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  1. Hi Guys, I hope all is well. I have been trying to regsiter for a gas supplier. I have called around all the big suppliers and was told that they didn't supply my property as there was no meter point reference number. Having done some research online I discovered I could all XOSERVE to find out my MPRN so I could regsiter for a gas supplier. XOSERVE have said that due to an admin error from the previous supplier to my flat that I was not registered on their system and to contact any of the energy suppliers and sign up with them which didn't help at all. I have gon
  2. I was sent a demand by email from Octopus for over £500, immediate payment, which they say is what I owed to Iresa, I've no idea who octopus are bit they're quoting ofgem and all sorts, they reduced it to £400 when I queried it, they are saying I was underpaying Iresa! What's going on? Octopus have threatened me with collection agency already! I had a DD taken out of my bank yesterday to IresaOctopus for the usual monthly payment I was making to Iresa, should I cancel this DD? I know I need to check back and see exactly how much I've paid to Iresa, I
  3. Hi, I run a small retail operation, bricks and locks building..., I am disputing the bill Britisg Gas have sent me, they said it's a smart meter and up to date, it still doesn;t seem right.. One of the last letters have threatened with bailiff or coming in to change the meter, how heavy are they on this stuff? Need I worry till I can try sort it out with them? How long do they normally take to take action?
  4. I left talk talk after several years up to 2017 and had no yearly contract to honour due to it expiring. Quite simply they didnt provide me a working internet, blaming some issues with their line management software. I finished with them and didnt pay them for the time the line was not working. They sent me bills but I just could not pay them due to the principle of it. I tried to call their staff to explain that I am not going to pay when I didnt receive service, but wasted effort of course. Now talk talk are threatening credit score points against me if I dont pay.
  5. Hello, The following issue has been on going since 24th December 2017. Looking for a bit of advice. On the 4th November I messaged a photographer on Facebook messagner with regards to providing wedding photography. He replied and advised he required a £100 deposit to secure the booking. He send the invoice to my email address with stated the deposit, name of the company and the following message “ by paying the amount above you are agreeing to the terms and conditions at (insert company’s website) “ I paid te £100 via goods and services on pay pal I did not receive tt se t
  6. Ok all, im in need of help, i have asked on another forum but just wanted more advice if possible i started a LTD company less tham a year ago it was going well, but some bad business decisions have quickly turned the good to bad i have a 3 debts with suppliers, one at £2.5k one at £3k and one at £2700 the £2700 got a ccj against the company i was paying 500 a month but cant afford to pay it, now i have received a notice of issue of warrant of control. The registered office address was my home until recently when i changed it, i now use one of the online
  7. Hi , we are a micro business. We have an electricity supplier for a few years and pay a monthly account . Suddenly an unknown electricity supplier contacts us and insists they supply us with electricity . They use the wrong name to address our business. They have a very large bill for us. They refuse any questions... stating the 'data protection act'. They constantly harass us with telephone calls. They sent a caller around to collect money and informed us they will get a warrant to cut off our supply. They have no idea of our electric meter number. They have no idea
  8. Hello! I'm new to this forum so please be gentle! my partner and I moved into a flat almost three years ago. For the first few months we had no boiler, gas, radiators etc as the building is very old. Only electric. The landlord finally got gas installed, so we had heating. Great! Only thing is, the men who installed the gas meter seemingly did not hook us up to the supplier I had requested. ..in fact no supplier at all. Having not had a bill for several months, I contacted who I 'believed' was our supplier, to be told that we weren't on their records. A
  9. Check your tariff and compare. Forthcoming price increases by Npower, Scottish Power, EDF....BGas holding prices for now.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38931218
  10. I switched energy supplier, am on pay as you go thing with the key (electricity) and card (gas). Someone at the door persuaded me, all fine, got a cheaper rate. Everyone here is fine with it because it's a cheaper rate. Thing is I just live here, I don't pay any of the energy bills here and I told them this clearly. The previous contract wasn't under my name and am 100% sure a credit rating check would deny any other form of payment method lol. Any pitfalls? This contract is under my name now. In the future if I or anyone else wants to change provider for this house, they can do
  11. Hi New to site. I inherited a small property in 2005 and continued dual fuel account with same company. Used property as second home whist renovating it. Decided to rent out as I was then living in Cornwall (330 miles from property) Rented out property in December 2013 to young couple. Took 6 months and a complaint to OS Energy before new account put in female tenant's name, by which time tenant had built up large debt and had DCA calling every day. Tenant's informed me they were vacating by April, 2015. In the meantime I decided to sell property as too many problems with te
  12. Hello, where I live is a house with a lock up shop to the front of it . I have been renting the house for almost 12 years and the shop for just over 6 years. It is privately rented but I would be interested in buying the property and I know my landlord would sell. The value I would estimate is in the region of £145000. Getting together some sort of deposit is not a problem. My issue is that looking at my income and doing the calculations that building societies / mortgage lenders do, I fall far short of what I would need to borrow compared to the amount they
  13. I am looking for some advice re mobility scooter. I brought a new scooter from Care_Co http://www.careco.co.uk/cl-ms/mobility-scooters.htm in June i went out approx 4 times on this until early September because i had to wait until some of my garden had been concreted over to accommodate scooter. On approx by 10th trio it stared to break down, it went okay the stooped etc and twice crossing the road. I contacted the supplier and i have been met with indifference, it took almost 5 weeks before an engineer called which was today. There is a fault with the scooter. I have asked for a full re
