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  1. Government welcomes landmark law which will improve the safety of tenants READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-welcomes-landmark-law-which-will-improve-the-safety-of-tenants Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2018/34/contents/enacted/data.htm
  2. Hi, a request for information and perhaps help. I have just found this forum and this particular thread as I searched for help relating to a very similar issue I am having with Marquis https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?486134-Marquis-Motorhomes-Dealer-Refuses-to-Accept-Vehicle-Rejection&p=5157435#post5157435 How do I go about getting some advise please. My problem relates to issues with my FIAT engine and the fact that my new Motorhome has spent weeks in the garage waiting to be repaired. At present it is at week 8 of it's most recent visit to the garage with no sight of a repair anytime soon as parts are, and I quote "Not available". I bought the Motorhome from Marquis in April 2017 and the faults started in April this year when the vehicle repeated went into limp mode with engine warning lights comming on. I contacted Marquis as the seller but they insisted I deal with FIAT. However FIAT have been little better than usless and are baffled by the fault. The vehicle has spent hours in the worshop as parts were changed and I was told it was fixed only for the same fault to retun days later. I have been back to Marquis several times to ask as the seller that they get involved as I am getting no use from a £47,000 brand new Swift Motorhome with only 4700 miles on the clock. Each time I have got the same answer, " be patient, we are dealing with it at the highest level in FIAT" but still time moves on, my warranty is slowly expiring and I am paying tax and insurance on a vehicle that is spending more time off the road than on it. This morning I got a call from Fiat to advise they still have no timescale for delivery of the required parts. Then I received an email from Marquis in responce to an email I sent them, again telling me to be patient and refusing to give me the number and name of their head office. I am past patient and starting to get angry. It seems Marquis does not care and just prevaricate hoping I will go away. Any advise on what I can or should do next would be very appreciated. Thanks Michael.
  3. Hi there , Just a quick question i need help with guys , i have been a customer of perfect homes for 5 years and had a few items off them and most of them are paid off , i have currently 3 items left with them and 2 are nearly paid off , my question is with the final item , if i decide i do not want it anymore , and i refuse to pay for it , and i have told them i do not want it and to come and pick it up , can they actually do anything ? The reason i ask is the 3rd item is a 2ND HAND TV they sold me over a 4 yr period they charged me £3843, it was a 55 inch curved tv , i have paid over £1200+ on it so far , and have now come to the conclusion i actually do not want to pay another £2000+ on an item i could go out and buy for a whole lot less , ( the reason i had it in the first place was i had a 65 inch tv off them previously and it didnt work properly , so i handed it them back and the only other tv they had in stock was the 55 inch tv 2ND HAND !! ) i took that as i didn't have another tv , am i in the position where i can keep it after i have paid so much off it , or should i just cut my losses and just hand it back , because i refuse to pay another penny on it ? Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance Badboy09
  4. CMA consults on draft consumer law advice for care homes READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/cma-consults-on-draft-consumer-law-advice-for-care-homes
  5. One in three nursing homes in England 'fail safety' READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-40499567
  6. Safety of Scotlands High Rise Homes to be Examined - The Scottish Parliament READ MORE HERE: http://www.parliament.scot/newsandmediacentre/105470.aspx
  7. Just looking for a home that was built in two days.A house not part of a skyscraper.And 90% more energy friendly and green.Affordable and if so slap them clean on the Brownfield sites now. There is urgent need,that is clear. I will find it.And add it later.90K and can be rented out or sold within weeks. Also will find out about Brownfield sites. Building more homes on brownfield land Consultation proposals https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/398745/Brownfield_Consultation_Paper.pdf And how many empty homes there are,not in use. And who will benefit from those jails George Osborne has his eyes on for selling for housing Speech with video,about 2 minutes that is all for those that may be slightly allergic to George Osborne. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/video/george-osborne-nine-new-prisons-to-replace-victorian-jails/vi-CC8zE3 So perhaps some in the steel industry would be interested in this. I know,those damn Chinese,but fine entrepreneurs as well.Despite having many of our ideas away.And copying them. We should now return the favour perhaps with our steel.They use a lot,like meccano sets. Connect the steel plant to the production area,give no chance for cheap chinese steel to appear. Perfectly legal to do.A small loophole in European Law that is all. And it is time to look after our workers. Chairman Zhang's flatpack skyscrapers A Chinese entrepreneur who took just 19 days to build a 57-storey tower says he has triggered a construction revolution. And his dreams soar far, far higher. