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Found 7 results

  1. Hi i recently made a PPI claim to Car Giant. First of all they said they could find no record of me taking out PPI. But i found the documentation so they had to admit i had it. I filled in the complaint form and received a letter within days. However they are saying they wont admit i was mis sold it as the manager in charge at the time has since left. But they will refund the full amount but will not pay the interest. The total amount i paid is about £1800.00 over ten years ago. Surely by offering me this they are admitting responsibility. And surely i should receive the interest on top. I would be grateful if anyone can advise me if i should dispute this.
  2. Hi, I bought a Mercedes GLA 2014 reg from car giant for 18k, a few days the car's engine light has come on and the car's drive does not seem to be very smooth. It seems to go straight from D1 to D4 etc. I am very upset as I feel the car has been missold and should have been checked as it is a substantial value. I would really appreciate any help regards to my rights. I would like a full refund as I have no confidence in the car as well as Car Giant. I was only allowed to test drive it a short drive around the industrial estate which would never have flagged those problems at the point of sale. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you..
  3. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/giant-house-spiders-are-invading-british-homes-following-wet-and-warm-summer-10467050.html
  4. Hi all - I hope someone can help with this query - thanks in advance for any advice! My situation - I've been on a Debt Management Plan for a few years and use one of my two bank accounts to make the payments. Last summer while I was making my usual DMP payments I noticed online that an overdraft facility had become available on that account, interest free for a year. I thought it'd be a good way to help pay off the few creditors who were still charging me interest, including a couple of payday loan firms. The problem is that in the coming months every time I clicked on the overdraft link online I was allowed to borrow more - taking it from £200 up to almost £6,000 now. I was stupid to keep clicking, I know... But the bank gave me this overdraft despite me: a) not paying my salary into the account; b) having multiple defaults on my credit record; c) making payments to two or more debt collection firms each month; d) using payday lenders and, e) even more stupidly, gambling online - a big part of how I ended up in this mess in the first place. So - they are due to start charging interest on this overdraft soon and it's going to tip me over the edge (again). I really don't want to default and want to find a way through it. But my question is whether I should complain about a breach of their responsible lending guidelines. Would that serve any purpose? Do I have a case? What might they do, for better or worse? I've actually had refunds from a few payday loan firms who acknowledged they should never have issued loans to me, so I'd have thought a mainstream bank must have some sort of similar view? Any advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks
  5. I recently bought a second hand car from car giant. But I am so disgusted and stressed out by their attitude. 2 weeks ago I went to pick up my vauxhall car from them. ist I was refused to go in as i did not have sales invoice but when I paid over the phone nothing was issued neither was sent by email to prove, after collecting the car found out car boot not opening. asked me wait till car is repaired by their work shop but in the end agree to pay the cost if I take to the vauxhall garage . nearly 3 weeks I have not had time to go the garage and take the hassle time to get it right. then I was given only 1 set of key instead of 2 which was promised during sales and later sent the 2nd key by post. I want the admin fee fee paid £98 to be returned. please support my view
  6. I recently purchased a giant fish tank from eBay. It was advertised as fully functional and the complete set up. I inspected the item before purchasing and it looked OK. Got it home and paid a professional firm to deliver it in one piece. Although it is a beautiful tank it is not functional. When I took the filter to the fish shop, they opened it up and found it was so dirty and worn it would not function. All our fish died. It was advertised with a heater but none arrived. eBay said because I inspected before purchase I have no case. The faults are not visible on inspection and I had no idea the filter was so badly damaged just looking at the outside of it. I am a fish keeping novice and did not even think to look inside. When I inspected it I saw the heater but the item was never handed to the delivery guy. I spoke to eBay yesterday who verbally said I would get a refund, but today got an email saying my appeal to the resolution case had been denied. I phoned and asked about the eBay representative saying this to me. They say they have notes of the call but the refund was not mentioned! Now we are in a pickle. We have a giant hulking tank we do not want and have spoken to Citizen's Advice today and been told we have a case under the SoGA as the item is not functional. The vendor has texted me today telling me never to contact them again as the case is closed. I have sent a pre-legal letter but doubt I will get a response. My question is what to do with the hulking great tank. I spoke to the removals firm today and they do not want to take it back as there is a good chance the vendor will refuse to sign for it and then they will have to bring it back to us again! I have put in the letter that they have 14 days to respond but we only live in a tiny house and need the item gone so we can purchase a functional tank. The expert at our shop has advised we do not put any more fish in this tank as they will just die. If they fail to respond what on earth do I do with the tank? It is too big to go in my car. Shall I sell it on but being honest about the faults and deduct this amount from the court claim? Shall I just get a man and van to dump it down the tip? I have no clue I just want the "tank of death" out of my house.
