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Found 7 results

  1. I have just received X10 PCN's from Newham - all in one go. They date back to 17th August. I can see from reading threads relating to this area in Newham that lots of people have been caught driving through this "No Entry" sign which is really badly positioned. But to receive 10 in one go! If i had received the first PCN sooner (not over 3 months later) i would have been made aware of the contravention, and not driven through it again! Does my arguement stand up at all, or will i just have to pay all of the fines? There could even be more on the way as i honestly didnt realise it was a no entry road. Dreading the costs here. Wouldnt have done it had i seen the sign. Any help appreciated
  2. Really shocked to receive a PCN today. I don't know the area and was turning left out of Leyton Road to join Temple Mill Lane. I never saw the no entry signs. I don't think they are at the right angle for motorists from my direction. I've done a bit of research on the internet as I don't live near there and can see there was a no left turn sign in advance of the junction, but I must have missed this... shouldn't there be a no left turn sign at the junction with Leyton Road and Temple Mill Lane? I'm normally observant. I don't know why I didn't see these signs, the no entry looks so clear in the criminalising photos, but I do think they're a the wrong angle. Shall I write? I only have 14 days.. . Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Evening, What a quality football! Got a PCN from Newham council / Temple Mill Lane for 'disobeying no entry restriction' (no entry sign). Never happened to me before! Here is the situation: 1) It's a regular two way street with sudden 'no entry' signs for BUSSES AND CYCLES ONLY (pls see attachment from google maps) 2) The driver driven past the sign for about 7-8 meters BUT then put on reverse gear when it was safe to do so and driven back 3) Upon driving backwards the driver noticed an unmarked vehicle parked on double yellow lines with a camera and a grumpy person inside; obviously filming. 4) Got a PCN. Put together a long appeal and got REJECTION as follows: 1) DRIVER: As can be seen on the video, the driver pulled back when it was safe to do so and to prevent any potential accidents. COUNCIL: We sent you a PCN because our camera evidence shows your vehicle disobeying a 'no entry' restriction. The relevant sign is round, red, and has a horizontal white line across it. 2) DRIVER: There is no prior warning and thus a very strange layout when suddenly the street terminates with 'no entry' signs. COUNCIL: Whilst it is appreciated that sometimes coming up to a no entry restriction can seem sudden to a motorist especially if unfamiliar with the road, it is very clean in this instance that you had lots of time and space to turn around with no other vehicles in site at the time. 3) DRIVER: No safe way to reverse: two way street, cycle lane, busses, and traffic emerging from a car park. Hazardous traffic. COUNCIL: I note you stated there was hazardous traffic, but it should be stated that this does not mean that a motorist can drive through a no entry restriction 4) DRIVER: As per freedom of information act, requested a brakedown on much money they make on that spot, arguing that they prefer to keep it that way to make money rather than put a proper layout in place. COUNCIL: Please direct such requests to the information governance team using the details xxx.... 5) DRIVER: Enforcement officer has been parked on a double yellow line in an unmarked vehicle: does this mean any motorist can park on double yellow lines in the borough? COUNCIL: I note you have stated that the enforcement officers car was parked inappropriately. Please not that whilst our enforcement officers do their best to make sure that there are not causing any inconvenience to others, it can be difficult at times to achieve this to the maximum. However please be assured that our enforcement officers always do their best to avoid any inconvenience whilst enforcing. I disagree with these answers: clearly council is making money here and is not interested in putting things right. And clearly they do this by compromising safety of drivers/pedestrians/cyclists and ignoring the normal rules (unmarked camera vans parked on double yellow lines). Do you think I have good chances of appealing to Parking Adjudicator? How do you suggest to do this? Many thanks PS. On the google screenshot attached another driver is caught with the same 'offence', they are making millions there!!!