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-3cca82c0-af80-4c3a-8a79-84fda5015115 And the video. China builds complete 57 story skyscraper in record 19 days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93HVG3j1phs Even better. In April a company in China claimed to have built 10 detached, single-storey houses within 24 hours, using waste material which was pumped out into layers - and the properties were said to have been created for less than $5,000 (£2,974) each. Four huge printers measuring 105ft (32 metres) long, 33ft (10 metres) wide and 22ft (6.6 metres) tall were used to make the bungalows, China’s Xinhua news agency reported at the time. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2753200/Company-launches-two-bedroom-home-DOWNLOAD-internet-build-yourself.html#ixzz3rZ4YJiwB The answers are here friends,nip off to the council and enlighten them. For those that would consider this idea. Would be in the house and set up for Christmas.I can see you sat by the fire.Christmas tree in the corner,turkey on the table. Will find much more info in the next week.This is just for starters. A lighter look at the problem we know is here. I have run out of time today. Please post how you feel about things. Any info,any additional thoughts and links.From you knowledgeable ones out there.
  8. Apologies if this is in the wrong section but it was the only one close to the problem I have. My 94 year old Mother in Law is going in to a care home this week, she suffers badly with Dementia. As well as taking all her pension, I have been told by Social Services that I need to make "Top Up" payment of anywhere between £30 and £70 a week. We haven't asked for any upgrade to Mum's accommodation, she will have one of the basic bedrooms within the care home. Can anyone offer any advice or help please?
  9. Hi There I have 3 iphones that I purchased from Perfect Homes and they are all over 12 months into an agreement that is for 24 months. I have recently lost a lot of income per week due to the benefits change as I am on ESA Support and PIP. Question is if I am unable to pay can they repossess the phones or block them, and how would I go on about getting them on a smaller weekly/Monthly payment? I,m not saying I don't want to pay but we can only pay what we can afford. The amount due per week is £52.00 Thanks in advance
  10. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/giant-house-spiders-are-invading-british-homes-following-wet-and-warm-summer-10467050.html
  11. Hello my first time posting here so i hope i have posted in the right place ect. Basically i have been with perfect homes since 2012 and never had any problems, probably because we had never missed any payments. Until earlier this year when i was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder,which has been a very hard and stressful time for me and my family. So i have 2 problems with perfect homes that i would like some advice about 1) i have named my partner on my account and put a password on my account that only me and my partner know, i have done this due to my mental health at times i am not able to handle my own finances and rely heavily on my partner to do so, however they still refuse to let my partner pay my bill? therefore if i am unable to pay it i am ending up in arrears, what can i do about this so they have to let my partner pay on my behalf? secondly we have our own home insurance we had had since 2013 i took my insurance policy down when i first got it and they photocopied it no problem, i also took it again when i renewed my home insurance in december of last year, however i recently (on one of my good days) sat down with all my PH agreements and worked out that we are paying an extra £11 a week for their insurance, so we told them they said they had no record of my home insurance (convient) so the store manager came to our house and took pictures of our insurance policy that was months ago and STILL they havent removed the insurance of our account, when we asked why the store manager said the picture he took of our insurance policy was poor quality and we would have to take the policy in store AGAIN. Now i could be wrong but my thinking here is surely that is not my fault? it is his responsibilty to make sure the picture is of good enough quality and either way he has seen it so he knows it exsists? I know it is only 11 pound but it adds up over all those weeks, we have paid over a 1/3 off our goods, I would love any ideas of how i can get away from perfect homes i have looked at many options but i cant afford even to buy the goods second hand and if i saved up for them we would be without essentials whilst i saved? i understand that it may not be possible to get away from them but im hoping there is something i have not thought of! Any advice would be greatly received. thankyou for taking the time to read this.
