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  1. Hello guys, and thanks for the recent suggestions yuo have given me in regards to this matter. I have now some updates. Once I have analysed again all the possiblitires I had to take down the SXT Scooter, I have decided to involve PayPal which I had used in that case for the purchase of the Scooter. 3 days ago, after a 1 an an half month dispute, PayPal has has granted my appeal and PayPal has decided to refund me at their own expense. The refund will not be coming from my seller. " It is a small victory despite the seller has not lost any money and they may still be doing
  2. Thanks for pointing this review out, it is very helpful. I will now wait one more week for their reply to my letter (the one published above) and I will call them since they have ignored my last 3 emails or maybe 4. What has surprised me is that there are no centers which help citizens having troubles in the trading field. The police clearly told me that I have to pay for defending my rights.
  3. Again thanks for your comment, much appreciated. I have sent the email with the correspondence about the Facebook posts and all the pictures I have sent them by first class delivery to their office 3 days ago. I would like to wait for a while before going to court, which is what I am wiling to. It is not because of the money themselves, it is because I believe that this behavior harms the users and the internet buyers. Sellers like that should be heavily punished. You are free to publish my pictures on your reply if you wish.
  4. Hi, thanks for commenting here. Yes they have told me that they have already brought other people to court and that they were going to bring me to curt too because as a business, I cannot talk about them. Cannot a business refer to another business if something wrong has happened? I am just telling a true story, a personal experience that my customer could tell everyone. The fact is that they have sent me back the scooter with the handle bar mounted upside down and the speedometer broken. i have all the pics. By the way, the value of the scooter, an electric one is less t
  5. Hi, thanks for your reply. Basically the issue to the jack was given because of water damaged (so the repaired said). When I gave the mobile to the local store, they have checked it and changed the part. After that the mobile was working. Once they have reopened it for fixing the volume button which was not working, I am sure they have done something wrong and are not able anymore to turn it on. yesterday they shown me the mobile opened in 2 parts and said that for water damaged telephones there is no warranty. But the fact is that I given them a working phone and they have gi
  6. Hi everyone. This is the letter I have sent to one of my suppliers. What do to when a supplier from abroad refuses to refund for a manufacturing issues on the item bought. 05 October 2015 Dear Mr. X, Request full refund Order N 6513 dated May 2015 23rd + invoice 29617 + 30 EUR for storing. I am writing to you to make official request of full refund for the purchase of the Scooter model H300 I have bought for my customer Mr. X X. As you were previously made aware of, the scooter was received by the customer with manufacturing issues such brakes not perfectly working, speedomet
  7. Good afternoon everyone. I have a particular story to tell: In May I have had a problem with a Lg g2 and contacted the seller, which is a shop on Amazon. I was suggested by the seller to contact a local store for having the mobile repaired. The mobile had a small problem to the headphone jack, the icon of the headphone was constantly on and I could not use the speaker. I went to a local shop and they have kept the mobile for one day and repaired it. The day after I have taken the mobile and used for one day before going back to the store because one of the volume buttons was not
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