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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I have had some excellent advice from this website, however every time I attempt to log in I get a message from Firefox "This connection is not secure. Logins entered here could be compromised" is this a problem with Firefox, or has the website an issue? Thank you.
  2. hello all , hopefully there is someone who has knowledge of housing law mixed in with human rights law. Three weeks ago our lives had a wee change of circumstance. Within the space of 2 days it had been inferred that if we did not do as we are told, we would be street homeless and may lose our child to the SS. !?!!! !!!! (social services) ???what had we done ?are we criminals? aliens? incompetent humans? residents of a country where rights are toilet paper for the ruling class? it was worse than that. we are under occupiers of social housing. here are the facts, as brief as poss .. My wife ,three children and myself are housed in temporary accommodation ,under the homeless act by our local council, into one of their own properties. This was 10 years ago in 2003 . From the very 1st instance of meeting the council to view this house we requested that it would be our permanent home and have done ever since. With a half hope and a lot of insecurity we started our lives here. 10 years have passed and our 2 eldest daughters have upped and left to create their own families, so since around 2009, only my wife, youngest daughter of 10 years age and myself have lived here. this is a 3 bed house. it appears due to recent legal changes the council have chosen to assess us and decided we have to move to a 2 bedroom ground floor flat that has been adapted for disabled use (I believe they were going to rip it out and turn it back into a normal bathroom as we are all able bodied) they cite two reasons for this discretionary decision ..under occupation and rent arrears. when the "bedroom tax" initially came in we quickly elected that we would pay the 14% and so therefore there was not a problem with us under occupying. the arrears were paid off over time ,although these were accrued through an overpayment of housing benefit , I am not too sure if the council can class these as rent arrears . if not then surely they cannot be used as a reason not to give us a secure tenancy here. now I have spent a lot of time researching as much as I can , and getting advice through recognised channels but they have been pretty futile exercises , they all repeat what the government says . we found shelter to be useless I am afraid. added to this there appears to be a black hole in the southeast, where we live, for legal aid help and advice . we now sit not knowing how to proceed , I have lots of words in my head for a defence case but have no idea on its merits. we have 10 days left before our notice to quit . I do have an appointment with a solicitor ,closest one I could get was 25 miles away, to see if we have a case but not till next week and I really don't know what to say or do if the council make contact in the meantime ! can anybody refer us to some info specifically relevant or some knowledgeable brains please xx oh yes human rights aspect .... I feel as we have no rights as such as we are insecure tenants, our only appeal against this process/decision is through HR ie proportionality ,procedural impropriety , etc ?
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