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  1. Morning all, ive not had any respose to either of my requests - so I will now submit my defence. What exectly should I write? Cheers guys.
  2. Thats the point - he didnt supply me with credit. I always paid on collection or delivery. This is a guy that I dealt with more or less everyday. I spent thousands of pounds with his company. Every now and again I may have said i'll pay at the end of week or something similar or if one of my guys picked up the supplies i'd pay next time I rang but to my knowledge I always paid it. If there was an outstanding bill he would tell me next time I rang! Seems to me that he has sold the company on now and some invoices remain unpaid on his system for some reason? The new company owner has obvs decide
  3. Ok great thanks - i'm guessing when he cant produce a credit agreement (because there isnt one) he will either drop the case or thats my defence? Am I likely to get it thrown out on this basis? Chris
  4. The particulars simply state - "Claiming payment for goods supplied on credit for which payment has not been received" Claim amount is £1206.50 Thanks
  5. Yes submitted the AOS last night The claim is from the Bulk Centre Northampton I think. Whats my next step? Request details? Cheers
  6. Hi all, New on here but have been reading a lot - I need some help with a claim for I have had through in the post. I used to run a business 4/5 years ago that dealt with various suppliers. The business closed in 2012 and hasn't traded since. I had a letter around 2 months ago from an old supplier stating that the business had been sold to someone else and that there was an outstanding balance on my account from 2011, it came with an attached statement of invoices spreading across 18 months - first thing I knew about it, I was not aware I had a balance outstanding as
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