  7. Hi guys I'm helping my partner with her PPI claim against car giant. Before she went any further I advised her to write up her story and told her I'd post it up here for some help. Apologies for the long post. This is her story; Timeline of events: 2nd January 2009 -Test drove car and showed interest. Staff member No.1 assisted with this - I liked car so was transferred to another staff member (staff member no.2) who ran through finance options/payments with me. Staff member no.2 began credit check process. -After few minutes I he told me that they could not complete the process as after carrying out check there was an inclusive answer. Therefore I was advised that they would need to carry out a more extensive check and this could take up to 24 hours. -Staff member no.2 took me through a "sales order" document and sold me additional product which were "Mechanical breakdown insurance" and "asset protection policy" which I agreed to buy and signed for. - He then told me that he would be on holiday the next day, but I was advised I’d get a call with an answer, and if it was approved I would be seen by his colleague; Staff member no.3 he noted the extension no. on the sales order document -At this stage all I signed was the Sales order on 2nd January 2009 (see attached), as I did not get immediate approval after the system credit check. -Paid deposit of £200 and left with only a copy of the "sales order". 3rd January 2009 – I received phone call from a member of staff at Car Giant 3rd January 2009 am to say credit had been approved for car and that I could come and collect car and finish paperwork at 2pm. -I Met with staff member no.3 to complete the process. He verbally ran me through my payment schedule whilst I took notes; i.e. 1st Payment 166.8, 46 payments of £162.86, last ‘balloon payment of £312.86. -He then said that he could offer "protection on your payments" -I was a bit thrown off as I thought I had purchased all adequate products to protect myself and I was again being made to feel that I needed this other product. -I felt rushed into making a decision of taking this policy out and made to feel like no wasn't an option. Scare mongered as particularly recall the staff proclaiming that if I became ill or accident/death the debt would fall onto my family. I was told that this was best thing to do, and felt if I did not do this I would be making an extremely irresponsible decision whilst taking out a finance agreement and that my application was not complete. -I wasn't told that there was any sort of cooling off period and was not advised of any other comparative options for insurance, and was not asked about my employment status. I basically felt I had a couple of minutes to decide if I wanted it. -I did not have much time to think about the policy as first time it was presented to me was 3rd January 2009, Car Giant note in their final response letter (June 2013) that the ‘PPI was presented at 18.30 hrs on 2nd January 2009’ and that I did not agree to take the policy until 15.00 hrs the following day. However, PPI was only mentioned to me on 3rd January 2013 right at the end. -I was bombarded with a lot of figures within a short frame of time with staff member no.3 and was completely overwhelmed with this information and unable to make an informed decision. - I made a £800 payment as part of £1,000 total deposit made in line with Finance schedule agreement. -Documents given to me on the day - Invoice 3rd January 2009 - Customer Pack which included :Pre contract information, agreement form, terms and conditions form and direct debit form (None of these were dated OR signed by me or any other party) -Got the keys for car and went on my way. -Following this, I received a welcome letter form black horse with an unsigned hire purchase agreement that is dated 4th Jan. 17th January 2009 I received a letter from Cardif Pinnacle which I assumed was referring to the PPI policy " Confirmation of your Direct Debit Instruction" (PPI) I did not receive a copy of the policy schedule. 4th April 2013 Now, five years on having finished my agreement ( on 4th January 2013) and having viewed advise on FOS re: misspelling of PPI I believe that I fall into this category for the following reasons;  The salesperson selling the insurance was pushy and strongly advised me to take the insurance without fully explaining the policy.  