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  1. Greetings, Back in Feb 2014 I puchased a dash cam for £320. (Credit card) It has now failed with an intermittent but frequent power problem. I have contacted the seller but have been informed that they only offer a 12 month warranty. I have replied quoting SOGA. Do you think this has got legs or should I count my losses? I expect a point blank refusal to be assiseted so what to do next? Many thanks, Stevetheboy.
  2. Greetings, Posting on behalf of someone else. A TV was purchased about 9 months ago from a trader on Amazon.co.uk. TV has now developed a screen fault. Seller is not perfoming very well... Somewhat rude on the phone. No returned calls as promised. No replies to emails. Arranged for their engineer to visit but instead a courier arrived and was unable to take TV as was not packaged (Understandable) Rearranged for courier to return - Did not show up. Advised by courier company that arrangements had not been made. Further phone calls are advising that this is not their p
  3. Ok, Thank you for the replies, it was very useful! As an update, the seller has now agreed to refund in full.
  4. Greetings, At the moment this is just an enquiry... I returned an item puchesed online via an Amazon seller. They sent the wrong item and so I requested a refund. They sent me a prepaid 2nd class label to return the item via Royal Mail. This has a tracking number. The item was posted on the 3rd of July, it is now the 24th and the item is still showing as "in the system" on RM's website! So the question is who is responsible if this item is missing, me or the seller? Who makes a claim against RM? I assume my original P&P should also be refunded... Many than
  5. Thanks for the reply. It transpires that the daughter paid by phone and didn't take the reference number! Could you tell me how I find out which court I should contact as all I have is a court ref number?
  6. Hi, My daughter was pulled over by the police for having her MOT out of date by a few days. She was issued with an on the spot fine of £60 which she paid online. Subsequently, she received a letter a couple of months later saying she had not paid. She phoned the number on the letter and explained that she had paid. They said that they had either not received it OR she was late paying and so the payment was rejected and returned. They requested proof of payment and so my daughter emailed a screen cap of her online statement as they requested. She also examined her statements and
  7. Not a problem, just a question… I have asked the following at my local train station(Chelmsford) and London Underground (Liverpool street) and have 2 different answers(No and yes in that order!) At present I buy a monthly travelcard including zones 1-6. I wish to split this and instead purchase a monthly travelcard from Chelmsford to Harold Wood (Zone 6) and also have a monthly Oystercard (Zones 1-6) to completer the journey to London Liverpool Street. Is this acceptable considering that the Chelmsford to London train passes through Harold wood but does not stop there?
  8. In the Uk 1% ABV would be classed as 'low alcohol'. To be 'alcohol free' the ABV would be a maximum of 0.05%. For the OP, the Licensing Act 2003 Pt9 (191) is the bit you're looking for. It states the act does not include "alcohol which is of a strength not exceeding 0.5% at the time of the sale or supply in question"
  9. Sad for the 6000 but I can't help but wonder if business would have been better if they paid just a little more attention to customer service...
  10. Hi Nagasis, I quite agree. However, I'm only being asked for ID as they don't understand what they were dealing with. For example, PC World/Curry's thought my card was damaged and the girl at checkout cancelled my transaction twice before summoning her superior!
  11. I have a chip & signature card. Whilst it often raises eybrows when using it, seldom does it cause problems. However, I have had some High Street retailers cause me problems... Wilkinsons and Morrisons have insisted that a senior member of staff has to verify the signature. Not really a problem. (This seems to depend on the branch visited) One branch of Maplins (Liverpool St station) informed me that it is company policy that I have to produce further forms of ID. And the latest, PC world (T.C.R.) also refused to sell me a small item without giving them proof of ID.
  12. It's not your probem, it's the senders problem. The sender can either refund you or send another item. It is down to the sender to make a claim against the courier. As an aside, I too have had big problems with My Hermes.
  13. Hi everyone, Just received notification from motability that my car for my disabled son is being collected in a month as he no longer qualifies for the higher rate of mobility component for DLA. Curiously this arrived BEFORE any notification from DWP. We only had any warning as we had telephoned them on the previous day. As we are only 1 year into the contact that means we get 2/3 of the advanced payment back however: The paper work says that we are still liable for the 24(ish) outstanding payments as it is a 3 year contract, and this is confirmed by the small print of the
  14. Thanks for that. Just what I need!
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