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  1. Anyone read this regarding bright house http://www.appgdebt.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/BrightHouse-APPG-submission.pdf
  2. Well I'm in two weeks arrears with Brighthouse so no doubt they'll be banging my door down soon.. have had to pay a huge electric bill and was a choice of paying Brighthouse or getting into trouble with electric. I certainly won't be able to make these arrears up but can continue to pay my weekly payment shortly. dreading these lot turning up at door.
  3. Thanks hopefully they appear Hope this is the type of thing your wanting
  4. Can some one explain how I add a PDF file to this post please (in simple terms)
  5. Wow just shows even with that cover the amount of time she was left with no cooker. http://www.hemeltoday.co.uk/news/family-forced-to-eat-takeaways-after-brighthouse-cooker-breaks-down-1-6876733
  6. Perfect Homes keep saying the Perfect Care you have is not insurance and you need to keep it for the duration of paying for the item. I'd claim all back but don't know how to use spreadsheets or work interest etc out. was never good at maths.
  7. Where abouts on the Perfect Homes website does it say its optional? Your told in the shop that if you don't take the Perfect Care you cannot have the item.
  8. So if they put gagging orders on we won't even find out what happened in your case Marcus.
  9. Oh right, so you still have the stuff. I'm surprised they hadn't got the bailiffs turning up demanding the stuff back. that would worry me not paying them as I to have paid on stuff for nearly 3 year. we struggle to buy food if I'm being honest or to pay council tax due to the money we are paying to them each week. my partner has some things with insurance on and he asked it to be removed(he didn't know it was on) until he asked other week but they said it can't be removed unless he takes our insurance letter in for them to ring the company and find out if ours covers personal belongings etc so we're stumped in paying them. I hope you take it all the way and win. good luck to you and I'll def keep an eye on this thread.
  10. I also think PH have hidden insurance in there new Perfect Care rubbish going down same route as BH as they also tell you that you have to take the Perfect Care or you can't get the item which is blackmail. this also takes you longer to pay for the item than it used to due to them hiking the price of goods up because of the new Perfect Care. Also they aren't interested in seeing your home insurance policy anymore as the staff say its all included which to me is meaning they hide the insurance in Perfect Care in order to get more money from the customer as they must of been losing a lot of money when people were coming in with there own insurance.
  11. Hi Marcus, I'm interested to know did you Brighthouse surrender your goods to them or have you still got them as I know they were demanding the goods back? hope you go all the way with this as it will give every one else hope.
  12. Jason at BrightHouse, I have just asked BrightHouse shop if they would remove the product insurance from my other items and they have refused to do so saying you can't as it wasn't optional when I took them agreements out. if you start a new agreement now then its optional. this does not sound correct to me at all.
  13. Not sure how long this has been going but looks similar to Brighthouse 5 Star service.
  14. Thank you Jason, Still think its all rubbish this 5 Star service especially when someone buys a new product etc like a Samsung tv - you wouldn't expect a brand new product to break down that quick anyway.
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