The policy exclusions were not explained to me either before or at the time I took out the insurance.  Additionally, I was not asked whether I already had any existing insurance or employer benefits that would cover my repayments. I was therefore unable to make an informed decision as to whether this insurance was appropriate to me.  I was not given sufficient information following the set-up of the policy. I can confirm that I received a quote for the car finance agreement, however did not receive a total cost for PPI/ or breakdown of Policy details. ⁃ 4/4/13 - I included the above details in a letter to Cardif Pinnacle on 4th April 2013. I also enclosed a ‘Payment protection insurance; consumer questionnaire’. ⁃ 9/4/13 - Cardif Pinnacle responded by letter on 9th April 2013 explaining that whilst they underwrite my cover that did not arrange the sale, and therefore my complaint has been forwarded to Car Giant. ⁃ 10/4/13 - Car Giant acknowledge receipt and the investigation of complaint by letter on 10th April 2013. They detailed that they would carry out full investigation and work within an 8 week timescale. Also requested that I complete a ‘Letter of Authority’ giving my permission for Car Giant to contact the insurer and finance company for full details of agreement. ⁃ 17/4/13 – I sent via post the completed letter of authority form with handwritten covering letter. ⁃ 4/6/13 – received telephone call from Car Giant rep. I politely explained that I did not wish to discuss over the phone and would prefer all correspondence to be made via email. ⁃ 4/6/13 – Same day the representative sent me an email requesting me to suggest a suitable time for her to call me as they would really like to discuss matters on phone. ⁃ 4/6/13 – I sent a response email reiterating that I would like all communication to be made via email. ⁃ 6/6/13 – received email back detailing that there are a few issues that they needed to review. She also attached a copy of a signed Policy Schedule and Direct Debit Mandate, asking me to verify my signature. Also that theCompliance manager would be in touch. ⁃ 7/6/13 – I responded to email as follows; > Thank you for your email.
With regards to the attached document ‘Policy Schedule and Direct Debit Mandate’; although I can't recall signing this document, this signature seems to be mine.I can confirm that my Finance agreement on the purchase of my car came to an end on 4th January 2013. ⁃ 8/6/13 – Received voice telephone message from the compliance manager – mentioned that he would like to discuss matters further and perhaps sort out refunding some money to me and would like a call back that day or following Monday when back in office. ⁃ 10/6/13 – emailed to ask for 3rd time for communications to be made via email or post only. ⁃ Around 11/6/13 (date not included on Car Giants correspondence) – received ‘Final letter from Car Giant.’ Detailing their stance on complaint and that unable to upheld as they felt they had followed all procedures, and felt my complaint was generic due to recent publicity PPI had gained in media. Although enclosed £250 ‘Good will gesture’valid until 19th July 2013. Dates proposed by Car Giant; If unable to agree resolution, Car Giant suggested contacted FOS to review complaint. If chose to do this I have 6 months from receiving final response ( nb: no date on letter, but was roughly 11th June 2013. So I had a quick look and thought someone here could possibly help. I have 2 main concerns 1.How do we word a response? My partner is definitely refusing this offer but we need to address their points, can anyone see any inconsistencies with their response and are there any other point we could use? The main thing is my partner was only told about the ppi last minute and felt she only had a few minutes to decide and that it would affect her taking the car away that day. 2.In addition she wasn't shown and did not leave that day with a schedule of the payments for the PPI. The 1st letter from pinnacle was nearly a month after the date of taking out the agreement. 3.On asking my partner a few questions she realised she never ever signed any HP agreement presented to her. So this I think may open a can of worms. If this is indeed true (which we will find out from SAR and CCA request) what position will she be in? *I've consolidated the files into a single pdf http://cl.ly/39303X2o1s1J
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