  14. Hi all, New on here but have been reading a lot - I need some help with a claim for I have had through in the post. I used to run a business 4/5 years ago that dealt with various suppliers. The business closed in 2012 and hasn't traded since. I had a letter around 2 months ago from an old supplier stating that the business had been sold to someone else and that there was an outstanding balance on my account from 2011, it came with an attached statement of invoices spreading across 18 months - first thing I knew about it, I was not aware I had a balance outstanding as
  15. Hello folk, On the 22nd of August I received an email from extra energy sending me my "final" electricity bill, which included a £25 fee for exiting the tariff before it expired. I called Extra Energy and they told me that my supply had been taken over by British Gas and that I should speak to them about it. The operator at Extra Energy wasn't very helpful although I did tell him that I did not want to change supplier. Reality is I would not be a BG customer even if they were the cheapest in the market, I had a very bad experience with them in the 90s and there is no way I would
  16. I recently switched gas and electricity (together, dual fuel) suppliers. The switch completed a couple of weeks ago, on 13th May. I was on a fixed monthly DD tariff with my previous supplier, and my account had built up to be significantly in credit (should be over £400 after my final bill, going by my calculations). I provided meter readings to the new supplier on the switch over day, and I was told (by at least one of the suppliers) that the new supplier would forward these on to the old one, in order for the final bill to be raised. My online account with my previous
  17. We had a Dometic Freshjet 2200 air conditioner fitted into our caravan last year in late May. In June we had an issue with water dripping into the caravan from the air conditioner. We contacted the supplier who had fitted the air con and their response was for us to chase up the nearest Dometic agent. We had chosen this supplier in Exmouth as they claimed they had agents all over the UK who could do the work. we have since found out that they do not have a network of agents as it is the manufacturer's network that they use. Needless to say that when we contacted the nearest
  18. In October 2015 we ordered a new Buccaneer Cruiser caravan and paid a deposit of £1000. The caravan is due to delivery within the next few days. We chose this caravan as it is wider and has self levelling making it easier for me as I have rheumatoid arthritis and therefore mobility problems. Between the time we paid the deposit and now we raise a few issues about the rear panels on these caravans as there was an issue with some developing cracks. The caravan is advertised with a 10 year water ingress warranty and one would assume that this covers the outside panels however on reading
  19. We have no problems selecting a supplier for our house , easy using various moneysupermarket type web pages and historic data What I need is a resorce which will help to help my daughter ( single mum with 8 year old son ) to select a supplier. She will be starting from scratch with no historic data to help her choose a supplier and to calculate her starting point for a DD payment plan . A link to a suitable web site would be appreciated
  20. Hi everyone. This is the letter I have sent to one of my suppliers. What do to when a supplier from abroad refuses to refund for a manufacturing issues on the item bought. 05 October 2015 Dear Mr. X, Request full refund Order N 6513 dated May 2015 23rd + invoice 29617 + 30 EUR for storing. I am writing to you to make official request of full refund for the purchase of the Scooter model H300 I have bought for my customer Mr. X X. As you were previously made aware of, the scooter was received by the customer with manufacturing issues such brakes not perfectly working, speedomet
  21. In brief - We went to a local independent flooring company, wishing to purchase a wood floor. The owner talked us through the various products, came to our house to look at the area it was for, measured up, checked the subfloor etc. He then recommended a product for us, ordered it and arranged for "his team" to come out and fit. He arranged the day and time they were to come out and told us that we should pay them cash on the day. In the meantime, he took moisture readings, spoke to the manufacturer and also the manufacturer of the underfloor heating we'd had put down, to check what u
  22. Hi, I've decided to switch from my current (Atlantic) gas+electric supplier to COOP using moneysavingexpert. I have received letter month later from COOP to provide meter readings. I did that and noticed I was charged direct debit from them but also was charged by Atlantic. I have called Atlantic to ask why they charging me as COOP is my new provider. They said that they don't know nothing about any switch and that they are current supplier and advised to call COOP. I have called COOP and after long conversation I was told that this is correct. That there was some mist
  23. A friend purchased some hair extensions online with a regular supplier as she is a part time mobile hair dresser and has used this supplier for approx 18 months. The item purchased was for a booked client. The hair extensions didn't arrive and this is confirmed by Royal Mail who has checked the tracking information. However, the supplier didn't insure the goods for the full amount and therefore the retailer has advised that Royal Mail will only refund for the amount insured. The Terms & Conditions of the online supplier reads as follows; If for any reason, Royal Mail fail to d
  24. Could someone please help me with the following situation? Aviva/ Quotemehappy / Solus Park Royal are lamentable and treating me, their client, like thugs. Back on the 29th November 2014 someone stole the two front seats from my Fiat 595 Abarth and caused some collateral damage to the car. Almost three months later, QuoteMeHappy/Aviva has still not settled the claim. A couple of days after the theft I was given a smelly "courtesy" car. Of course no terms and conditions were presented. No indication of how long I could keep the car etc. The claim ran it's course. QuoteMeHappy/A
  25. Ofgem has ordered Spark Energy to pay £250,000 to Citizens Advice for 14 breaches of relevant conditions and requirements. These include: Refusing to allow customers to switch. Switching other customers without their knowledge Billing errors Failing to refund customers in credit Failing to notify customers of increases failure to provide accurate direct debit calculations. failure to deal with complaints properly Spark Energy are so bad they make Npower look almost professional http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-31490466 Notice o
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