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  1. is it worth mentioning anything about the gas safety check? or just keep quiet and mention it if they start getting abit funny about us moving out?
  2. rent is £550 pcm paid 1st of each month, date on last tenancy says start date 03/07/12 and it says tenancy term 12 months ending 03/07/13 (we had same tenancy previously, when it expired they got us to sign this new 1) we havent had any form of maintenance, boiler servicing or safety checks since the tenancy start date
  3. we currenty rent and have done for the last 4 years, 2 years in to renting, the estate agent closed down and some 1 else took over, this person just manages it on a private basis from what i can gather, we pay rent monthly in to their bank, then they take a cut and pay the rest to landlord. since this chance we asked for a new contract but it never happened, our bond got trasnfered to their name under the dps scheme, but nothing else happened. the last landlord safety check and boiler service was 2012, few weeks ago the carbon monoxide alarm went off, so i got a gas safe engineer to come and find the problem, it was the back boiler, it was very dirty/dusty (no service for 2 years!!) I got it serviced and paid for it my self as didnt want to bother landlord as hes already considering selling the house! anyway we have managed to buy our own place and should get the keys next week, but we are wondering since theres no contract in place or anything, do we have to give 30 days notice, or can we give 24 hours notice or what? also where do we stand with having no landlord check done, we have a 12 week old baby, if we didnt have that alarm, things could of been alot different! thanks in advance for any advice or info.
  4. just dug out the contract, it says under termination word for word "you have a right to end this agreement, to do so you should wright to the person you make your payments to. They will then be entitled to return of the goods to half the total amount payable under this agreement. that is £4536.25. if you have paid at least this amount plus any overdue instalments and have taken reasonable care of the goods, you will not have to pay anymore."
  5. the finance company is called private and commercial finance group.. i take it they are incorrect about the auction and paying the remainder etc?
  6. i heard that once 50% of a finace agreement has been paid off you can hand the vehicle back, and thats that, end of? well i contacted the finance company today, they are insisting that it will go to auction, what ever is left over will have to be paid by us? i dont under stand, ive been told by a few people you can hand it back and thats the end of it? are they trying to fob us off here?
  7. all bills are in our own names, and transfered to new address, bond is in a DPS Scheme, but he said hes not applying for it for 2 weeks, once he knows theres no outstanding bills.... but like you say, any bills are in our name, so dosent really concern him?
  8. can the landlord hold the deposit for 2 weeks to make sure no bills come to the house??
  9. well i have been self employed for the last 4 years, but over the last year my business has been slowly getting worse and worse, untill its finally got to the point that its making next to nothing! anyway me and my partner live in private rented house, but with me having pretty much no income (£77 a month at the moment) we are strugeling, ive been looking and applying for jobs over the last months but no luck yet.. anyway i found out that i could apply for job seekers allowence becuase im workin less than 16 hours per week. so i went through all the relevant process, phone interview etc, and had to go to the job centre today for a face to face meeting to sort out my claim and show proof and ID etc. after around 15 mins i was told i cant claim, being self employed i pay class 2 national insurance, and to claim you need to pay class 1! so i asked what the hell thats all about, but she said basically all they can do is contribute to my national insurance! £2.40 a week! i cant believe this... ive worked since i left school, was employed for 4 years, and self employed for 4 years, and cant claim a single penny to help me? she said i could claim income bassed JSA BUT my partner works full time so im not qualified to apply!! what the hell? i really dont understand it? ive worked and paid in to the system all my working life, and now that im in need of a bit of help i cant get nothing? this country is a complete joke, and needless to say im majorly ****ed off! what can do? im literally going to run out of money over the next week or 2! im behind on my council tax, and really cant miss a rent payment! :-x:-x:-x:-x:-x
  10. ah ok, sounds good... cheers for that info i would normally just save and buy one, but im starting a new business and need a decent, tidy car for it..
  11. oh right, i wasnt thinking of anything like a brand new car, just something 4-5k max... prob could get 1k deposit.. intresting, sure ford will do 2nd hand cars...
  12. wasnt sure where to post this, here looked the best place? just wondering if any of you have managed or know of any where that will give finance on a car, to some one with bad credit history?
  13. looking at the n244 form... it says what order are you askin the court to make and why and what information am i replying on in support of my claim what do i need to put for these 2 questions?? never done anything like this before so i have no idea what im doing.. also how do i want it to be delt with? a hearing, without a hearing and telephone hearin, how long will it take?
  14. am i correct in thinking its £70 for a set aside? do i get this back? since really its not my fault that im having to apply for a set aside in the 1st place?
  15. right today ive spoke to the court to find out wha these CCJS are they are both for capital one - credit card i said well surely they cant issue 2 ccjs for the same debt? she said they can if they state on 1 of the judgments that they are claiming part of the debt??? now i really am confused, and pretty pi**ed off that i have 2 CCJS for 1 bloddy debt, it seems rediculous!
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