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  1. It's not with an insurance company it's a works pension scheme.
  2. I am currently claiming Joint ESA (Support Group) for myself and my wife who is disabled, I am her carer. I am due for retirement in 18 months time, today I received a letter from a private pension from a company that I worked with a few years ago. The letter notified me that this private pension would start paying monthly payments of £80 per month from December 2019 when I am 65. Being on ESA I don't want to go onto Universal Credit if at all possible. Will this private pension trigger a change for Universal Credit to be applicable? What would be the situation if I deferred this private pension until my official retirement age of 66?
  3. I contacted the manufacturer again today and they have promised to send me a replacement power tool free of charge, which is great news. The retailer was "Power Tool Mate" and the manufacturer was "Ryobi"
  4. Thank you, on checking the retailers reply - "Unfortunately, we only offer a 30 days return policy, Please note you are covered by the manufacturer's directly for a years’ warranty." The manufacturer is not interested because they state the product should have been registered within 30 days of the purchase. I did register the product on purchase! Is the retailer still responsible I don't want all of the hassle trying to contact the manufacturer and for trying to work out a solution.
  5. I purchased a power tool from an online retailer back in Oct 2018. The tool has developed a fault and I contacted the retailer for either a replacement or a repair under warranty, the retailer told me to contact the manufacturer for this request. I always presumed it was the retailer who was responsible for any warranty work? Is it the retailer or the manufacturer I should be contacting regarding my problem?
  6. It's just over £70, not much I know but I am adamant that there are no arrears owing.
  7. Is that the last payment from my previous tenancy dwelling, the one that is now in dispute? I have continued paying rent too date on the new tenancy.
  8. I received a letter today from my housing association informing me that I was in rent arrears from a property which I rented with them over six years ago. I strongly dispute that there any arrears owing and I have contacted the housing association for information about this debt.My question is, is there a time limit for requesting rent arrears? This letter came 'out of the blue' and it's the first time we have had any knowledge of alleged arrears.
  9. That maybe the answer? I will have to check back on previous payments. Any idea which month of the year is the usual month for two payments?
  10. Yes, I do realise that. There are however 12 PIP payments per year so the monthly calendar rates still appear to be incorrect?
  11. My wife who is disabled is currently receiving PIP she receives the two parts both at the high rate. Her award is £145.35 per week, however the payment that is paid into her account monthly is £581.40. Doing a quick calculation £145.35 x 52 (weeks per year) = £7558.20 per year, divide by 12 for the monthly payment and the payment is £629.85 per month. Am I missing something in my calculation for the differences in the monthly amount?
  12. Thank you. Your information confirms that it is pointless registering a product for the manufacturers warranty when it is the supplier who is responsible for any problems..
  13. I purchased a power tool from Amazon last year, at the time the goods was on a reduced promotional price. I chose this tool because it came with a three year manufacturers warranty. This week the power tool developed a problem and I contacted the tool manufacturers because I registered the warranty when I made the purchase. The company informed me that I should contact Amazon to report that there is a problem with the tool and they will have to sort out the problem. I contacted Amazon and I was informed that I could not have a direct replacement (probably because the price of the tool as doubled). They also would not arrange a warranty repair. The only option was to offer a refund at the promotional price and that I could make a new purchase at the full price. I find this unfair because Amazon have the tool in stock and will not offer a replacement. It also makes you think what is point of having a manufactures warranty when it goes back to Amazon for any decisions. Any comments would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  14. Panic over! The second delivery crew were excellent and managed to get the furniture into the property, and with no damage.
  15. Thank you for your information which is very useful. Hopefully the second crew will be able to get the furniture in. In the event that the furniture still cannot be put into the property, what is the normal procedure? Do these companies just leave the furniture outside? or return the furniture and offer a refund or a credit note?
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