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  1. I’ve had around 14 messages from brides who have booked ten and brides who have had them with negative reviews. Ive has around 5/6 photographers message me letting me know about how he has behaved poorly. Unfortunately, this goes in public which is infuriating. He was involved in a forever bridal shop closing suddenly .. he was the business partner of the owner and they shut up shop and people lost a lot of money
  2. the image village photography based in Motherwell
  3. Thanks for your reply. I’ve left it with the hands of trading standards as I am Trying to go on the line of unfair terms and conditions. I feel that with 852 days notice, he won’t lose profit as this is sufficient time to get another booking. But i understand
  4. He advertises the logo for the SWPP society on his website I only have the terms and conditions that are on his website and I was emailed the invoice. The website is wedding [EDIT]- don’t let them win The company is the image village photography I post d on blushing brides Scotland and had 17 messages about disgruntled brides but the wedding [problematic] page will have the notes complaints
  5. Hello, The following issue has been on going since 24th December 2017. Looking for a bit of advice. On the 4th November I messaged a photographer on Facebook messagner with regards to providing wedding photography. He replied and advised he required a £100 deposit to secure the booking. He send the invoice to my email address with stated the deposit, name of the company and the following message “ by paying the amount above you are agreeing to the terms and conditions at (insert company’s website) “ I paid te £100 via goods and services on pay pal I did not receive tt se t
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