  12. Hello there... Need a bit of guidance regarding my father. He had some things Perfect Homes in Wolverhampton. Account lovely and smooth. They along with other people allowed him to carry on hence him getting into debt. Now my father is slow. He went to school for children with certain needs. My father is easily coaxed, frightened and easily manipulated into things. I have to keep bailing him out. That is if I find out what he has been up too. He is a lovely man regardless... My father had that many debts I didn't know about - so one firm told him to go bankrupt. I didn't know about this until he told me he couldn't get his benefits out the bank. I questioned him and then he told me. His accounts had been frozen. I told him off and asked him why he had gone bankrupt. He is supposed to be telling me off not the other way round. I managed to get his money out the bank and spoke to his OR (official receiver) and asked her to start guiding my dad being as she was the one who dealt with the bankruptcy. Now my dad has an account with P.Homes and they phoned him while I was there. I asked him why these were not in with the bankruptcy. He said Perfect Homes told him that they do not come under bankrupcy and they would do him for fraud. He believed them as she rudely ridiculed him in the shop. I told my dad to phone his OR and ask her. His OR has now put them on the bankruptcy. Now, while I was out. My father got a phone call from P.Homes having a go at him about a missed payment. That they would put costs on, take him to court, he will go to prison for fraud and embezzlement. They want the goods back (yet I heard if you've paid one third they can't) My father was told by the woman to come straight into the office and sign a form. My father went in, she gave him a piece of paper to sign but she did not tell him what the writing was and he did not read it as she was rudely talking to him making him feel small. Manipulation. My father agreed to paying £25 a week on this paper but the terms he does not know. I asked him to go in and cancel what ever he had done. She said he cannot cancel it. She also said when he asked her for a copy that she could not fetch it as she had customers in the shop and needed to attend to them. There was no one in the shop. She was rude to him. Belittles him as a man. My father can't hardly read, he is on Tramadol, is disabled and half deaf. The woman had no right to talk to him like this. My father has no contracts from anything his had from there apart from three. He has not signed for insurance yet they have put it on. On the three forms that he has - insurance is on but no signature of my fathers. He has also never received statements so he does not know how much he has paid etc... I have sent an email to Perfect Homes complaining about the staffs treatment of my father. I will not have him collapse again. I have also asked for them to cancel the so called letter agreement that my father never read. And I have also let them know I intend to pursue it! Any guidance, tips, information would be much appreciated. Note to others: Do not have anything from these people.
  13. I now see Perfect Homes is doing similar to Brighthouse with this new PerfectCare they have brought out. I wonder if the FCA will be looking into this company also.
  14. Do PH change the agreement number when they re write out a 2nd agreement. I'm asking this as my original agreement had all the insurance etc on and when I had this all taken off and they gave me a different agreement copy. now when I pay weekly and receive my receipt I can't tell what agreement is for what as the numbers on receipt are different to that of my original agreement which means I can't work out whats what and when an item finishes by own reckoning.
  15. My elderly mother moved into a care home around 7 months ago. Before she moved into the care home she was receiving high rate mobility DLA, because the care home was local authority funded her DLA entitlement was stopped. I received a letter from the DWP today and one of the paragraphs stated that there is a possibility of having her DLA re-instated, I have attached a scan of this paragraph. Has there been a recent change for this DLA entitlement for persons in residential homes?
  16. Hi Rented home evictions hit record levels in 2014 according to this Guardian article - amongst other issue its worth noting the sections regarding 'social landlords' http://www.theguardian.com/money/2015/feb/12/evictions-rented-homes-record-levels-2014 My opinions as per usual W
  17. Hi I started an agreement with perfect homes 17 Sep 2013 for a Samsung mobile. now my agreement states total amount payable £657.60 over 80weeks. today I receive an annual statement from them through the post which says opening balance £1,012.80 and remaining balance £290.90 Now I know when I first started I had to take all insurance etc. I did get my own insurance which I showed them. what I can't understand is how does my agreement show £657.90 and they are saying that huge amount on a statement. advice really needed please.
