pay as we was receiving my partners DLA. Since then our DLA has been stopped due to it changing to PIP
  22. hi all i need information from various nursing homes regarding the dates that my father went in and came out and i dont have them all. can i approach them direct if i have the certificate of death with me? i know one of them wont be a problem, but have never visted at least one of the homes he was in for a short time. this post relates to money (unfortuntely) as we discovered his cleaner had been helping herself to all his funds (we discovered this at great length after his death) any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. as soon as we have all the information we n
  23. Wonder what happened here ? http://www.scotsman.com/news/scotland/top-stories/power-restored-to-200-000-homes-after-blackout-1-3379065
  24. hello all , hopefully there is someone who has knowledge of housing law mixed in with human rights law. Three weeks ago our lives had a wee change of circumstance. Within the space of 2 days it had been inferred that if we did not do as we are told, we would be street homeless and may lose our child to the SS. !?!!! !!!! (social services) ???what had we done ?are we criminals? aliens? incompetent humans? residents of a country where rights are toilet paper for the ruling class? it was worse than that. we are under occupiers of social housing. here are the facts, as b
  25. hi I would realy like some advice I had my benefits reduced so I couldnt afford to pay perfect homes I ask them if I could reduce pauments but they point blank refused so I refused to pay thinking they might take it to court and I could maybe pay £15 awk instead of £60 awk I live on my own with 3 children and I was stuck for xmas and every time you go in they hound you to get other goods so I did this this is how im in this mess but all I wanted was to get my payment knocked down now yo night a very big man came and told me he had a c
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