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  1. Why even bother with the fca when its obvious after months & years on a decision they do nothing?
  2. So what is the point in claiming OSC & DLC if it gets us nowhere. seems to me as if the fos doesn't care hence Brighthouse and others like them can get away with this type of thing again & again. are these regulators etc scared to fight these company's? Brighthouse wins again!
  3. Sorry for butting in but the sly way Brighthouse do it now with there 5 star service which really does hike the price up and includes insurance regardless of what they say to disguise it there is no way out for the customer to reduce what they pay per week
  4. Hi, Can someone explain on the spreadsheets what all these different amounts are as its got me confused.? the annual statement of payments I received says opening bal £1,012.80 then a little way down it has loan capital £837.51. then on my agreement it has total amount payable £657.80. Tomorrow I'm refusing to pay for the phone but I'm even more confused is to whether I have paid the off in full or not.
  5. Just sent my email of complaint to Perfect Homes head office so will see what happens from there.
  6. I'm gonna do it and not pay for the phone even though they tell me I still have to pay it cos of the cover plus on. that was meant to be took off in first place.
  7. So should I pay next week again or not? they said if I didn't pay the remainder and it still having cover plus on we'll get late payment fees though everything was meant to come off months ago. shall I just continue paying till I get the sar sent or what. Don't know whats the best way.
  8. Hi, thanks for that. manager stated regardless of the insurance/dlc taken off you still have to pay the £1,012.80 as that also has the apr added. even though my agreement states £657.60 when everything was taken off. they won't take the cover plus off unless we do a new agreement with them which I don't want to do. they still saying we owe £200+ and if not paid charges will be added and a doorstep collector will call. we've paid well over £800
  9. So I def should be finished paying for that phone shouldn't I? will just have to pay it until I sort the spreadsheet out and a letter. where do I send it to? should I also do a sar request for the other agreement as sure they still charging me more on that also.
  10. Hi, I really need a bit more advice please. today I took the two contracts and annual statement in to show I have paid. I spoke to the manager who said to me Ah I can see what happened. the insurance was taken off but the cover plus wasn't. we asked for everything months ago to be taken off and even signed a form for it to happen when we got our own. now according to him we never asked for it to be taken off and they can't find the form we signed. He also said that the £1,012.80 owed is the full amount you pay back even after an new agreement was started s
  11. Can you reclaim on older agreements before the changes?
  12. This 5 star service has the osc and dlc hidden in the cost I now have to pay. I have my own insurance so why are you now forcing customers to take the 5 star service? all its done is added more to the price of the product. once I pay it off I certainly won't be buying from Brighthouse again. I'm also going to try and reclaim this hidden osc surely this is not allowed.
  13. Does this mean a hoover I had no other choice to buy from them in November with this so called 5star package at £6 per wk and a total of £436 payable I could do something about it? they told me I no longer need my insurance be shown at time.
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