  18. Hi folks, today I had a visit from Temple Finance who I now know are Perfect Homes. I will try and keeps this short but informative; I lost my job a few months ago and we were in arrears with Perfect Homes, they harrassed me for weeks even after I spoke to them saying I can make a payment of X amount on X day they flat out refused the payment and continued to add charges. The prices they were demanding were outragously inflated from what we knew we owed I challenged them on this and got them to send paper copies out, we found out we had been paying for insurance - We was about the insurance at time of agreement but was told it was OPTIONAL at which point we refused it and went on from there. Once I found this out I told them I will be happy to pay so long as they take those payments off, they got angry, refused again and said it's in the agreement and I would have been told that it's not optional but compulsory. Now it seems they have passed me onto Temple Finance who sent out a guy in a van today saying he was here to collect my TV and games console, I challanged him for his ID and proof etc, he waved a piece of plastic with a picture of him and "Temple Finance" on it, along with his name and then to his clipboard which had pieces of paper listing pathetically infalted figures of what I now owe. He went on to demand for a payment of £640 off myself or he will take the goods, I said I can't afford this but I will be in contact if he can leave some sort of forms or at least his number, to which he refused. It was getting tiresome going in a circle I went to close the door, he shoved his clipboard in the door to stop it closing (Pretty sure they are not allowed to do that) I said this and he said calm down, said the same things again I need to pay £640 today or it will go to court, at which he showed me what was supposed to be my court paper but looked more like a scare tactic as it definitley wasn't recently printed, looked tatty and a permanent feature of his little clipboard. He also said I could make weekly payments to pay the outstanding debt (around 3k I believe it was) but it would HAVE to be substantly more than what I was paying PH (£34 ish a week) to get him away I said I had to talk to the Mrs as she is the one earning the money at the minute while I am out of work at which point he left his number and went away. Now I am here, worrying about what I can do, I have read all sorts from multiple forums but really need advice related to my problem. Will CAB just tell me to return the goods or will they be able to speak to them to arrange a reasonable payment plan within my budget? I'm not sure how much exactly I have paid but I am almost certain it's a 1/3 or more, I know it's a lot of money and I don't want to just give them over and waste all that money! I'm worried as I don't want them banging on the door every day, I suffer from epilepsy and the main trigger for my seizures is stress, it's not nice to live in fear of having a seizure due to a bully at my own front door! Thanks for reading and hope you can help.
  19. Royal Mail and Trading Standards have joined forces today to crack down on [problem] mail in the postal system across the UK. Under the initiative, Trading Standards will decide whether mail is a [problem] and alert Royal Mail, before writing to the company requesting they stop posting the items. Alongside this, Royal Mail will warn the company about its actions before cancelling its contract if it continues to post s c a m mail. Here's how you can now help stop s c a m mail – just cross out your details on the envelope, re-address it with FREEPOST – S C A M MAIL and pop it back in a post box. http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/news/crackdown-on-[problem]-mail-delivered-to-residents-homes-sept14
  20. http://nearlylegal.co.uk/blog/2014/09/affordable-homes-bill-bedroom-tax/ Explanation of a bill that may change the regs regarding bedroom tax if it is approved.
