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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I run a small retail operation, bricks and locks building..., I am disputing the bill Britisg Gas have sent me, they said it's a smart meter and up to date, it still doesn;t seem right.. One of the last letters have threatened with bailiff or coming in to change the meter, how heavy are they on this stuff? Need I worry till I can try sort it out with them? How long do they normally take to take action?
  2. Car Boots.-My experience so far-observing people talking and buying and selling.Four weeks now and still going but have learned a few lessons.And boy have i had some fun. And met people you would not believe perhaps to meet with many tales of the unexpected which i prise out of them. Well anyone who reads some of my threads it does not take long to realise old Tawny sometimes struggles a bit with today's modern world where things seem to cost so much. So tries anything to make a few quid.Many fail but some work if only for a while. Money is needed for the most basic things. Rent,Council Tax,Electric,Gas,Food,Insurance,Petrol if only a fivers worth. Many of us must be struggling,surely i am not the only one.I know i am not. So i think of things to try to make a little extra.Whether from nothing,things that you can collect for free and sell on,or a little buying and selling.And i mean a little,anything over a tenner makes me shiver. I will admit to being 60 now and five years ago had a heart attack that i have to admit though do not want to has affected me slightly.Whether age,medication i do not know,but after standing or moving for a few hours i usually have some pains. Not complaining but can not do what i used to do,but try.Hospital check recently says i am ok,so that will do for me. But had to change construction job. Now recently i thought to myself you have to find a few more pounds from somewhere but how. So got a cleaning job in the evening.Just a couple of hours a couple times a week. Not enough,mmm what else. So i do not know if this will help anyone who may be struggling but this is what i do to try to earn extra. I will share with you,and if you have any ideas to make a few pounds let us know. I am not keeping them top secret,why do that.Life's to short. 1-I have been collecting Driftwood for a few years now.Which people are telling me is worth a few pounds. Will mention more another time.. 2-Propagating plants and selling on.Beginning to make a few pounds,though expected perhaps this time of year. But due to me loving plants,the garden is full and so is one bedroom, resemling now a Rain Forest people say when i let them in that is.House plant department. Now let us get to the Car Boot Part. Really raw start to my latest adventure,a little story for you.Usually i would put a story on that takes more than 5 minutes to read on a Saturday,but hey does it matter. Started 4 weeks ago.Not suggesting anyone tries this a little risky perhaps. Took a look at the weather forecast on a Friday,dodgy Saturday,frosty night then Clear frosty,calm Sunday. Right,what can i do,need a Sunday Dinner,it was that bad,hard to believe perhaps but true,so loaded a few things up in boot of car,put back seats down and put there as well,as well as paste table,retrieved from old days of paper hanging.Just random items,that were not any use to me.And not worth a lot.Of course i had not got the eight pounds cost of standing as they call it but am the eternal optimist and set off.After scraping ice of the car.And defrosting eyebrows etc. Seemed to myself the middle of the night. Opened door for wifey and settled down for ten minute drive. Set off 6-30,of course in the wrong direction to where i wanted to go,wifey giving me the knowing look but quiet,possibly thinking where she went wrong when meeting me many years ago.I got lost as usual,turned round and followed a van with trailer and pasteboard tied to top of roof hoping that within the next ten minutes i would not be on the M6 heading to Scotland. A mystery tour was on the cards perhaps.. Once headed to Manchester Airport and ended up on the moors somewhere in Yorkshire. Luck would have it he was heading to where i wanted to go.And later when talking to him i told him and we had a laugh about it. Said he had done it for 30 years.Wondered why someone was going slow behind him like a tracker dog.Or the taxman. 7-30 arrived,place was packed and ended up at the back of a field.Slight thoughts of will my car when the frost melts,with escape later when frost goes. MMM,i thought what a place to be but never mind.Wrens, Blackbirds singing, geese, flying over,Even a couple of Swans did a flypast. Frost on the ground,pennines in the distance tops covered in snow. God bless the Dealers,they usually are first there i found out and are ready to spend. Made enough in 30 minutes, for breakfast,Bacon Roll,Barm,and steaming mug of tea.7 quid,note went to head said, Flask and sandwiches next time boy,thoughts of dent in profits. Forgot about the eight quid that would be asked for,never mind. Slowly confidence rose when next 10 pounds was collected,enough To pay the rent when asked for. Started chatting to a few people and listening to their stories.I am nosey but like a story or two. One chap had sailed the Atlantic single handed,started tours around the Bahamas afterwards and was a