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  1. Had no idea lol.. well thats that answered. Good thing it was seeing as it was totally out of control. Guess I was getting confused as I had seen occasional clamped vehicle, but guess that was the DVLA.
  2. Hi, I visit my partners flat regularly and stay there, using the private car park in the flats. Some busybody with nothing better to do is putting printed tear off notes in the car window about the parking being for residents only. I would be ok if they were fighting for places.. yet the car park is far too large for the flats. Its never full, and the spaces are not individually allocated to residents anyway. There is no controlled parking or warnings, but a couple of notices say “ private car park, for residents only. Why its so important to put in
  3. I left talk talk after several years up to 2017 and had no yearly contract to honour due to it expiring. Quite simply they didnt provide me a working internet, blaming some issues with their line management software. I finished with them and didnt pay them for the time the line was not working. They sent me bills but I just could not pay them due to the principle of it. I tried to call their staff to explain that I am not going to pay when I didnt receive service, but wasted effort of course. Now talk talk are threatening credit score points against me if I dont pay.
  4. I am interested in information from anybody here who has signed of ESA (or similar), started a business and received tax credit, specifically the “Disabled Worker Element” (DWE). If they were not running at a profit while they did this that would be even better. I suffered a relapse from a previous psychological condition (OCD) so currently have started a minor ebay shop (science supplies) under supported permitted work while on the work programme. Supported permitted work limits the shop size as it’s only intended to be a stepping stone. The next step from here to make a profit anywher
  5. I used differential methods in car mechanics, at least when there are scenarios where there are no tests that work without stripping the system. its basic logic and probability which can be applied to any system with multiple interactions.
  6. It must be the correct diagnostic method, simple logic The method was tried before the clutch and slave cylinder were replaced, and the revs dropped. After the clutch and slave cylinder were changed there was no difference to the clutch problem, and the revs still dropped. the master cylinder was changed, problem fixed.. no dropping of revs the diagnostic method was provided by an experienced mechanic, but if you can tell me why this is wrong and why you think so I will be interested. It seems to make sense, the pressure operates at start up, but then you put into first (wh
  7. Thanks ! its the parts they replaced that were just over a year old... the van itself is 9 years old...but same principle anyway. they are sending me on a paper chase for an independent auto engineers report on the part. But i think this is standard procedure. If they ask for clawback on improvement it can cancel out the cost for the engineers report. I have a video of the mechanic losing his cool when told in front of his colleagues how he could have diagnosed whether its a master or slave cylinder by checking to see if the biting point becomes lower on successive re-engagement
  8. I had a spongy clutch pedal, asked the garage to sort... went to collect the van from the garage who had changed the entire clutch and slave cylinder, (which was only a year old) making no difference at all. had to pay 450 quid to get it out, then took it back and they found the problem was the master cylinder which they fixed in 30 minutes with a part lying around their garage. They have said If i get an engineers report that the slave cylinder is not leaking they will refund, but I just want to know my rights in case they get problematic. I have video recorded everything, including t
  9. thanks, GP no use.. not into questioning medical decisions by his superiors. PALS looks interesting but it not for scotland.. If anybody knows a scottish equivalent. I can try NHS direct again.
  10. Just as the title says really. No I don’t want my medical records, but a description of the actual diagnostic rationale used by the clinician which they may not write down. I was admitted in late November 2012 A + E by NHS direct for a supposed transient Ischemic Attack or mini-stroke (temporary). I was taking dizzy spells, after my right arm and face would go numb, but I thought it was stress due to numbness going away after an hour. The fact stroke is a major killer for those in my family for those 10 years older than me, and they also started with mini-strokes many years previously
  11. I think approach is they key. I have a pretty revengeful im going to make something a major project if they start messing around with my life in an immoral or dishonorable manner. I wasnt even going to allow them the chance to settle, and go straight to court, but then the branch manager had been OK with me. So anyway the point about making something a big creative project, attack on as many fronts is not what everybody will do. The receiver of your attack will pick up on just how much effort you are putting into to it and respond correspondingly. Overdo it on as many fronts as possi
  12. oh yeh and to add the knockout punch at the end make it clear how the individual staff and the bank (name the branch as a target) will be subject to any press and consumer exposure you can produce.. i.e The branch name and staff can end up with their specific names appearing in google beside it. However having kicked on a triple attack i now have no idea which one did the job. maybe the combo had what it took.
  13. BTW i would say keep it general and profuse. Hit them with a large list of BCOB you can levy against them, that will overload their lawyers (who they will consult) I dunno i also tried the specific point of hold agents who make decisions legally responsible. It was kind of a two pronged attack. 1. Overwhelm them with a list of possible general charges, when you look into it, its easy to make a very long list. Do they really have resources to figure out which combo will and will not work. I seriously doubt that. 2. Be very specific you will go after anybody who works for t
  14. I had Santander back down to basically whatever i asked from them after waiving a list of BCOB at their branch managers. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_wcM5ZfmEE5TjRiU0JBM0xZYzQ/edit?pli=1 They gave into every demand, I am beginning to wonder what i could have got out them now, but so far 1. All charges refunded. 2. Hardship for my hassle to be donated to charity (i left amount blank to be curious, they actually provided 66% of charges amount on top) 3. Written apologies from the manager 4. Written statement they will change branch policy. i.e. When charges start t
  15. just thought I would share this document. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_wcM5ZfmEE5TjRiU0JBM0xZYzQ/edit?pli=1 I got charges refund, compensation, written apology and promise of branch policy change with this document. However it was on a non overdraft account they started ratcheting charges on over an error, but in the end that did not even matter whose fault it was. The charges were not stoppable by any branch knowledge. I had to consult somebody who programmed their systems to understand the problem. It takes the approach of 1. Overwhelming t
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