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  1. Unfortunately due to us shielding we have no choice other than to do online shopping.
  2. This is the reply message I had from Asda when I complained about the selling of out of date products "We sell products right up until their Best before or Use by date to minimise food waste. When items are close to their date, we normally reduce them or remove them from sale at the end of the Use by day. I'm sorry this didn't happen on this occasion."
  3. It's definitely the 'use by' date, that's why I am so concerned. Asda refund was refused at first and I had to go through the asda ceo to get a refund. Morrisons order was no problem and they issued a refund when I informed them of the problem. This just shouldn't happen and the selling of short use by products online should be regulated.
  4. You are lucky, what online grocery store are you using? I have had two online deliveries recently, first one was with asda where the majority of the products had one day left of the use by date, and there was one product three days past it use by date. Second delivery was with Morrisons with some products with a one day left before use by date.
  5. That's different information that I have read regarding 'use by' products which states that these products must not be consumed after the use by date because of the risk of food poisoning.
  6. Like I said previously there should be some regulation in place to prevent products with a very short use by date for online grocery orders.
  7. Don't think the driver will wait around due to the covid situation and the time involved checking each item of a large order. Ideally it should be that 'use by' products should have at least three days left before they expire for any online purchase.
  8. I have recently started doing online grocery shopping. I am concerned that some of the products that I have received just have one day left before the use by date, last week this was for ham and two packets of bacon. What is an acceptable date to reject these products with a short use by date?
  9. Ordered online and cancelled straightaway, phone call to cancel the contract to the mobile company, not even received the new sim.
  10. Thanks, so it's ok to cancel this DD without affecting my credit rating?
  11. I recently set up a direct debit mandate for a new mobile sim 30 day contract. After I set this up I realised that the data allowance was too low and I phoned up to mobile company to cancel my contract. There was no problem and the mobile company informed me not to cancel my direct debit for 3 months because if I did, this it would affect my credit rating. Is this correct?
  12. I just put money aside regularly for paying the TV licence and I like to support my local shop by giving them business. Just not fond of companies that only do online business.
  13. I prefer to pay for my annual tv licence using cash at my local paypoint store. This year I have not been sent a tv licence reminder through the post so that I can carry out the payment at my local store. I have contacted TV licencing through email asking for the renewal reminder to be sent by post so that I can carry out the renewal, no reply and it seems that tv licensing is in a right mess due to the 75 years of age fiasco. I thought that I could take out a new tv licence (not a renewal) instead through my paypoint store after contacting paypoint they informed me that the stores
  14. Yes, I am still awaiting a reply from the H.A. It's early days but because of the seriousness of being accused for ASB I need to know if I should get a solicitor involved at this stage ?
  15. I have sent a formal complaint to the H.A because I don,t believe that I should have been reported for ASB due to the circumstances that I didn't instigate the argument or aggression and the confrontation from me was only to defend my wife and myself. The H.A seem adamant that I will be reported for ASB and that my tenancy record will be marked. This is going to have a devastating effect we have been waiting for a transfer because my wife is disabled and the current property is unsuitable after an OT assessment, if we are reported for ASB our transfer application will be cancelled.
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