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  1. Can somebody post a link to where I can find the relevant legislation of who is responsible to pay Penalty Charge Notices issued by a Local Authority. To be more precise the schedule/paragraph that clearly state that a PCN is the responsibility of the RK even if the owner/keeper was not the driver at the time.
  2. Since what you descibe is more or less what \i have I will make a point of switching to Ovo after my fixed rate with Extra is over
  3. I fitted solar panels back in 2014, so most of my consumption during the daytime is free of charge, but still I purchase 12,000 Kw from my friendly electricity supplier. My household is a 24/7 estalishment, let me explain: I get up at around 2am, do about 3 hurs work using my computer then am out the house normally by 5am and get back around 2pm. Do some more work on the computer, cook my supper using a mixture of gas and electricity then I am in bed by 6pm at the latest, this happens 7 days a week. My wife gets up at 6am, leaves for work at 7am and isn't back home until 6:30/7p
  4. Hello folk, I called my electricity supplier (extra energy) to tell them I wanted to go onto an economy 7/10 tariff, they told me that they can't do it because it meant replacing my meter Am I being lead down the garden path?
  5. The meter reading is short of 1500 Kw, but it was their estimate, as I received the notification I sent them the proper meter reading but they haven't update the bill, which was in their interest! As far as moving from Extra Energy to British Gas, unless somebody was really upset with EE, it's a crazy move, my yearly spend with EE is about £1,100.00, the cheapest tariff with BG would see me fork out close to £1,500.00
  6. Email with subject line: FORMAL COMPLAINT sent to both CEOs, letters just being drafted and will be in the post by lunchtime, never heard anything from BG.
  7. I have spoken to nobody about switching supplier, although I did do a price comparison using the one at Which? I have not given my precise address, just the postcode, and since I prefer to pay via monthly direct debit I have not given details of my bank account, as if I would on line like!
  8. Hello folk, On the 22nd of August I received an email from extra energy sending me my "final" electricity bill, which included a £25 fee for exiting the tariff before it expired. I called Extra Energy and they told me that my supply had been taken over by British Gas and that I should speak to them about it. The operator at Extra Energy wasn't very helpful although I did tell him that I did not want to change supplier. Reality is I would not be a BG customer even if they were the cheapest in the market, I had a very bad experience with them in the 90s and there is no way I would
  9. An Enforcement Agency and their Agents can only go by the information that is supplied by the Client, it is in no one's interest not to be able to go to the right place with the right information. Sometimes Enforcement Agents are blamed for the mistakes made by who instructed them. In excess of 75% of warrants issued are returned to the clients because the debtor doesn't reside at the address provided, this is found only after sending out the Compliance letter or after a visit is made by the Agent. Assuming that the debtor never received any previous correspondence from eithe
  10. I can understand the way that you feel, but let's not forget that prior to the new legislation there were a miriad of different fees, how much to charge on visit one, two or three, attendance to remove, van fees, walk in possession fees, fees for stepping on the cat's tail etc. The whole affair was very confusing for every one: the public, the bailiffs and the Courts who are supposed to make sure the correct fee is charged at the right time. Let's not forget that at the time the Attendance fee for Magistrate Distress warrants was £225.00. The new system is simple to understand,
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