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Found 20 results

  1. Hi Guys. Brief History. I am at present out on bail, pending a court case for alleged criminal damage. Present Day I was Assaulted & Harrassed on 22nd June by the owner of the vehicle, who is claiming that I damaged his van. I was then arrested on the 16th July for the altercation, albeit that the charges were NFA (no further action) Now here's my annoyance. You can clearly see from the camera stills that he was the one following me as I was walking away, three times I might add. Here's my questions; When I was originally arrested for the criminal damage, it t
  2. http://www.scoop.it/t/lacef-news http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/bailiffs-visit-leads-three-hour-7906246 Police were called out after a man allegedly brandished a knife during a row with a bailiff about a car. Police said the three-hour siege began just after noon after a bailiff was sent to an address in the road to recover a car. As the situation escalated armed officers were called, the street was blocked with police vehicles and the police helicopter hovered overhead, reports A police spokesman said: “Merseyside Police has been in attendance follow
  3. The man known to millions of cable TV viewers as "Chumlee" on the reality show Pawn Stars was being held late Wednesday in a Las Vegas jail following his arrest on felony weapon and drug charges. http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2016/03/10/chumlee-pawn-stars-arrested-gun-drug-charges/81572946/
  4. I remember this even as it was in 1984-Do you. WPC Yvonne Joyce Fletcher (15 June 1958 – 17 April 1984)[1] was a British police officer fatally shot during a protest outside the Libyan embassy at St. James's Square, London, in 1984. Fletcher, who had been on duty and deployed to police the protest, died shortly afterwards at Westminster Hospital. Her death resulted in the Metropolitan Police Service laying siege to the embassy for the next eleven days, and the United Kingdom severing all diplomatic relations with Libya. Two years later it became a major factor in Prime Minister Margare
  5. No doubt you have all seen it on the news that an ex army man has been arrested in connection with a death on bloody Sunday in NI. How absolutely disgusting is this as they not only freed all the murdering IRA but gave them top jobs in the parliament. Now this really is what you call Micky Mouse justice.
  6. A 15-year-old boy has been arrested by police investigating an alleged hacking attack on the TalkTalk website. He was held on suspicion of offences under the Computer Misuse Act, following a major breach of the telecoms firm's website last week. Police are now searching his home in County Antrim in Northern Ireland. http://news.sky.com/story/1576555/boy-15-arrested-over-talktalk-hack-attack
  7. Hello everybody, I've googled so much and found your board to be very helpful. Hopefully, you are able to help a friend of mine as well. The issue is the following: My friend was in London in 2009 with his car (German). As there were bikes on the back, the car did not fit in any of the car parks. And as there was no parking on the street, he eventually ended up using a parking lot that was for residents only. Upon his return, he had received a parking ticket for that. After he returned from his vacation, he had als
  8. Hello, I left UK in emergency with a debt of about £2200 on capital one card and 2 phone contracts... Now I m coming back to UK after a couple of months... Will I be stopped at airport or arrested...??? I have stopped recieving any emails from capital one and O2...?? Kindly answer me
  9. Hi Y'all, A colleague went through the process of disputing a CapOne credit card. Refused to acknowledge the debt until proven it was his. Just been speaking with him in person and informed me he has since been arrested by the police for fraud following an investigation and a complaint made by CapOne. Now I don't know the full facts, but from what he told me he sent them the "bemused" letter that he did not acknowledge the debt, CapOne insisted it was his account. He continued to deny it until proven it was his account/debt. CapOne carried out an investigation on the ba
  10. Hi, I need some advice. I had a PCN that was unpaid and lead to baliffs being assigned. I contacted the courts on Friday 25th October as I had not received some mail regarding the PCN's and they placed a hold on any further action being taken until they could investigate. I was advised that the balifs would be called off until the courts could look into the issue. On Saturday night at approximately 9.30pm I was stopped in my car by police who advised that the car I was driving had been reported as stolen. I showed them proof that the car was mine and tha
