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  1. To be fair ...this site is most excellent. Opus are similar to other power providers in that they have a huge database of customers. The simplest of things can cause huge problems. The site is very useful but you need to separate malice from just plain muddles. If you help both sides get through muddles it makes your site invaluable to both consumers and power providers. The service you provide then becomes superb. Thanks
  2. No not in the least . I had a conversation with the manager and I understood fully that this was a very genuine muddle . They do happen from time to time . It certainly wasn't how you describe it . Thanks
  3. This is totally outrageous behaviour by Opus Energy . We do need an explanation as to why this has happened. #mike_fabricant (MP Lichfield) , @bankofengland need to get involved. What a huge waste of productivity Opus sent a cold call letter with the intent of highjacking our supply with options on how we could switch . When that failed they invented this fake company with a fake meter and fake debt . Our electric provider Scottish Power have the details and are investigating. Opus phoned after creating this fake company . ..refused to state who th
  4. We run a food plant . It is not acceptable to us to leave it to chance that unknown people have the capability to break into our plant. To date ...Twitter account we have @opus_energy offering to assist us. Also ombudsman for electricity have opened a file for us and we have briefed them on the situation .
  5. That's a very good point ! What they actually did from day one was create a fictional company knowing that nobody could ask questions about it ....but always probing me on the phone for information such as...our company name...etc.
  6. Hi , Scottish Power have just responded with confirmation that they do indeed supply our power until next year . I have advised them about Opus and requested assistance. Thanks Hi , Opus have not hijacked our supply ...they have created a fictional company that exists in our unit with a fictional supply meter...therefore we cannot challenge it due to DPA
  7. thats a very good point . They cited the DPA on every question... thus knowing I was the wrong person and asking for someone else to talk to .
  8. Hi , I really want to be pro active and ensure that Opus cannot possibly destroy our family business grown over 20 years and not leave it to chance that a court might simply rubber stamp it because Opus failed to reveal that the company is fictitious.
  9. Hi , I haven't sent them an account dispute letter ..I merely wrote on their letter that the account is in dispute ( as it doesn't exist). The threat that Opus pose is that they will run up a huge bill to issue a warrant which will be for the phantom company they have invented. The disruption that could cause is huge and leave us exposed to further break ins from courts for a company that doesn't exist. Opus have also been trying to find out our correct name ....presumably to change their paperwork accordingly.
  10. Thanks . I have photographed and returned their notices to disconnect the supply and stated that the account is in dispute . Hopefully this will prevent them from going to a magistrate to get a warrant ( I wouldn't bet on it). also , I'm pretty sure opus have not tried to take over my supply as one letter identified an unknown meter number.
  11. But they won't resolve the issue because I am not the owner of the fictitious business that they say they have an account with.
  12. Hi I'm fairly sure now that it is actually the company and not a third party pretending to be that company (although I cannot be sure). The company present themselves as Opus Energy. I have now contacted Scottish Power. Also when I spoke to them I asked who they were phoning to contact (which company) they refused to say citing the Data Protection Act.
  13. No company is allowed to pursue a debt unless they explained the reason for the debt . Power companies are in the unique position of being able to do considerable damage to a company by obtaining a warrant of entry . This would be similar to demanding money with menace (something that we might possibly not be in a position to defend). Hi this was a debt collector employed by the power company . The debt is assigned to a fictional company that allegedly occupies our unit.
  14. Hi , I totally agree with you . I have alerted the regulator and others of this situation and await their reply . I haven't revealed the Company because in all fairness I cannot believe it is real ...I will report back in due course. The issues I have is that they refuse to tell me WHY they are attaching a debt to me.. .and then invoking FEAR by being able to take out a warrant to break in any time they want. ..and then invoking FEAR of a personal visit to extract cash for something we have no idea why . ...by people who present themselves as being very inhospitable.
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