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  1. I remember having documents they sent me requesting the payments but I don't seem to be able to find these right now. Also, yes I was told of admin charges involved in these and thought these were just part of the payment and didn't think about not paying these after they threatened with court action, all seems bit stupid now that I didn't take advice sooner. The only "evidence" of payment that I have are the bank statements of having paid the full amount in 3 installations. Surely this could be of some use? Cheers, Fiz.
  2. Hey guys, Joined my local gym, missed a few payments and was ordered to pay over £350 to Revenue Collection Services (around 2008). After agreeing to pay this extortionate amount, which was paid over 2years ago, I'm now unable to join the gym again because the company haven't contacted the gym to say the debt has been paid off; and that means the "unpaid" status remains of the gyms systems. Ive phoned both companies who say they will contact each other to see what has happened but every time I am promised a reply "ASAP", I am left waiting for weeks on end with nothing. Its frustrating because when I had my gym membership, my wage was peanuts so I couldn't afford it, but now that I have a stable wage, and knowledge of how to go about signing gym contracts, I want to join again. If anyone could tell me how to go about my business, whether I should phone them again or write a letter perhaps? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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