  11. hi guys, need a little advice my friend was arrested at 2.30 in the morning the other day, for a civil debt that has not been seen or heard of for 8 years, it would appear that at sometime in the past few months the dca gained a ccj uncontested and then initiated an arrest warrant for non payment. now my first thought is to have the ccj set aside as statute barred, and am waiting for her to put all the paperwork together to ascertain the dates of payments etc. 2nd when did they start arresting people for civil debts? is this an abuse of court it was a bit li
  12. A father was arrested and accused of fraud after complaining to his local Tesco that he had spent £470 on an iPad that turned out to be just a box with clay lumps inside. Colin Marsh, 47, rushed back to Tesco in Whistable to complain after discovering that the iPad he had bought there as a present for his 10-year old daughter Maddie was actually an empty box stuffed with clay. Instead the staff reported him to the police on suspicion of attempted fraud. Two days later he was arrested and held at the police station for hours before being released on bail. The missing iPad
  13. Hello to all you motoring seagulls out there. Coming to you in my time of need as I’m stuck with a problem. Hoping that someone can help me with this issue as it’s bugged me a lot. I’ve not had much luck in resolving this but the money it has cost me, I don’t want to forget about it or leave it as it was. I hope i'm posting this in the right place. A few days before Xmas in 2011, I was stopped by the police for speeding. No issue there as I was above the speed limit but not by much. When I was stopped, I was told this was why I was stopped and the officer gave me a
  14. About 1 month ago I received a "Final Steps" notice from the Court enforcement office. I have lived at this address for 18 months and never received anything previously. There was no information other than a demand for £290 and a reference number - nothing else, no info what it related to (other than something to do with unpaid parking fines which I managed deduced from the dept address), no dates etc. I wrote to them asking for more information and copies of documents requesting time to consider them, take advice and get back to them. I received no response until tonight when I hav
  15. My friend is a foreign student studying at uni here. He left his documents in his home country at Christmas by accident, but always keeps copies here in UK - eg drivving licence , visa etc He took a day return to London on Saturday, but used a photocopy of the Student Discount Card. He showed this to the ticket clerk when he bought the ticket. Unfortunately the ticket inspector on the train was not pleased and arranged for the police to come and arrest him, even though my friend explained, and also showed him the receipt for the original purchase. He is now being prosecuted for
  16. The Serious Fraud Office has confirmed three arrests over the fixing of the London InterBank Offered Rate (LIBOR). Three men, aged 33, 41 and 47 have been arrested and taken to a police station in London for interview in connection with the investigation into how LIBOR rates were manipulated. All three arrested are British nationals and were arrested at one residential premises in Surrey and two homes in Essex. The news comes just days after the Financial Services Authority (FSA) opened its consultation on how best to set LIBOR in future. It is also considering which organisations sh
  17. Former BBC Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis has been arrested by Metropolitan police detectives investigating allegations of historical sexual offences. More: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/nov/15/dave-lee-travis-arrested
  18. See here for details. Seems they orchestrated the collapse of the economies for their own benefit.
  19. Hello, Not sure what to do here, friend of mine charged and arrested for being on the system as not having a license or insurance, car was impounded, kept in cell for 8 hours overnight. Got the car out at cost of £150, going to court on Friday. His license was surrendered to the courts before xmas to add on 3 points for a parking charge, not had any notification that he could not drive from the DVLA. Police pulled him over on the 30th December and told him he was on the system as not having a license and was arrested. Problem is due to the Christmas post I guess but what d
  20. Today I had a knock at the door by someone with a clipboard so being in an area that gets more than its fair share of canvassers, I decided not to open it. From my Window I watched the man walk back to a small car parked opposite my house on the other side of the road. After a few minutes he removed a wheel clamp and bent down to fit it to the front wheel of my car parked outside my house. As soon as I saw this I opened my door and called to ask him what he was doing. He said that 5 letters had been sent to my address about an unpaid parking fine that I acquired somewh
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