  4. Hi, any help appreciated. Just received a PCN , contravention 51J, failing to comply with No Entry Restriction (camera enforcement) in Temple Mill(s) Lane. We travelled to London to pick up a disability buggy for our neighbour. Being unfamiliar with the area we used our sat nav which on the return journey took us down what I now know to be Leyton Road. As we approached the end of that road it told us to 'Turn Left'. Back seat passenger was talking to hubby who was driving and initially he didn't hear sat nav and went to turn right. Sat nav says Turn Left Turn left, turn around when possible so hubby backs up, careful of other road users but bit awkward with trailer and buggy on the back and turns left. None of us in the car noticed the No Entry signs, because they face up the road they are not noticeable when coming down Leyton Road, in fact the one on the left of the road is slightly round the corner and would be well above the level of the car when you reach the end of the junction. As far as I'm aware there wasn't a 'No Left Turn' sign facing Leyton Road, there was nothing written on the road surface saying no entry, buses only, or anything else that may have indicated you can't turn left. However, as we turned into the road we did notice the sign giving priority to traffic travelling in the direction we were and the arrow in the road pointing in the direction of travel. We had no idea until we received the notice that we had entered a No Entry strip of road. As yet I have been unable to find an up to date picture of this road junction, most only show the signs from face on or the road when it was closed off due to roadworks. Having browsed this site it seems that some have had success with appeals in this particular area, also the road name discrepancy being Mills or Mill as on the fine, can this really be a cause to appeal? We wish to appeal this PCN on the grounds of insufficient signage but wonder how we stand
  5. Hi folks, today I had a visit from Temple Finance who I now know are Perfect Homes. I will try and keeps this short but informative; I lost my job a few months ago and we were in arrears with Perfect Homes, they harrassed me for weeks even after I spoke to them saying I can make a payment of X amount on X day they flat out refused the payment and continued to add charges. The prices they were demanding were outragously inflated from what we knew we owed I challenged them on this and got them to send paper copies out, we found out we had been paying for insurance - We was about the insurance at time of agreement but was told it was OPTIONAL at which point we refused it and went on from there. Once I found this out I told them I will be happy to pay so long as they take those payments off, they got angry, refused again and said it's in the agreement and I would have been told that it's not optional but compulsory. Now it seems they have passed me onto Temple Finance who sent out a guy in a van today saying he was here to collect my TV and games console, I challanged him for his ID and proof etc, he waved a piece of plastic with a picture of him and "Temple Finance" on it, along with his name and then to his clipboard which had pieces of paper listing pathetically infalted figures of what I now owe. He went on to demand for a payment of £640 off myself or he will take the goods, I said I can't afford this but I will be in contact if he can leave some sort of forms or at least his number, to which he refused. It was getting tiresome going in a circle I went to close the door, he shoved his clipboard in the door to stop it closing (Pretty sure they are not allowed to do that) I said this and he said calm down, said the same things again I need to pay £640 today or it will go to court, at which he showed me what was supposed to be my court paper but looked more like a scare tactic as it definitley wasn't recently printed, looked tatty and a permanent feature of his little clipboard. He also said I could make weekly payments to pay the outstanding debt (around 3k I believe it was) but it would HAVE to be substantly more than what I was paying PH (£34 ish a week) to get him away I said I had to talk to the Mrs as she is the one earning the money at the minute while I am out of work at which point he left his number and went away. Now I am here, worrying about what I can do, I have read all sorts from multiple forums but really need advice related to my problem. Will CAB just tell me to return the goods or will they be able to speak to them to arrange a reasonable payment plan within my budget? I'm not sure how much exactly I have paid but I am almost certain it's a 1/3 or more, I know it's a lot of money and I don't want to just give them over and waste all that money! I'm worried as I don't want them banging on the door every day, I suffer from epilepsy and the main trigger for my seizures is stress, it's not nice to live in fear of having a seizure due to a bully at my own front door! Thanks for reading and hope you can help.
  6. What a long and distinguished career this lady had: RIP
  7. i have been a customer with perfect home for around 3 years (never missed a payment.) and i have sofa from them at £22 a week ive paid about 70 weeks of the 130 week contract and came to a bit of a struggle i ended up losing my job and going on to benefits i rang perfecthome and asked if they could help me reduce the payment like take the opitional cover off but oh no they couldnt help so i missed a few payments they hounded me, turned up at my door etc telling me some pretty awful things i didnt refuse to pay i just asked to knock the opitonal service cover and maybe the theft off. just had a chap at the door from temple finance saying they will take me to court in 14 days and i better have a solictor etc and they will take money from my benefits and bailiffs will come etc anyone been to court yet and anyone had money taken off there benefits and what happens thanks very much.
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