  21. Please Help..! I opened a account with perfect homes just before christmas 2013 for a new settee as i wasnt able to afford a new settee straight out right. I was meant to pay £32 + pence a week but only got paid fortnightly (benefit payment.) i paid £70 + pence every fortnight which included the late fee. Which they moaned at because the payment was a week late (but always paid the full 2 weeks payment!) At the time of getting the sofa we was in a position to pay as we was receiving my partners DLA. Since then our DLA has been stopped due to it changing to PIP (Put a new claim in) and couldnt afford to keep up the payments of £70 a fortnight. We get our money on a saturday & i paid PH on that day. We didnt receive a payment on the normal saturday so obvs had to wait till monday. They rang up on the saturday & said that because i was always late in making payment they was coming to take the sofa. I then shunted it to the side (Silly thing to do) and this all happened 15 weeks ago. My debt built up & i have had numerous phone calls from temple finance, (PH's creditor) threatening to take me to court & getting mouthy at me down the phone so i hung up & ignored every phone call. a man from temple finance came today and i answered the door thinking that it was someone else. He said i MUST make a FULL payment of £526 Today otherwise they are taking my sofa. I told him im in no financial situation to be able to make the payment. I explained our circumstances, and he still said i either had to pay £250 at least otherwise he was going to apply to court. He said i could get a custodial sentence, tagging & a community order and still have no sofa at the end of it all.. what is the chance of going to court over it? Has anyone else been taken to court over it? Is there any help i can get? thanks
  22. hi all i need information from various nursing homes regarding the dates that my father went in and came out and i dont have them all. can i approach them direct if i have the certificate of death with me? i know one of them wont be a problem, but have never visted at least one of the homes he was in for a short time. this post relates to money (unfortuntely) as we discovered his cleaner had been helping herself to all his funds (we discovered this at great length after his death) any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. as soon as we have all the information we need we will be handing our file over to the police. regards
  23. Wonder what happened here ? http://www.scotsman.com/news/scotland/top-stories/power-restored-to-200-000-homes-after-blackout-1-3379065
  24. hello all , hopefully there is someone who has knowledge of housing law mixed in with human rights law. Three weeks ago our lives had a wee change of circumstance. Within the space of 2 days it had been inferred that if we did not do as we are told, we would be street homeless and may lose our child to the SS. !?!!! !!!! (social services) ???what had we done ?are we criminals? aliens? incompetent humans? residents of a country where rights are toilet paper for the ruling class? it was worse than that. we are under occupiers of social housing. here are the facts, as brief as poss .. My wife ,three children and myself are housed in temporary accommodation ,under the homeless act by our local council, into one of their own properties. This was 10 years ago in 2003 . From the very 1st instance of meeting the council to view this house we requested that it would be our permanent home and have done ever since. With a half hope and a lot of insecurity we started our lives here. 10 years have passed and our 2 eldest daughters have upped and left to create their own families, so since around 2009, only my wife, youngest daughter of 10 years age and myself have lived here. this is a 3 bed house. it appears due to recent legal changes the council have chosen to assess us and decided we have to move to a 2 bedroom ground floor flat that has been adapted for disabled use (I believe they were going to rip it out and turn it back into a normal bathroom as we are all able bodied) they cite two reasons for this discretionary decision ..under occupation and rent arrears. when the "bedroom tax" initially came in we quickly elected that we would pay the 14% and so therefore there was not a problem with us under occupying. the arrears were paid off over time ,although these were accrued through an overpayment of housing benefit , I am not too sure if the council can class these as rent arrears . if not then surely they cannot be used as a reason not to give us a secure tenancy here. now I have spent a lot of time researching as much as I can , and getting advice through recognised channels but they have been pretty futile exercises , they all repeat what the government says . we found shelter to be useless I am afraid. added to this there appears to be a black hole in the southeast, where we live, for legal aid help and advice . we now sit not knowing how to proceed , I have lots of words in my head for a defence case but have no idea on its merits. we have 10 days left before our notice to quit . I do have an appointment with a solicitor ,closest one I could get was 25 miles away, to see if we have a case but not till next week and I really don't know what to say or do if the council make contact in the meantime ! can anybody refer us to some info specifically relevant or some knowledgeable brains please xx oh yes human rights aspect .... I feel as we have no rights as such as we are insecure tenants, our only appeal against this process/decision is through HR ie proportionality ,procedural impropriety , etc ?
  25. hi I would realy like some advice I had my benefits reduced so I couldnt afford to pay perfect homes I ask them if I could reduce pauments but they point blank refused so I refused to pay thinking they might take it to court and I could maybe pay £15 awk instead of £60 awk I live on my own with 3 children and I was stuck for xmas and every time you go in they hound you to get other goods so I did this this is how im in this mess but all I wanted was to get my payment knocked down now yo night a very big man came and told me he had a court jugment so give me the stuff back I still refused and he said he will bring the police to come back i thought they would take me to court first my kids or petrifide when someone knocks at my door can they get a county court jugement to take goods please help A.S.A.P
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