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  1. Thanks for the reply. ok I've uploaded the pdf in this post. From 2007 I can't recall. I switched to Scottish Power but I don't know for sure if that was why the meter was installed. If I have anything from back then I'll try and find it. I'll look into the backbilling rules, but if you have a link that would be great, thanks again. SAR is the way to go then, I have to do all this chasing now and put time aside, but if I ignore the letter which I'm sure is incorrect for several reasons, will they call the bailiffs for a 2007 debt? It looks like you said an a
  2. https://imgtc.com/i/2KjnBVq.jpg https://imgtc.com/i/89qzP2T.jpg I have been sent a letter out of the blue asking for a 2007 outstanding payment. 1 I don't recall any of this from 2007. I don't know if I have any letters from 12 years back to cross-reference anything. I'll have to look. 2 Even banks give up chasing debts (even though I don't beleive this is a real debt) after 7 years? How can they do this after all these years? Is it a [problem] letter? It looks genuine, envelope looks genuine too. What should I do? Thanks.
  3. I'm with Scottish Power pre-payment meter with key. Put £15 on card as usual. The gas meter read "error call help". So rang up and had the gas machine replaced with a new one. The person on the phone said they'll give me +£10 credit. Got new card in the mail later. Placed £5 to test. No extra +£10 credit, just the £5 I put on, and I still have the receipt of the original £15 and the old card. What are my options if they say they can't do anything about the £15? Not too bothered about the promised credit.
  4. Sent them an email for now, but they also have an address and telephone number to contact them with. I'll ring them up if I don't get an email confirmation.
  5. spark sparkenergy.co.uk They misspelled my first name too. I've got until 13th April to change my mind.
  6. I switched energy supplier, am on pay as you go thing with the key (electricity) and card (gas). Someone at the door persuaded me, all fine, got a cheaper rate. Everyone here is fine with it because it's a cheaper rate. Thing is I just live here, I don't pay any of the energy bills here and I told them this clearly. The previous contract wasn't under my name and am 100% sure a credit rating check would deny any other form of payment method lol. Any pitfalls? This contract is under my name now. In the future if I or anyone else wants to change provider for this house, they can do
  7. I'm divided on this, since it will make those who are barely juggling money and making ends meet to pay the tax, but not outright barefoot poor be really cross. Whilst at the same time poor people who simply can't pay, won't pay. Remember the council tax is just another name for the poll tax from Thatcher. "The tax was replaced by Council Tax in 1993, two years after its abolition was announced."
  8. I have a paypal account that's in the minus of around $50 and in limbo for over 7 years. Haven't used ebay since. They won't do anything. It's all about Amazon tbh.
  9. I usually am very wary of third party sellers on amazon, and only ever buy very cheap things I can afford to not get too upset about if things don't turn out right. I usually buy from the official vendor, but have had to return things before and Amazon were very accomodating with the process with no resistance.
  10. It's practically legalese, which was always a good way to obfuscate things.
  11. Insane that they claim this will make people use less electricity by charging more at peak times. Also how can you legally stop them installing new smart meters? They'll just do it by force and say "gubment said so" like the plastic bags with a big smile on their face.
  12. " There are other ways to avoid paying the 5p charge for plastic bags. You can be given a plastic bag at the till if you're purchasing uncooked fish, meat or poultry products, unwrapped blades. Takeaways, unwrapped food, loose seeds and flowers and unwrapped blades are included in the list too. " Can be but won't. The clerk will just say "would you like a bag?" and add it to the bill before sorting out the contents where those products might be hidden underneath the rest. And it's not like people will have the wherewithal to argue over it anyway. I think tesco said they won't be givi
  13. Don't ISP's already cheat by throttling internet connections to advertised speed for the first x Megabytes so that all those "internet speeds tests" websites you see scattered around report what you're advertised. When really the go back to slow speeds after a while. How does one prove anything in those cases when the ISP can just say "well no, you're lying, see".
  14. Thanks for the history lessons (labour/thatcher etc.), but anyone got any summary/cliffs to what these (proposed/current) cuts are and austerity in general? thanks.
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