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  1. That's true, I will give it a shot. When it comes to getting these charges back and the insurance charges back (and removed!) how much of a fight are they going to put up? I saw a thread from a few years ago on here and it almost went to court, is it going to be that drastic?
  2. The SAR will show all the charges though, I asked for a statement before and all I got was 5 things listed with codes, not names of what the charges were for.
  3. I touched on that on the phone call but said that's a whole different matter and would prefer to do that via post and/or email which she agreed too. I don't know how to approach getting those back though really with getting the SAR sorted.
  4. Recorded the call just in case (Thank you Skype and 0800 numbers) So to start with DPA is confirmed, the ball is rolling and the nice lady I spoke too said if I ever need to speak to someone there to ask for her and she will be my personal point of contact between them and the store. I briefly brought her up to date as she was trying to read the lengthy emails to find out what had happened (bless her, I have mainly worked in call centres and feel her pain!) hit the key points about the guy coming over, my epilepsy, when I last paid, how much I believe I owe etc. I told her I wa
  5. Hi folks, just got a reply via email: With what they have said there about my file being updated etc they should not send anyone else around correct? What can I do if they fail to uphold that? Obviously I will be now getting in contact to confirm DPA.
  6. He's gone now but if he comes back like that again I will do. He left his calling card in bold red writing on top of it he added "THIS WILL NOT GO AWAY", further down it says "The return of the goods will clear your debt" how kind what about the grand or so I have paid? Then at the bottom "Call or text to prevent further action being taken against you"
  7. Well he is back again, knocked 4 times with the knocker, then banged on twice, used knocker and banged again. Talk about harrassment. He's still banging on
  8. I've added after the scare tactic bit that he refused to disclouse the document and any other documents. Think the rest is ok and good to go?
  9. Ok thank you, I will get drafting that now, wasn't sure if I should name him yet or not, I am using the email that's on the first page to complain, should I stick with that or also forward elsewhere do you reckon? [email protected]
  10. I am assuming it was fake, he refused to show me any papers, just briefly flashed them at me and refered to the court letter (again flashed it) which was at the bottom of the papers on his clip board, the court paper looked old like it had been sat on the clip board for a long time which just led me to believe he keeps it there as a scare tactic. Hell it was that brief when he showed it, it could have been anything, couldn't make out the words.
  11. Ok good, I forgot to add things to the complaint letter like the fake court letter and the stress it's putting me under with my epilepsy too, should I send another including it or just save it for another email? I believe I have or they wouldn't have to try and get a court order would they? That's what the guy said would happen if I didn't give them to him or pay the money yesterday.
  12. What exactly do you mean by that? I've paid a large amount as in the actual agreement, we had/have 2 items from them at £34 a week for over 6 months. They are standard HP agreements, the TV was second hand (I've read elsewhere second hand agreements are supposed to be not as long?) I am going to have to get the SAR before I can tell you more unless I can dig out the paper work. Sat here worried now expecting a bang at the door
  13. Thanks a lot guys/gals, the email has been sent with the changes. The SAR and letters will have to wait until next week i'm afraid as I can't even afford a pint of milk at the minute! As it stands though what's the likely hood they are going to turn around and in so many words say it's tough **** because I haven't paid in months?
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