healer as well. Was doing fine till decided to buy a bigger boat,large to do bigger tours,engine went bang,he went bust and nearly ended up rowing back single handed.But had had a fascinating life all the same. I will tell other tales of the car boots as the thread goes on,i do not want to go on to long or this will turn into a book.But already i have at least four.That may surprise you. I am registered with the taxman for this kind of business.No use covering things up at my age,forget what i have said after a day or two if not written down.And no need of a offshore tax haven yet,will pay what is due or not. So where was i upto,ah yes.About half twelve people started packing up so did i,put empty boxes that is back in boot,80 pounds in my money tin. After expenses,rent,tea,food etc. And headed to Aldi for nice piece of beef,yorkshire pudding and vegetables.And enjoyed it immensely. Though shortly afterwards went out like a light for a few hours like a contented cat. Now i also look for bargains,not knowing much but if under a fiver when i am flush will buy them,and sell them on online sites.although shaking when i part with a note. Here is a tip for you that i have bought and sold a couple of times and are around it seems. Will pop one or two on now and again,and i hope you will to.let us help others make a few pounds perhaps. So join in this thread,tell us your experience,i will put stories on about Dealers,people,traders i have met and many other stories as things hopefully develop.And i am sure you will find them interesting,and will surprise you. Tip one. Bells Whisky Bottles-The ones you save your coins in.Usually around 50 pence to as much as 6 pounds,i have paid. They always sell for upto 50 pounds plus postage.On online sites.Now stop rushing around i know you have one. Plenty of time. Last thought today,i know perhaps many people perhaps are not able to,due to illness,disability many reasons to not be able to do such a thing.And may need a few pounds extra to help a little.And perhaps have many unwanted items. Well ask a friend,form a group perhaps think about things anyway.I am,but a story their for another day. Well enough for now i feel,popping down to the Tip shop to see what has been Donate d . Bye Tawnyowl.
  3. Some interesting b"**$71# from the directors of the IPC. https://www.transportxtra.com/publications/parking-review/news/47254/over-60-parking-operators-join-the-independent-parking-committee
  4. No doubt you have all seen it on the news that an ex army man has been arrested in connection with a death on bloody Sunday in NI. How absolutely disgusting is this as they not only freed all the murdering IRA but gave them top jobs in the parliament. Now this really is what you call Micky Mouse justice.
  5. ... in August 2015 BT hoovered £50 out of my bank account. I had cancelled BT sport in 2014 when my team were relegated and now out of the blue without any authorization from me they take my money. A year after cancellation! Their phone system is a joke. I was on the phone for half an hour (I timed it) just to cancel a contract I had NOT taken out. Later a guy from BT Billing rang me back who refused to listen to anything I was saying. Not least that I had cancelled the service in September 2014, that I had not been having the service since September 2014 nor been paying for the service since then. All he kept saying was that I hadn’t cancelled until today! Whenever I tried to point out the previous points he just talked across me. Why have you not been charging me then? I kept asked him. He refused to give me any address to complain to but did give me an address which will provide a recording of the phone call for £10! As soon as I get it I will stick it on Youtube. Offcom will not involve themselves in matters of billing and BT have no means of discussing the issue. Nice one. They are answerable to no one. My advice to all is to stay away from a bunch of rogues who will flush money out of your account a year after cancellation. Steven
  6. http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/unemployed-must-become-scouts-2013093079926
  7. Hi I took out a loan withSwift Advances which is secured on my property as a 2nd Mortage. I am up to date with my monthly payments and have been for the last 9 months. When my husband & I came out of work previously we got into difficulties and racked up approx £3200 in arrear charges, phone calls, letters etc etc from Swift. I wrote to them saying itwas unfair to levy say £35 for a letter & a £60 fee for account management whilst in arrears. I asked for a full list of all charges to be sent (which I never got!) What I did g et was a letter saying that they were prepared to knock off £750 & interest levied off the £750. I rang the FOS who couldn't help as they said that 2nd mortgages are not regulated(?) by them I wrote back and said I wouldn't agree to just £750 being knocked off and it should be more but I couldn't say too much as I didn't know what they'd knocked off in 1st place!! Now I have rec'd a letter from them which says "We've recently reviewed how payments you might have made towards the fees and charges applied to your loan or refunds we have given you could be applied. In te fuure so that you pay less interest as a result of our review we've reduced the amount of interest applied o your account and have reduced the overall loan balance to£6779,28. All future additional payment you might make towards fees & charges will be applied in this way ensuring you are charged minimal amount of monthly interest." I sent them an email asking a) what was balance before they reduced it b) why have they reduced it (is this the £750 + interest taken off?) c) Will it effect the term of my loan. No reply so emailed them again still no reply Has anyone any idea what they're on about as I haven't a clue!!!! Thanks PAm:???:
