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  1. Hi there , Just a quick question i need help with guys , i have been a customer of perfect homes for 5 years and had a few items off them and most of them are paid off , i have currently 3 items left with them and 2 are nearly paid off , my question is with the final item , if i decide i do not want it anymore , and i refuse to pay for it , and i have told them i do not want it and to come and pick it up , can they actually do anything ? The reason i ask is the 3rd item is a 2ND HAND TV they sold me over a 4 yr period they charged me £3843, it was a 55 inch curved tv , i have paid over £1200+ on it so far , and have now come to the conclusion i actually do not want to pay another £2000+ on an item i could go out and buy for a whole lot less , ( the reason i had it in the first place was i had a 65 inch tv off them previously and it didnt work properly , so i handed it them back and the only other tv they had in stock was the 55 inch tv 2ND HAND !! ) i took that as i didn't have another tv , am i in the position where i can keep it after i have paid so much off it , or should i just cut my losses and just hand it back , because i refuse to pay another penny on it ? Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance Badboy09
  2. hi everyone , Just looking for some advice , the situation i am currently in at the moment is this , my wife was claiming ESA for the both of us , and we were both on it for maybe 18 months or so , and she also claims PIP ( she was on high rate pip , then on the next medical she got put down to medium rate pip, but never questioned why it had been lowered) , she then got told she needed to go for a medical ( she passed the first medical ) ( she has Idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH) , she has had 3 surgeries so far and its looking like she will be going back for a 4th surgery as they still have not fixed the problem yet , and then she went for a medical a 4 months ago roughly , and she received an outcome letter saying she had failed the medical , so she went to citizens advice to seek advice , and got told to take it to a tribunal , which she is doing , so she went on JSA , and they told her she had to go to work courses , even though she was handing in sick notes every month , anyway she has know been told she is going back on ESA at a reduced rate , because shes been handing in sick notes for more than 13 weeks , ( we are losing roughly £93 a fortnight ) until the outcome of the tribunal is decided , does anyone know how long it can take from starting the tribunal procedure to the tribunal date ? its roughly been 3-4 months so far any advice would be appreciated thanks in advance badboy09
  3. i tried telling them till i was blue in the face and their only response was you can sell it back to us for £60 , so i told them where they can shove that offer i will be getting a full refund but ty for the idea of sending them consumer rights act and a letter .
  4. i have also been advised to take it to pc world and ask them to do a stress test on it , to see what their outcome is , the second shop didnt charge me for the blown psu's as he does all my computer work and he offered this out of friendship , im assuming he had ome spare in stock and was happy to try them out , i dont know that much about the innards of pc's hence why i go to my computer guy , but yes i want to hit them where it hurts i was polite the first time and tried explaining the situation which they blatantly mislead me it seems , i certainly wont be buying off these con artists again though
  5. exactly it was like arguing with a brick wall , im hoping my chargeback goes through just so i can walk back in the shop and tell them where to shove there faulty graphics card
  6. thats what i thought to begin with , then i took it down to the computer shop to see if that was the case , and it was confirmed it was the graphics card , i was under the impression that i should go out and buy a 1000 w psu just to be over safe , but now i dont think i should
  7. i asked for results and they only told me that it worked thats all i need to know and they wouldnt tell me anymore
  8. it came in a anti static bag in the incorrect box as they didnt have the correct box for some reason
  9. wow reading that just went right over my head lol, its the only graphics card in her tower , and she turns her pc off at night and she only plays her guild wars 2 game for a couple of hours a day , so im guessing it should be ideal for her gaming need when she returned it they claimed to have done a stress test , all of 30 mins of it and provided no proof , just their word it was ok , it clearly looks like they are just passing it off , and it was a nvideo graphics card
  10. the psu that was in my wifes computer was a 750 watt , and the only thing my wife ever does on her computer is browse the internet and play guild wars 2 , which should be enough , the owner of the computer shop is a friend of mine and had offered to test it out on his computers ( he uses his computers fir bit mining )
  11. hi there ladies and gents , i recently purchased a 2nd hand 4 gig graphics card from cex in swansea for £150 , for my wifes birthday , she brought it home and then took her computer and her new graphics card to a local computer shop to have it installed correctly with in a couple of days , her power supply unit in her computer blew up , we took it back the computer shop and they did a test on it , found out it was the graphics card i bought from cex in swansea , the owner of the computer shop then suggested leaving the card with him so he can do a overnight test on it , to see if it did the same to his computers in his shop , we left it there for 2 days in that time , it had blown 2 of his power supply units to , he explained it was the graphics card at fault , we took it back to the shop in swansea , who then explained they would have to test it themselves , after 30 mins , the cex staff came back and told us everything was fine with it , and we were refused a refund , i explained that it was within 28 days and i was entitled to a refund under the "short time to reject" option ( consumer rights told me about that one) they blatantly refused a refund and told me if i wish to sell it back to them , they would offer me £60 , no matter how many times i explained that it was faulty he refused to accept that , i am now in the process of getting a letter written up by the computer repair shop with proof that it is faulty , is there a template available i can send to them demanding a refund , i have also put in for a chargeback on my card via my bank in regards to this as well , i just want to have all my bases covered when i go at them again , i was also informed by consumer rights that i could claim consequential losses in regards to having to replace the psu unit in my wifes computer as well because of this . any help would be appreciated badboy09
  12. ok will try that , just going to see if he reacts to the text i sent him earlier , the company itself have all our incomes and expenditures from when i previously was paying them, but its weird how once a bailiff has been out the office want nothing to do with your account , and hand sole control of it over to the bailiff to deal with , i had just payed off a previous council tax bill of over £500 , and had this to pay , it seems they will try and get what they can without sending out a warning letter first or a phone call , just send a bailiff its an extra £300 + in their pockets ..
  13. he has not tried taking anything from outside the house as there is nothing , the car is parked across the street among many others lol
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