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  1. I'd say that's all he had and the lack of paperwork from the DVLA, if he never knew, he never knew.....but up to the Mags indeed.
  2. Agreed Sam, a lot of this is self inflicted, but he does have insurance and as far as he knew no problem with the license, would of been silly to drive around knowing he was suspended when hes paying insurance and working and fully entitled to drive. I think give the recording a miss, his only defense is his "stupidity" effectively, he had a bad few months before xmas so I can kinda see how all this went a bit array.
  3. Thanks Aretnap, understood but he's running about trying to sort this out for Friday so while I'm online in the office I figured I would be able to help him out, which I have already done. He has insurance, it's just because of the alleged revoked license, will get him to contact them too and get paperwork. Photocard expires in 2015 and no medical grounds etc been driving for 16 years now no previous problems. Thanks again, really appreciated
  4. Makes perfect sense, tho I think that wont be needed now, from advice on this forum and looking into it, seems like he's stitched himself up, granted he never got the DVLA new application info in the post and I guess since the second court hearing at Xmas didn't show anything untoward he thought it was ok. I think best he can hope for is a fine...
  5. I think the points only came into the frame in court because he didn't pay the FPN on time, more I find out seems like he's pretty screwed, but as I mentioned at the hearing for the 3 points they just took his photocard and nothing was said, he did not have any idea he was suspended. You think a guilty plea might be best with solicitor? I'm thinking the judge will just be telling him he should of got on top of things.....? Unless he can go with the case of he never got any letters from the DVLA.
  6. Yea took a while for me to make sense of it too, should the DVLA of notified him he was suspended? He didn't get any paper work, at the hearing for the 6 points they asked for his paper part but its been lost, he handed over his photo card on the hearing for the 3 points. It's obvious this could of been avoided, he was totally unaware this was a problem because it was never mentioned during the hearing for the 3 points, it just stated he had 6 points on this license.
  7. I think he may not of sent it in for the 6 points but when they took it in for the 3 points it showed he had the 6 on there, hes definitely messed up by not being on top of this, would they put a stop on his license if he did not send in the counterpart?
  8. Well they showed him the computer, it showed his license was expired, which its not, he handed it into the courts to add the 3 points on the 23rd December. This is a clerical error and it was a zig zag line so you do get points for that.
  9. Well, from what I've been told the nicer of the officers told him they could see whats happened but they have to charge him with something, he had 6 points previously for speeding and these new 3 points were for some parking offense or other, can find out exactly. I was thinking the same thing about the car, he's bring up the paperwork tonight will take a look. They released it to his brother I know that much, would that make the difference? So if he can prove this, which he can, would you look to claim back the impound fee on the day since your pleading not guilty. Thanks Sam
  10. Hello, Not sure what to do here, friend of mine charged and arrested for being on the system as not having a license or insurance, car was impounded, kept in cell for 8 hours overnight. Got the car out at cost of £150, going to court on Friday. His license was surrendered to the courts before xmas to add on 3 points for a parking charge, not had any notification that he could not drive from the DVLA. Police pulled him over on the 30th December and told him he was on the system as not having a license and was arrested. Problem is due to the Christmas post I guess but what do you think would be the best way to prepare for court? I was thinking call DVLA and ask as a simple inquiry "Whats the status with my licence" record it and tell them he is recording it. Then speak to the court he surrendered his license to and finally try and get the hearing adjourned before Friday and not on the day in case they try to stitch him up on the spot, plus he needs to speak to a solicitor which has been tough due to New Years and bank holiday. Personally I would make a claim against them to get his money back for the impound. What would you guys suggest? Thanks James
  11. Hello, Just wanted to update you on the latest regarding my business rates issue. The council have taken back the debt and offered me a very reasonable monthly fee to pay it back. I've been fighting this for 18 months, didnt take too much just a few serious letters and not backing down. Newlyns have been told where to go basically. They tried to get around 1000 from me in "charges" but now this is all gone and I don't have to deal with them anymore. Follow advice in this forum and don't back down, I would simply recommend stay true to telling your debtors what you want to pay them and stick to it, you have the commanding position then, make sure you follow up on complaints and make it known to all you are not going to be pressured into doing anything beyond your means, especially with bailiffs, don't talk to them or even open the door just write to the head office and make sure you get copies of everything. It works GOOD LUCK and thanks to everyone thats helped me, ploddertom and the other admins are a blessing! Regards J
  12. Hello, I have a business line with BE Internet, BT made a mistake with a similar address and replaced my number with someone elses, now the line is dead and BE are trying to get it back. I lost around £3750 over 2 weeks as we are internet based, I spoke to OFCOM and BT told me I can make a claim, wondered the best way to go about this? Do I just send an invoice or do I need letters from my potential customers who went elsewhere? Thanks J
  13. Hi, thanks for the advice, they are a helpful company BE Internet, I have advised them that they are responsible. They work with online tickets too so I have records of all our chats etc. This is what they said so far: "I would like to advise you that since your line has been migrated to another provider there is not much we can do. I contacted BT regarding the problem but they advised me that they are not authorised to give me the information about your new provider on your line since this is confidential information. The only one that has a chance in getting that information is you and you can request it from BT since you are the owner of the land line and you are authorised to do so. As my colleague advised you we have escalated the issue to a higher level of support and in the beginning of the week once we have more information you will be updated. We will appreciate your patience in the meantime" But I dont have any info from any new provider and my number is changed.......I will speak to Ofcom on monday too and definitely be claiming for loss of earnings.
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