  8. Hi, Looking for some advice on a gym membership that i didn't sign up for. CRS are claiming i owe them £250 for various fees and missed payments for a 12 month gym contract with Xercise 4 Less that i never signed up for. First letter i got from them was on 16 July, i responded to this by email stating that i never signed up for any membership and have never even been into the gym. They then called me on the 1st August asking me to send a copy of some ID to them, I sent them a copy of my driving license, only after i did this did i wonder why they wanted it. They then got back to me again on the 6th August stating that as all the details on the contract were correct that the contract must be valid and that i have 10 days to pay. I asked them to send me a copy of a signed contract, knowing there isnt one, a nd they have now sent what looks like a webform with my details which i received today. I have not paid a penny to anyone regarding this contract and have never set foot anywhere near this gym, the only contact i have ever had is regarding missed payments. They had set up a direct debit which i promptly cancelled before any payment was taken as I had no idea who Harlands were. Hope someone can give some advice as im not sure what to do next? Thanks
  9. I am planning "reduced fines day" in London when the weather gets better in a couple of months. How it works - based on the idea "Meter maids" in Australia where the meter is topped up before ticket expiry. I only have a mate to help so far but this WILL go ahead whether I stand alone and do it myself in a street for a day. The object is to cut the councils' revenue by stopping the traffic wardens issuing fines to unsuspecting motorist who are slightly late back to their car or unaware they've parked in the wrong location. Anyone who pulls up in the street will be advised they have parked wrongfully and in danger of a pcn. Obviously the scheme won't be advertised to prevent folk taking advantage by not paying for a parking ticket. Providing that the time limit hasn't exceeded, a small amount can be entered into the ticket machine when a warden appears (say for 10 mins) and hopefully the driver will return soon when the "top up fee" could be claimed back. Charitable donations could also cover the cost of these top ups. Anyone else in on this?
  10. Join Sharkstoppers and Help Fight Back Against Britain's Legal Loan Sharks: Your Campaign Pack Today Ed Miliband, Leader of the Labour Party, and Tom Watson, Deputy Chair, joined me and over a hundred campaigners from across the country to launch our campaign pack to help communities fight back against the damage Britain's legal loan sharks are doing to our country. This Government has so far refused to act to tackle the high cost credit companies who are pushing families into crippling debt across Britain. But that doesn't mean that we can't take measures to protect them and help make the case for caps on the cost of credit. Produced in association with the Movement for Change, the Co-operative Party and the Red Card for Wonga campaign, this pack is designed to help with ideas and actions you can take either on your own or together with others to stand up to these companies. You can download it from my website here: Legal Loan Shark Campaign Pack Download Link. Please join us in acting together to fight back against Britain's legal loan sharks! Stella Creasy Labour and Co-operative MP for Walthamstow p.s. Please also share this email and campaign pack with your family and friends too! http://www.workingforwalthamstow.org.uk Stella Creasy: Labour and Co-operative MP for Walthamstow
  11. Hey guys, Joined my local gym, missed a few payments and was ordered to pay over £350 to Revenue Collection Services (around 2008). After agreeing to pay this extortionate amount, which was paid over 2years ago, I'm now unable to join the gym again because the company haven't contacted the gym to say the debt has been paid off; and that means the "unpaid" status remains of the gyms systems. Ive phoned both companies who say they will contact each other to see what has happened but every time I am promised a reply "ASAP", I am left waiting for weeks on end with nothing. Its frustrating because when I had my gym membership, my wage was peanuts so I couldn't afford it, but now that I have a stable wage, and knowledge of how to go about signing gym contracts, I want to join again. If anyone could tell me how to go about my business, whether I should phone them again or write a letter perhaps? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  12. Will mean that there will be just 2 providers supplying the UK following the tie up with Always and everywhere (Orange / t mobile) and 3. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-2156085/Vodafone-02-set-share-network-phone-masts.html?ito=feeds-newsxml
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